This series of blog/transmissions from Master John celebrating noble woman is for the purpose of preparation for the Festival of the Pure Lily.

The Light, which knows you better than you know yourself, advises readers to give themselves plenty of time to prepare for a Grail Festival. We advise a period of two months of preparation before the Festival. During such a period you have sufficient time to examine yourself to remove all those occasions which are causes of worry, anxiety, anger, hatred and other bad attitudes of distraction which block the Force and reception of the blessing of the Light which are given on the day of the Festival. Master John
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Posted on August 20, 2021.

The Secret Force of Light in Woman – Excerpt 3 & 4

Excerpt 3

The Laws of God, which are always in action, have already mapped out in the Afterlife the path that a person must follow after detachment from the physical body. This path is traced by the Essential Beings for each human being, according to the life that the person led on Earth and in conformity with the Laws including that of harvest and reaping, man will reap what he has sown.

On this path of ones journey in the Beyond, every human being will pass through places where he or she will have to live the consequences of each of his or her faults committed on earth, and this in the most intense way possible.

Those women, who expose their bodies for all to see, by wearing clothes unbecoming of a real woman for a vile motive that is not noble in order to seduce and push men into error, they are committing an error, a sin.

After the detachment from their bodies and once on their way to the Afterlife, these women who take with them everything they did on Earth, they often find themselves in the Afterlife in nightclubs or are still found on earth with those who are in affinity with their way of life when they themselves lived on earth.

We emphasize here: the entry into action of the Law of Affinities which attracts what gathers together.

Every woman, like every other human being, is bound to everything she does and must reap, redeem in her life. The woman who committed the sin of seduction is bound to this sin which she must reap, redeem.

The action of the Perfect and Righteous Laws of God in action, including those of harvest and reaping, and affinities will draw this woman who has just left the Earth to those places on Earth where she will find herself among those people who live the life of seduction that she did when she lived on Earth.

She will find herself in places where women wear clothes that are not noble and modest, exposing their bodies to the eyes of all to seduce the men who frequent these places of pleasure.

These men who end up in these places are those who are victims of seduction and who enjoy these kinds of women who expose their bodies with indecent dresses. By falling for these women, these men encourage them to continue wearing these outfits.

These women who have this fault of seduction, when they detach from their physical body after their death, they find themselves in those places on earth where are those women who are still alive and who expose their body. What attracts them to these places is the defect of seduction that they have in affinity. Those who are similar attract each other. A Law of the Laws of God.

These women will be found around bars, nightclubs and other such places on Earth where those who live the same dirty life of seduction gather.

If only people could see these dead women, how much and how they are around bars, nightclubs and similar places. Many men have unknowingly dated the dead women because of the inappropriate looks and thoughts of lust on the woman's body.

Men let themselves fall into the trap and sin because of the looks, the fantasies on a woman's body that is not well covered. But there are also those men who enjoy the outfits of women who expose their bodies to all eyes, for their pleasure.

In the Beyond, there is a Village of this defect of women without clothes. In this village there are women without clothes, which is not noble for a woman and is a defect, a fault.

The women stay in this state for a long time and do not think about covering their bodies until the consequences of not covering their bodies, which they used to enjoy exposed to everything, start to manifest themselves in their bodies.

At some point, they will see lesions in their skin and sores all over their bodies. Infected wounds from which pus would come out and give off a rotten smell.

When they realize what is happening to them and which is terribly painful, an experience they have never had in their lives, these women will want to rush to find clothes to cover themselves. But where could they find these clothes, they who had this defect of exposing their body.

They live the consequences of their bad way of life on Earth, this defect of exposing their bodies. They had sown what they were reaping, at the same time as they were tracing their own path which brought them to this Village of women without clothes where they find themselves to live the consequences of this defect.

They experience in the most intense way the consequences of this defect of wearing clothes that are noble, that expose the female body. With the unbearable suffering from these sores all over the body that stink and hurt a lot, they writhe in pain and never stop crying.

The human being will reap what he has sown, whether good or bad. If women are in this village of the unclothed, it is because in this very place they have to experience the consequences of their bad behaviour on earth of exposing their bodies by not wanting to cover them in a noble and modest way in order to seduce men. This behaviour is a transgression against the Laws of God.

Any man who passes through this village of naked women, all these naked women literally throw themselves on him, even those with stinking sores. This man will be forced to have continuous intimate relations without rest with these women. He has to experience this defect to which he had succumbed and encouraged.

These men live in an ordeal, they are that category of men who lived on Earth with inappropriate thoughts, fantasies about women's bodies.

At some point, they all find themselves in this village of naked women to experience the consequences of their wrongdoing on Earth, in the most intense way possible. On one hand, you find the women who used all forms of seduction, including those who wore undignified clothes that exposed parts of their bodies in order to attract men who they pushed into their trap of being intimate with them ; and, on the other hand, those men with inappropriate thoughts of fantasy about women's bodies.

It is these two categories of women and men who find themselves in this village of naked women, they have to live intensively with the consequences of their shortcomings, their bad behaviour on Earth.

After such an intense and painful lived experience, these women and men will learn from the consequences of this defect of having inappropriate thoughts about the woman's body, for men; and, of the seduction of men, for women.

Meanwhile, women who thought they were playing an innocent game of seducing the men they pushed into intimate relationships with them were living with the consequences of this defect they had sown on earth.

These women leave this village of the unclothed only after they have come to understand and recognize and accept, through lived experience, that this behaviour of seduction is a defect, a sin.

This Village of Naked Women really exists in the Afterlife. It is not a fiction.


Excerpt 4

Essential Beings do exist. They are more attracted to women who respect themselves and live every moment of their lives in accordance with the Laws of God in thought, word and deed. Such women respect themselves and make themselves respected by their noble dress that covers their bodies in accordance with spiritual teachings and guidance. Such women attract and emit a positive vibration around them. They also attract the Essential Beings.

The essential beings are attracted to the woman from the Force that God has given to the woman and which she must activate by leading a life in accordance with the Will of God.

A baby who has just been born has a protective layer that covers its eyes. It is not blind, but it sees things that its mother, those in its surrounding, cannot see. These babies see the Essential Beings and other entities that are next to its mother since the beginning of her pregnancy and remain there until they are born.

A baby's joy, smiles, tears and reactions, therefore, have a meaning in relation to what it sees and feels.

This contact of babies with Essential Beings will only stop when the bandage that veils the baby's eyes before birth is removed some time after birth. It is then that the baby will begin to see with its physical eyes.

The woman plays a great role and has a great responsibility for the smooth progress of the pregnancy and the development of the baby in her womb. There are women who attract the Essentials to them from the positive vibration around them by a way of living according to the Will of God. These Essentials around the woman help in many ways. They can help to activate the woman's intuition to vibrate more strongly. The woman has a strong intuition.

When a woman opens herself strongly to the Light by purifying her thoughts, she attracts a good vibration and intensifies the Force within her. The Essentials around her cling to her, her intuition will be strongly activated by the activity of the Light, the Essentials. This makes some women spiritually strong, they have their intuition active at all times. They make efforts to keep their thoughts pure, which helps the Essentials and intuition to activate in them.

People want to be in touch with the Essentials while ignoring that the Essentials are around them. Women have a special grace through their God-given Force to attract the beings who will act in their lives. Unfortunately, many women know nothing of the
Essentials around them and who are waiting to be of service to them.

Essentials do not communicate orally with people, but only by signs, gestures. The Essentials can communicate with servants through thought. This has become a rare occurrence, and it is a Grace of God.

Jesus, the Son of God, could see, hear and communicate with the Essential Beings who had helped Him in His mission on earth.
There were some things that Jesus could not say in front of HIS Disciples and the crowd of people in front of Him, HE communicated in thought with the Essentials that HE saw clearly around Him, and the Essentials obeyed by going to do what was recommended to them.

The man can attract the Essentials, but no more so than the woman who has purified her thoughts so that the Essentials can act in her life, around her.

The woman must be an example to follow and imitate for her children and descendants who will come from her. Whatever the mother, grandmother does should be a good example for the children to follow, and the family will be blessed.

The grandmother's attire should be exemplary, teaching a lesson to the granddaughters who will come after. The grandmother can have the Grace of God to be in the family to help the girls, the granddaughters. Spiritual evolution depends on each one, but grace in the family can benefit everyone in the family. Think about it.


Master John

This blog/transmission is an excerpt from the booklet in Master John's Series of Teachings entitled
"A Noble Woman".

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A glorious celebration of Noble Woman, yet a spine-chilling read on how women fall into the trap of the darkness of indecent and seductive dressing, which have men follow them even into the Afterlife to reap the dire consequences of having sacrificed their God-given Force that would otherwise command respect in their noble dressing. Publisher

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