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POSTED February 23, 2024—


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The First Commandment

With tteachings from the Lord.

I am the Lord, your God! You shall have no other gods before Me!

IAnyone who can read these words correctly will probably already see in them the judgement of many who do not observe this most noble of all commandments.

"You shall have no other gods!" Many a human being imagine far too little under these words. They have made it too easy for themselves! Among idol worshippers, one probably thinks first and foremost only of those people who kneel before a row of wooden figures, each of which represents a particular god, perhaps also thinks of devil worshippers and similar aberrants, whom he reflects on with pity at best, but he does not think of himself. Just take a look at yourselves and see if you might be one of them after all! …

Body Care And Spiritual Evolution

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POSTED February 23, 2024— You know very well the highly important role of your body, a precious possession given to you by the Creator, and the need to maintain it well and take care of it. The spirit needs a healthy body to be able to carry out its activities in its mission on earth. Several factors can hinder the proper functioning of the body, making it ill, and this will also affect the proper functioning of the activities of the spirit around the body, in the body.

Two stories Of Georges And Benjamin

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A teaching about the lack of true love of neighbour and the phenomenon of reincarnation.

POSTED January 26, 2024— These two stories teach many valuable lessons about the process of incarnation and, above all, the need to cultivate true love of neighbour in your life for your own well-being and spiritual evolution.

The testimonies of two incarnations of Jeanne: a woman lacking love

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POSTED November 24,, 2023— In Testimony 1 is the life of Jeanne. Testimony 2 is Amina, who was called Jeanne in the incarnation in Testimony 1, Amina, is currently incarnated in NIGERIA under the name of BRIGHTEN..



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POSTED October 29, 2023— It is God's Will that the teachings of the Light be shared by all for the well-being of every human being, their spiritual evolution, the salvation of their soul and a better world.


Having the Grace of God to be at the service of the Light during your life on Earth…AT WHAT AGE CAN ONE BEGIN ONE’S MISSION?

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POSTED September 29, 2023— Servants of the Light on a spiritual mission on Earth are sent here to help human beings in their spiritual evolution. A servant on a mission of Light on Earth is not here for the first time on a mission of Light. They have already been incarnated several times and in different parts of the world on a mission of Light.


WOMAN – Wake Up!

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POSTED August 25, 2023— Today, there are women servants of God on mission to help and accompany the men servants on mission, but they are not all at their post, in the service of God, to be able to help these servants. Some women servants of God cannot do what they feel and think they can do because of the lack of understanding they encounter everywhere.

Called One, Envoy, Servant

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POSTED July 28, 2023— Many of God's servants are on a mission of Light on Earth. Some of these servants are Called Ones who were chosen in the Beyond before incarnating on Earth, where the Light sends them when the time comes to serve God on a mission. People may have other names, other titles, other designations by which they want to be known in relation to what they are doing and believe to be in the service of God. All these names, titles and identities can be summed up in a single word: “SERVANT".

The Hall Of Shame

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POSTED June 30, 2023—The Hall of Shame is a reality in the afterlife, a place where those servants pass through who did not fulfil their mission on Earth. They pass through this Hall of Shame to see the victims of the consequences of their refusal to carry out their mission, which was to help certain people on Earth.

The Attraction Of Postive Spiritual Vibrations

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POSTED April 28, 2023—We are a few weeks away from the Great Spiritual Festival of the HOLY DOVE of which you know the meaning and importance for all Creation and especially for human beings. For this it is important for everyone who wants to celebrate it in the good way to be well prepared to connect to the Light and to give this necessary opening to the Force of the Light which pours out on the day of the Festival for the survival of humanity, of all that is there, the human being included.

The Judges From The Beyond

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POSTED March 31, 2023—When the cycle of Grace of a human being's life on Earth has come full circle, the spirit that has just completed its cycle on Earth leaves the earth and finds itself in the Afterlife, where another process of the Light is set in motion that it will follow in its new environment which it discovers and which is different from that of the earth that it has just left with its realities..…

Time: Make Good Use Of Your Time

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POSTED February 24, 2023—There is a time of leisure, of rest, that the Light recognizes people need to have after they have done a job. But for those people who do nothing, they are wasting their time..…

The "Crazies" In Ties

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POSTED February 10, 2023—Crazies in ties. The word “crazy” that the Light uses here is not in a sense of making fun of those people who are sick and need help, but of the behaviour of people who are not sick, but behave in ways that are comparable to those who have mental problems..…

The Relationship Between the Servants, the Readers and the People to be Helped

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POSTED November 25, 2022 —You have testimonies of what the Lord did in His mission on Earth. How He helped people who needed His help. The examples of the Lord should challenge all those who know the True Word of Truth. The readers of the Grail Message know how to act according to the True Word, but how many are those who even think of carrying the Message of Truth to others who do not know it, and who need it in their lives. .…


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POSTED October 28, 2022 — Contemplation is a moment of meditation. During this moment of meditation, the person who is meditating thinks only of the subject or object of his or her contemplation on which he or she is concentrating, and of nothing else..…

The Importance of Reading

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POSTED September 2022 — Reading and writing have a very important place in the life of a human being and should not be neglected, but rather encouraged. People write down their ideas, their thoughts on many different subjects in life and they want to pass them on to other people who could read them and help them in their own lives….

The Lord stressed the importance of taking reading seriously, for He knew that man’s memory can be weak, but by reading repeatedly, the memory can be refreshed by His teachings which they read from time to time on a regular basis.…

"What Must I Do The Be Saved?"

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| A Story of how Lord Abdruschin came to HIS Experiencing which helped HIM to write His Grail Message.

POSTED July 29, 2022 — The Light is immeasurable Love and has never ceased to do Its work of helping human beings in their various problems of which they themselves are the cause….


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| Stories of how the Lord helped people realized their GIFTS – special skills, intelligence, aptitudes, dispositions and abilities one would normally not consider a God-given Gift.

POSTED May 20, 2022 — Many human beings have received a Gift from God by incarnating on earth. God, in His Grace and by His Grace, gives numerous things to people, including a GIFT of something. These Gifts that God’s Grace gives to some human beings are for many things in life, all of which are for the sole purpose of helping people in a beneficent way for their good and spiritual evolution.


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| Stories of circumstances when the LORD triggered God's Grace in people's lives.

Transmitted on March, 22, 2022. The full transmission.

POSTED April 22, 2022 13:10 EST — God has so much Love for human beings, for His creatures, that He gives them His Grace in many areas of life to help them, to benefit them. Everyone talks about Grace and thinks they have it in their life. Grace is a good thing that people can experience in their lives. There are many ways to live, to speak of Grace. We are talking here about the Grace of God.

The Protection of GOD

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| Stories of the Protection of God In the Lord's earth life and of circumstances when HE triggered God's Protection for Others.

Transmitted on March, 15, 2022. The full transmission.

POSTED March 19, 2022 8:20 EST — Every human being needs God’s protection. Even people who do not recognize the existence of God, they need protection in situations that require protection and help to get by. Unequivocally, God’s protection is needed by all in the various situations that may arise in people's lives.

The Name

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| Stories of Lord Abdruschin on HIS meeting people with names that brought blessings as well as curse.

Transmitted on February, 11, 2022. The full transmission.

POSTED February 11, 2022 22:20 EST — The name that a human being bears has great importance; it is a word that has meaning and can have a certain influence that is in no way negligible in the life of a human being who bears it….

End of Year December 31 | New Year 2022

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| Stories on the adverse effect of December 31 on Lord Abdruschin every year that HE was here on Earth.

Transmitted on January 5, 2022. The full transmission.

POSTED January 7, 2022 12:08 EST — The Light in Its Love for human beings always wants and seeks to help them in one way or another to have a good life, and for their spiritual evolution. God wants human beings to have the help that they need and which is necessary and useful for them to lead a way of life in thoughts, words and deeds, in conformity with the Will of God, which is the set of His Laws that govern everything in Creation and which has only one purpose: to help human beings to have a good life and to evolve spiritually.

Inheritance | Succession

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| Teachings Lord Abdruschin gave on managing and putting one's inheritance in God's hand for protection.

Transmitted on December 15, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED December 17, 2021 12:10 EST — The right of inheritance of material goods, money from parents, relatives or any other person ought to be a good thing … but it is seen differently by the Light than those who think it is an obligation….

"Why Do I Suffer?" – Part 3

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| Stories of the Lord Abdruschin healing humans of karmic sufferings, and one so difficult HE had to use communication in thoughts.

Transmitted on December 8, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED December 10, 2021 14:08 EST — God is Love. The Light does not want His creatures to suffer, He does not know suffering, and He does not let His creatures suffer without His help, which is always omnipresent…. No one can accept to be incarnated on earth to suffer, nor does the Light send anyone on earth to suffer either.

"Why Do I Suffer?" – Part 2

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| Stories of people Lord Abdruschin helped in their businesses, and especially one such successful business that still exists today.

Transmitted on December 1, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED December 3, 2021 11:56 s EST — God is Love! The Light which is Love does not want people to suffer, because in the Light there is no suffering and the Light does not know suffering. Human beings must know that they alone are the cause of all suffering in their lives. It is in one’s best interest to try to find and understand the origin of this suffering in one’s life. Then he or she will have the knowledge to put an end to it for a better life.

"Why Do I Suffer?"

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| A Story of how Lord Abdruschin relieved the suffering a woman tormented by demons … and more.

Transmitted on November 24, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED November 26, 2021 11:54 EST — No one should accept to suffer, to live in suffering. For the one who suffers is not at peace, he is not at peace within himself. Suffering can affect people’s lives and manifest itself in different ways. For some people it can be seen, it can be read, just by looking at them; for others, it is more internal, they suffer in silence. Some of these people can even be joyful at times despite their suffering.

Lessons In Some Facts of Everyday Life: The Gesture of Embracing, of Hugging

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| Stories of The Lord Abdruschin's Severity When it Comes to Human Physical Interactions

Transmitted on November 17, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED November 19, 2021 14:03 EST — Human beings have deformed many concepts and notions over time by giving them other meanings, other senses that are sources of misfortune in their lives. They have introduced into their lives habits, new ways of living, new ways of conceiving things, which they have even developed and which are not in conformity with the Laws of God that govern Creation.

Marriage Is A Union Made In The Beyond Between A Woman & A Man

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| Stories of Lord Abdruschin Bringing Together the Right Souls in Union

Transmitted on November 10, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED November 12, 2021 14:00 EST —Marriage is the union between a woman and a man. There are several forms of union on earth that people know about, these unions that are recognized earthly institutions, regulated and governed by the laws of the states and that every human being must respect while living on earth

Living In Harmony

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| Stories of Lord Abdruschin Bringing Harmony Into Homes

Transmitted on November 3, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED November 5, 2021 14:00 EST —he Will of the Light is that human beings may live in harmony. It is a teaching that is also a spiritual advice that many people do not respect. To live in understanding and agreement with another person is not always an easy thing. When people think they are living together and there is no understanding between them, they cannot think they are living in harmony.

Please, Have Purity of Thoughts And You Will Be Happy

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| Stories of Lord Abdruschin's Power Of Thoughts To Bring Help

Transmitted on October 27, 2021. The full transmission.

POSTED October 29, 2021 14:18 EST —The Light teaches the need and the importance of keeping one’s thoughts pure. Human beings live in an environment where they are not alone and cannot do everything alone. For this, each person needs help, the help of the participation of others with whom they can complement each other in order to achieve something. To do this, they must find a way to express themselves, to communicate, to speak and to understand each other.

Living In the Light Of Truth

Transmitted on October 13, 2021. Full text.
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Accounts of Lord Abdruschin's Teachings Others To Live In Truth

POSTED October 22, 2021 12.09 EST —In the Light of Truth: People read and hear this sentence at any time and on many different occasions. Some people seek to deepen this sentence so to understand its exact meaning. But how many have come to understand it, to live it, to make it alive in their lives in every moment in thoughts, words and deeds?

JOY: A Spiritual Weapon

Transmitted on October 13, 2021. Full text.
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Lord Abdruschin's Tales of JOY

POSTED October 15, 2021 13.30 EST —Joy is a spiritual weapon. Many people are unaware of the spiritual weapons that they possess, those weapons they received from the Light to help them in many things in their lives. It is a proof of God’s Love for His creatures that HE never left them alone to their own fate during their earthly journey and whatever their situation, their state of affairs.

Spiritual Evolution | Servant of the Light

Transmitted on October 5, 2021. Full text.
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POSTED October 8, 2021 12.00 EST —The Light sends Spiritual Helpers on missions to help human beings evolve spiritually. Human beings sometimes ask themselves what they can do to be able to evolve spiritually. It is not a simple question and yet not as complicated as people think.

The Essential Beings

Transmitted on September 29, 2021. A full transmission.
POSTED October 1, 2021 14.28 EST — God in His Love for human beings created the Essential Beings for many reasons. People often speak about the Essential Beings, but not all of you have those teachings that give you explanations and knowledge that help you understand the Essential Beings who are everywhere and are always in the service of the Light fulfilling their role given to them by the Light in Creation.

The Action of a Servant of the Light on Mission

Transmitted on September 23, 2021. A full transmission.
POSTED September 24, 2021 14.27 EST — Many people wonder what is a mission of the Light and how to do it in life. They do not know what it is to be, or to be in the service of the Light.

The Star of Light! The Grail Cross! Sent by GOD, and sent from GOD!

Re-transmitted on September 9, 2021. A full transmission.
POSTED September 10, 2021 14.27 EST —We cannot give you everything or explain everything to you, when it comes to things that are beyond your capacity of intellectual comprehension which is extremely limited, but we do intervene at times when there is a lack of understanding of certain things within you, and that is when we can help, for it is our mission to bring you clarification.…

The Secret Force of Light in Woman – Excerpts 3 & 4 – Final in the series.

Transmitted on August 4, 2021. An excerpt.
POSTED August 20, 2021 15.45 EST —The Laws of God, which are always in action, have already mapped out in the Afterlife the path that a person must follow after detachment from the physical body. This path is traced by the Essential Beings for each human being, according to the life that the person led on Earth and in conformity with the Laws, including that of harvest and reaping, man will reap what he has sown..…

The Secret Force of Light in Woman – Excerpt 2

POSTED August 13, 2021 —The women in the Beyond wear their most beautiful and noble attire during the great ceremonies and festivals. They do not only wear the white outfit, there are also other outfits with different colours but in which they are always noble when they wear them.

The Secret Force of Light in Woman – Excerpt 1

POSTED August 6, 2021 —The woman, she has received from God a special Force which confers on her such a finesse that man lacks, and this in relation to the noble mission that God has entrusted her to accomplish on Earth.

The Birth of a Child

Transmitted on July 15, 2021. A short text.
POSTED July 23, 2021 14.00 EST —The birth of a child is a Grace from God. The child that has just been born is a spirit that is incarnated on Earth for some reason well known to the Light. This child has on that account just received the Grace of God to come to Earth in order to perfect itself, to improve itself, to evolve spiritually through the understanding and especially the practice of the Laws of God during its new incarnation on Earth….

MARTINA: The girl for whom abortion was the way to enjoy her messy life...until she faced the horrors in the Afterlife

Transmitted on July 15, 2021. A short text.
POSTED July 23, 2021 14.00 EST —MARTINA was a young girl who enjoyed life too much. She had a messy life, by dating a string of different men. Once she got pregnant, she never considered keeping the child but always aborted it so that she could continue her messy life with different men….

Mission of Light, Servant of Light, Being at the Service of the Light.

Transmitted on July 9, 2021. A short text.
POSTED July 16, 2021 14.00 EST —Mission of Light, Servant of Light, Being at the Service of the Light Every human being has a mission, a role to play in God's wonderful Creation. God did not create human beings and give them the Grace to be incarnated on Earth to do nothing. .

Is sickness an obstacle to a Light mission?

Transmitted on July 9, 2021. A short text.
POSTED July 10, 2021 22.35 EST — Illness can never be an obstacle or hindrance to a servant of the Light in the accomplishment of his or her spiritual mission on earth. The servants who have a mission of the Light…

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The Mastermind Group

I have often been told, that in everything I offer only the core, which is not so easily comprehensible to the large general public. But I cannot help it if I want to present everything I have to say....Others will come who can write one or more books from each of my lectures.
Abdruschin, "Gross matter, Ethereal matter, Radiations, Space and Time" – The Grail Message: Lecture 66.
The Mastermind Teachings is essentially an invitation to quicken the rhythm of your spiritual evolution. Master John, along with the Helpers in the Beyond, see how people are suffering for lack of this spiritual knowledge which is necessary for them to live well. This lack of knowledge and also ignorance means that we often do not know how to act well in certain situations and in certain problems that come our way in our lives.

Readers of the Grail Message do have the Teachings of the Lord which should help us to act well in any situation that arises in front of us, in our lives. But often the Principals and Spiritual Helpers can see how people do not act on this knowledge when they find themselves in a situation where they have to use their knowledge to get by.

For humanity to begin to grasp and live these never-before-given teachings in their purity so as to act well, therefore, there has be a shift in our mindset, which shapes our backgrounds of interpretation. A reprogramming of our subconscious (awakening) mind*, which in our awakening convictions has so far caused distortions and resulting confusion in the experiencing of many things in our lives.

It is with the joy in seeing our present human spiritual awakening that Master John offers these teachings, to help ALL humanity lift its mindset in the splendour of its pure form, so as to know how to behave rightly in given situations. Teachings that provide answers to questions that can help us in connecting our subconscious mind to its highest knowing: intuitive intelligence. In so doing, we give opening to the Light and no longer to grope in darkness in looking downward to our conscious (reasoning) mind – the lower personal "ego" which, in never coming to the point of experiencing spiritually therefore knows nothing, never truly lives ___
* The ability to think creatively and to understand concepts depend on our awareness factor termed the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind that all our mental processes take place – without consciousness. Every thought we generate immediately takes on a form that embodies the expression that gives meaning of the thought in the subconscious mind. As we conceive a thought, the subconscious mind accepts, affirms, and advances with certainty the suggestion it receives whether the reciprocation is good or bad. As the edifice of order, judgement and reciprocity, therefore, the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal programming that forms our beliefs, memories of experience, judgments and habits; in other words, it forms our mindset.
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