This series of blog/transmissions from Master John celebrating noble woman is for the purpose of preparation for the Festival of the Pure Lily.

The Light, which knows you better than you know yourself, advises readers to give themselves plenty of time to prepare for a Grail Festival. We advise a period of two months of preparation before the Festival. During such a period you have sufficient time to examine yourself to remove all those occasions which are causes of worry, anxiety, anger, hatred and other bad attitudes of distraction which block the Force and reception of the blessing of the Light which are given on the day of the Festival. Master John
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Transmitted on August 4, 2021.
Posted on August 13, 2021.

The Secret Force of Light in Woman – Excerpt 2

The women in the Beyond wear their most beautiful and noble attire during the great ceremonies and festivals. They do not only wear the white outfit, there are also other outfits with different colours but in which they are always noble when they wear them.

You will certainly find it difficult to imagine and understand these realities in the Beyond that we are briefly and partially revealing to you about women and attire in the Afterlife.

Women on Earth cannot really copy the attire of women in the Beyond. The woman on Earth should not cite reasons of change of weather, climate, season and even culture to justify certain undignified clothing that she dares to wear in disregard of any spiritual notion.

The woman who is aware of her mission, her role, and her place in Creation, will always seek to protect and safeguard her dignity by always wearing a noble attire that she will adapt to any change.

Whatever changes may occur, this woman will always wear a noble outfit, and will always enjoy the appreciation of people the same.

The clothes that women wear in the Afterlife are so noble and modest that there is no way to see their shape, they are all covered.

Women should not expose their bodies to the public eye. The woman's body is sacred and must be protected. The Force that is in the woman, she received it from the Lord to help her in her mission on Earth. This Force will act and manifest itself in many different ways and in many different things in all that the woman has to do for good and in relation to her mission.

Whenever a woman really decides to do something good, the Force within her will manifest itself to accompany her in doing what she wants to do well. A True Woman, worthy of the name, is one who respects herself in everything, even in her dress, which must be noble and modest at all times.

No Man Can Lead Astray a Noble Woman

The woman must not allow themselves to be influenced by what is happening around her, in her environment, in society, to underestimate herself and neglect certain things that are for her elevation, her spiritual evolution and her mission.

Men should not be the cause or the cause of some the bad behaviour of women. A true man cannot encourage a woman to wear clothes that make her lose her honour and dignity as a true woman. The concern of every true woman must always be to respect the Will of God in everything. She must be vigilant not to allow herself to be led astray from the path of the Light of Truth which she has recognized and to which she has committed herself.

A woman who has recognized her place, her role and her primary mission entrusted to her by God on Earth, will do everything to remain on the straight path of the Light by not underestimating or neglecting anything in her way of being, in her life. And anyone who approaches her will recognize in her a true woman of dignity who deserves and commands respect. Those who have a certain openness could feel even this positive vibration of this Force which is in her and which is activated by her good way of living in conformity with the Will of God.

For a married couple, there is a restricted setting that is reserved for the woman and the man, but even in this case the respect of the woman's body must be preserved and respected by the man.

The woman must not expose her body to the eyes of men. She must be aware of the Force given to her by God, that Force which makes it so easy for her to attract and influence human beings who she has the mission to lead to the path of Light. Once she is aware of this, she must begin by respecting herself before man can respect her.

A woman who is aware of who she is, of the Force she has and the influence she has on a man, has every opportunity to educate a man, to make the man recognize her for what she is worth according to God's Will and give her the respect she deserves.

The idea of seduction cannot be born in the thoughts of a woman who respects herself and wants to be respected.

These women who use seduction, it is an undignified behaviour that degrades and strips women of all their value, their nobility. These women know well what they are doing by seducing men. But, at the same time, they are unaware of the painful consequences of this shameful life that they will have to live in the Afterlife and that await them once they detach from their physical bodies after their physical death. You reap what you sow for good or evil.

Every human being is bound to every work by every thought, every word and every action for good or evil in every moment of his or her life. Everyone knows this and talks about it.

The women who practice seduction, they know well that this practice is unworthy and contrary to the Will of God, and that they are doing something evil and shameful. They are sowing something evil that they will reap.

Do not believe that after the detachment from the physical body, everything is over. The Laws are at work in every thing you do in thought, word and deed. Many women regret that they did not behave well when they lived on Earth.

People must remember to follow only one path, that of the Light of Truth. Following this path means leading a way of life that conforms to the Immutable, Unchangeable, Just, Perfect, Incorruptible Laws of God that govern creation in a self-acting manner.

"Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven". You will lead a way of living in every moment in thoughts, words and deeds, according to the Laws of God, to the Will of God. In this way you are connecting with the Light to which you are also giving an opening within you. The self-acting Laws of God, including the Law of Affinity (Attraction), will draw into you the Power of the Living Light that flows through Creation. This Force, as it penetrates you, will activate, awaken, awaken all the faculties of which your mind, and you evolve spiritually, which will translate in your life by the awakening of your gifts, your talents and so many other abilities in many areas of life which will come to your aid in your life. The path of your intuition would also be open, to guide you to act and react well.

For a woman who leads her life in accordance with the Will of God, this will also be reflected externally in her behaviour and in her clothes, her noble and modest dress that inspires respect wherever she is and that makes her different from women who have no knowledge of the Word and who dress and behave differently. This is a message that the woman is passing on to those who believe and make others believe that they are respecting the Will of God, when that is not the case.

By respecting the Will of God, the God-Force given to the woman will be activated powerfully in the woman, who will be convinced of her mission in such a way that nothing in the world, even the man she has the mission to help, could influence her to deviate from the path of fulfilling her mission as a true woman. God being Noble, all that such a true woman who has become conscious of her mission does will also be Noble. Such a woman who still has her free will is so convinced and conscious of having her feet firmly on the ground, to walk surely on that path which leads her to the Truth. She will not allow herself to be dominated by the man who has no knowledge of the Word because, for her, what counts is to accomplish the Will of God in everything and for everything.

Jesus was surrounded by women during His Mission on earth, women who HE had begun by helping to become true women, those who respect the Will of God in their lives so that they could evolve spiritually to be aware of their mission on Earth.

These women who were next to Jesus, they behaved differently from the other women of that time when Jesus was on mission on Earth. In this group of women next to and around Jesus, there were seamstresses who were in charge of sewing the clothes worn by the men and women.

Among these women was a servant girl with a gift of receiving images of these outfits for women and men. These outfits were sewn by the seamstresses for the women and men around Jesus. Other women outside the group could be involved in sewing these outfits for the women and men who were with Jesus.

The clothes Jesus wore were made by His mother, Mary. Mary had not been trained as a seamstress, but she had managed to learn to sew by being with the women seamstresses she was going to help. The Light had prepared her for this work long before Jesus was born. She developed her talent even further when Jesus needed her to make his clothes.

The cousin of Jesus who was also called Mary, she took care of Jesus' food. This is to make you understand how much women were present in the company of Jesus, who knew well the importance of the mission of women on Earth.

Long before Jesus came to earth on mission, the Light had taken everything into account and planned everything, so that Jesus would not have to miss anything in His mission. Everything had to be in place and in order. The Light did not want the Son of God to be entrusted to just any person.

Many servants had come down to earth, each with a particular mission to help Jesus in any area of life where Jesus needed help. Jesus' shoes were made by a man in discretion. This man and his wife were suffering from the disease of leprosy. They were placed in places where leprosy patients stayed.

When the man heard the news of Jesus healing people, he went to wait for an opportunity to meet Jesus for healing of himself and his wife. He was a cobbler with many experiences.

Jesus prayed for the leper and his wife who were healed of leprosy. He was a servant of God. Jesus asked him what he did and he said he was a cobbler. His wife added and told Jesus that in gratitude for what the Light had just done for them, they would take responsibility for making Jesus noble shoes of the best quality. Jesus looked at the woman and accepted their offer. Long before this offer from the couple, Jesus had been buying these shoes from His father's friend Joseph. The woman had felt right and reacted right with the finesse of the Force of a woman.


Master John

This blog/transmission is an excerpt from the booklet in Master John's Series of Teachings entitled
"A Noble Woman".

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A glorious celebration of Noble Woman, yet a spine-chilling read on how women fall into the trap of the darkness of indecent and seductive dressing, which have men follow them even into the Afterlife to reap the dire consequences of having sacrificed their God-given Force that would otherwise command respect in their noble dressing. Publisher

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