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Many of the Lord’s teachings, some of which are in books, have been altered and changed by readers and servants on mission to help the Lord in His mission; some are also printed and disseminated without permission of the Light and the Helpers in the Beyond. The Light Room Press Team is tasked with the full responsibility to publish, and where necessary make corrections to, the teachings from Lord Abdruschin: the bringer of the Grail Message, Ismaël, Principals (Elders), and Spiritual Helpers in the Beyond. These books (print, digital, electronic, and HTML) are therefore the only authorized translations of titles previously published in printed form in French and German languages.
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Due to high shipping cost of the printed books to Africa, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific regions, Middle East and some other countries, before purchasing a book in print, send us an email to see if shipping is possible or to arrange additional shipping cost. Copies of “Miracles and Teachings … Abdruschin Himself Speaks” are available in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, as well as Ghana. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a copy, generously offered at the lowest possible price.

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Noble Woman

The fundamental difference between woman and man that makes it possible to understand why woman is given more God-Force than a man is explained … and what modesty has to do with it.

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Why Do I Suffer

Light teachings that challenges one's mindset with respect to an understanding of "God" and of "suffering", which turns out that in no way can these two words ever be conjoined, regardless of what one has been taught or have come to believe.

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Rest In Peace

The Principal, Master John debunks this sedating notion pronounced to departing souls as but wishful thinking that is inconsistent with the law of Karma. "For those people who have served the darkness on earth … as soon as they stop breathing, they pass into the other world of darkness, the black hole, where they will have to pay for all that they received from the darkness as benefits of all kinds when they lived on earth."
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The Birth Of A Child

This booklet takes the reader through the joy of birth and adoption, the causes of infertility, to the merciless violence against the unborn through abortion…and the grave consequences that awaits such an act in the the afterlife.

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My Life In the Vomperberg Era

A channelled account of the earth-life of Abdruschin, the Son of Man, that counters misinformation and rumours written about HIM … of His life lived in the utmost of discretion, and cut short in 1941, mainly from the pains and sufferings at the hands of those who had taken an Oath to help Him accomplish His Mission on Earth.
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The Death Process & Beyond

Teachings and gripping testimonies encompassing the perpetual "descent" and "ascent" of one’s soul are shared to help one make good, to perhaps alleviate the horror of sanctions that may await in the Afterlife.

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