This is the handbook on how to live…. I am only now beginning to live! VKIO
The stories mediated in this book is simply breathtaking. Samuel E.
This book has come to dispel the falsehood woven around Abdruschin's childhood and also to correct all wrong information written about His earth Life. I think it is very necessary for all crossbearers to examine this Book. Pius U.
I cannot put down this book…. Daniel U.

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MIRACLES AND TEACHINGS – Abdruschin Himself Speaks
Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie

No more falsified teachings! No more hiding of documents, lectures or talks Lord Abdruschin have written and left behind to help human spirits of Earth in their spiritual evolution! Here is the simple Truth….

“Whoever practices it simply will discover in his or her life the priceless treasure contained in this simplicity so neglected by many”. – Abdrsuchin.


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The truth must not be tucked away under the table, just as it cannot remain hidden forever. It must and will always come out into the open, visible, and recognizable to everyone. It is time that the truth about what happened in the time of Abdruschin, the Son of Man, should come out into the open, that it should be known and made available to everyone”. Abdruschin
His Mission on earth cut short due to the failures of Envoys of the Light who, on accompanying Him, had beforehand taken an Oath to help Him accomplish His Mission in ushering in the long promised Thousand Year Reign of Peace and Happiness, Lord Abdruschin Himself speaks through a specially chosen Channel to continue with this Mission.

In fulfilling His promise to us of this better life, parallel to accomplishing of our individual missions in continuing to assist Him in our service to the Light, the Lord narrated these teachings and miracles that He accomplished among us, human beings of Earth, as a Son of Man, for us to understand His Mission and the way He lived and accomplished it and for us to fulfill our missions in doing likewise – if we only give an opening for the Light Force to work out of us.

Table of Contents



Narrative 1: I Did Not Like To Celebrate My Birthday

Narrative 2: The Day I Started Seeing The Small Essential Beings

Narrative 3: I Was Considered Special At A Young Age

Narrative 4: My First Experience In The Beyond ⁠

Narrative 5: My Relationship With Girls

Narrative 6: My Abduction Orchestrated By The Evil One When I Was Six Years Old

Narrative 7: In Childhood, The Light Gave Me A Life Lesson So That I No Longer Ate Sweet Treats

Narrative 8: My Mother Bought Me A Dog That My Family Did Not Want

Narrative 9: Arthur, A Childhood Friend Who Was Proud

Narrative 10: My First Experience With The Dead

Narrative 11: The Healing Of A Horse With Knee Injury

Narrative 12: My Family Lived In Discretion

Narrative 13: I Saved My Friend Francis When He Fell From A Tree

Narrative 14: Healing Of A Mute Child Named Aldrich

Narrative 15: How I Met Sonia, A Servant Of The Light

Narrative 16: My Second Experience In The Beyond

Narrative 17: The Date Of Christmas And The Birth Of Jesus

Narrative 18: Helping A Student Who Was Neglecting His Studies Due To Family Problems

Narrative 19: A Woman Whom A Doctor Condemned To Die Recovered From Pneumonia

Narrative 20: Healing Of A Diabetic Priest

Narrative 21: The Meaning Of Easter For Me When I Was A Child

Narrative 22: The Resurrection Of My Friend Friedrich’s Mother

Narrative 23: How I Saved A Dog Attacked By Delinquents


Narrative 24: Encounter With A Demon-Possessed Man ⁠

Narrative 25: My Falsified Writings Are No Longer The Truth

Narrative 26: My Meeting With Marguerite On A Trip ⁠

Narrative 27: It Is Not Easy Today To Live In Your Time

Narrative 28: To Know The Truth And Not Put It Into Practice Is Useless

Narrative 29: An Experience With One Of My Disciples

Narrative 30: My Mission Is To Help Human Beings Evolve Spiritually

Narrative 31: My Friend Who Lived In Thoughts

Narrative 32: A Visit Of A Lady To My Office Who Lived In Her Thoughts Of Hate

Narrative 33: The Mission Of The Envoys Of Light

Narrative 34: The Grace Of A Miracle

Narrative 35: A Rescue Following A Serious Accident

Narrative 36: Meeting In My Office With A German Couple Who Wanted To Have A Child

Narrative 37: Healing Of A Blind Man

Narrative 38: Human Beings Do Not Want To Make Efforts To Evolve Spiritually

Narrative 39: Healing Of A Child Blind From Birth

Narrative 40: Healing Of A Young Girl Who Became Blind And Mute Accidentally

Narrative 41: Healing Of A Young Man Disabled As A Result Of An Accident

Narrative 42: Healing Of A Lady Dying In A Hospital Emergency Room

Narrative 43: Resurrection Of A Man And A Woman And Healing Of A Seriously Injured Child

Narrative 44: The Light Does Not Give Up Those Who Are Evolving Spiritually

Narrative 45: Resurrection Of A Man Deceased For Four Days

Narrative 46: Called Ones Are Sent By The Light To Set An Example To Human Beings

Narrative 47: Healing Of Mathias, A Mute Child ⁠

Narrative 48: Travelling Allowed Me To Know Human Beings

Narrative 49: Lucie, An Abused Woman Helped By God’s Grace

Narrative 50: Maria, A Destitute Woman Who Helped The Disadvantaged

Narrative 51: In Brazil, A Little Girl Becomes Governor To Help The Most Disadvantaged

Narrative 52: Construction Of A Stage That Was About To Collapse And Injure Several People

Narrative 53: Rescue Of An Airplane In Mid-Flight

Narrative 54: I Intervened To Foil A Gunfight

Narrative 55: A Notorious Thief Arrested By The Police

Narrative 56: I Prayed For A Pregnant Woman On A Bus

Narrative 57: A Plot Of Darkness Against Me Is Foiled

Narrative 58: I Helped A Woman To Leave Prostitution

Narrative 59: My Meeting With A Priest, A Called One

Narrative 60: Healing Of A Man With Liver Cancer

Narrative 61: I Helped Augustine’s Husband To Detach Himself From His Body

Narrative 62: Resurrection Of A Little Girl, Servant Of The Light

Narrative 63: I Helped A Disembodied Woman To Detach Herself From The Bistro Where She Was Bound

Narrative 64: I Was Never The Same After Visiting The Prisons In The Beyond

Narrative 65: How I Met One Of My Disciples

Narrative 66: Resurrection Of A Girl Hit By A Bus

Narrative 67: How I Got In Touch With A Second Called One, An Apostle

Narrative 68: Lives Are Saved Controlling A Fire

Narrative 69: Rain Falls To Save Lives

Narrative 70: Two Conspirators Wanting To Cause Harm To A Friend, Ask God For Forgiveness

Narrative 71: The Reason A Woman Could Not Conceive

Narrative 72: I Came To The Aid Of An Elderly Woman

Narrative 73: Rescue Of A Dog Stuck In A Hole

Narrative 74: I Have Helped Out In Senior Residences

Narrative 75: The Light Liberates The City Of Little Miriam

Narrative 76: A Village Chief In Africa Repents Of Torture ⁠

Narrative 77: Rescue Of An Expedition Group In The Mountains In Winter

Narrative 78: Healing A Little Girl Injured While Skiing

Narrative 79: Man’s Lust For Women

Narrative 80: A Woman Comes Into My Office To Seduce Me With Her Wealth

Narrative 81: I Changed The Life of Woman Who Tried To Seduce Me

Narrative 82: I Helped A Prostitute To Change Her Life

Narrative 83: I Helped A Woman About To Give Birth On The Street

Narrative 84: I Helped Demolish A Brothel

Narrative 85: How I Helped A Child About To Fall Out Of A Tree

Narrative 86: Healing Of A Boy Who Had Been Badly Hurt While Playing Football

Narrative 87: How I Treated A Baby With Acute Bronchitis ⁠

Narrative 88: Why Smoke Is It Bad For The Spirit

Narrative 89: I Helped Stray Dogs To Find Their Owners

Narrative 90: My Sundays Were Spent In Prayer

Narrative 91: My Experience At A Festival Of The Holy Dove

Narrative 92: Helping A Family Living In Poverty

Narrative 93: I Could See What Was Hidden About People
– The case of Hans ⁠

Narrative 94: I Could See What Was Hidden About People
– The case of Elizabeth

Narrative 95: I Sent The Light Force To A Spy Wounded In A Restaurant

Narrative 96: I Sent The Light Force To A Thief On The Run

Narrative 97: Teaching A Couple So That They Would Not Separate
Narrative 98: Preventing A Couple From Separating ⁠

Narrative 99: How I Helped A Colleague At Work

Narrative 100: Servants Of The Light Can Work Miracles

Narrative 101: I Saved A Family In A Car Accident

Narrative 102: The Dove Saved A Lady In An Emergency Room

Narrative 103: The Dove Protected Me So That I Can Heal The Sick In A Hospital

Narrative 104: With The Dove, I Prevented A Train Derailment ⁠

Narrative 105: I Helped A Woman Who Could Not Carry Her Pregnancies To Full Term

Narrative 106: My Meeting With A Lady Who Recognized Me

Narrative 107: How I Helped Two Homeless Orphans

Narrative 108: How I Helped A Family Who Lived By Begging

Narrative 109: Healing A Speaker And A Blind Lady In Munich

Narrative 110: Healing A Child With Epilepsy

Narrative 111: Healing Of A Woman Addicted To Cigarettes

Narrative 112: Healing Of Mentally Handicapped People Abused In A Residence

Narrative 113: Healing Of A Man Who Had Become Dumb And Paralyzed In His Legs

Narrative 114: A Magician Neutralized By The Soldiers From The Beyond

Narrative 115: How I Saved Mathias, A Former Work Colleague, From Certain Death

Narrative 116: Healing Of My Cousin Angela Who Suffered From Menorrhagia

Narrative 117: Another Woman Cured Of Menorrhagia

Narrative 118: Rescue Of A Little Boy From A Hole

Narrative 119: An Occultist Priest Confessed His Faults To Me

Narrative 120: My Priest Cousin Preached The True Word In His Church

Narrative 121: In a Hospital I Helped A Young Pregnant Woman In Distress

Narrative 122: I Prayed For A Dying Traveller On A Train

Narrative 123: January 1, 1907 ⁠

Narrative 124: January 1, 1917

Narrative 125: January 1, 1927

Narrative 126: January 1, 1937 ⁠

Narrative 127: January 1, 2017 ⁠


Excerpts From
Abdruschin Himself Speaks

79. Man Lust for Women | 80. A Lady Came To Secuce Me...

PART 2. Narrative 79 – Quote:
"The woman must be respected, admired, appreciated, protected for her finesse of intuition and her Force. She must be recognized for her true worth by man, in the mission she has received from the Light, and for this, man must protect her. He must not regard her as a weak being, an instrument to be abused and looked down upon. Man must respect and protect her as a precious gift.”

34: The Grace Of A Miracle | 36: A Couple Who Wanted to Have A Child

PART 2: 34. The Grace of A Miracle
Every human being hopes to see a miracle happen in his or her life one day. But first you must know what a miracle is and why God allows it in some cases. It is not given to everyone to receive the Grace of a miracle in one’s life. The Light can work in a person’s life in many ways, but the Grace of a miracle rarely happens. What people say they have experienced as a miracle is often a Grace that the Light gives to those who are open. The opening of the person to the Light is helpful and necessary in order to allow the Light Force to enter and work in that person.

Narrative 30: My Mission... | Narrative 33 Mission of Light Envoys

PART 2: Narrative 30: "My Mission…."
Human beings do not know all that Jesus did in His Mission. What is recorded in the Bible, including the Disciples’ accounts, is not all that Jesus accomplished. There are many other things He did in His Mission that have not yet been revealed.

29: An Experience With One Of My Disciples

PART 2: Narrative 29
"I will tell you about an experience I had with one of my Disciples who, although he was my Disciple, did not follow my teachings of Truth nor did he live the life of a true Servant of the Light…."

21: The Meaning Of Easter For Me When I Was A Child

PART 1: Narrative 21
"When I was a child, I did not understand what people celebrated on Easter. As time went on and I heard my parents talk about Easter, I began to understand. I remember my parents leaving me at home in the evening to go to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bischofswerda to celebrate Easter…."
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