Retransmitted on September 16, 2021.
Posted on September 17, 2021.

The Photos of Lord Abdruschin are Sacred!

Re-transmitted for September 16, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED September 17, 2021 18:47 EST — We have the Mission to bring you the Truth, to give clarifications on all the things that are related to the spiritual knowledge of the Light in which there is always confusion, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, which does not help the spiritual evolution of the human being.…

The Photos of Lord Abdruschin are Sacred!

We have the Mission to bring you the Truth, to give clarifications on all the things that are related to the spiritual knowledge of the Light in which there is always confusion, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, which does not help the spiritual evolution of the human being.

You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!

Every human being has the duty to be able to discern, to deepen every concept and every notion in order to seek to understand them in their true meaning which is the Truth, which can set him free.

There are human beings who know well that they lack the true explanations on certain notions, on certain concepts, on words, on things, even on certain spiritual teachings. In spite of this, many people take pleasure in defending what they are convinced they do not understand themselves. They base and refer to explanations about things heard or given by other people. This is unfortunate, because their persons of reference also know nothing about what they are explaining, but for reasons known to themselves, these referees continue to propagate falsehoods in profusion.

This frivolous attitude is dangerous for the spiritual evolution of the person who spreads false things and for the human being who indiscriminately adopts and consumes these untruths. Thus, anyone who propagates something that he or she has not understood, i.e., falsehoods, as well as anyone who, without thinking and without understanding, accepts and defends false things, both will be guilty before the Eternal Laws.

The danger is great because these people will divert many others from the path of Truth which leads to their spiritual evolution.

Every human being always has free will, and before the Law, he is also responsible for everything he does in thought, word and deed. That is why it is important for everyone to know this at all times when they are thinking of acting.

Understanding is crucial in all situations and things in life. Therefore we always urge you to deepen the teachings of the Helpers, for your own good, in order to know the Truth which can help you in your life and facilitate your spiritual evolution for those who decide to live according to the Truth which alone can set you free.

Indeed, since salvation is individual, you are free and each one is responsible for everything he or she does. For this reason, it is in your best interest to exercise and listen to your intuition in order to be able to discern and deepen all that you receive in order to make sure that you have full understanding before making the serious decision to act, which makes you fully responsible. You know the consequences that result from the choices you make in your life. You will reap what you sow.

The Lord's Pictures!

Throughout His childhood, the Lord did not want to have pictures taken of Himself. The few pictures of the Lord taken by His Uncle at the time of His birth, the Lord had collected them all to keep them Himself.

So, the pictures of the Lord's family, you cannot find them easily because the Lord did not want people to be able to get their hands on those pictures.

The Lord had several pictures taken with His Uncle and with the animals on the Uncle's farm. He had kept all these pictures carefully with Him.

The Lord had kept certain things that were personal to Him only. He had placed them carefully in a well protected place.

As a child, at the age of three, the Lord could see and communicate with the Essential Beings. It was at this age that He began to realize that He was different from other people, based on certain things that He was experiencing but that other people did not know. Oscar did not want his family to know what he was going through at his age. He often spoke with animals, but he hid this from everyone, even from His paternal uncle.

On certain occasions of family reunions, pictures were taken for family memories. The Lord always managed to slip away just as the photo session was to take place. When He slipped away, often no one had time to go and get Him to start the photo session again, because it was not possible. Oscar would go a distance away to hide. It would have been a waste of time to search for Him, and it would have taken time for His brother to bring Him back with him to take more pictures.

The family had become accustomed to Oscar Ernst's attitude as a child of refusing to be photographed and of escaping whenever he should take part in the taking of the group or individual photos. But, as His mother loved Him very much, she did not want to frustrate Him by forcing Him to do something against His own Will, even at that age as a child.

Note that Oscar Ernst was born with a certain age difference from the other children in His family. Thus, there was a gap between Him and the child who came just before him. That is why He considered His older sister as an old person and gave her a lot of respect because of this age gap. Mothers may have an idea of what we are talking about.

Actually, Oscar Ernst believed, at that age when he was still a child, that if He had His picture taken with His family or alone, everything He saw around Him, that is, the Essential Beings, that other people did not see, would appear in the picture. Know that the Essential Beings were always near Him at all times and He saw them from the age of three. He believed that the Essentials who were around Him would also be visible in the picture, something He did not want at all. That is why He refused to take a picture of Himself and ran away with the Essentials.

At the age of four, Oscar Ernst could see the Cross on His forehead, when he looked in the mirror. The first time it happened to him was after he had taken a shower and when he looked in the mirror, he was surprised to see a sign of the Cross engraved on his forehead. The Cross was so huge that, faced with such a surprise, Oscar was somewhat afraid of what HE had seen on His forehead. He stepped back to retreat three times in succession, but He came back to check again, to take a good look in the mirror to reassure himself that what He saw on His forehead was true.

Each time He saw that great Cross on His forehead glowing, as He tried to approach the mirror.

Oscar Ernst fled and avoided directing his gaze in the mirror for a while because he did not want to see the Cross on His forehead when He looked in the mirror.

Oscar Ernst kept this discovery secretly inside Him, because He did not want His family to tease Him about what He saw, because He knew that His family members would not believe Him. Sometimes He would even cover His forehead with a towel when He wanted to look in the mirror. The Essentials laughed when Oscar did this and saw what He was doing to cover His forehead.

At the age of four, Oscar Ernst still thought that His Cross on His forehead was visible since He had seen it in the mirror. It was the reason for his fear of having his picture taken, because the Cross would also appear in the picture, and His family could see that Cross in the picture. Oscar knew how the family made fun of Him because of the supernatural things He was experiencing that His family could not understand, and they could take advantage of this situation to tease Him, especially His brother, who was close to Him in age. And to avoid the mockery of his family, Oscar preferred to escape far away, to avoid being photographed.

One day, Oscar Ernst went to a party at his maternal uncle's house. Since Oscar Ernst did not know his way around, he could not avoid being away from his mother. That was why Oscar Ernst agreed to have his picture taken with the whole family for once.

He was so scared thinking about the photo coming out. He was nervous, not knowing what would appear in the picture. He didn't want to see the picture. But when the picture was handed over to them, he heard nothing but mocking comments from the family and especially of his brother about the picture. Everyone was interested in looking at it, so Oscar Ernst had the courage to approach to see it in turn. There was nothing visible on His forehead in this family photo taken at the party.

It was, indeed, from this experience that day that Oscar Ernst agreed to take pictures with his family. In all of the photos in which he appeared, Oscar was always dressed nobly.

At the age of seven, Oscar Ernst, when he wanted to play in his Uncle's house, had to take off his shoes while keeping his socks in his feet.

His Uncle wanted to have a picture of himself, which he was willing to mount on his living room wall.

To do this, he had to have his picture taken. Oscar Ernst's uncle thought that the photographer should take a picture of him with Oscar. This was unexpected for Oscar, who was playing in the living room and not wearing his shoes.

His uncle invited him suddenly to come and take a picture with him. Oscar had to run to get his shoes, which were outside the house. Uncle did not give him time to go out, because he asked Oscar to come and join him directly so as not to waste the photographer's time. Oscar was embarrassed, as he did not want people to notice that he was without shoes.

As it happened, Oscar had no choice but to rush to the photo session. He took the photo against his will with his uncle, but Oscar Ernst was unhappy, because He wore only socks in His Feet.

When he became an adult, Oscar Ernst managed to retrieve and keep this photo taken with his Uncle, in which He had only socks on His feet.

When he was 10 years old, his mother bought him a pair of shoes at the market for a party of his father's large family. Unfortunately, the shoes did not fit him. They were not his size. And since the market was not open every day, some of the vendors only came once a week, so it was not possible to return the shoes to the vendor for exchange.

You must know that Oscar loved shoes. That was why HE chose His new shoes to wear at the big family party.

When he arrived at the party, after a long walk, Oscar felt pain in His feet. He could not stand it for long, so He took off His shoes.

He was uncomfortable, but with the pain in his feet, he preferred to play with his socks on.

The time came to take pictures. Oscar became worried because He was having a little problem wearing His shoes. The pain was still present in His feet. Oscar went to a corner and asked the Essential Beings to help Him. And since He knew how to communicate with the Essentials through gestures, the Essential Beings asked Him to take part in this picture taking. While He hesitated to follow the advice of the Essentials, they pulled Him by the hand to take part in the taking of the photos.

Oscar was uncomfortable and unhappy at the thought of being in a photo without shoes. He took his place among the people. The Essentials covered him with a dark layer all around. The photographer could see everyone, while the Essentials did their work. All the children were well placed in front of the adults in every shot.

Some photos were only for children who could appear in the photo taken so that their feet could be seen. Oscar was in this photo of the children. He was shoeless and sad.

The picture was taken.

Once the photo was delivered, people looked at it, but they did not see Oscar even though He was with them the day the photo was taken. Oscar was only visible in the one photo where the feet of everyone in the photo were not visible. Oscar's family was well aware of his habit of avoiding having his picture taken. They did not say anything, preferring to keep their family secret.

It was only as an adult when Oscar was working that he took pictures with friends. He had learned and knew how to hide certain things that were dear to Him and around Him. He also knew how to veil His Cross on His forehead.

To this end, He asked the Essentials to cover His Cross for the sake of discretion in environments where there were many people. He wanted to live normally as a simple Man. But He avoided people considering Him as a special man, even though He was a Stranger among the human beings of the earth. He often wondered about the importance of having pictures taken together with HIM. He sought protection for HIMSELF and all this in total discretion. As He had made many journeys in the World, He took pictures, but He kept them for Himself.

It's hard to find photos of Oscar Ernst, even the ones that people took, HE took them back to keep for HIMSELF.

The pictures of the Lord that are available to the public, it is indeed the Lord HIMSELF who had given permission for these pictures to be seen by everyone, therefore they are in the public domain.

It was a matter of debate among the human beings who were around Him. The pictures of the Lord came out one after the other, until people noticed everywhere in circulation, until people noticed that there were several pictures of the Lord in circulation from different sources.

Only then will these photos start to be marketed. It is how these photos ended up everywhere.

You should be careful with the photos of Lord Abdruschin that are in social networks.

Indeed, human beings have many ways of changing, modifying and falsifying certain things. People may think they have real pictures of the Lord, but some of them have been modified by some human beings. These alterations have been made by people for reasons known only to them. The darkness has many ways of falsifying, misappropriating, destroying and manipulating things.

The Light knows very well the Light Power that is contained in every ORIGINAL photo of the Lord. When people find a True Photo of the Lord that has Power, such a photo will not stay in the house without giving off a positive vibration.

It is like the writings of the Lord. ALL the Original writings written by HIM have the Force and a powerful vibration. When people read these Original writings, they have the ability to draw the Force into themselves and feel a positive vibration of the Power all around them.

We advise and recommend the regular reading of these original writings of the Grail Message. This reading is also a prayer for the one who concentrates on reading the True Word. It is the same with the Original pictures of the Lord, there must be strength and positive vibration where they are in the house, in the room or somewhere.

We know those people who have felt and noticed something in them when they looked at an original picture of the Lord. The look of the Lord in His pictures has a deep meaning. It is not just for the sake of taking a picture, nor is it because HE wanted to be in that position that HE adopted that posture to be photocopied.

Everything the Lord did always had a deep meaning and purpose for the human being. It was to help people.

The Lord had chosen to be photographed in this position with his head and gaze turned slightly to the left side, and a straight gaze staring at the camera taking the Photo.

The Lord knew well that being in this position, any person who would look at Him in this Photo and who has an opening, could also receive the Force dispensed through his gaze. He could therefore send the Force to those people who give an opening at the same time as they look at His photograph.

Everything the Lord did, HE asked His Guides, especially about the importance in people's lives of what HE thought to do. Everything was a teaching for HIM. The Lord did not do anything to please people, but thought more of giving a teaching, a lesson in everything HE thought of doing, that would help people in their lives. HE did not see in doing so to seek to make HIMSELF known.

The servants of the Light must be the first to think to follow the example of the Lord in all that HE has done in his mission on Earth. Everything HE did is a teaching too, to be understood and followed. HE taught people by His way of life. The people who had the grace to know the Lord Abdruschin, saw His simplicity. His advice was only to help people to know the Truth. Some people knew Abdruschin as the SON OF MAN. But when HE spoke to them, HE was so humble and simple, and at the same time he gave them teachings which could help them in their life, for evolution.

There were men who also came to ABDRUSCHIN regarding material problems. The Lord would not directly tell them what they needed to do to get the materials they needed. The Lord always went through teachings that helped people understand how they should conduct their lives in such a way as to lead them to good material success. His teachings also explained the usefulness and proper use of material goods in the life of a human being, and also of anything that could be an obstacle to material success.

Human beings should not only think about the acquisition and the race to accumulate material wealth, which will have no value in their lives if they do not think at the same time about their spiritual evolution.

There is much that people do not yet know about Abdruschin's true life on earth. The people who were in His circle or those who knew Him, say things they had seen and heard, but as to what the Lord THOUGHT, and what He did in THOUGHT with His POWER, which took place in the greatest discretion, no one could see Him to testify. Only He Himself could speak of what HE did in the greatest discretion.

So the pictures of Himself that the Lord had agreed to make available to human spirits, for the general public while HE was still living on earth, these pictures have a strong vibration that some people who touch them can feel.

The Lord had said that HE had left, but HE remains with you human beings in His Word and through His word which is in the Light of Truth, The Grail Message. The Force is meant for everyone who wants and can benefit from it.

We know the vibration that these pictures can give off, but without an opening to the Light by looking at these pictures of the Lord, people will not experience anything that they could enjoy from these pictures.

The photos of the Lord are Sacred! Human beings cannot misuse these pictures, but they must take them with great consideration, with love to place them in places that can bring them Strength.

The Lord always wants human beings to live according to the Holy Word, by continually plugging in the Light which will thus give them an opening to receive in them the Force of the Light which is useful and can help them in all possible circumstances and concerns in life. A regular reading of the Holy Word is also highly recommended, even recommended, because there is Strength in the Holy Word.

People decorate and beautify their homes with different pictures of their family and various paintings. When they place or hang a picture of the Lord in the living room, you cannot imagine the vibration that the power of the Lord's gaze in His picture can act upon you and give you joy. It is like bringing Light into the house.

Something sacred that can not be compared to a simple decoration, but that has and brings Power into the house.

Negative thoughts may assail you, but as you look at the Lord's picture, you don't know what positive things can happen within you to bring you joy again.

Some human beings hide their affiliation to some teaching, but that which is Truth and Power cannot be hidden. People need the Force and a good vibration around them, the picture of the Lord gives Power and brings a positive vibration!

Any help from the Light needs the opening of the person who turns to the Light for help.

The Lord, when He was alive, did not hide Himself. People could also see Him from His Photos.



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