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The Light Room Press Team is tasked with the full responsibility to disseminate (in print and digital) the teachings from Lord Abdruschin: the bringer of the Grail Message, Ismaël, Principals (Elders), and Spiritual Helpers in the Beyond. The Light Room books are therefore the only authorized English translations of the same titles that are published in French and German languages.
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Many people write and publish books for all kinds of reasons, but most of all for them to be best sellers. But these books of the Lord Abdruschin, the Principal Master John (one of the 24 Elders), and Spiritual Helpers transmitted through a Channel, offer teachings and guidance for the purpose of human spiritual evolution on a whole. These teachings go to the root of any problem, any phenomena in your life: the bad experiences you have had and know about in your life, everything that blocks you and disturbs your life, torments you and constitutes a block in your life, and for which you have no satisfactory solution or explanation.

Our Uniqueness

There are other organizations and groups that shroud in secrecy their transmissions from the Light, making their gesture of offerings to only a select few adherents or followers. These teachings, guidance and advice from Lord Abdruschin, the Principals and Spiritual Helpers are for all humanity, regardless of ones religion or creed.

People from all over the world have already come to the awareness of the Principals, Spiritual Helpers, and have been communicating with them on a personal level. Many are such individuals who have been helped and guided in every situation of their lives. They have come to understand all that is happening in their lives and in life in general, which has enabled them to know how to act and react according to the Will of God in every situation in life.

One primary service the Helpers provide is accepting prayer requests, especially when someone has a long-standing illness or problem for which tone finds no solution. Requests made to the Helpers automatically triggers the intervention of the Light for a cure or one’s illness or solution to the problem.

Teachings From the Light

Posted January 13, 2023.

Post-Festival of the Radiant Star

A Joyous Message From Ismaël


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To help in advancing human spiritual evolution in offering published teachings, advice, revelations, testimonies and other matters for the right understanding to attract the Force of Light into ones life.

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