Posted on July 29, 2022.
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| A Story of how Lord Abdruschin came to HIS Experiencing which helped HIM to write His Grail Message.

– From Master John

The Light is immeasurable Love and has never ceased to do Its work of helping human beings in their various problems of which they themselves are the cause. This work of the Light in helping human beings is done with absolute respect for Its Immutable, Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws which govern Creation in a self-active way. This help is given in many ways and in more ways than the human being can imagine, or has any idea. Whatever the manner, way and form of this help, the Light always gives to human beings what they can understand and which should help them in any problem in their lives, whatever it is. That is if they manage to understand it and to practice it in their lives for their well-being especially, their spiritual evolution and the salvation of their souls.

For this reason, God the Creator, Just and Perfect Who created human beings, endowed them with all those faculties, all the senses, which allow them to be able to recognize and to distinguish what is good from what is bad, what is just from what is unjust, what is useful from what is not, what is positive from what is negative. It is quite natural that uncorrupted human beings will choose what is good, just, useful and positive for their well-being and their spiritual evolution.

In their present state of almost sickly spiritual laziness, however, human beings have become incapable of making this necessary and useful discernment in their present way of life. This results in they being led further and further away from any spiritual understanding which alone can save them from the path of perdition, on which they find themselves.

To help you, human beings, the Light transmits various teachings that explain and give to you this knowledge and information which are necessary to understand what you’re going through in life. In these teachings, you will also know what you need to do in your life so that you do not continue on the path of perdition, the path of suffering, and find the path of Light which is your salvation that you seek.

You who have been in contact with us for some time know that we pass on these teachings to you through the chosen Channel of Light who is with you on Earth. Every teaching of the Light to you human beings is ALWAYS important; it is for the sole purpose of helping you to understand what is useful to you, what is relevant to you and what you need to know, understand and comprehend to practice in your life for your wellbeing, your spiritual evolution and your salvation.

It is important to remember, and we emphasize here, that all teaching of the Light and all that comes from the Light has a certain force. This Force can act and help the person who practices the teachings of the Light in his or her life. For that, it is in your interest to fully understand any teaching that is given to you and, especially, to put it into practice in your life to benefit from the help of the Force of these teachings of Light in your life, for your spiritual evolution, your salvation.

In these teachings you are given that spiritual knowledge which you have lost long ago, due to your misuse of your free will by choosing a way of life that is not in accordance with the Laws of the Light. This has resulted in deviation from the path of Light with all the misfortunes, suffering and problems in your life, and life in general.

Your spiritual indolence, your presumption, your desire to know better, are the logical consequences of your free decision not to do the Will of God on earth as in heaven, in living a life not in conformity with the Laws of God. The consequence of this refusal to respect the Will of God in your way of life in thought, word and deed, is the deviation from the good path of Light, of salvation to that of the darkness of suffering, of perdition.

This deviation is the logical consequence of the distortion of all expressions, of all words, of all their notions and concepts. Everything along these lines had become false at the base, in the conceptions, the customs, and in the usages existing on the earth. The basis of everything, of every expression had become false.

It is obvious that from a false expression nothing right can develop; one is on a false path, which is not that of the Light, but that of perdition.

It is voluntarily, and by making use of their free will, that human beings had decided for themselves to choose a way of life which is not in conformity with the Will of God, and which diverts them from the path of the Light towards the path of perdition, in which they find themselves at this moment with all the problems they know in their lives.

It is on this path of perdition that human beings have found themselves for millennia because of their own fault. And in this present spiritual laziness it is not easy for one to uproot oneself, to get rid of old bad habits in one’s life which are leading human beings at high speed towards the abyss, towards perdition.

This deviation is the logical consequence of the distortion of all expressions, of all words, of all their notions and concepts. Everything had thus become false at the base, in the conceptions, the customs, and in the usages existing on the earth. The basis of everything, of every expression had become false.

It is obvious that from a false expression nothing right can develop, the human being is on a false path which is not that of the Light, but that of perdition.

This situation of spiritual distress, in which human beings find themselves, makes it very difficult for anyone to understand the spiritual teachings which are given to them, and which are that help they need and which is necessary for them to know, and especially to practice in one’s life to attract the Force of the Light within oneself, which Force will help one to gradually uproot oneself, to leave this evil path of perdition for the good path of the Light, of one’s salvation.

The Light knows how difficult it is for the human being to understand these spiritual teachings, which it is due to one’s own fault. The Light, which created everything, also has the solution to everything. It knows and gives exactly those teachings to human beings that they can understand, that they must seek to deepen to fully understand them, and especially to apply them in their lives to receive the help they need for their well-being, their spiritual evolution and the salvation of their souls.

Anyone who hopes and wants a change in his or her life through the Force of the Light in the spiritual teachings, such a person must make efforts to understand these teachings and act upon them.

It is not easy for everyone to receive and understand the spiritual teachings, and especially to practice them in their lives, to live according to these teachings of the Light.

People ask themselves the question: “What must I do to be saved?”

It is a question that we often hear many people ask or have asked. In this question, there is much to develop to find the answer.

Human beings are looking for those teachings that can help them understand what they are experiencing, what is happening in their lives, in life in general, and for which they have no explanation and which leave them morally unstable, regardless of their social position, poor or rich.

In these spiritual teachings which are passed on to you from the Light to help you, you are given this knowledge and explanation of what you must know, understand and practice in your life, to be saved. And, to be saved, you must lead a life of every moment in thought, word and deed according to the Laws of God that govern all Creation.

Everyone can read these spiritual teachings and think they understand them and even think that they are evolving spiritually, but this is not the case. It is not as easy as many people think that they have understood the spiritual teachings after reading them. Many people think they have understood the teachings they receive, when all that they have done was to read them.

In one’s state of spiritual indolence, which has lasted for years, and which leads one away from any understanding of spiritual notions, concepts and expressions, the understanding of the spiritual teachings by the human being will take place gradually, without haste, in the process of the Light’s help to human beings. In the process of helping humanity for their well-being and spiritual evolution, the Light gives precisely those teachings which they need to know in their lives, and which will lead them little by little to their spiritual evolution and the salvation of their souls.

Just reading and knowing how to recite, to explain intellectually the words, the sentences in the teachings of the Light are not enough to think of oneself to be spiritually evolved. It is this spiritual evolution that is necessary to the human being to be saved.

There is no need to rush to read everything, to memorize everything and to know how to recite all these teachings which are transmitted to you from the Light to help you for your well-being and your spiritual evolution. The most important thing is to seek to deepen and to understand them well, in order to retain the knowledge and messages transmitted in these teachings, and especially to put them into practice in your life. This alone guarantees spiritual evolution.

You wonder what you must do to be saved.

The help of the Light to human beings is omnipresent, and in many ways.

The Light gives these teachings in which It explains to you how you must lead a life always pleasing to God in thought, word and deed, to hope to be saved. The Light gives you lessons that you must understand and, above all, practice, make live in your life to be saved. Without understanding and practicing the teachings, salvation is out of the question.

These teachings also explain the effects of the action of God’s Laws in the life of every human being, in life and in Creation.

All unhappiness, all suffering, all that is negative that leads to perdition, are the consequences of a way of life that is not in accordance with the Laws of God.

The salvation in question here is linked to the spiritual salvation of life, which also gives meaning to life. This is not related to the intellect, but to the spirit of the human being.

To that human being who has understood that life is not limited only to one’s good social and material position and all that this can give a person in terms of pleasure, power, influence, domination over others. It is the human being who turns inwards and thinks of God, of the spiritual.

Little by little, such human beings begin to search for the true values of life. In their questioning and searching about their lives, they come to understanding that they are lost in their present way of living, and that they must seek to save themselves.

The person who arrives at this stage of questioning one’s life, he or she will understand that to save oneself, he or she must seek to know what is to be done in one’s life to save oneself spiritually. Human beings want to save themselves, but the most important thing is to know what they must do to save themselves spiritually.

Therein lies the most difficult part for the human being in this help that the Light gives to save oneself, to save one’s soul. This difficulty lies in the human being’s lack of understanding of these spiritual teachings which are necessary for him to be saved. The human being has distorted all the spiritual concepts of words and all the spiritual expressions of life.

It is quite natural that in the teachings brought by the Light, that the human being must make efforts to relearn all that he had distorted and which placed him on the path of perdition with all the heavy consequences in his or her life.

It should also be clear that this will not be an easy thing for a human being who has based his or her whole life, as well as his or her society, on false notions and conceptions, false foundations that do not conform to the Laws of God which alone ensure the continuity and success of everything in life.

Human beings live in a society that they have built and founded on foundations that are false and that can only lead them to a bad future, to perdition. You reap what you sow. These false foundations being the false conceptions resulting from the spiritual distortion of all spiritual expressions, all spiritual notions and word concepts. In the course of time and for a very long time, human beings have lost all true spiritual understanding of all that they have distorted and which should help them in their evolution. They have forgotten everything that is spiritual and that is related to the Will of God, which they must relearn, which they must do on earth as in heaven, and which is what is most important in their lives for their well-being, their spiritual evolution, the salvation of their souls.

“What must I do to be saved?” The answer is simple: Live according to the Will of God which is the expression of all His Laws that govern all Creation in a self-acting way.

To live according to the Will of God, human beings need to learn first to recognize these Laws and their action in their lives, to understand them and above all to live according to them, to evolve spiritually, to be saved.

Recognizing God’s Will in life and in your life at every moment should be your main concern, in order to live according to this Will for your spiritual evolution and the salvation of your soul.

In view of all the distortions of spiritual expressions and their consequences in the life of a human being, the path to the Light of Truth is not as easy as some might claim.

It is not that it is difficult, but that it is simple and yet not easy to follow. The difficulty lies in the practice of the teachings to uproot, to get rid of, to abandon their old life which is built on false foundations, distorted expressions and conceptions that are very long-standing and have distanced them from any understanding of the Truth, that Truth which they discover in the teachings of the Light.

Human beings find these teachings and counsels difficult to put into practice, even though they read them and have a clear understanding of what they are asked to do; still they find them difficult to put into practice. And, yet, it is in the practice that the Light Force is drawn in and moves you spiritually for the salvation of your soul.

This difficulty in understanding and practising these teachings is what leads some people who lack discernment to find themselves in other false paths that will get them lost even more.

Only very few people who make their way to practice these teachings in their lives, follow the path of Truth without slipping somewhere into false paths.

This shift to another doctrine or something else is for many causes and reasons which some know well, while others slip out of ignorance that they are slipping.

The Truth always remains as It IS. When you change it, distort it by adding, subtracting or mixing it with something else, it will no longer be the Truth. There are people who mix the teachings and the knowledge of Truth with other things, and they still want to be considered as people of Truth.

“What must I do to be saved?”

People must make efforts which are like sacrifices in their lives, to accept to get rid of, to uproot themselves, to abandon the wrong way of life they followed until now to live according to the teachings of the Light, if they really want to be saved. Only a life according to the Light saves.

To be saved, every human being must act, move, do something in his or her life. It is human beings who have left the path of salvation and not the other way round. It is always humans who must therefore leave the path of perdition for that of the Light, of salvation, which they have left of their own accord.

For this, they must act in their lives by practising these teachings of Light, to attract the Force of Light that will lead them out of the path of perdition and gradually towards the path of Light, the path of salvation.

Human beings should not just read and complain that nothing works in their lives until they act, until they bring these spiritual teachings to life in their personal lives.

All the sufferings, all the misfortunes, all the problems in people’s lives had a beginning, which was when human beings began to give priority to their own will in their lives, instead of continuing to follow and respect what God’s Will required of them.

Whoever wants to be saved must make changes in his or her life by practising the teachings of the Light in one’s way of living. For this, sacrifices are necessary in one’s life, to accept to suffer momentarily the abandonment of all that is not in conformity with the spiritual teachings and that does not contribute to one’s spiritual evolution, which is indispensable to one’s salvation. Such a person will not remain the same, he or she must change. Someone who practices the teachings of the Light, the force in those teachings must bring about a change in his or her life.

The Light always respects the free will of each person to choose the path they want to follow in life, and where there are many things to do. But this should not be interpreted as an encouragement to live according to your will which leads to perdition. The mind of God is not the mind of man. Everything God wants is always for the good of human beings, and even though it is not easy to live as a person of Truth, but with sacrifices in your way of life, you can manage to do something that will change your life for your salvation.

To be saved, you have the teachings of the Light, which you must seek to study, to deepen to understand them well, and especially to practice them in your life at every moment in thoughts, words and actions.

This is the only way to attract the Light Force into you, to evolve spiritually and to be saved. In these teachings you have explanations that help you to understand what you are experiencing and what is happening in your life in relation to the Laws of God. You also learn what kind of life you should lead in relation to the Laws, in order to live according to the Will of God on earth as in heaven.

The Light therefore gives you teachings that lead you to the path of Truth, the path of the Light of Truth. It is up to each one to make the necessary efforts to understand these teachings to live according to the Will of God, and hope to be saved.

The help of the Light to human beings for their salvation is in the teachings of the Light that are transmitted to you. You must understand these teachings and apply them in your life, to develop spiritually for your salvation. For this, an effort of reflection and discernment is necessary. This will not be easy because of your spiritual laziness which has long distanced you from any true spiritual understanding of those spiritual expressions of life, which you have distorted.

You have faculties within you that you just need to activate in efforts of reflection, of discernment, to understand these teachings to evolve spiritually. God cannot spare you these efforts and will not come to do it for you.

You live on Earth in matter where there are all kinds of unpleasant things that can influence your behaviour and personality, and that can be opportunities of distractions for you not to evolve spiritually. Everyone still has free will.

Nobody is perfect. You must not think and believe that you are already saved just because you know the Truth, and that you are therefore on the path to the Truth.

Only the Light knows exactly who is really on the path of Truth and who can be saved. All those who live on Earth and strive to live according to the Will and Laws of God, they must not be content and rely on people’s appreciation of what they are doing to think themselves safe. The Light sees more of what is spiritual in any action you take and in any help that you give to people. This help can be done in many ways.

The thoughts you send and emit must be pure to attract the Light Force. Do not act out of hypocrisy, but honestly and with great love for your neighbour. Many people have a facility for understanding the teachings of God. They act by passing on to others this Word which also helps them, but they themselves lack mastery and control over the negative thoughts they send to others. Such behaviour leads them to self-destruct.

The work of the Light, which is always to help, is well done when it is done according to the Will of God in thought, word and deed and with great love. It is not only the servants of the Light on mission who will be saved or who need saving.

God in His Love wants all those who have the Grace to be incarnated on Earth to live according to His Will. This Grace to be incarnated on Earth is not given to a human being to come and do his or her will on earth. Each person is free and equally responsible for every decision and direction he or she gives to his or her life.

You know that to be saved you must live according to the Laws of God. For this, you have teachings and spiritual faculties that help you to know the Will of God, which you will only seek to study and deepen in order to understand them and make them come alive in your life. But how many people are on the right path, the path of Truth that leads them to salvation?

To be saved, you must live a life according to God’s Laws by doing good in every moment of your life, in thought, word and deed. You must know where this path you are following for your spiritual evolution is leading you.

Human beings who follow other doctrines, including that of evil, know and are aware of the nature of the path they have freely embarked upon. Some of these people know very well that they are on a path that is not good, a false path. To save themselves from such a path, they must make efforts to get off this false path, by abandoning and rejecting all that is evil for that which is good and, in perseverance, changes will gradually occur in their lives for their spiritual evolution and salvation.

Everything depends on the person who wants to be saved. He or she must know and act according to the Laws of God that govern all Creation.

The Light only transmits to human beings all those spiritual teachings which they are capable of understanding, and which are given to them to help them evolve spiritually and hope to save themselves, to save their souls.

The human being must make the necessary efforts to understand these teachings and, above all, to put them into practice in one’s life. One must act in the direction of these teachings. Not just reading these teachings, reciting them by heart, explaining them, but living according to these teachings in thought, word and deed every moment of one’s life. Such a way of life draws into the person the Force of the Light that is in these teachings. This Force will come to the person’s aid for his or her spiritual evolution and salvation.

Salvation comes only from the Light for that person who leads a way of life in conformity with the Light. Begin by aspiring to the Luminous Heights of God.

Think more of what is good, do more of what is good in true love of neighbour. Do not waste your time with negative thoughts that do not uplift you or uplift people, but drag you down. The practice of love of neighbour embraces everything, and when you think only of the good and do only good you are on the right path, the path of Truth, which can save you. Every teaching and instruction of the Light must be put into practice to attract the Force of the Light that will help.



In 1893, the Lord experienced many things in His mission. He and His family attended the Lutheran church in Bischoswerda. HE was still a child, but HE retained the priest’s many sermons without going deep into them.

When he reached a certain age, although still young, HE wondered about these teachings of the church priest. Little by little, and slowly, His Guide began to teach and explain to him some of the things HE knew about the preaching of the priest that were not the Truth.

The priest had said, “People must prepare to enter the Kingdom of God”. The Lord was not at peace since He had heard this preaching of the priest. HE did not want to ask too many questions because His family would not allow Him to speak about what HE thought. The priest had also preached that one should share one’s goods with the poor.

The Lord saw these poor people, but HE wondered how and what to do to help them, to do the Will of God to enter the Kingdom of God.
When HE was still a child, the Lord was confused with these teachings of the priest. It was only as an adult that HE understood these teachings.

The Lord worked for a Bourgeois, and went home after work.

One Wednesday, the Lord did not go home. His mother was worried about His absence, but she knew that sometimes the Lord stayed with the Bourgeois when there was too much work. In those days, communication was not as developed as it is today with the telephone and other increasingly sophisticated means of communication.

The Lord left the Bourgeois’ house and went directly to where the poor people resided to see how they lived. In order not to draw attention to Himself, HE behaved as one who was looking for work, whereas HE was actually helping the people who were there, the poor. HE guided a poor blind and widowed woman who constantly needed help. The Lord found her alone in front of her house.

The woman, HELENA, had a strong intuitive perception to feel the presence of people beside her. When the Lord approached her, she wanted to know the reason for His presence with her. The Lord asked the woman if she needed help. She remained silent. She then told the Lord that His voice was not like that of other men.

The Lord came to Helena and took her hand, telling her that He was coming to help her. Helena told the Lord, holding His hand firmly, that HE had something special in Him. She then told the Lord what kind of help she needed. The Lord immediately helped her without delay. He went shopping for Helena who thanked Him for His kindness.

Helena asked the Lord to pray for her because she felt that He had a Force in Him, though it was also in the Lord’s mind to pray for her.
The Lord left the woman and went to another poor widow with four children and no work.

The woman, Bernadette, needed money to buy fruits to sell at the market. The Lord, who had saved some money from His work, took some of it and gave to Bernadette.

He told the woman that she could buy some items to sell, and with the profits she would make, she could buy some clothes for her children.

The Lord wanted to visit this place where the poor lived to learn more about their difficult living conditions. The Lord had experienced many things in this environment of the poor. He had learned to show love of neighbour to this population.

Evening fell, and the Lord was still there, He had not yet finished His experiencing with the lives of the poor, and so HE could not go home. He had to find a place to sleep to continue the observation the next day. HE could not, and would not, sleep with a poor person. So, HE went to look for a place to sleep on a farm that was not far from this poor community.

The next morning, the workers arrived at the farm and found the Lord there. They wanted to chase Him away, but one of them asked that the Lord be taken to their boss.

The owner was a kind bourgeois. He asked the Lord why He was on his farm, and the Lord told him that He needed a place to sleep before continuing on His way. The owner asked Him where He was going. He did not have a specific place that He could name, so He guessed a place and told the owner.

After an exchange between them, the Lord stayed on the farm to help the sick animals. He worked on the farm without asking for anything in return, but the owner was happy to have the Lord on his farm. So were the animals.

In the evening, at mealtime, the bourgeois invited the Lord to join them at table. The Lord always wore noble clothes, which impressed the bourgeois.

He suspected that the Lord was hiding something by coming to his farm.

The bourgeois had a seven-year-old daughter, JULIETTE, a girl with a temper. She didn’t smile, and even if people made jokes, she remained calm and just looked at them.

When Juliet saw the Lord, she fixed her eyes on Him.

The Lord had already received information about Juliette, and HE went to the girl. HE crouched beside her to talk with her. HE began a conversation with Juliet who was so delighted that she began to laugh at what the Lord was saying to her. Her father and mother looked on without saying anything.

They were quite surprised to see their daughter happy as never before.

Juliette’s mother wanted the Lord to stay a little longer for their daughter. He would spend another night at the bourgeois’ house. In the morning, when HE wanted to leave, the bourgeois gave Him a sum of money for His stay, while the Lord was really there to experience living among the poor. He accepted money that could help Him in His experiences.

He wanted to go up the mountain to see if there were people to help and more experiences to be had there.

The Lord left Juliette with difficulty, telling her to follow His advice fully and to always cultivate joy. He also told the girl that He would remember her in prayer and for her to be a good daughter.

The Lord was led by His Guide in discretion. The Guide did not speak to the Lord, but the Lord felt his presence, and HE knew how to follow his instructions and the path HE should take. He continued up the mountain following the direction indicated to Him. After some time, the Lord saw a small wooden house. He approached this house and saw a man, BONIFACE. The man had a stern look on his face. He looked at the Lord and asked if HE was thirsty. The Lord said yes, and the man gave HIM water. Boniface did not ask the Lord questions like other people he had met before in that same house. He only gave the Lord teachings.

He kept telling the Lord to follow him closely and to remember everything he told HIM.

When the Lord wanted to leave, Boniface told Him to wait a little longer in that place. In that moment, the Lord’s Guide whispered in His ear and told Him to agree to stay with Boniface in that house.

When the Lord arrived at Boniface’s house, it was in the afternoon, around 4 p.m. Boniface asked the Lord to help him prepare the food. He prepared chicken, rice and vegetables. Every time Boniface did something, he was teaching the Lord at the same time. He taught the Lord about the importance of eating white meat and fruit.

Boniface told the Lord about the services he had rendered to several people who visited him.

A conversation ensued about many things in life. Boniface gave the Lord teachings on love of neighbour and joy. He also gave these teachings to the people he was helping in his life’s

What amazed the Lord was that Boniface always told him that he heard the Voice of God. The Lord asked him how he heard this Voice of God. Boniface looked at Him and said that it was the Will of God that he followed and respected in his life and it was what he considered to be the Voice of God. Boniface added that the Will of God, for him, was also His Voice.

The Lord would not go to sleep until he heard Boniface’s teachings. Boniface told the Lord what His intuition was telling him. The Lord wondered how He knew that He had a strong intuition. Boniface looked at the Lord and stared at Him, and told the Lord that HE was a Servant of Light on a mission on Earth. He told the Lord that all the people who came through his door were servants on a mission, and that he always followed the Voice of God in any help he gave to these servants.

He told the Lord again that HE is SPECIAL, HE has more Force than all those servants. But that he, Boniface, is only following the Voice of God to help Him.

Before going to sleep, Boniface asked the Lord to pray. In the morning, he was already up chopping wood, and told the Lord to always think of being at the service of the Light, to always think of doing something for the people, and that one should not take something from someone without doing something in return. One should not always wait for a person to ask for help, but for their conscience to act to do something in return.

The Lord went to fetch water for breakfast. Boniface told the Lord to always act with love even for that neighbour who may be in need without asking. The Lord was naturally and simply amazed at all these teachings that HE was receiving from Boniface. No one else had spoken to Him as Boniface did.

It was more than the moral teachings; it was something quite profound. Boniface told the Lord that he wanted to go hunting, and he told the Lord to go home as He had come to the end of His Experiencing.

Boniface pointed out to the Lord a shortcut that HE should take to find His home. He bade Him goodbye and the Lord left.

The Lord took the path indicated to him by Boniface, turning from time to time to look back at Boniface’s house.

When HE reached a little further on, HE could no longer see that little wooden house of Boniface, it had disappeared. The Lord quickly found his house. It was evening when He arrived home.

His mother did not worry when she saw Him in joy, she was certain that He was at the bourgeois’ and therefore had not bothered to ask Him where He was all that time.

The next morning, HE woke up and went to work where even His boss did not ask him for an explanation of His three-day absence. He was used to some of His absences which were for reasons of the Lord's father’s family gatherings which could last several days.

Boniface was a Helper on a mission to help the Lord on Earth. Helen, the poor blind lady, regained her sight after the Lord left her. Bernadette, the widow, bought a lot of fruit with the money the Lord gave her, and even opened a large shop in town. She had become a bourgeois. Juliette went to university. She married a servant named JOHN, with whom they had three children: BAUDOUIN, RENATE, AUGUSTINE.

These are accounts of some of the many experiences that the Lord had in His mission on Earth, and which people do not know about. He had learned through lived experiences how human beings live on Earth.

All these experiences helped the Lord to write His Grail Message. These are teachings and advice that help people’s spiritual evolution. The Lord speaks in His Message to human beings. He wants people not only to read His Message, but to live these teachings in their lives to be SAVED.

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No one may take it for granted that this or that one of his neighbours will do something for him out of kindness without having to give at least one good word in return. A word that is of value to the other person! That does not just mean merely a formality.
Abdruschin, Resonances 1, Vol. 15, "The Necessary Compensation"
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The Mastermind Group

In the midst of despair, however, helpers in the service of the Grail will begin their task! The great construction begins. No one else is able to bring help to the broken....
Abdruschin, "Submission" – Resonance 1: Vol.20.
The Mastermind Teachings is essentially an invitation to quicken the rhythm of your spiritual evolution. Master John, along with the Helpers in the Beyond, see how people are suffering for lack of this spiritual knowledge which is necessary for them to live well. This lack of knowledge and also ignorance means that we often do not know how to act well in certain situations and in certain problems that come our way in our lives.

Readers of the Grail Message do have the Teachings of the Lord which should help us to act well in any situation that arises in front of us, in our lives. But often the Principals and Spiritual Helpers can see how people do not act on this knowledge when they find themselves in a situation where they have to use their knowledge to get by.

For humanity to begin to grasp and live these never-before-given teachings in their purity so as to act well, therefore, there has be a shift in our mindset, which shapes our backgrounds of interpretation. A reprogramming of our subconscious (awakening) mind*, which in our awakening convictions has so far caused distortions and resulting confusion in the experiencing of many things in our lives.

It is with the joy in seeing our present human spiritual awakening that Master John offers these teachings, to help ALL humanity lift its mindset in the splendour of its pure form, so as to know how to behave rightly in given situations. Teachings that provide answers to questions that can help us in connecting our subconscious mind to its highest knowing: intuitive intelligence. In so doing, we give opening to the Light and no longer to grope in darkness in looking downward to our conscious (reasoning) mind – the lower personal "ego" which, in never coming to the point of experiencing spiritually therefore knows nothing, never truly lives ___
* The ability to think creatively and to understand concepts depend on our awareness factor termed the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind that all our mental processes take place – without consciousness. Every thought we generate immediately takes on a form that embodies the expression that gives meaning of the thought in the subconscious mind. As we conceive a thought, the subconscious mind accepts, affirms, and advances with certainty the suggestion it receives whether the reciprocation is good or bad. As the edifice of order, judgement and reciprocity, therefore, the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal programming that forms our beliefs, memories of experience, judgments and habits; in other words, it forms our mindset.

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