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Before Jesus went on to tell His Disciples that in a little while they would see Him no more … he was quoted by His Disciple John as saying:
12. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. 13. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. 14. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. 15.All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you. John 16: 12-15
Traditions written by the Scribes were made on the assumption that Jesus, the Son of God, and the Son of Man were one and the same person. All their reports were based on this premise from the start, and thus spread error without wanting to or knowing it.

Though not ill-intentioned, but clearly of the same limited understanding to which Jesus spoke, particularly with His Disciple Matthew, in the eager waiting for a prophetic fulfillment for some 2000 years, the Personalities of the Son of God and the Son of Man has been assumed to be one and the same (Matthew 1: 22-23). "Matthew's connecting of the prophecy of Isaiah with the birth of the Son of God shows all too clearly that in his writings he only lets his own personal opinion speak, that is, he did not remain objective".

But Isaiah announced “Imanuel”, the Son of Man (Isaiah 7:14); the angel announced “Jesus”, the Son of God! (Luke 1: 30). These are clearly two different announcements, which would demand two different fulfillments, which would in turn be brought by two different Personalities.__

Read: "Son of Man and Son of God" – The Grail Message

Jesus, The Son of God, announced the Truth to His Disciples. The Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit), Who was to come, is the Son of Man, Who would guide mankind into all Truth. That Truth, which the Son of Man was to bring, would radiate above all religions, although in each of them parts of Truth were sown, parts of Truth exist.

These parts of Truth that were already sown in each religion would allow that each human being from various religions would be able to find back the path of the Light. That is to say, by going further than was revealed in one's religion, and this by allowing to expand his or her consciousness in a greater manner, in this way one would be able to exit the limitations imposed by each religion.

This is the Mission of IMANUEL, the Son of Man: to guide humanity through The Grail Message to the Knowledge of the Light, without being cloistered in narrow forms ("… therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you", verse 15).

The Mission of the Son of Man, however, is not about reducing the path to only one path, because all the paths of the religions that human beings take can help us; in fact, all these paths can serve for us as a springboard for a time, until we discover the path of the Truth standing above any religion.

From the moment we human beings use those parts of Truth that are in them and that vibrate in the Truth, it allows us to find the path of the Light in order to live in Its Laws. Such uniform course of spiritual guidance from the Light for mankind on earth also came through great leaders like Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao Tse, Buddha, Mohammed and many more besides.
Book From/About Abdruschin
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Many people wonder if it is possible for just about anyone to trigger the Light Force to intervene when there is a serious case or one that requires a miracle. In this volume of “Miracles and Teachings…”, the Lord gives real life situations and testimonies on how by offering an opening to the Light, it is possible for anyone, be it Envoys on mission or human beings in general, to communicate in the purity of thought with the Light Helpers in the Beyond and receive healing and help for any problem or dangerous situation facing that person.

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His Mission on earth cut short due to the failures of Envoys of the Light who, on accompanying Him, had beforehand taken an Oath to help Him accomplish His Mission in ushering in the long promised Thousand Year Reign of Peace and Happiness, Lord Abdruschin Himself speaks through a specially chosen Channel to continue with this Mission.

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How to live in the Spirit of Truth which possesses the Light Power, in the way Abdruschin lived His life, is what is transmitted in the book "My Life in the Vomperberg Era".

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Birth Name: Oskar Ernst Bernhardt
(April 18, 1875 – December 6, 1941)

If in the course of thousands of years men had not always acted as they still do today; if they had not time and again distorted everything that was intended to help them, in order to adapt it to their human way of thinking and their earthly desires, there would now be only one uniform teaching here on earth, issuing from the Will of God. There would not be so many kinds of denominations. Abdruschin
Abdruschin, the Son of the Holy Spirit, brought to humanity the Grail Message, which is the TRUTH and in which we have the teachings that explain to us the Laws of God in Creation. He gives us this knowledge of life, which is useful to us in recognizing the Will of God in life. With the help of this knowledge we are now able to lead a life according to the Laws of God in every moment of your life, in thought, word and deed.




You, the readers of the Grail Message, have been given teachings and advice to help you understand the Grail Festivals, their meaning, their importance and how they should be prepared so that, on the day of the Festival, you are ready to receive the Power that God pours into His Creation to help you in many areas of your life, out of your spiritual and earthly distress. Read the full message.


Account of an unknown fact in the life of Jesus – From Master John.

During His Mission on earth, Jesus did many things that are not yet known to this day. What you know about Jesus' life, activities and actions during His Mission on earth is not all that HE did that has been told or reported to you to this day. Read the full message.

In Commemoration of
the Lord's Departure from Earth
on December 6

– From Master John and Ismaël.

Every year on the 6th of December there was much happening around the Lord. Subsequently, the Lord was exceptionally careful about what He was going to do and was on the lookout for what was going to happen in His life on that day….. Read the full message.


A Message from the Light on the Occasion of the Festival of the Pure Lily 2023 – From Ismaël.

Preparation for a Grail Festival involves meditation. For this you have teachings to guide you in preparing for the Festival. Do not behave like people who only prepare for the Festival and then, after the Festival, relax and return to their old habits. They forget the meaning of this Festival and the need to continue to put into practice the Holy Word of God in their lives at every moment in order to connect and give an opening to the Force of Light for their spiritual evolution and well-being. Read the full message.


A Message from the Light on the Occasion of the Festival of the Holy Dove 2023 – From Ismaël.

I bring you a Message from the Light on the eve the coming Great Festival of the Holy Dove 2023, that Spiritual Festival which you, the readers of the Grail Message, are well aware of the importance of for all Creation, and which is celebrated every year in the month of May. Read the full message.


A Message from the Light of an event that will take place during this year 2023.

“God sent the Force on the Day of the Radiant Star 2022 to give joy to human beings so that they would be ready for that which is announced from the spiritual plane and which will manifest in 2023. Read the full transmission.


This message is addressed to all those who recognize that they have a spiritual mission, and to those who are spiritual servants and leaders. Every person who is incarnated on Earth has a spiritual mission to fulfil the Will of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. Continue reading.


Christmas is not only for children, but also to know what Jesus did as a Child Continue reading.


Christmas is not only for children, but also to know what Jesus did as a Child Continue reading.


December 6 is the day of the departure of the Lord from the earth. It is a date known to the readers of the Grail Message on which the Light acts upon the earth. Despite the physical departure of the Lord from the earth, the Lord is still on earth through His teachings. He is Omnipresent and can reveal Himself to anyone who opens to the Light. Continue reading.


You, readers of the Grail Message, already know that preparation must be made in advance for each Grail Festival, in order to be ready on the day of the Festival to receive the Force of Light that is poured into all Creation on that day. Continue reading.


December 29 is the date of the Great Spiritual Festival of the RADIANT STAR, a great Spiritual Festival for the human being and all humanity. Every year on this date, December 29, the special and particular Spiritual Force which God sends in His immeasurable Love into all Creation reaches the Earth.… Continue reading.


This message of Light is for those who wish to address human beings who are open to teachings that help them to evolve spiritually. Continue reading.

Some Unknown Facts of the Life of JESUS

That the Light is Love, It always wants to come to your aid in many different ways, you human beings, to bring you to know and recognize the Truth so that you may lead a way of life in conformity with the Truth for your good, your spiritual evolution. To do this, the Light will reveal to you certain truths that are not known in what the SON OF GOD JESUS had done in His Mission on Earth. … Continue reading.

December 6 Departure of the Lord From Earth

December 6 is the date of the Lord’s departure from the earth, a day of remembrance for the readers of the Grail Message.… Continue reading.

An Account of Series of Events in the Life of the Lord

"I had gone to a party in Austria, one Summer. I was not feeling well, but I was not thinking of going to this party to please the people who were there … Continue reading.
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