Posted on September 10, 2021.
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A Person’s Star of Light! The Grail Cross! Sent by GOD, and Sent From GOD!

By Master John

We cannot give you everything or explain everything to you when it comes to things that are beyond your capacity of intellectual comprehension which is very limited; however, we intervene at times when there is a lack of understanding of certain things within you, and it is then that we can help, as it is our task to bring you clarification. The servants are chosen by the Light. Many of these servants who are chosen by the Light, take an oath in the Beyond to serve the Light on a mission on Earth. Some of these servants have a mission to serve in doing something they are willing to help with, and it is then that the Light chooses them to act to help on Earth. They are not all on a mission, but they are willing to help people when they are in need. There is much going on in the Beyond that human beings are far from understanding, even if we use the words of your language.

Servants who are sent on a mission of the Light on Earth, first go to different places to receive the Force that can accompany them on their missions. There is no servant of the Light who comes on a mission without receiving the Light Force which will help him or her. Not all servants have the same level of evolution. The servants of the Light on mission are those who are chosen and receive the Grace of the Light to be sent to do a given mission of the Light on Earth. Unfortunately, not all servants succeed in doing the work they were sent to do on earth. Some do not succeed because once on earth, they prioritize their own will instead of following the Will of God in order to evolve spiritually to be able to do their mission well. There are servants who put themselves at the service of the Light on Earth without having been chosen in the Beyond and sent to Earth to carry out a mission. Some people have a mission to help in their own small family, or elsewhere in some specific place. Accordingly, their mission is limited to that. But it can happen that these servants, thanks to their goodwill to serve the Light, do more; they can go to help outside this framework where they had to limit themselves in their mission on Earth. Such servants may therefore at one time think of doing more than they were meant to do, without being asked to do so. They do so out of their own goodwill to serve the Light. These servants have not been chosen and sent by the Light to do what they have done out of their own goodwill. The Laws of the Light, which are self-acting according to the wise dispositions of the Light, enable these servants to receive the Light Force which can assist them in their voluntary work of helping others, by placing themselves in the service of the Light, so they are servants of the Light.

There are therefore people who do not incarnate on Earth with a specific mission. They are not servants of the Light chosen and sent on a mission on Earth. These people incarnate on Earth for some reason, for example, for their own favourable outcome. These human beings live on earth respecting the Will of God in their lives. They will therefore lead a life in accordance with the Word of God. Such human spirits will be convinced by the Word of the Light on such a level that they will decide to serve the Light in their way of life, in thought, word and deed.

And if such human spirits manage to open themselves spiritually, sufficiently to the Light, they may be helped by the Light Force to do well what they have freely chosen to do with conviction: to help others with their problems, concerns through spiritual teachings, which also help them in their spiritual evolution.

The Light sees all and knows each human being better than oneself. The Light probes the deepest intentions of the human being, It knows and sees exactly the thoughts of the human mind, to know and see those who are willing and really want to be in the service of the Light, so that it can give them the strength to do well what they want to do that which is pleasing to the Light. Such human spirits can also be considered as servants of the Light, for the simple reason that all they do is to help people with the Word of God. They are therefore servants of the Light. They are also servants of the Light.

We are talking about true servants, that is, human spirits who have conviction, will, faith, determination and trust in the Light. They are human beings who know and have understood what the Light is, which is also the Truth. They are people who have experienced the effects of the action of the Light in their own lives and who freely turn to the Light to serve it in whatever they think of doing.

We do see those people who are convinced of the reality of the existence of the Light Force, of the real effects of Its action in people's lives in various ways, yet they remain idle, doing nothing. The reason that some people or servants give is the indifference that people show towards what is spiritual. We do not accept this because there are always many different ways to get one's message across, to be able to pass on the teachings to people. The Servants have to do their own examination to examine their attitude and the way they work in transmitting the teachings and knowledge. We always thank the Light for giving us the Grace to be of service to you.


Many people know or have heard of the Star of Light that some people possess. Many also wonder and question the nature and origin of the Star of Light and what it means. Who are willing to receive it? Who is authorized to bestow it? How and why does it happen? We are talking about this Star of Light. It is spiritual in nature. This Star of Light comes from an act of the Light, which alone has the Power to bestow it upon a person. It is a Grace of the Light for people who receive a Star of Light that has a connection with the Light.

Not everyone who incarnates on Earth benefits from this Grace of the Light of having a Star of Light. Only the Light determines who deserves to have the Star of Light. So it is only a few who benefit from this Grace of the Light. Some people who incarnate on Earth carry with them graces, gifts, blessings and many other faculties of the Light within them.

All this is given for a purpose in their life on earth. It may be either as part of their mission or as a link or connection with the Light to help them in what they feel they are doing right to help people. Many people do not know much about the Star of Light that they have to serve the Light.

Some people know they have a connection with the Light, but they do not understand how to use it in a good way. The Star of Light is not engraved on the forehead of the one who has received it from the Light. The Star of Light is an act of the Light, a living sign that the Light makes upon the person who deserves it. This sign radiates and reflects a Light that illuminates around the person who has it with him. This act, this gesture is not done by any person, it is an act of The Light.

The Star of Light is therefore not given by one human being to another human being in any ceremony. People come with the Star of Light when they incarnate on earth. No one on earth can have this Grace of being able to give the Star of Light to human beings. Only the Light has this power! The Star of Light does not hide, it is visible. Be aware that the Star of Light of some people is for a mission of the Light. The servants of the Light on mission all have a Star of Light. This Star of Light explains and signifies the presence of the Light within them. The Star of Light is always accompanied by Light. The Servants of the Light have a Star of Light which is accompanied by Light.

The Star of Light that illuminates a person is also accompanied by the Force of Light; for, without the connection or linkage with the Light, the Light cannot act in the person to help the other people he or she has a mission to help. All that the Light does is always to help people. When a person gives an opening to the Light, the Star of Light of a servant of the Light on mission plays an important role in the action of the Light in reaching the person to be helped. The Light can act in many ways. It helps even those who do not have the Star of Light. There are many who benefit from such help from the Light. The Star of Light helps in the connection with the Light of the servants on mission of the Light on earth. A person on a mission can also provide an opportunity for other servants to incarnate on earth. To this end, the bridge of a servant on mission can help to call spirits who have a Star of Light to incarnate on earth. There may be many children in a family, but not all will be able to have a Star of Light.

The parents may have them to carry out some mission, but not every child who comes into this couple will be born with a Star with them. The Star of Light has nothing to do with anything dark. The agents of darkness can only notice that a certain thing shines or lights up in a person. The darkness and its agents can in no way destroy this Star but only cover it with dirt. Any act or gesture of the Light done or laid upon a human being can never be destroyed or taken away by the darkness and its agents. The darkness only covers what the Light has put upon the people of darkness. The Star is linked to the Light.


Many servants are also unaware of the Equal-armed Grail Cross that is engraved on their foreheads. All servants on mission of the Light on Earth have a Cross of Light inlaid on their foreheads. This Cross is of equal branches, it is the Grail Cross.

In the Beyond, there is a Temple of Elders who are all servants of the Light, for they are servants of the Light! The Light has given these Elders the task of engraving the Cross on the foreheads of those who are chosen to carry out a mission of the Light. Every person who has been given such a Grace to have the Cross engraved on their foreheads has a mission to do on Earth. Not all servants come on mission to Earth. There are servants who come to earth for certain reasons. They also have the Cross engraved on their forehead. This Cross has equal branches, once it is embedded in a person's forehead, no one can remove it.

So what you would have already heard that the agents of the dark ones have stolen the Star from a person is false and untrue. It is impossible, for the Star is a property and emanation of the Light! Only the Light has power over the Star's existence! The Elders who serve the Light in the Beyond and who carve these crosses into the foreheads of human minds are luminous. The Elders are in the service of God, and when they inscribe the Cross on the foreheads of the servants, putting a sign of the Cross, the sign of the Truth; they do so on the forehead of the person. This sign will be engraved in the forehead of the person’s body as well as in his or her spirit. The Cross is not only engraved on the forehead but also in the soul. This sign also touches the spirit or the core of the servants so that the Light can accompany them in their mission so that they can continue to work in the service of the Light. There are many servants who have a strong desire to serve the Light, yet they do not know exactly what they need to do in order to realize what they feel within them, in order to serve God.


Note that every servant who is chosen for a mission on earth, is an envoy of God. Jesus and Abdruschin are sent BY God to Earth on a mission of Light. They were sent by God Himself to undertake a Mission on Earth. They came on a Special Mission from God..

However, the servants who are chosen and sent on mission on Earth are Envoys of God. They are chosen by the Light to serve God. They have a mission for which they often incarnate. The Light knows them well and their mission and what they do in each incarnation. The Two Sons of God come to Earth only to accomplish their Special Mission. It is God Himself who sends THEM on Mission to Earth. Servants who are chosen for a certain mission have the obligation of the Light to return to help in some other mission. This is not the case for the Sons of God who are sent by God to intervene in an Urgent and Special Mission. Servants on mission who are in the Beyond are not idle, in that they have many things to do before they are called back to serve in a new mission on Earth. It is a Grace to serve the Light with joy! The Called Ones come from the Beyond. The Lord had called certain people when He was on Earth. All servants chosen by the Light for a mission have a Star of Light and an equal-armed Cross engraved on their forehead. Those who receive this Grace of the Light to be chosen for a mission must not regard it as a distinction to rejoice unwittingly.

It is a great and heavy responsibility! It is an obligation that does not leave people alone, but a noble duty that is to be taken seriously. For a servant must seek at all times wherever he or she is, what he or she can and must do to help those many people who need the help of the Light in their lives. The Cross that the servants have on their foreheads as servants of the Light, is the symbol of Truth. This Cross has much more significance and importance in the Beyond where it is as visible as on earth. The Cross is hidden from the sight of human beings on earth for many causes and reasons. Human beings whose spiritual eye is open can see this Cross with equal branches on the forehead of a Called One, even if not very clearly. A servant of the Light on mission receives first the Star of Light. The Equal Cross of the Grail engraved on his forehead may follow later.

The servants who have the cross engraved on their foreheads are those who have a Calling, so they are Called Ones. There are many servants who are on mission, but not all of them receive a Call from the Lord. We are talking about those servants who have put themselves in the service of God by their own willingness to serve without having been called to do so! The human spirits who are chosen from the Beyond to be in the service of the Light are the Called. They all have a Star and the Grail Cross on their forehead. The Cross on the forehead is given to the Called Ones who are chosen for a specific mission of the Light.

Note well that the equally branched Grail Cross on the forehead of the Called One is distinguished according to the level of the Calling: Called One, Disciple, Apostle! They all carry an equally branched Grail Cross, yet they are different in their nature and Mission! The Cross on the forehead of a Called One does not resemble that of a Disciple or an Apostle. The Light always works in order! It makes this distinction according to the person chosen and the nature of the mission: Called One, Disciple or Apostle. The choice of the Light for servants on mission is made in order, and according to the disposition of the Light. The Cross of equal branches is given individually. Remember that a parent who has a Cross on one’s forehead has no connection with the children who may have a Star of Light instead.

There can also be several people who have a mission in a family, in which case each member of the same family is called and each one has a mission. They each have the equal-armed Grail Cross engraved on their foreheads. The Cross on the forehead is not something hereditary. The Cross is individual.

As has already been explained, the children may each have their own Star of Light to help in the mission of the father or mother without having received a Calling as the parents themselves. In a family, there may also be those called on missions, all of whom will have a Star and a Cross engraved on their foreheads for this purpose. Servants can attract to themselves other servants on mission.

As to the question of how to see the Star of Light and the Grail Cross on those who have them. It is possible for anyone who has the spiritual eye open and can see the Light around a servant, but it may be more difficult to see the Cross on the foreheads of those who are Called and chosen to do a mission.

The Cross on the forehead of servants is invisible. Servants are advised to always think of the mission of the Light for which they have incarnated, which is always to help people. Many are the graces before you, the servants, who think of the service of the Light. Go forth with conviction in the Light, which will not abandon you as long as you connect with It permanently! It should be well noted that following the path of Truth is not easy but, with conviction and faith in the Will of God, you can do great things in your mission. The Light that is God has love for everyone. Servants have the Grace given to them to serve the Light. Do not stand idly by with all that you have as knowledge and Grace received from the Light.


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