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Introduction To Book

In the stories I give you about what I have done on Earth in my Mission, I am transmitting precious teachings that you must come to understand in depth in order to appropriate them for your spiritual evolution. I do not give them to you for the simple pleasure of giving them to you. Everything is teaching. I give exactly what each of you needs and which can help you in your spiritual evolution to do your mission well. I know you human beings better than you know yourselves, and I know that at the beginning many will not immediately realize the greatness and value of these teachings that they will have the grace to read. It is only afterwards that, little by little, certain passages that have captivated you will come back to your memory to incite you to reflect. You will then be able to form an idea and begin to understand the high value of the teachings contained in the book you have in your hands and you will seek to deepen them.

You human beings are always very late in understanding the spiritual teachings that are given for your salvation, because these teachings do not flatter your pride or your spiritual laziness, although they do impart knowledge that you urgently need in your life in order to end your suffering and to change your life for the better. It is for this reason that all that the Light gives as teaching to help you in your evolution, requires and takes time to materialize in your life.

The reason the teachings are published in book form is to avoid many of the problems that arise from your misunderstanding. In this way everyone has the freedom to be alone with the book, which you can read freely.


About The Book

Many people wonder if it is possible for just about anyone to trigger the Light Force to intervene when there is a serious case or one that requires a miracle. In this volume of “Miracles and Teachings…”, the Lord gives real life situations and testimonies on how by offering an opening to the Light, it is possible for anyone, be it Envoys on mission or human beings in general, to communicate in the purity of thought with the Light Helpers in the Beyond and receive healing and help for any problem or dangerous situation facing that person.

Volume 2 is indeed a step up from Volume 1, particularly in taking the spirit of the reader into the Infirmary in the Beyond to gain knowledge of the operation of the nurses who are always ready to intervene to help people on Earth who open up and need the help of the Light in case of illness or a life-threatening emergency. This grace, as we are told, is granted only to some people, but exception is always given to servants on a mission of Light who walk the path of Truth, thereby giving an opening to the Light to which they are connected accordingly, thus bringing them help from the nurses.

Rivetingly sums up this entire book of narratives, whether in coming to terms with the painful path the Lord had to tread just to learn about us human beings in order to lead us back from our self-made misery while dealing with His own health challenges or, on the other hand, reading the testimonies of people and their life-changing encounters with Him that literally out of this world.

Through it all, however, the Lord managed to show us the witty side of His Nature. With some of the stories, you’ll find it hard not to laugh.

Narrative 18: 1. To heal myself, I prayed for the Light Force to turn water into medicine

I had an appointment with a German woman to give her the teachings she needed to help her with her many problems. Suddenly I felt so ill that I could not even stand up. This appointment was very important to me as it was my Mission and the work I valued most. The help I could give to this woman through my teachings would not only be limited to her, but also to her family and acquaintances.

Narrative 29

1. In the summer I always had a breathing problem because of the heat.

2. I always wore noble clothes that covered my whole body, even in the summer.

3. Having fallen asleep, I found myself in one of my houses in the Beyond.
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