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No more falsified teachings! No more hiding of documents, lectures or talks Lord Abdruschin have written and left behind to help human spirits of Earth in their spiritual evolution! Here is the simple Truth.

“Whoever practices it simply will discover in his or her life the priceless treasure contained in this simplicity so neglected by many”.
Why Do I Suffer
Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie
“GOD is Love, HE cannot allow people to live in suffering” affirms Master John. But if you were taught to believe otherwise such as GOD punishes you if you do wrong, then this booklet “Why Do I Suffer” may serve as a major shift in mindset. It throws the question back to You: the searcher, in whom the answer to the origin of your suffering lies. But not without offering explanations that will help you understand the suffering in your life and of human beings in general and ways of solution. Read more….
Available in print/digital (pdf.)


Noble Woman
Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie
The fundamental difference between woman and man that makes it possible to understand why God has given more Force to woman than to the man is now made clear. But to lead in those things that require her Force, women cannot follow blindly everything said and done, particularly the folly of fashion and sacrifice this God-given Force that commands respect. In a spine-chilling account, Master John speaks to women wearing indecent clothes that expose parts of their bodies with the intent to seduce men, also thinly veiled clothing worn mainly for comfort, as one trap of the darkness that counts many women among its victims, leading them, after detaching from their earthly bodies, to that awful skin-diseased place of suffering in the Afterlife called the "Village of Naked Women". Whether you are a woman or a man, young or old, after reading such teachings, you can never be same person. Read more….
Available in digital (pdf.)
The Birth of a Child
Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie
The birth of a child is a grace from God. That life, therefore, is important to everyone, why then should one deny another soul the opportunity to live, ask Master John. This booklet takes the reader through the joy of birth to the merciless and excruciating violence against the unborn by means of abortion, as the foetus fights in vain for its survival. It's an eye opening read, indeed, to learn that even rape, as abhorrent as it is before the Laws of God, do give opportunity to some souls who manage to succeed in their lives, and to others are servants of the Light who will carry out their mission. On the matter of sexual violence: the depth of this teaching will sure be a guide and support for you, to come to that place where you no longer whine about such an experience in your life, but instead seek the deeper meaning for what happened or is happening to you. You will also come to appreciate why he is called Master John. Read more….
Available in digital (pdf.)
Rest In Peace
Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie
"REST IN PEACE": The Principal John debunks this sedating notion pronounced to departing souls as but wishful thinking that is inconsistent with the Immutable, Just, Perfect, Incorruptible Laws of God, namely the Law of Reciprocity (Karma). In fact, rest and peace, he teaches, can only be evoked by Spiritual Helpers when souls arrive in the Beyond, and not when they have just detached themselves from their bodies and, by the way they lived on Earth, are on the path of reaping the rewards of their journey to the Beyond – even for Servants of the Light. Learn More…
Available in print/digital
The Death Process and Beyond
Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie
This book about the process of dying human beings not only informs about what happens after death or about the path of a deceased person. Transmitted teachings and gripping testimonies encompassing this perpetual “circle of life” are shared to help you the reader improve your spiritual life, hopefully, in time, to offset the horror of sanctions that may await in the Afterlife. Help that can allow you to become aware of certain things within you, like understanding some of your errors or faults, thereby allowing them to start untying certain shackles by improving your spiritual life, which become much harder in the Afterlife. Read more….

Available in print/digital
My Life in the Vomperberg Era (Abdruschin)
Channelled by Madame Brigitte Pélagie
Original Title in French:
The True Life of Abdruschin in the Vomperberg Era
As the Spirit of Truth among mankind, the Lord lived in discretion during His Mission on earth. This had made some people – from servants of the Light to His relatives – to wonder if He was really the Son of Man, because they saw nothing special in Him or about Him. How He lived His life, and to demonstrate to us how to live in the Power of Light of Truth, is what is channeled in the book "My Life in the Vomperberg Era". Read more….
Available in print/digital
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