Noble Woman

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– Published September 2021
– Format: QP / 4.25 x 6.5/ 56 pp
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– Language: English
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Noble Woman is the third booklet in the series of Master John teachings, advice, revelations, testimonies and other matters vital to human spiritual evolution. It reveals the secret force of a woman and how she sabotages it.

More about the book

The woman must not just wait for the man to take the lead in everything before she begins to act. She must take the lead in those things that require her Force. She must not consider herself weak before people, but come forward, act, when there is need for the help of the Light wherever she may be. Master John
The fundamental difference between woman and man that makes it possible to understand why God has given more Force to woman than to the man is now made clear. But to lead in those things that require her Force, women cannot follow blindly everything said and done, particularly the folly of fashion and sacrifice this God-given Force that commands respect. In a spine-chilling account, Master John speaks to women wearing indecent clothes that expose parts of their bodies with the intent to seduce men, also thinly veiled clothing worn mainly for comfort, as one trap of the darkness that counts many women among its victims, leading them, after detaching from their earthly bodies, to that awful skin-diseased place of suffering in the Afterlife called the "Village of Naked Women". Whether you are a woman or a man, young or old, after reading such teachings, you can never be same person.

Table of Contents

PROLOGUE: From Master John

CHAPTER 1. The Secret Force of Light In Woman

CHAPTER 2. The Dark Principle of Seduction

CHAPTER 3: Woman’s Modesty Starts In Her Home

CHAPTER 4: Of Noble Traditional Attires

CHAPTER 5: A Married Woman’s Mode of Dressing

CHAPTER 6: The Women Around Jesus

CHAPTER 7: A Man’s Respect for Woman Must Be Earned

CHAPTER 8: The Village of Naked Women in the Afterlife

CHAPTER 9: Thin Translucent Dresses

CHAPTER 10: The Love of Essential Beings for Noble Women

CHAPTER 11: A Final Word on the Force of Light In Woman not Given to a Man
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