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Living in The Light of Truth | Lord Abdruschin's Teachings on Living In Truth

From Master John

In the Light of Truth: People read and hear this sentence at any time and on many different occasions. Some people seek to deepen this sentence so to understand its exact meaning. But how many have come to understand it, to live it, to make it alive in their lives in every moment in thoughts, words and deeds. Some people need more explanation to understand what is “The Light” and “The Truth”.

The Light

The Light is GOD. The Light illuminates the world. The Light is LIFE.

It is the Light that arranges the whole course that human beings will have to follow on their path of incarnation on earth. No human being should therefore believe that he or she has come to earth without an arrangement for his or her incarnation. God gives every person the grace to incarnate on earth. He takes into account everything that has to be done to ensure that the journey of every soul that is about to be incarnated on earth takes place under good conditions, until it reaches its destination. The work that the Light does is unique and cannot be compared to anything else.

Without Light, the World does not exist. This is to say that Light is Life.

In the Beyond, there is only Light EVERYWHERE. There cannot be a single place where there is darkness in the Beyond. People who live in the Beyond see only Light all around them. Light gives Life, and wherever there is life, there is Light.

On the journey to the Afterlife, after the physical death and detachment from one’s body, every human being finds oneself in different places where he or she has to experience the consequences of one’s bad behaviours and faults when one lived on earth.

These different places are related to what their passion was while living on earth. Some end up in a place of smokers, prostitution, others in places of criminals and many others. The environment of these different places is the same as it was before the detachment from their bodies. It is the identical environment to the one they lived in when they were still on earth.

For the one who had the passion of nightclubs on earth, he will find himself in the environment of nightclubs which is often in darkness, this after the detachment from his body. He will live in darkness. But it is not an arrangement of the Light for him to live in this environment of darkness. He reaps what he has sown.

In these different places where they are on their journey, people see themselves as being in a kind of village called the village of defects. They see themselves in a village with houses and people, this is an arrangement of the Light.

Some spirits spend a lot of time in these places of darkness identical to those they enjoyed when they lived on earth. But this is not the same reality for all spirits.

In that not everyone has led the same kind of life and has the same defects, everyone has his own path to follow during his journey after his detachment from his physical body. All this is an arrangement of the Light, but it does not mean that these places are enlightened for those people who had lived a life with defects. “You reap what you sow for good or ill”.

It is after passing through all these places on their way to the afterlife that the spirits arrive in the Beyond. And it is only when the Great Door of the Infirmary in the Beyond is opened to them that they can finally see the light, a strong light.

As a spirit prepares to incarnate on earth, it follows a luminous path throughout its descent. This descent is an arrangement of the Light, it happens quickly and is made possible by a great work done by the Light.

The baby is in its mother’s womb is surrounded by the Light which does Its work of building the little body of the child. The newborn has a layer over its eyes that makes it unable to see well enough what is around him or her, but the baby clearly sees the light that illuminates around itself. And if its eyesight is clearer, the baby could also see what is going on in its environment.

This layer that covers the baby’s eyes is thin enough to see only what is light. This layer that is on the eyes of babies at birth allows them to see light even when they are sleeping.

In the teachings in the Word, the servants of the Light are asked to send the Light Power to the people who need it and who are in need. Many people live in suffering, they have problems for which they have no solution, they live with worries, concerns, anxiety, they are unhappy and lack all joy in life. These people need the Force of Light in their lives to help them solve their problems and to find the joy of living. It is the Force of Light that acts to give a solution to any problem that has no solution.

God is above all the world. The Power of Light is above everyone. Always remember to send the Force of Light to anyone who is somewhere in pain or distress. In doing so, you are carrying out the Will of God. How many are those who feel this Force surrounding them and giving them joy, for example, after a long period of illness. The Force of Light gives a solution to a problem that has been going on for a long time and yet the person remains in a state of despair.

By tuning in and opening up to the Light, you attract the Force of Light into you. This Force of Light works for many things in people’s lives that even people are unaware of.

Just be connected to the Light and the Force will work in you. The Light does Its work in many different ways, before the Force acts in you and does something. The Light seeks to do Its work so that all goes well.

You hear of the appearance of Angels who are always surrounded by Light whenever they are seen.

The Angels cannot make themselves seen by people without being covered with the Light, which is also for their protection in those places where they appear to those people who can also see them.

The Light plays a great role on the spiritual level. There are people who sacrifice their lives for the work of the Light because they know that it protects them and covers them in case of any kind of danger.

The Light does manifold things quietly without people noticing. Many things happen around people without their awareness, and without the intervention of the Light some people could not live long. The good, the only true protection, is the one that comes from the Light. It is natural, it does not ask to resort to certain practices. It only requires that you lead a natural way of life according to the Laws of God, so that you attract the Force of the Light that protects you without your personal and particular concern for your protection. “Live by the Light and It will fight for you”, it is said of the Light.

Only the Force of the Light can give people good and lasting protection in life. The Light Force does numerous things that people do not know. People need to think about what they need to do to attract the Light Force into, around and near them in their lives. The Light is everywhere you are, all it takes is the will, the determination and the courage to act for the good, in thought, word and deed, and the Light will work in your life, always for the good.

The Light IS, since the beginning of the Creation of the earth. People must make sure that they attract the Light into their lives. No one will say that they do not have the Grace of God in their life. The Light can work for good and help all.

The Truth

Truth is a spiritual weapon. The teachings of the Light are the Truth. Servants of the Light on mission must always live, speak and follow the Truth in their mission. The power of the Light works only in truth. The Justice of God works in the Truth. The Love of God is for what is right and good, for those people who conform to the Will of God.

The path of Truth is the only one that the Light recommends people to follow. People who want to do the Will of God, they must accept to live in the Truth and nothing but the Truth. The path of the Truth leads people to the Light. There is only one way, the way of Truth.

Forgiveness is a liberating force. The Light exhorts in Its teachings that people should live and speak only the Truth. Forgiveness has power only when it is true and sincere, therefore when it is Truth. Only then does it truly liberate. But if forgiveness is only for reconciliation, for the resolution of some problem without it being done in sincerity, therefore in Truth, it will also lack strength and there will be no liberation for the people concerned.

Truth is a weapon that is also Force, a Force capable of breaking everything that is negative.

Some people’s actions can be so negative that they can lead others to those misunderstandings that lead to conflict, separation, division. This is especially so when there is no Truth in what people say to each other, which does not help the Force of Light to act to resolve the problem between people and avoid the negative consequences that would follow. Truth is a weapon that liberates and breaks down what is negative.

There are people who justify and defend themselves with lies, which is acting wrongly and can hurt people. Some of these people who do not tell the Truth do not ask for forgiveness. Instead of getting to the point and asking forgiveness for what they have done wrong and hurt others, they seek to manipulate the situation by defending themselves with a lie. They are not people of Truth. They stay with remorse when there are problems, conflicts with others. And when it comes to forgiveness, they just manipulate the situation by lying.

There are conflicts that go on for a long time without a solution, because there is no Truth in what people say to each other, and as long as they do not tell each other the Truth and continue to defend themselves they will not be able to find a solution to the problem at hand.

Forgiveness is a liberating force, it is true, but this is only valid for those who speak the Truth. The force of Light goes hand in hand with Truth, and when a person does not tell the Truth, he or she cannot receive the necessary help that will make him or her free from a problem that would arise from misunderstanding or disagreement.

Do not rush to say sorry when you know that you are manipulating the situation and you are not telling the Truth which can break certain things by freeing you from the one with whom you have a problem.

The Truth hurts, but at the same time it helps the human being for the better in many things.

At that moment when you are convinced that the Truth is a weapon, which is also a Force of Light that acts in and for those people who live in the Truth and who speak only the Truth, it is only natural that you make efforts to follow only the path of the Truth and to speak only the Truth.

People who use lies to defend themselves are not often at ease, they know that they have not acted rightly but, as they are not yet ready to tell the Truth, they will seek to defend themselves in evil to be right and free themselves from what they have done wrong.

In reality, they do not liberate themselves because they are not calm and not tranquil in their conscience until they tell the Truth to have true liberation.

People who are used to telling the Truth, they are at ease in acting in this good manner. “Not all truth is good to tell.” But people should not take advantage of it, abuse it even, to allow themselves to lie. The lie has no reason to be told and no excuse.

Use the weapon of Truth more in all circumstances of your life, to have true protection and liberation.

To live in the Light of Truth is a recommendation of the Light to human beings for their good, their spiritual evolution.

The teachings in the Word explain the Power of Light and the Truth. When a person comes to understand what the Light Power and Truth is, it is only natural that he or she will make the commitment to live and act accordingly by respecting the Will and Laws of God in his or her life.

It is not easy to live with people who have another conception, another mentality and another doctrine. But when you want to do something for your spiritual evolution, you will succeed in doing something good. The Love of God is upon and with human beings who make the decision to put themselves at the service of the Light in their lives.

The path that leads to the Light of Truth is not an easy one, but when you come to understand what you can and must do to be in conformity with the Will of God, it will help you get there.

A person who is on the path of the Light of Truth has joy. Truth and joy are spiritual weapons that fight a multitude of negative things. The one who is used to tell the Truth even if it hurts, he is calm, he has joy because he knows in his heart that he has acted in Truth in respect of the Will and Laws of God. The Light always acts for the good. He who is not for the Light of Truth is lost.

God wants people to follow the path of the Light of Truth for their own good, their spiritual evolution. The True Word is that which is in accordance with the Laws of God, it is Truth. The teachings of the True Word of the Light of Truth cannot in any way accept and lead people to act in evil. It is the darkness that accepts and encourages evil.

Living according to the True Word in the Light of Truth illuminates the path that many people have to take to become free. There may be many paths before you, but only your conscience can choose the right path, the path of the Light of Truth, the one that is for your good and which you will follow. One’s free will plays a role in what path to take for ascension and the evolution of one’s soul. Everyone is free to discern, and also bears the responsibility of the choice of the path he or she will take for his or her spiritual evolution.

There are paths that are rocky, with misunderstandings, obstacles and dangers that people must seek to recognize to avoid them at all times. The spiritual evolution of each person depends on oneself.

Everyone has free will to choose and decide whether he wants to walk on the path of the Light of Truth, salvation being individual, rather than to follow the path taken by other people and which leads to perdition.

In the Light of Truth: It is a short sentence that contains and transmits many fundamental teachings that every human being must take the trouble to study, to deepen so as to understand them well, to make them alive and apply them in his or her life.

Human beings have moved away from the Light because they do not live according to the Truth. In order to attract the Light into their lives again, they must first lead a life that is in accordance with the Truth. In this way, the working Laws will attract the Light into one’s life.

For by moving away from the Light which enlightens him and makes his path easier, the human being makes life difficult for himself because of the lack of light to illuminate his path, this Light which is also the Force which is necessary and indispensable for his spiritual evolution.
Light goes hand in hand with Truth, and where there is Truth there is also Light.

To depart from God, who is Light, is to lead a life that is not in accordance with the Truth.

The human being leads a life in conformity with the Truth by respecting the Laws of God that govern all Creation. His Laws are Immutable, Just, Incorruptible, Perfect and Auto-active.

The Light appreciates at any time that a person comes to understand what is important for his or her spiritual evolution, and decides to follow the path of the Light of Truth. It is joy when a Soul finds the path of Truth.

Many servants are on the way to perdition because they have deviated from the path of the Light of Truth.

They claim to follow the Truth when they have deviated from that path for a long time. Some servants mix everything, the Truth with the doctrines of evil.

Truth can never be and go on the same path with lies.

The darkness, which never created anything, only does the opposite of what the Light demands, the opposite of the Truth. An agent of darkness can in no way claim to be on the path of the Light of Truth.

The Light urges you to live “IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH”.


Stories Of the Lord's Teachings on Living in the Light of Truth


The Lord had a servant named JURGEN. He was in charge of buying the various products necessary for the preparation of the meals. It was Jürgen who was responsible for making sure that nothing was missing in the kitchen. For this he received money for the purchase of all these products, therefore for the supply of everything that had to be used in the food preparation. He was a quiet man who the people appreciated for his kindness and the welcome he gave to visitors of the Lord. He was married with children and received his monthly salary.

One day, Jürgen was faced with a situation that he really needed money to solve. His salary was not enough to resolve the problem in his home. The money he received was for a month’s groceries, money he kept carefully. But with the pressure of his wife at home about what they were going through, Jürgen thought about the money he kept for groceries. He was really tempted to get his hands on that money. Jürgen was a humble, respectful man who avoided getting into trouble with people, especially not in his work.

Then there came a time when Jürgen avoided meeting with the Lord. He used to do everything possible to see the Lord and say hello to Him in order to receive the blessing, but the Lord had not seen him for some time.

The Lord watched the workers to see if what they were doing was right. He treated them as people who helped in the work that they were doing for Him.

He normally talked with them and when HE did not see them, HE sought after them. The workers had become those people whom HE was used to seeing at all times.

Jürgen hid from the face of the Lord because he knew he had done wrong. He came to work, but he hid himself when he saw the Lord passing by the place where he was.

The Lord was concerned and wanted to know what was wrong with Jürgen, His worker. His Guide told Him what was going on with Jürgen so that he would hide from the Lord.

The Essentials arranged for a meeting of the Lord with Jürgen, which took place one morning.

That day, Jürgen thought that the Lord had already gone out while He was still in the house, and that is how they met. Jürgen could not hide or flee from the Lord. So that Jürgen would not panic, the Lord looked at him and smiled.

This gave Jürgen courage and he greeted the Lord with respect. He wanted to leave but the Lord told him to wait. He asked Jürgen about his family, but he did not answer as he usually did.

The Lord asked him to follow Him outside for a walk to His office. Jürgen was uncomfortable, but with the Lord’s look and smile, Jürgen became calm.

Along the way, the Lord asked him about other things, his work and some other news that was happening in the Land. They talked about other things that had nothing to do with what they had to talk about. But Jürgen was still not in joy, he did not look the Lord in the eye, his tongue trembled when he spoke.

They arrived at the office, and after they entered the office, Jürgen did not wait for the Lord to sit down, he fell to his knees on the floor with his head bowed while asking the Lord for forgiveness for his wrongdoing.

The Lord asked him to stand, but it was difficult for Jürgen to look the Lord in the eye. He spoke about the wrong thing he had done in taking the money from the groceries for his own expenses, and he added that it was not his intention, that it was due to the pressure of his wife who would not let him alone at home.

It was then that the Lord told Jürgen that he had sinned in doing so. Jürgen continued to say that it was under pressure from his wife that he had done this wrong.

The Lord gave him teachings on the right way to live that prevents sinning. But instead of Jürgen listening to these teachings and advice, he continued to justify and defend himself for what he had done wrong.

The Lord then asked him to tell him how people should live in the Light of Truth. Jürgen did not know how to explain this. The Lord told him that he lives in an environment in which he is surrounded by the Light but, he takes no advantage of this Grace, to act evil. He is pushing away the Light that helps him in many things. He added that Jürgen must think about behaving like a person of Truth. It was at this moment that Jürgen looked into the Lord's eyes. He had tears held in his eyes.

The Lord told him that HE knew all about it, but instead of asking, Jürgen had preferred to get hold of the money that helped, not only to buy food for the Lord and His family, but also for all the workers. He added that what Jürgen had done wrong would open a great door for theft, not only of money but also of the goods in the house.

When a person respects the Will and Laws of God, he will live in the Light of Truth. The Light helps cover and gives protection.

The Truth leads people to a good path, the path of the Light of Truth, which you must think about at all times if you want to know whether you are doing good or bad.

You must not only think of what will please you. Lies do not elevate but demeans the people who defend themselves in lies.

The Lord looked at him and said, “You are not at ease because you have done wrong, but instead of telling the truth you justify and defend yourself even though you know that the Light sees what you have done and condemns you for it”. Jürgen kept silent for a minute, and he tells the Lord that he knows that he did not act with dignity, and that he sincerely asks for forgiveness from the Light.

He will pay back double the money he took without asking permission, he said. Jürgen asked the Lord if He would forgive him. The Lord looked him in the eye and told him that He knew that this problem would end in forgiveness.

The Lord brought an envelope with the amount of money Jürgen had taken from the provisions and told Jürgen not to tell his family or the other workers about his wrongdoing. It was at this point that Jürgen let the tears flow from his eyes.

Jürgen told the Lord that he would make an effort to live in the Light of Truth since he had suffered greatly from the malicious act he had committed. He asked the Lord to pray for him so that he would not fall into temptation. The Lord told him that salvation is individual. Each one must make an effort to follow the path of Truth. The Truth must not be hidden.

They began to talk about the other teachings, and parted in joy. From that day on, Jürgen would not even touch a single silver coin for the provision. He always told his wife that he had learned from the Lord how a man can and should live in the Light of Truth.


NIKOLAUS, a gifted seven-year-old child, had asked the Lord at the Mountain during a Festival a question about the phrase: “In the Light of Truth”. He said that he had seen this phrase in the Book of the Grail Message, and that he wanted an explanation from the Lord. It was a surprise to hear a child of that age ask such an important question for spiritual evolution. It was necessary to seek an explanation adapted to his age. And as he had asked this question at a time when He was surrounded by people, it was a good opportunity for him to pass on a teaching.

The Lord looked into the eyes of the child to give him the Force to get out what knowledge he had in his spirit. The Lord asked the child what he could tell about the Light. The child said that the Light is God. He himself is a creature of God and therefore the Light is in his life. He pauses for a moment, looking into the Lord’s eyes, would then say that the Light is the Lord. And. so as not to draw everyone’s attention to what the child had just said, the Lord told the child that he had answered correctly.

He asked the child for an explanation of the Truth, the child remained a little calm, he looked at his parents and he answered that people must follow only one path, that of the Truth, and he went to hold his mother’s hand.

The Lord went and crouched down beside the child who was a little ashamed of the looks of the people who were with his parents. The Lord told Nikolaus that he had responded as a servant of the Light who teaches people, and He told the child that he would be a servant who would help people with the teachings and guidance of the Light.

Nikolaus only kept shaking his head as he leaned against his mother. The child told the Lord that HE is the One who follows the path of the Light of Truth. Then the Lord asked him if he did not. The child smiled a little and said that human beings are not yet perfect to follow the path of the Light of Truth. He told the Lord that HE is different from other people. Everyone was amazed at this conversation of this seven-year-old child, Nikolaus, with the Lord.

The child was blessed on that Festival Day. His father was somewhat embarrassed by his son’s reaction, but as people spoke well of his son, he felt encouraged.

The Lord used to bring Nikolaus into His office to talk about the Word. He taught the child the Word as the same time that He opened up to him what was in his memory box.

The child left his parents at the age-of-twelve to go and join the other young people who had settled on the Mountain, on the Lord’s recommendation, to be close to Him.

These young people were all servants on a mission on earth. He wanted to guide them Himself through the teachings.

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No one may take it for granted that this or that one of his neighbours will do something for him out of kindness without having to give at least one good word in return. A word that is of value to the other person! That does not just mean merely a formality.
Abdruschin, Resonances 1, Vol. 15, "The Necessary Compensation"
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