Why Do I Suffer

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– Published February 2022
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Why Do I Suffer is the fourth booklet in the series of Master John teachings, advice, revelations, testimonies and other matters vital to human spiritual evolution. It challenges one's mindset in respect to an understanding of "God" and of "suffering", which turns out that in no way can these two words ever be conjoined, regardless of what one has been taught or have come to believe.

More about the book

The origin of suffering is linked to human beings themselves. Master John
All suffering is linked to the works of the darkness. The Love of God that works in people’s lives can never make people suffer. Misfortune cannot come to you if you do not call it by your way of life. The Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws of God govern everything. Like attracts like. Human beings reap what they sow. Master John
Whoever makes the Will of God alive in his/her life in accordance with the Laws of God, he/she cannot live in suffering. We are talking about suffering of which the origin and cause is darkness. Master John
It is often people who have some kind of bewitchment that close their eyes so that they do not notice anything, that they do not come to the knowledge of their condition and do not take any initiative to free themselves. Master John
God is Love! The Light, which is Love, does not want people to suffer, because in the Light there is no suffering and the Light does not know suffering. Master John

Book Summary:

“GOD is Love, HE cannot allow people to live in suffering” affirms Master John. But if you were taught to believe otherwise such as GOD punishes you if you do wrong, then this booklet “Why Do I Suffer” may serve as a major shift in mindset. It throws the question back to You: the searcher, in whom the answer to the origin of your suffering lies. But not without offering explanations that will help you understand the suffering in your life and of human beings in general and ways of solution.

Table of Contents

PROLOGUE: From Master John

– Distinction Between Karma and Suffering
– On Character Defects and Suffering

– Role of Parent in Their Children’s Success
– The Black Hand of Darkness in Preventing
One’s Success

– Role Of Parents In Children’s Protection
– Alleviating Suffering Preemptively By
Learning From Others

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