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– Due: April 2023
– ISBN: 978-1-988635-23-1
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Book's Introduction

In the stories I give you about what I have done on Earth in my Mission, I am transmitting precious teachings that you must come to understand in depth in order to appropriate them for your spiritual evolution. I do not give them to you for the simple pleasure of giving them to you. Everything is teaching. I give exactly what each of you needs and which can help you in your spiritual evolution to do your mission well. I know you human beings better than you know yourselves, and I know that at the beginning many will not immediately realize the greatness and value of these teachings that they will have the grace to read. It is only afterwards that, little by little, certain passages that have captivated you will come back to your memory to incite you to reflect. You will then be able to form an idea and begin to understand the high value of the teachings contained in the book you have in your hands and you will seek to deepen them.

You human beings are always very late in understanding the spiritual teachings that are given for your salvation, because these teachings do not flatter your pride or your spiritual laziness, although they do impart knowledge that you urgently need in your life in order to end your suffering and to change your life for the better. It is for this reason that all that the Light gives as teaching to help you in your evolution, requires and takes time to materialize in your life.

The reason the teachings are published in book form is to avoid many of the problems that arise from your misunderstanding. In this way everyone has the freedom to be alone with the book, which you can read freely.


Table of Contents




Narrative 1:

I. My Health and Mission

2. Although I was ill, I traveled and did my Mission

3. Illness affects the body, but an alert and strong spirit
always prevails.

Narrative 2:

1. Human beings have never really known me.

2. At the age of four, after fainting, I was treated and declared dead.

Narrative 3:

1. The illnesses of my father, mother, and sister.

2. My father’s hospitalization.

3. A dream that warned my father to stop drinking alcohol.

4. My concern that I might had inherited my father’s disease.

5. My attitude towards my father’s hereditary disease.

Narrative 4:

1. A friend invited me to Los Angeles, and I forgot to bring along my medicine.

2. At the age of seven, I broke an arm and a leg.

Narrative 5:

1. On a trip, I had to consult a doctor.

2. Under the effect of the medicine, I fell asleep and found myself in the Infirmary of the Beyond where I was cared for by the nurses.

3. The care I received from the nurses in white hats.

4. The care I received from the nurses wearing yellow hats.

5. The care I received from the nurses in blue hats.

6. Surgical operations by nurses in blue hats in the Beyond.

7. Berthold, the doctor I saw at the hostel, was an Envoy on a mission.

8. The surgery the nurses performed on me with a blue hat.

9. The nurses with blue hats were from another Plane of Creation.

10. The mission of the Daughters of Patmos.

11. The nurses of the Beyond also intervened when I broke an arm and a leg at the age of seven.

12. Nurses from the Beyond can intervene on Earth.

13. I couldn’t give my blood, receive someone else’s blood, or even mix my old blood with my new blood.

14. My awakening and return to my bed at the hostel.

15. I left a compensation to Berthold, the doctor who lived close to the hostel.

Narrative 6:

1. My return home after my experience in the Beyond.

2. My Mission was to look after the spiritual evolution of human beings.

3. My blood was completely replaced with new blood.

4. An appointment with my doctor.

5. The nurse in the blue hat explained my health to me.

6. A Servant of the Light is on a mission to help.

Narrative 7:

1. I always covered all parts of my body with noble clothes.

2. I always used to wear a hat.

Narrative 8:

1. Servants of the Light must go out to the people.

Narrative 9:

1. Illness cannot be an obstacle to the mission of an Envoy of the Light.

2. Since my birth, I had colds often.

3. When I was a child, I was afraid of the dentist.

4. At the dentist.

5. As a man among men, I could also fall ill.

Narrative 10:

1. My fear of injections.

2. After an injection, I would collect the tissues that had been used to wipe my blood.

3. The Essential Beings, the nurses from the Beyond, and my Guides have explained to me many things that I experienced as a child.

4. Already at the age of three, I wanted to dress myself.

Narrative 11:

1. I used to like running and one day, while going to do an errand, I fell and hurt myself and didn't tell my mother.

2. The advice my mother gave me as a child has helped me a lot in my Mission.

Narrative 12:

1. I visited a cabin with my friend in which “forms” were moving around.

Narrative 13:

1. Illness was not an obstacle to my Mission.

2. Because of my Mission, it was impossible for me to get involved in politics.

3. How I was able to avoid a blood transfusion once again.

4. The nurses of the Beyond are always ready to intervene for human beings who need and ask for the help of the Light.

Narrative 14:

1. During an epidemic, my family and I contracted the flu virus.

2. The Essential Beings came to my rescue.

Narrative 15:

1. When I was ten years old, an infection developed in my arm after I was vaccinated during an epidemic.

2. As an adult, I met the nurse who had treated my arm.

Narrative 16:

1. After showing interest in receiving my advice, I never heard from the lady again.

2. Having slipped on the ice, a French couple came to my rescue.

Narrative 17:

1. I prayed to save a lady who had injured her head when she fell down the stairs of a hotel.

2. I passed out on a mountain path.

Narrative 18:

1. To heal myself, I prayed for the Light Force to turn water into medicine.

2. A man suffering in a hospital corridor is healed by nurses from the Beyond.

Narrative 19:

1. When I was six, I got hot sauce in my eyes at a Christmas party, and my eyesight was severely impaired for several days.

2. At age eight, a teacher at school slapped me.

Narrative 20:

1. On a trip Rome, I had a problem with my feet from walking too much.

2. In my Mission, I have helped many pregnant women.

3. When I was seven, I prayed to help a woman who was often abused by her husband.

Narrative 21:

1. When I was four years old, I got a bad stomach ache from eating contaminated vegetables.

2. At home, I am operated on by the nurses with the white, yellow, and blue caps.

3. My mother was protected by the Light when she was pregnant with me.

4. The food poisoning was eliminated by removing the worm from my stomach.

Narrative 22:

1. At the age of twelve, I prayed to rescue abused women and children from mercenaries in Africa.

2. I could see the mines buried in the ground.

3. With the help of the Light, the child prisoners were able to escape.

4. I was taken to the Infirmary in the Beyond to treat my exhaustion.

Narrative 23:

1. My father’s cousin, a soldier on the run, came knocking on our door to hide.

2. Mistaken for a little boy who had stolen money from a lady in the market, a policeman struck me with a baton.

3. After a police check, I spent a night in detention because I didn’t have my identity papers with me.

4. In Los Angeles, I was caught in a panic due to a stampede caused by gunfire in a bar. ⁠

Narrative 24:

1. On a trip to Zanzibar, I prayed for a pregnant woman that she would have a smooth crossing.

2. On the ship, a four-year-old child was blown away by the wind.

3. On the ship, the Light helped to get a thief to return the purse he had stolen from a lady.

4. The Light intervened to heal a belligerent person’s wound in a fight.

5. On the ship, the Light intervened to stop a lady's nagging cough.

6. During my stay in a village in Zanzibar, I was treated for my fever by the nurses of the Beyond.⁠

Narrative 25:

1. My mother’s experience of almost drowning at the beach.

2. I couldn’t stand the shamelessness of people at the beach.

3. At the beach, my cousin threw a stone at me to hurt me out of jealousy.

4. The Luminous Woman explained the experience with my cousin.

Narrative 26:

1. The meanness of our neighbour towards me when she once kept me in her house.

Narrative 27:

1. As a young child, I shunned the presence of others, even children my own age.

2. I contracted a virus that gave me pimples all over my body.

Narrative 28:

1. When I was seven years old, I had a problem with my eyes and nobody wanted to believe me.

2. The Essential Beings of the river healed my eyes.

3. My Mother came to me to heal my eyes in my adult life.

4. I almost lost my eyesight because of a spark from a fire.

Narrative 29:

1. In summertime, I had a breathing problem because of the heat.

2. I always wore clothes that covered my whole body, even in summer.

3. Having fallen asleep, I found myself in one of my houses in the Beyond.

Narrative 30:

1. The Essential Beings fixed the ventilation system in my friend Herbert's restaurant.

Narrative 31:

1. From I was a child, I wanted to become a Servant of the Light.

2. In my preteen, I scared off an occult practitioner by saying the name of Jesus.

3. A practitioner of the occult sciences became my friend.

Narrative 32:

1. I skipped school although I didn’t want to in trying to help a classmate.

Narrative 33:

1. I rescued a man on the road who died in my car and was resurrected.

Narrative 34:

1. The testimony of Herbert Han.

Narrative 35:

1. I did not want to be attended to by a woman doctor.

2. I prayed for a dog to be cheerful again.

Narrative 36:

1. Monica’s Testimony.

Narrative 37:

1. How I helped my friend Timothy return to America.

2. Mary, Timothy’s maid, saved by the nurses from the Beyond.

Narrative 38:

1. Timothy’s testimony.

Narrative 39:

1. Mary’s testimony.

Narrative 40:

1. How Pedro became my friend.

Narrative 41:

1. Pedro’s testimony.

Narrative 42:

1. The summer I lost my teeth.

Narrative 43:

1. Testimony of Léopold, a Frenchman.

About The Book

Many people wonder if it is possible for just about anyone to trigger the Light Force to intervene when there is a serious case or one that requires a miracle. In this volume of “Miracles and Teachings…”, the Lord gives real life situations and testimonies on how by offering an opening to the Light, it is possible for anyone, be it Envoys on mission or human beings in general, to communicate in the purity of thought with the Light Helpers in the Beyond and receive healing and help for any problem or dangerous situation facing that person.

Volume 2 is indeed a step up from
Volume 1, particularly in taking the spirit of the reader into the Infirmary in the Beyond to gain knowledge of the operation of the nurses who are always ready to intervene to help people on Earth who open up and need the help of the Light in case of illness or a life-threatening emergency. This grace, as we are told, is granted only to some people, but exception is always given to servants on a mission of Light who walk the path of Truth, thereby giving an opening to the Light to which they are connected accordingly, thus bringing them help from the nurses.

Rivetingly sums up this entire book of narratives, whether in coming to terms with the painful path the Lord had to tread just to learn about us human beings in order to lead us back from our self-made misery while dealing with His own health challenges or, on the other hand, reading the testimonies of people and their life-changing encounters with Him that literally out of this world.

Through it all, however, the Lord managed to show us the witty side of His Nature. With some of the stories, you’ll find it hard not to laugh.

Narrative 18: 1. To heal myself, I prayed for the Light Force to turn water into medicine

I had an appointment with a German woman to give her the teachings she needed to help her with her many problems. Suddenly I felt so ill that I could not even stand up. This appointment was very important to me as it was my Mission and the work I valued most. The help I could give to this woman through my teachings would not only be limited to her, but also to her family and acquaintances.

Narrative 29

1. In the summer I always had a breathing problem because of the heat.

2. I always wore noble clothes that covered my whole body, even in the summer.

3. Having fallen asleep, I found myself in one of my houses in the Beyond.
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