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THE GRAIL MESSAGE: In the Light of Truth by Abdruschin

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The Elders In the Beyond

In the Divine Realm, the “Elders”, the Eternal Unchangeable Ones, are at the outermost boundary of the Divine Sphere of Radiation of the Grail Castle”. The divine patterning of things is replicated downward to the outermost boundary of Spiritual Creation.

“In the next great section of Creation, the Spiritual, which is somewhat weaker than the Primordial Spiritual, since it can only become self-conscious at an even greater distance from the Unsubstantiate Core of Parsifal, the process is repeated in exactly the same manner as it was in Primordial Creation.”. Resonances to the Grail Message 1:16 The Spiritual Planes VI.

Just as there are Elders at the outermost boundary of the Divine Sphere of Radiation of the Grail Castle, the Lord told us about the imitation of the Light Castle of the Divine Sphere of Radiation, situated at the outermost boundary of Spiritual Creation where the Created Ones have their field of activity towards the Knights, who are guardians of this lower Castle/ of Light.

In the Beyond of the Created Ones, the Elders there recognize themselves as ‘Principal’s. They are not Spiritual Helpers They are at a higher spiritual level than the Helpers in the Beyond. They work together to help the servants on mission on earth. They work together with the Helpers, the essential beings and many others to help the servants on mission.

Master John is one of 24 Elders, also known as the “Principals”. There are 24 of them “Principals”. They dwell in a great Temple in the Beyond*. They never incarnate on Earth. (Learn more about the Principal called Master John here).

Read Except From Resonances 2: 7. “The Spiritual Planes 1”

“So far I have always spoken of the Primordially Created Ones and the Evolved Ones, but I have not mentioned the Created Ones! This would have been too much for human spirits as long as they do not yet know my Message thoroughly or have not yet actually absorbed it; for simply reading the Living Words of the Message is not enough. It requires an alert spirit and, right from the beginning, the greatest willingness in seeking the lLight….

…. Since I have spoken of the Primordially Created, it was only natural that I should also report on the Created Ones otherwise I would simply have mentioned the Created Ones and the Evolved Ones.

But I am willing to lift the veil further for the human spirit, after I have already given it a very condensed picture of the path of the Light up to it, which it had to cover with various anchors at every lLuminous help, in order to finally be rejected by these short earthly people with their outrageous arrogance and murdered earthly, as it has always happened so far….

In reality, there is a Castle where Amfortas lived and was considered the supreme guardian for a time. In this Castle is a vessel called the "Grail", which is faithfully guarded by the Knights. Amfortas once actually fell there and was promised a great helper.

But this was neither on earth nor was it the High Castle of Light of the Primordial Creation in which this happened.

The Castle that is proclaimed there is still located today as the highest point on a level in which the Created Ones have their field of activity towards the Evolved Ones. In their purest will and worship of God, they have only created an imitation of the Castle of Light that radiates down from the highest point in the Primordial Creation and, as the actual Castle of the Holy Grail, also forms the exit gate from the Divine Sphere of Radiation.

– Abdruschin

The Elders In The Afterlife

The 12 Elders, known otherwise as Principal, are not the ELDERS in the Afterlife. The Judges of the Afterlife are all Elders who live in the Afterlife. They are highly evolved spirits who wear majestic robes embroidered with gold and pearls of great value. There are many Elders who are incarnated on earth to serve the Light. Learn more about these Elders in the Afterlife….

The Spiritual Helpers

The Spiritual Helpers are in the Beyond, while other Helpers are sent to Earth to act in a physical body.. They have had the Grace of the Light to be chosen and appointed to help human beings on earth in their lives for their spiritual evolution. It was of the Helpers that the Lord spoke when HE said in the Holy Word that He would send help to us human beings. This help is available to all whether or not one has come across and reads the Grail Message.

The Lord is for every human being who opens up to HIM, every human being who leads a life in accordance with the Laws of God. Such a person attracts the FORCE of Light, which helps him or her in all areas of his or her life and for any problem.

In the same way as the Lord is for every human spirit, as well as His Holy Word, so are all of the Spiritual Helpers who are in the Beyond who are in contact with human beings, whom they help on earth in their lives and in accomplishing their mission well. They are sent by the Light to help everyone, whether they know of their existence or not.

Human beings on earth who have the grace to know them, to know of their existence, to communicate with them, they receive these teachings that come from the Eternal One and other great Beings from the Beyond, these teachings which are to help other human beings to know the Laws to lead a life in accordance with the Laws for their well-being and their spiritual evolution.

Like us human beings on earth, the Spiritual Helpers in the Beyond were once on earth, and after their return to the afterlife they were chosen, prepared, and trained to do this mission entrusted to them by the Light to help human beings on earth, in all areas of life for their spiritual evolution.

Numerous are these Helpers in the Beyond in a place called the Headquarters of the Helpers of the Light. Each Helper awaits the Grace of the Light to be assigned to help a human being who is on earth. This work that the Light gives them to help people on earth, is also their mission that the Light entrusts to them with us.. They go wherever the Light sends them to help someone for a given reason.

The Spiritual Helpers are not to be confused with mediums, clairvoyants, healers, fetishes, marabouts etc... all these are at a very low level very close to the earth, Due to this closeness to the earth, they are very limited in what they can feel and see and are they easily influenced by various factors, and they easily make mistakes.

The Helpers in the Beyond, on the other hand, are trained and prepared to help human beings in different ways, either discreetly by intervening in their lives, or by communicating with them through the Channel, who is a person living on Earth whom the Light has found worthy of this mission to allow them to communicate with us. 

When a person is in contact with the Helpers, he or she is also in contact with the Light. The person may believe that he or she is communicating only with the Helper without being aware of the presence of other Helpers who are also in contact with him or her, always to help in some way. Helpers always work as a team, even if only one is in communication with the person being helped.

The Helpers do not often go through the Channel to act. They have their own organization which does not go through the Channel. Their communication with the Channel is through the thought process; they read the thoughts of the Channel. They act so discreetly that not even the Channel can know everything about the action of the Light.

The same work that they do with people who know of them, the Light can send them at any moment to do with another person who does not know of their existence, but who is open to the Light. The help can be more or less quick, for such can depend on many factors that only the Light knows.

So the Spirituals Helpers assist anyone who is open to the Light. They are there for everyone, without exception. What is important and decisive for each person is the opening to the Light. The Light can also act by a miracle act according to its appreciation of the case.

Note: The Spiritual Helpers are not Light Helpers.

About the Channel

“... But I am obliged to proceed thus, as it would take more than a life-time to write all I have to say in detail; I should only be able to get one fourth of my task done. But though I cannot expend more time, others will come who will write one or more books on each of my lectures”. – Abdruschin, The Grail Message, Lecture 66. “Physical Matter, Ethereal Matter, Emanations …”

It is through a Channel we receive teachings recorded in our books from Lord Abdruschin, as well as transmissions from Isma─ôl, and teachings in booklets and blog articles from Master John, and other teachings in books as well as messages and instructions from the Helpers.

For a human being, to be a Channel of Light on Earth is a Grace from God. The Channel gifts herself to the Light to be used as a bridge to communicate revelations to human beings in order to introduce them to a new knowledge, the purpose of which is to further their spiritual evolution favourably.

To be in contact and communication with the Light, a human being needs to be open to the Light in his or her way of life to attract the Light. The Helpers are in contact and communicate with human beings through the Channel chosen by the Light for this mission. The Channel has to be open and pure for the Light to use her to transmit spiritual teachings and guidance to people.

The Channel is not a medium, in the common and known sense of the word, nor is a seer. Standing as in prayer in the waking state, the Channel hears inside herself what is given to her from Above and is content to transmit it unaltered without deviating or interpreting anything, so as to keep the purity of the message intact. A true Channel of the Light serves only God and His two Sons; she is a Called One.

It is the Channel who communicates all prayer requests to the Helpers in the Beyond. When a person needs a prayer for an illness or a problem, he or she will send his or her request in writing to the Helpers through the Channel. While the Channel is reading, they too read it in the thoughts of the Channel. As soon as the Channel begins reading the request, and they are aware of it, the action of the Light is automatically triggered in the person, who will know nothing of the moment when the Light intervenes in him or her for the cure of his or her illness, or the solution to a problem.

Of Light Helpers and Spiritual Helpers

Part of response from Master John to a question on the Lecture “Man’s Spirit Guide”, Resonances 1:46.
August 3, 2022

There is a great confusion that is fostered by many people who fail to make that necessary and important difference in life between things that are spiritual and those that are of a dark nature. The confusion is greater and more difficult for human beings to detect because darkness only copies what is Light which it hijacks in a very subtle way in the way it uses it for evil by making many believe it is spiritual. Darkness has never created anything. It is the source of all evil.

Demons are creatures of the imagination, of people's thoughts. Demons, dark entities are not creatures of God….

These demons and dark entities are found in the environment of people who are on Earth and who open themselves up to them through their lifestyle. They will always seek to strongly influence the thoughts of these people in order to manipulate them.

It is not only demons that can strongly influence and have a strong hold on people who give them an opening. There are also intelligent Entities who can go very far in their ability to influence people, they are able to establish communication with those people who give them an opening through their lifestyle and whom they will manipulate.

Their ability to influence and hold these people will make these people believe that they have a connection with the spiritual world, with the beings of Light. It is mainly these negative thinking people who attract these demons and dark entities into their lives who will manipulate them, and they believe that they are in communication with Helpers or Spiritual and Light beings in the Beyond.  And yet it is the very intelligent demons and dark entities around them that manipulate them. They have a way of reading people's minds which they can powerfully influence and manipulate.

Demons, dark entities surround people, always trying to influence their thoughts to manipulate them well, to have a strong hold on them and to make them believe in something spiritual.

To be in contact and communication with the Light, a human being needs to be open to the Light in his or her way of life to attract the Light. The Helpers are in contact and communicate with human beings through the Channel chosen by the Light for this mission. The Channel must be open and pure for the Light to use to transmit spiritual teachings and guidance to people.

The Helpers are in the Beyond. When a person is in contact with Helpers, he or she is also in contact with the Light. The person may believe that he or she is communicating only with the Helper without being aware of the presence of other Helpers who are also in contact with him or her, always to help in some way. Helpers always work as a team, even if only one is in communication with the person being helped. The Light does not reveal all that It does….

A Light Helper plays a very important role in people's lives. The Light Helper is the one who activates the natural protection of people at birth. It is the job of the Light Helper at the birth of a baby to activate the natural protection of the baby that has just been born. She is called the Light Helper because she is all covered with a flood of Light.

The Light Helper is in touch with the Spirit of a person for whom he/she also activates his/her intuition. The Light Helper is a Light envoy for the natural protection of people, a protection that encompasses and includes many things. Each person is incarnated on earth with a Light Helper. It is the human beings who, because of their dirtiness, their sins that cover their thoughts, are not receptive to the Light of their Light Helpers which they cannot feel.

The Lord had said that He had many things to tell you, but that HE could not tell you everything. He had promised to send you the Helpers, the Guides who will come to give you other teachings that will open you to other things that HE had not given.

The Lord says of these Helpers and Guides, that they will open you to those things, those details that He had not given that you do not know and that you will discover in the teachings of the Helpers and Guides. Who knew what the Lord was doing in His Life, in His Mission with all those miracles that HE was doing at every moment to help human beings? HE was surrounded by Helpers, Essentials, Guides, Ismaël, and many other servants in the Beyond.

All those around HIM knew nothing of the presence of all these Helpers HE had and the work each one was doing around Him and in His Mission.

The Lord had come to give teachings to human beings, that was His Mission on Earth. The revelations and all other forms of spiritual help to be given to human beings in their various concerns, HE had left this work to the Helpers. This work of the Helpers is to help human beings to better deepen and understand the teachings of the Lord in order to apply them in their lives. HE had given that basic fundamental spiritual knowledge which human beings need to know in their lives and with which they can explain and find an explanation for everything.

The Lord spoke of the Called Ones because HE wanted these servants on mission to be aware of who they are, of their spiritual responsibility, that they are servants of the Light on a mission to help human beings, and that they must always seek to be in the service of the Light in all that they do in their lives.

The Lord knew that the servants on mission have all the necessary and possible help to accomplish their mission. He did not want to speak too much about the Helpers, the Essentials, the Guides who accompany them in their mission so that they would not think and concentrate only on these various Helpers, and forget to activate their own faculties to develop spiritually in order to open themselves to the Light, to the various Helpers and to benefit from their help in the accomplishment of their mission.

The Lord knew that the Helpers would go into the details of what He was giving, details that would help people to better understand the teachings given by the Lord. These details are always in keeping with the teachings given by the Lord. The new is not the negation of the old.

The Lord has not only written what is in the books you have. There are other writings of the Lord that are still hidden from the readers. You also have the various books from Helper that can help you with further explanations of the Helpers.

A Light Helper is not a Spiritual Helper. She differs in her role, her work and her mission with people. She is also an envoy of the Light, but she does not work in the same way as other servants sent on mission.

Distinction Between a Light Helper and a Spiritual Helper

The Spiritual Helper is chosen and sent by the Light at a particular time in your life to help you. A person may be helped by different Spiritual Helpers at different times in their life depending on the spiritual level of their spiritual evolution. Spiritual Helpers are sent to assist human beings in their spiritual evolution.

A Light Helper, on the other hand, is linked to the person he/she has been charged with protecting since birth. He/she does not work with or like other Spiritual Helpers. The Grace of God can be granted to some people to have the same Light Helper in several incarnations on Earth. All is grace for that help which the Light gives to a person.

All that is spiritual around you, in your life, you will not know it, and you cannot intuitively perceive it. [Your] Light Helper respects the process of the Light. He/she is linked to you for your natural protection, he/she is linked to the activities of your life, around you in relation to your spirit. He/she is luminous. He/she connects only with that which is spiritual. The nature of the Light Helper cannot be compared or related to anything else that is not spiritual….

A Light Helper is all luminous. But with the dirt, with the various bad forms of thinking that human beings can have, they cannot perceive a Light Helper. The Light Helper is always in his or her place and is always acts to help, to protect the person he/she protects.

You must not confuse what is related to darkness with what is related to Light. They are two completely different realities, two separate worlds. Some people communicate with Intelligent entities, but they cannot communicate with Light Helpers.

Darkness cannot be linked to the Essentials that act according to the Will of God. You cannot understand certain things on the Spiritual Plane.

As a Human Being, you have a limit of understanding of all that you can grasp in terms of all that help you receive from the Light.

The darkness always rushes in to give some kind of ease to people who are connected with
the other world, in order to attract more people to there.

The Light gives Grace to people, it works in discretion. The main concern of a human being should be to seek rather to evolve, to reflect on what he/she is capable of understanding and putting into practice.

Because of the nature of a Light Helper, which is not like your own, you cannot feel or locate him or her.


The Grail Message In the Light of Truth

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Lecture 39: "Earthly Possessions"

"… In the most naive, or shall we say more correctly, most impudent way, people assume that these abilities are made available to them free of charge, because they were also given to them from the Spiritual Realm as a special gift to be exercised. It even goes so far that some people still expect a special demonstration of joy when they have “condescended” to avail themselves of help of this kind in great need. Such people must be excluded from all help, even if it were the only one that could still help them! …

But people who are gifted in this way should first learn to value their gift from God more highly themselves, so that pearls are not repeatedly thrown before swine. They need far more physical and psychic strength, as well as time, for serious help than a lawyer needs for his best defence speech, or a doctor for many visits to the sick, or a painter for the creation of a painting. It would never occur to anyone to expect a lawyer, a doctor or a painter to work for free, even though a good faculty of perception, like every other talent, is only a "gift from God", nothing else."
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