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How Barnabé and Francis Transform Your Contribution to the Work of the Light

Human beings do not yet understand what compensation is and its importance in their lives. We, in the Beyond, know what compensation is and its importance, that it is a Law of God that must be respected like any other Law of God. For this each one gives what he receives from the work he does to fulfil the Will of God.

We live only in the fulfilment of God's Will. It is not an obligation, but no other thought of not doing God's Will comes to us, cannot touch us in all that we do. It is natural and normal. We glorify God, the Creator, in everything we do.

God gives us life, we must respect the Will of our Creator, giving our contribution to all the work of the Light.

BARNABE is a servant of the Light who works in the Beyond, he receives and manages all the compensations that people give with love for the work of the Light or to help people materially.

He works in the Beyond in a large Temple in which there are several rows of corridors. In the walls of each of these corridors there are several boxes, each of which is like an opening in a letter box. On each of these openings are written different names of those people to whom they belong. These names are engraved on the small golden box. There are several names written, engraved on each little box. Each name that the human being has borne in each of his incarnations is engraved in his box and in order. Human beings bearing different names have different incarnations. There may be exceptions*.

Barnabé, the servant, has the key to each little box.

Francis is also in this Temple with Barnabé. There are giant screens, in which they can see the different activities of the Light on earth, the good deeds of goodwill of human beings on earth. Every time a human being performs an act of goodwill to help, to compensate, to give a contribution to the work of the Light, Barnabé and Francis can well see on their giant screens these blessed gestures. Each person who incarnates on earth has a Registration Number that serves to identify each human being who incarnates on earth.

And when the number on the forehead of a person lights up, it means one thing. Barnabé's screens are to see these gestures of goodwill, compensation, offering or donation that light up by enlarging on Barnabas' screens so that he can easily identify the person who made this gesture by his or her number that also lights up. Barnabé does not see the physical person, but the Registration Number of the person that will be displayed prominently on the screens in the Temple. The act of goodwill that has just been done will appear as a ray of light on the giant screen. Each of the rays of light that is displayed on the giant screen that Barnabé is seeing is transformed into something concrete, material, on these giant screens.

Barnabé will head for the little box that bears the same serial number of the person who has just performed a blessed act. He will open the little box by making a gesture that brings this ray of Light into this little box in the name of the person who has just done this act of goodwill in accordance with the Will of God, whether it is compensation, donation in many different ways.

Barnabé will then close the little golden box and keep the keys. There are certain things that happen in the Beyond that you are not able to understand. For example, movement in the Beyond is not the same as movement on earth. The physical body of human beings is heavy even in its movement and displacement. The movement in the Beyond, we cannot even say of this time we take to move.

Barnabé, an Old Man with a long beard, it is difficult to describe to you, so that you understand him, the speed of his numerous movements in this work that he does to move between the screens, where can be lit up several rays of good will of the acts made by several human beings on earth, and the gold box of each one where he must input each precise ray of a person with a given number, in the box corresponding to the same registration number of the person.

Imagine millions of people on earth doing acts of goodwill at the same time, and in the Beyond Barnabé is faced with millions of rays representing millions of different numbers to be put into boxes with corresponding identical numbers. It is difficult to explain to you how Barnabé moves so that you understand him.

In these small gold boxes belonging to each human being are also written the names of the one to whom the box belongs. Each of these boxes gives access to a large space that can contain everything that a human being has given as compensation for a work, or as a donation to help with something.

These boxes, which are outwardly small, have a large opening once they are opened.

It is a process that human beings cannot understand, but know that Barnabé, a servant, an Elder works in a great Temple in the Beyond to receive all your benefits and put them in your little Gold Box. These concrete benefits, in kind or in money, you will find them all after your journey in the Beyond.

In the Beyond, everything is so well organized, such an organization with its realities that you cannot understand on earth. Whatever you do in thought, word and deed, know that you will find it after your journey in the Beyond.

The teachings are given to you to help you understand and know how to lead a good way of life according to the Laws of God.

The Light acts in many ways to help you, but it is the human beings who do not seek to understand the Will of God.

The compensation, the donation, the offering for the work of the Light, is a good thing for every human being to think about. Whatever you give to help, know that your gesture is not in vain. Barnabé, the Elder, receives every gesture, which he manages very well in your little gold box in the Beyond.

Receive this teaching with joy, opening your intuition. By contributing to the work of the Light, you are doing good. Be blessed and receive strength, and anyone who wants to fulfill the Law of Compensation, be sure that you reap what you sow for good.


* For example, a name change for religious or other purposes, such names are unknown in the Beyond.

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