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This site is made available by The Light Room Press… Inc. to bring teachings from the Beyond to human beings for their spiritual evolution. The transmission of channelled teachings and messages from Helpers in the Beyond is for guidance only and for a general understanding of the Grail Message, it is not to give advise in fields such as medicine, law or other earthly professional discipline. This site should also not be used as a substitute for gaining knowledge for your spiritual evolution, which can only be obtained by reading and coming to a personal understanding of the Word of God, regardless of one's religion or creed.

By using this self-help site you understand that although it is only through the "spiritual union" in human activities that one may increase one's spiritual capabilities – even tenfold, you are ever mindful that:
  • you seek solutions by your self alone and for which you must take personal responsibility.
  • even when help is offered, you continue to work out of "yourself", independently.

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