The TRUTH ExplainING the Laws of God in Creation


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THE GRAIL MESSAGE is the WORD of God brought and given to mankind by Abdruschin, the Son of Man as Jesus, the Son of God, once did when He dwelt on the earth. However, He has been made easier for human beings this time, for He not only spoke but also wrote everything down, so that a distortion of the Holy Word can never again occur as devastatingly as happened to the most essential part of what Jesus spoke at that time. With the Grail Message He constructed an invisible Spiritual Ladder to Paradise for the human spirits as a legacy, completing the assignment that fell to Him at the Instance of Jesus Christ, as a consequence of His Crucifixion.

The Grail Message is therefore the completion and conclusion of the Message of Jesus Christ, in fulfilment of His declaration: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them [the weight due to spiritual immaturity] now" (John 16:12).

"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth" (verse 13).

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The teachings of the Grail Message explain the Laws of God in Creation; It gives the knowledge of life that is useful to humanity in recognizing the Will of God in life. With the help of this knowledge we: human spirits, who in the time of Christ were not yet matured in our spiritual understanding, are now able to lead a life according to the Laws of God in every moment of our life, in thought, word, and deed.

To live at every moment of our life in thoughts, words, and deeds according to the Will of God must be the greatest concern in the life of every human being, because only so can the Laws of God, which govern all Creation, activate those faculties that are dormant in our spirit, and which will help us in our lives once activated.

It is our ways of living which are not in conformity with the Will of God that is the source of all suffering and all difficulties in our lives, despite our intelligence, our material wealth. It is because our spirit, which is our true self, which gives life and has all its true meaning, is not nourished, is not developed, is not evolved. Only a life conforming to the Will of God makes the spirit evolve and develop.

Those human beings whose spiritual faculties, i.e. their gifts, talents, qualities are awakened, activated, and brought to life, by a way of living according to the Laws of God, those are the ones who will develop and evolve spiritually. Such individuals will experience in their lives events related to the awakening and activation of their gifts and talents that have been dormant in their spirit up to that point. They will be helped and guided in every situation of life. They will come to understand all that is happening in their lives, in life in general, which will enable them to know how to act and react according to the Will of God in every situation in life.

Living in accordance with the Laws of God, therefore, particularly in the the true love of neighbour, is the only key that we human beings need in order to attract the Force of Light into our life, which will activate our faculties and also act to give us the answer to our requests made to the Light. All the Forces of God that flow through Creation will come to our aid and contribute to the solution or help of our request to the Light.

The Process Of Spiritual Evolution Is As Follows:

Through a life according to the Laws of God, we are therefore in affinity with the Light, and we give an opening to the Light. The Laws of God, especially the Law of Affinity, will draw into us the Force of Light, which flows through Creation and will act in us in our consciousness and activate the faculties in our mind.

The Law of Attraction of Affinity, which is self-active, will draw to us in our life the Force of the Light that flows through Creation and which alone can touch the spirit and activate its spiritual faculties in us.

Subsequently, the Light Force enters into us through this opening that we give to the Light by our way of living according to the Laws, and It will activate our spiritual faculties that can only be activated by the Force of the Light.

These faculties so activated in us by the Light Force will accordingly be brought to their development gradually, to their blossoming. Haven been activated in us by our gifts and talents, these faculties will continue to develop and we evolve spiritually.

We will come to know at some point that the path of our intuition is open, we will hear it and it will guide us in life to make the right decisions. Intuition that is never wrong.

To evolve spiritually, we must lead a life according to the Laws of God. For this we must understand what is happening in our life and in life in general, to know if it is in accordance with the Will of God or not.

To evolve spiritually, we need to understand, to have explanations, to know everything that happens in our life in relation to the Laws of God, so that we can lead a life according to the Laws.

To help us understand what makes us evolve spiritually, we can evaluate our life today against the content of each explanation of each of “The Ten Commandments”, as explained by the Lord in the Grail Message.
This is not an invitation to a book club for the "read-o-holic”, nor for one who asserts to be all-knowing in subject matters arising from the teachings from the Light. This is for serious seekers of teachings and guidance that offer much more than merely coping with everyday life as it is today on Planet Earth. Teachings on how to live the SUBLIME LIFE, in other words, to begin to live in harmony within your entire being, for the spirit in like measure as you do for the body.
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