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My Life in the Vomperberg Era

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– Published: October 2020
– ISBN: 978-1-988635-06-4
– Format: French-fold /6x9/ 95 pp
– Electronic Formats: eBook/ PDF/HTML
– Language: English
– Retail Price USD $14.95
– Retail Price (Electronic): USD $4.95

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About the book

A channelled account of the earth-life of Abdruschin, the Son of Man, that counters misinformation and rumours written about HIM. Of His life lived in the utmost of discretion, and cut short in 1941 resulting mainly from the pains and sufferings at the hands of those who had taken an Oath to help Him accomplish His Mission on Earth.

Table of contents


INTRODUCTION: "Humans do not know me"

CHAPTER 1. The Birth of Oskar Ernst Bernhardt

CHAPTER 2. The Bernhardt family

CHAPTER 3: The Child Oskar Ernst

CHAPTER 4: Business Training

CHAPTER 5: The First Marriage

CHAPTER 6: The Traveler

CHAPTER 7: African Witchcraft

CHAPTER 8: At Vomperberg from 1912

CHAPTER 9: Poisoning Attempt

CHAPTER 10: Ajax

CHAPTER 11: Accused by the Nazis

CHAPTER 12: At the Dresden Clinic

CHAPTER 13: There Is Only One Word Of God

About the author

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Abdruschin in His own Words …
INTRODUCTION: "Humans Do Not Know Me"
I see now that human beings do not know me properly. Although they claim to have knowledge of my Message, they either do not know me, or they have a different account of what my life has actually been. I want my real life to be known to help people who want to stay in the Truth by following my example, not as a Son of God, but as a spiritual man.

Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie.

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