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| Stories of circumstances when the Lord triggered God's GRACE in people's lives.

– From Master John

God has so much Love for human beings, for His creatures, that He gives them His Grace in many areas of life to help them, to benefit them. Everyone talks about Grace and thinks they have it in their life. Grace is a good thing that people can experience in their lives. There are many ways to live, to speak of Grace. We are talking here about the Grace of God.

Some people live by the Grace of God, at the same time there are those who have benefited from the Grace of God but who do not give the openness to the Light and Its Power to activate and benefit from this Grace of God in their lives. The Love of God gives Grace to all those who incarnate on earth to live well, but it depends on the openness of each person for the Grace to be active in one’s life and to help him or her in one way or another.

Every human being receives the Grace of God to be incarnated on earth. No human being living on earth could live here without having received the Grace of God, and everyone has a mission in incarnating here on earth. And to live well according to the Will of God, the Light makes sure that each person has the Grace that will help him or her while living here on earth. And, before incarnating on earth, each person is aware of this Grace received personally from the Light and of many other things learned in the Beyond that will have to be activated on earth to help in one’s earth-life. Before incarnating on earth, all human beings have a blindfold over their eyes which prevents them for a moment from knowing all that they have received in the Beyond and which slumbers in their spirit waiting to be awakened, activated.

Once on Earth, human beings will have to activate their Grace received from the Light, as well as all those other gifts received from God which lie dormant in them, by a way of living in conformity with the Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws of God which govern all Creation, in order to attract the Force of Light into them. In this way human beings connect to the Light to which they also give an opening through which the Force of Light flowing through Creation will act in the spirit of every person to activate his or her Grace and all the gifts that lie dormant within oneself. The Grace and all the gifts that are within a human being can only be activated, awakened and reawakened by the Force of Light.

The activation of one’s God-given Grace will serve every person throughout his or her life on earth. Every human being who incarnates on earth must complete this process of the Light, in order to live on earth. The burdens of past lives that people carry into each new incarnation, they do not know the content of these burdens in which is found all that each person has led as a life in his or her past incarnations, all that one has done wrong in every moment of one’s life in thoughts, words and actions. All this the human being does not know.

In present spiritual state of human beings, only God in His immeasurable Love can still give a person the Grace to incarnate on earth again.

With each incarnation, people must thank God for His Grace to return to earth to untie the bonds of the past, and evolve spiritually.

Many people ask to incarnate on earth, but only a few receive the Grace of the Light to incarnate here on earth. Some people have the Grace to return to the same place, to the same family for different reasons. No one can say that they are here on earth of their own free will, and that they chose to be born into their present family. It is by the Grace of God that this arrangement is made for people to come back together to untie the ties of the past that hinder their spiritual evolution.

When you live together with others, certain bonds are forged between yourselves. The Light gives Grace so that people can finally reunite, to untie the ties they had in the past. There are also ties that are in the present that people must think of untying in the present life. For this reason, the Grace of God is exceedingly important for every human being, and which he or she should seek to know and appreciate while living here on earth.

People should thank God for giving them His Grace to incarnate here on earth. At this moment, many people in the Beyond are waiting for an opportunity to incarnate on earth. You have had this Grace from God. People need to know the Grace they may have received from God. It is not easy to know the Grace of God in one's life, but everyone must know that he or she has the Grace of God in incarnating on earth. There are people who do not recognize that they have the Grace of God in their life by being incarnated on earth, they think of something else that has nothing to do with it nor cannot at any time be compared to the Grace of God.

People can give grace to others, but this should never be compared to the Grace of God. God is the CREATOR and is above everyone. Nothing can be compared to His Love, His Will, His Grace. Everything the Light does with people is Perfect, Just, Incorruptible. God’s Love is PURE.

People receive the Grace of God for many different things in their lives. Everything that God does is always out of Love for human beings. Some things that people do in their lives or that happen in their lives, they do not know that it is by the Grace of God that they do it and that it happens to them. People act with the protection of God, without knowing that it is by the Grace of God. Many people succeed in life in certain things without any idea that it is the result of the action of the Grace of God. Success in some things does not depend on one’s personal effort but on the Grace of God which can make the person succeed in doing something good in life. But often people do not connect the Light to all the good things that happen in their lives. Some people think of the result of the agents of darkness they had contacted to ask for success in their lives.

The darkness does not give grace to those who contact it. These agents offer opportunities that help to achieve certain things, but often this does not last. Some agents of darkness can see the Grace that a person has received from the Light. By following the person, the darkness will use the Grace received from God. They will work that Grace in their own way. They will develop that Grace and seek to activate it as it is. The person comes under the watchful eyes of the darkness and its agents.

When this person who has this Grace of God gives an opening to the Light, his or her Grace is activated, and something good happens in his or her life. The agents of darkness will take advantage of this, they will rush to tell the person that it is because of them that something has happened in this his or her life.

The darkness does not create anything, it knows some of the things that the Light does to help people. The darkness will seek to use them in its own way, and to profit in some way. It abuses what the Lord has put, given, granted to people to help them. The darkness takes advantage of what the Light has given, has granted to people to help them. The agents of darkness will try to activate what the person has received from the Light, to then go and convince the person that they are the ones behind the good that has happened to them, even pretending to act for the good of people. People are so blind that they cannot see what the agents of darkness are really doing.

There are many examples of the effects of God’s Grace working that people see and enjoy in life, without realizing that it is the result of God’s Grace working.

Life is a Grace from God.

People should thank God for the Grace He gives to live. When you see people dying every day and you live, it is a Grace of God. Two people can have the same disease, the same treatment, one receives the Grace of God and is healed, but not the other. It is not that God has no Love for the other who is not healed, but it is because the other has received the Grace of God through his or her openness to the Light which has healed that illness.

Distinguishing The Grace of God From The Gift of God

The Grace of God and the Gift of God are not the same thing. Grace is stronger than the Gift of God. The Grace of God encompasses many things in the life of the person who receives it. The Gift that a person can have is included in the Grace of God. The Gift of God is a Grace of God. When a person has a Gift, he or she has the Grace of God. The Grace of God is not to be confused with a Gift of God. When you have a Gift of God, it is by the Grace of God that you have received that Gift.

It is not easy to know the Grace of God that you have while you are living. The Light prefers that people discover for themselves what they have received from God.

Having acquired skills and having developed something in your life, you can say that you have a Gift from God while you have that Gift by the Grace of God.

The action of God’s Grace can be seen concretely in what happens in peoples lives. It can be seen, activated in the life of a person who is saved in an accident. The Grace of God in this case is seen in the horrific circumstances and conditions of the accident, that no one could escape. The Miracle is a Grace of God.

Many things that happen in people's lives that are beyond their thinking, it is by the Grace of God that these things are possible. It’s all about the Love of God that makes you receive the Grace. There are people who have the Grace of God, but they do not give an opening to the Light that helps to open more to the Grace of God. People ask God for help, forgetting that they have the Grace of God that can help them in many things in their life.

Some people suffer because of ignorance of what is precious in them, the Grace of God. The Light should be at the centre of all that people talk about that is good in life. People need to know that they have the Grace of God living on earth. Give an opening to the Light that attracts the Force of Light that will activate the Grace by acting upon you.


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The Lord was ten years old. He lived next door to this family that did not have the financial means in a neighbourhood where people spoke badly of this family. FLORA was the one and only daughter of this family, she dressed poorly because of the lack of financial means in the family, Flora’s father was a sinner, life was difficult for the family. The Lord prayed every time for the Grace of God to be in this family. He asked the Essentials to help this family. Flora eventually went to help in a sewing shop. She did not make the clothes, she cleaned the workshop where she was often and she saw the women sewing different clothes, how they worked the fabrics and made them differently.

One day, the Lord met Flora on the way, she was wearing a long skirt and a blouse that was not of good quality. The Lord passed Flora, without exchanging words, asking God to give Grace to this family and more precisely to Flora who was a young girl so that she would be presentable before people. The Lord was not in the habit of speaking to girls. He was very reserved with girls.

After some time had passed, a bourgeoise woman came to the workshop where Flora worked to have a dress made for a party. The women who made the clothes did not fully understand the design of the dress that the woman wanted and described to them. Flora, who did the cleaning of the workshop and would often catch on to everything that happened there, followed and understood the description of the pattern of the dress that the Bourgeois woman wanted made.

The seamstresses believed in a simple model when it was not the case. When they started to make the bourgeoise’s dress, they encountered difficulties. Flora looked at them without saying a word, she heard how they discussed what they could do for this dress. With only two days left to deliver the order, the women became stressed as they were still not sure that they understood how to make the Bourgeoise’s dress.

Flora asked them if they would allow her to say what she thought she understood and learned from what the Bourgeoise said about her dress. Nobody could believe that Flora could have and know anything, but one of them allowed Flora to speak. Flora surprised them all by giving the necessary explanation which the others lacked, and which was exactly what was needed to be done in order to make the Bourgeoise's dress.

The women successfully figured out what to do and they managed to make this dress which they finished on time. The dress was delivered to the woman on time. She was very happy with the success of her dress.

The seamstresses saw it fit to teach Flora to sew. It didn’t take long for Flora to become a seamstress in this workshop. Flora became a professional, after a few years. She went with other women to build their own house to make clothes.

Flora bought a new house for her family. Life had changed for this despised neighbourhood family. In fact, Flora had a God-given gift of ideas for making clothes. She was a seamstress in a previous life. She had the Grace of God for this Gift, but she was not yet open to receive it.
When the Lord asked for God’s Grace in Flora’s life, the Light activated the Grace and then Flora’s gift of making clothes. Flora had a gift for fashioning patterns for women, which she had to adapt to the time she was incarnated. The Light had helped Flora and her family to have a normal life.


IGOR was a man who worked for a Bourgeoise together with the Lord. He was still young when HE worked to help this Bourgeois on his farm. Igor told the Lord that he was despised by his family because he did not study and did not earn well compared to his brothers who earned better. He told the Lord to pray for God’s Grace to be upon him so that he would succeed like his brothers.

Igor was aware of some of the things the Lord was doing with the animals on this Bourgeois’ farm. He knew that the Lord was a servant of God despite His age, and young Igor trusted Him. Every Monday, whenever Igor met with the Lord, he asked HIM if HE had prayed for Grace for him, the Lord would only smile.

One day, on a Sunday, the Lord was walking by the river. HE was praying and asking for Grace for some people HE knew, and HE remembered Igor. HE sat thinking about Igor who had conviction in God and was asking for God’s Grace in his life. HE saw in a vision, in the water, Igor dressed in a suit in an upscale restaurant. He asked His Guide for an explanation of the vision, and His Guide told HIM that Igor would come into a lot of money, and with this money he would build a luxury restaurant. His Guide explained to HIM how Igor would get the money, but that this information was to be kept secret. The only thing Igor could know is the revelation of the Grace of God that is in his life.

Igor was happy when one Monday the Lord spoke to him about the revelation of God’s Grace in his life. Igor asked the Lord when this would happen. The Lord answered that there was no need to give time to the Light, for It does Its work according to Itself and in Its own time. Igor had left the work with the Bourgeois and went separate ways from the Lord.

Several years had passed.

One day, the Lord was walking through town. He saw a new restaurant that had just opened there. A presentable and clean restaurant. He felt a need to enter this restaurant.

As the Lord walked through the door of the restaurant, he had a vision in which HE saw the image of Igor, the farmer and Igor, a man in a suit. His guide told HIM that that was Igor's restaurant. The Lord entered this restaurant like any other person. HE sat down and ordered the food. HE was served as was normal and before HE started to eat, the Lord saw Igor coming to HIM all joyful. Igor called his servants and introduced them to the Lord.

He told his story and the revelation of the Lord when HE was still young. Dressed in his suit, Igor sat down next to the Lord and told HIM how he had met a man who had helped him with the money with which he built his restaurant. He had had the plan for his restaurant in a dream, and whenever he thought of this revelation from the Lord, he said that he had succeeded in his plan. He remembered the teachings the Lord had given him to have patience, faith and perseverance in work. This had helped him to achieve what he had planned to do. He invited the Lord to come to his restaurant every time to talk about the Word of God.

Igor was one of the people who supported the Lord’s mission on earth. Igor had the Grace of God, but he did not activate it thinking that he could do nothing compared to his brothers who had studied. Igor had become richer than his brothers.


YVONNE often came to Vomperberg for the holidays. She was married to GEORGE, but without children. She wanted to have the Grace of God to have a child in her life, but nothing was happening for her. Yvonne asked to meet with the Lord, but had trouble getting an appointment. She was at Vomperberg for the Festival of the Holy Dove. She asked several people she knew who had come to Vomperberg for the Festival about the path the Lord takes after the Festival.

Yvonne stood where she could see the Lord go by. No one knew of her plan for standing there.

When the Lord left the Temple to go home, Yvonne ran to the Lord and threw herself at His feet. She asked for God’s Grace to be upon her so that she could have a child. The Lord asked Yvonne to get up and for them to go together to His office to talk.

The Lord told the Disciple who kept His appointments to arrange one for Yvonne.

Yvonne met the Lord on the same day. They started talking about the teachings before the Lord revealed to her that she could not have children in this life. Yvonne has a mission that she had to accomplish without having to take care of children and all that having children implies as a constraint. On hearing this, Yvonne was sad. She told the Lord that she was married and therefore had to be divorced to serve the mission.

The Lord looked at Yvonne and simply smiled. He told Yvonne that she loves her husband so she should not have to divorce him. She should think more about doing the Will of God in her life. She asked what she could do, and the Lord told her to serve God well and that she will see that the Grace of God will be in her life. Yvonne was always sad. The Lord told her that sadness is not a good thing for a servant of the Light who wants to act according to the Will of God, that she should accept to serve God in her life. They discussed teachings and spiritual advice. The Lord encouraged Yvonne to practice the Will of God in her life.

Yvonne often came to the Mountain to work, she did not think so much about children and motherhood which was not her mission, as the Lord had told her.

The Grace of God was active in Yvonne’s life and she had four children after she was in her forties. She had a Grace of God in her life. All of Yvonne’s children; LAURENT, AUGUSTIN, PHILOMEN AND JOHN are servants of the Light. They serve the Light in their lives. Yvonne is not alive, but her children live in the service of the Light. They are all readers of the Grail Message.


MATTHEUS was a servant of the Light on a mission on earth. The Lord knew that Mattheus was a servant, but HE did not tell him when HE met him in Vomperberg. He was a man who often came to Vomperberg before the Festivals to do some work and returned home a few days after each Festival. The Lord liked to talk with Mattheus, a humble and godly man. When Mattheus spoke with the Lord, he asked HIM for God’s Grace to do something spiritual. He was married to MARTHA and they had a daughter named BIRGIT.

Mattheus did not ask for money, he wanted to have the Grace of God to serve the Light in his life. After the Festival of the PURE LILY, Mattheus came with his wife and daughter Birgit, they met the Lord walking with His dog.

But before they were near the Lord, the Lord had a vision of Mattheus. HE saw Mattheus in the midst of the people giving spiritual teachings.

The Lord greeted Mattheus and his family. Usually people pass by and go on their way after greeting the Lord. But this time, the Lord was interested in Birgit first and asks her some questions, and then HE went to speak to Mattheus and told him that he has the Grace to serve the Light in this life. HE revealed to Mattheus in front of his wife and daughter that he is a servant of the Light on a mission on earth.

Mattheus had tears in his eyes. The Lord told him that Grace was given to him to begin his mission, that until then he was in preparation, and that Grace was given to him to begin his mission on earth. Mattheus had received the Call of the Lord HIMSELF in Vomperberg. Birgit his daughter had also received the Call and blessing of the Lord to be in the service of the Light.


The Lord knew BERNARD, an eight-year-old boy, from birth. He also knew Bernard’s family well. Many people had come to Bernard’s eight birthday party, and he was sad that he had not done well at school and could not present good results to his parents. But, as it was his birthday, he tried to be nice to the people who were invited to his birthday party.

The Lord was in His office the day before Bernard’s birthday. He saw in a vision that Bernard was not happy with his school results. The Lord had also received an invitation to Bernard’s birthday party. At first, HE did not think of going to this party. But when HE saw this vision of Bernard, HE decided to go to give the child joy.

At the party, people were busy talking to each other. Bernard was with his friends and when he saw the Lord, he approached HIM and received his gift from the Lord. But, before the Lord gave him his gift, HE asked him why he was not really happy. Bernard looked at the Lord and asked HIM how HE knew that he was sad. The Lord looked at him calmly. Bernard said that he had not done well at school, that he was not intelligent, that he was trying hard to do well at school but he was not succeeding. Bernard added that he wanted to have a Grace of God like the other students to be brilliant at school.

The Lord looked at Bernard, took him in his arms, told him that his request had been answered. He was elated, and he asked the Lord how he would know he would do well in school. The Lord told him that he must study hard at school. Bernard went with his gift to show his friends and relatives, to whom he told that he had received from the Lord, that his request for Grace was granted and that he must work hard at school, and everything would be fine.

By the end of the following school year, Bernard had achieved higher marks than the other students in his class. Bernard went on to become a brilliant student and finished university with excellence. Bernard was a scholar in a previous life who was reincarnated on earth to accomplish a mission. He had the Grace of God, but he lacked someone to help him bring out the knowledge he had in his memory.

After Bernard told his father what the Lord had revealed to him about His Grace, his father began to help him with the lessons. He developed the courage to do better in his studies. Bernard needed someone to encourage him to bring out the intelligence in him.

Bernard’s father had awakened Bernard’s intelligence which was in his memory box. He incarnated in this family so that his father could help him develop his intelligence in his memory box. But his father neglected his child who needed him. The Lord had to be able to encourage Bernard to work hard to activate his God-given Grace. The Lord had also prayed for him.

MARIA was a nurse who had met the Lord at a conference in Los Angeles. She was working in a large hospital in the city, and was very good at her job of caring for the sick in that hospital. She wanted to continue with her studies at the University to become a doctor, but her parents did not have the financial means to be able to pay for her doctoral studies until completion. So she started working as a nurse to earn money to help her parents and family. She worked in a big hospital, but she was not satisfied with her work as a nurse in this hospital.

Maria enjoyed attending conferences to learn more about medicine.

The Lord was a guest at this conference and it was there that He met Maria who was sitting not far from the chair where HE was sitting. Whenever the Lord attended a conference, at the end of the conference HE would look for people with whom HE could have an exchange, some sharing, or those whom HE could help spiritually. The Lord did not intentionally or habitually look at women, wherever He went or walked. Maria wore a long blue skirt and a blouse decorated with red flowers. She was wearing noble clothes. The Lord just glanced over to see her in her noble attire.

After glancing at Maria who was nobly dressed, the Lord had a vision in which the Lord sees Maria in a hospital in Africa. She was a black woman. The Lord therefore had someone to help who HE could send a message or make an important revelation in her life.

The Lord did not go to those places where there are people to do nothing, HE always targets people to help. He had the information about Maria to help her. He had to find out how to approach Maria. For this He sent the Essentials to bring about an opportunity for His meeting with Maria.

The Lord always carried with Him pamphlets of what He writes about the Grail message, which He gives to people after the conference. Maria, on her own, went to the Lord to ask for a pamphlet. The Lord gave it to her.  She did not withdraw directly, but took the opportunity to ask some questions about the content of the pamphlet. She told the Lord that she was interested in spiritual teachings. This was the trigger for their conversation about the spiritual.

Maria asked the Lord who HE was and what HE did. The Lord answers that HE is a servant of the Light on a mission on earth. The Lord, in turn, asked Maria what she was doing. Maria remained quiet for a while, then answered that she was a nurse, but that she did not like that job. She wanted to have a higher position in the care of patients in hospitals. The Lord told Maria that she wanted to be a doctor. Maria was surprised and amazed at what the Lord had just revealed to her, which was true, and she looked at the Lord in amazement.

The Lord told her that she had a Grace to become a medical doctor to help people, but she did not have the opportunity to become the one she wanted. She had tears in her eyes. She told the Lord with a trembling voice to tell her more about her life because she was convinced that the Lord knew a lot about her. The Lord told Maria that through her conviction to the Light, she will have a Grace to continue her studies in doctorate and she will become a doctor, since it is a Grace of God for her.

Maria had no doubt, she only thanked the Lord for this revelation. Before parting from the Lord, Maria asked for the Lord’s address so that they could keep in touch by correspondence. The Lord prayed for Grace for Maria.

This revelation did take not take long to manifest, because a week after Maria's encounter with the Lord, Maria was summoned by the director of the hospital where she worked. When she arrived at the office, the director told Maria that the hospital management wanted her to study a specialty at the university to become a doctor in that specialty that was lacking in this large hospital.

Maria lowered her head into her arms and wept. Maria did not believe this news. She could not reach the Lord with a letter at that time. She only thanked God that she had met the Lord who helped her with this Grace to realize her dream. Maria, after three years of study, would become a doctor and a specialist in this field of medicine.

Maria would return to work in this hospital, not as a nurse but as a doctor. She had a gift, but she lacked the Grace to accomplish what she had come to do by incarnating on earth. The Lord had given the Grace to Maria so that she would have the financial means to continue her studies, and that despite her age, she would accomplish the mission that the Light had sent her to do on earth.

Maria often wrote to the Lord asking for advice and teachings on how to live well. She was a reader of the Grail Message.


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In the midst of despair, however, helpers in the service of the Grail will begin their task! The great construction begins. No one else is able to bring help to the broken....
Abdruschin, "Submission" – Resonance 1: Vol.20.
The Mastermind Teachings is essentially an invitation to quicken the rhythm of your spiritual evolution. Master John, along with the Helpers in the Beyond, see how people are suffering for lack of this spiritual knowledge which is necessary for them to live well. This lack of knowledge and also ignorance means that we often do not know how to act well in certain situations and in certain problems that come our way in our lives.

Readers of the Grail Message do have the Teachings of the Lord which should help us to act well in any situation that arises in front of us, in our lives. But often the Principals and Spiritual Helpers can see how people do not act on this knowledge when they find themselves in a situation where they have to use their knowledge to get by.

For humanity to begin to grasp and live these never-before-given teachings in their purity so as to act well, therefore, there has be a shift in our mindset, which shapes our backgrounds of interpretation. A reprogramming of our subconscious (awakening) mind*, which in our awakening convictions has so far caused distortions and resulting confusion in the experiencing of many things in our lives.

It is with the joy in seeing our present human spiritual awakening that Master John offers these teachings, to help ALL humanity lift its mindset in the splendour of its pure form, so as to know how to behave rightly in given situations. Teachings that provide answers to questions that can help us in connecting our subconscious mind to its highest knowing: intuitive intelligence. In so doing, we give opening to the Light and no longer to grope in darkness in looking downward to our conscious (reasoning) mind – the lower personal "ego" which, in never coming to the point of experiencing spiritually therefore knows nothing, never truly lives ___
* The ability to think creatively and to understand concepts depend on our awareness factor termed the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind that all our mental processes take place – without consciousness. Every thought we generate immediately takes on a form that embodies the expression that gives meaning of the thought in the subconscious mind. As we conceive a thought, the subconscious mind accepts, affirms, and advances with certainty the suggestion it receives whether the reciprocation is good or bad. As the edifice of order, judgement and reciprocity, therefore, the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal programming that forms our beliefs, memories of experience, judgments and habits; in other words, it forms our mindset.

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