This series of blog/transmissions celebrating noble woman is for the purpose of preparation for the Festival of the Pure Lily.

The Light, which knows you better than you know yourself, advises readers to give themselves plenty of time to prepare for a Grail Festival. We advise a period of two months of preparation before the Festival. During such a period you have sufficient time to examine yourself to remove all those occasions which are causes of worry, anxiety, anger, hatred and other bad attitudes of distraction which block the Force and reception of the blessing of the Light which are given on the day of the Festival. Master John
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Transmitted on August 4, 2021.
Posted on August 6, 2021.

The Secret Force of Light in Woman

The woman, she has received from God a special Force which confers on her such a finesse that man lacks, and this in relation to the noble mission that God has entrusted her to accomplish on Earth.

The woman must always think of being noble, of becoming a true woman at all times. She can only become noble and a true woman, on the condition that she lives every moment of her life in thought, word and deed in accordance with the Immutable, Just, Perfect, Incorruptible Laws of God which govern everything in Creation in a self-active manner.

This Force received from God to help her in her noble mission on earth, the woman has the duty to activate it, to make it alive in her life so that it helps her in her noble mission on Earth.

The woman must not waste her time in doing nothing, or in those things that do not elevate her and do not render her the dignity of a true woman who helps, influences and educates only in silence by her presence, only by her appearance to the man. For this she must rise, awaken and always seek to put herself at the service of God by doing something good that is in accordance with the Laws of God.

This should naturally be seen externally in her dress, her outward appearance, which must command respect and reflect the nobility and modesty proper to a true woman. For this reason, every woman must control herself, examine herself to ensure that she is always presentable at all times and wherever she may be.

A woman can influence and draw men's attention to her by the nobility of her dress, the way she dresses. This appreciation of men must not develop in men to the point of fanciful, impure thoughts about women. We are talking about those men who do not control their thoughts, but are easily influenced by negative thoughts when they see a woman. It is the Force of Light in the woman that acts and draws the man's attention to her. It is not only the effect of the beauty of the woman that attracts the attention of the man, but this silent Force in the Woman.

There are women of all kinds that people can imagine on earth. Each one is particular in her beauty which is different from the others, they have a beauty which differs from one woman to another, to say that every woman is beautiful.

There are women who are always presentable by their attire, they will be appreciated by this noble way of dressing, and they will attract the attention of men, people who admire them. The woman must think of being noble at all times, this is an advice and a recommendation of the Light.

The Light appreciates those women who, before going out, control the dress they wear so that, even if they attract the attention of men as a woman, the dress they wear is noble and modest so that it does not provoke in the man who admires her thoughts of seduction, that he limits himself to appreciating her for her noble dress as a great lady who is respectful, dignified and who deserves respect.

Seduction is an action that is linked to darkness. Speaking of seduction, we see those women who use this action in their lives for the vile and specific purpose of attracting the attention of men to them. The attention of the man towards the woman was to be all natural normal and in connection with the Force and Mission that God has given to the woman.

A noble mission of utmost importance to help the elevation of humanity through the spiritual evolution of the human being, in a way of living in accordance with the Will of God. It is in women that God has placed this Force that makes men feel naturally attracted to women.

But this attraction was deviated, distorted by the same woman to whom man felt naturally attracted to help his spiritual evolution for the good of humanity, a better world.

The woman introduced seduction to draw all of man's attention to herself for other reasons contrary to her noble mission entrusted to her by God in Creation: to help man with the finesse of her God-given Force and which man does not have.

Through seduction, the woman pushes men to develop negative thoughts about the woman instead of the innocent ones; about the appreciation of the man for the woman, which is respect and great consideration of man towards woman.

The woman must seek to know her mission, in order to lead this way of life in accordance with the Will of God, in order to become the woman she should be, a true woman according to the Will of God, by directing her Force on what is noble for the elevation of humanity and not the one who misuses her power of influence on man by focusing everything only on herself.

The true woman, the noble woman worthy of the name, must also distinguish herself outwardly by her behaviour, her dress, her manner of dressing, which must be noble, presentable, modest. When we talk about clothes, we are not talking about expensive clothes, but those that are clean and cover the woman's body.

Looking at woman, we see how she has become corrupted, become degraded over time, by adopting styles of dress that rob her of her dignity as a true woman who has a primary mission from God for the welfare and future of humanity. The woman has been transformed into a caricature of what she should be if she had respected and followed the Will of God.

The dress of the true woman, the noble and modest woman, must reflect the inner state of her awareness of her mission entrusted to her by God, and that she leads a way of life that conforms to the Laws of God that make her what she is, and that is reflected in her dress, her clothing. The woman transforms inwardly and outwardly.

Without any knowledge of their mission, as women, this does not prevent women from adopting noble and modest behaviours naturally, but simply because they feel within themselves that they must be noble and modest in order to merit respect from men and for their dignity, wherever they may be.

Over time, we notice how the woman has seriously degraded herself spiritually by seeing all these transformations that she brings in her way of dressing which also reflects her degrading inner state.

In the olden days, women wore noble and modest clothes that covered their entire body. They also wore hats, which were not meant to cover their heads, but went together with their noble and modest dress and that the hat complemented perfectly.

Despite the changes of weather, from hot to cold seasons, it was not a reason for women not to dress in a noble and modest way. The changes of weather and seasons did not have much influence on their desire to always dress in a noble and modest manner for their dignity as women, which they valued and respected.

But women should not think of wearing noble clothes in order to be seen, appreciated, or admired by people. The only justification should be to preserve her dignity as a true woman who respects the Will of God in her life.

In the Word are given the teachings and advice of the Light on the woman, her role, her mission in Creation and the importance for her to always wear a noble, modest dress in order to be presentable in front of men who will respect her for that. In spite of that, however, we see women who read the Word and are supposed to be aware of these teachings, but they neglect them and expose their body to the sight of everyone, without embarrassment, without shame.

A woman must ensure that her nobility is reflected in her dress, starting in her home, where her mission as a woman, a true woman, also begins. She should not wear her clothes in order to seduce, but so that her husband will appreciate and admire her in all her nobility, which inspires respect, consideration and deserves protection. The children too should also see in their mother the image of an exemplary noble woman, a woman who, when she leaves her room, wears clothes that make her nobility shine through.

A woman, who is aware of her leading role in Creation, will not wait for the occasion of an event or ceremony to think of wearing noble and modest clothes. As soon as she leaves her room, she should wear noble clothes for the whole day.

A woman's way of dressing must awaken in man a different view of respect, dignity and nobility, instead of provoking in the man negative thoughts that are inappropriate for women and which do not actually elevate them, but demean them.

It shall come to pass, and when it shall come to pass, men shall question themselves, and be indignant, and speak of the evil of a woman, because of her indecent dress, and because of her evil way of life, that such a woman shall demean herself in the sight of men; she shall lose all credibility of this real woman who ennobles everyone by her presence alone and without a word.

It is humiliation for the woman, and it will also affect her family, if she is in a relationship with children.


Master John

This blog/transmission is an excerpt from the booklet in Master John's Series of Teachings entitled
"A Noble Woman".

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A glorious celebration of Noble Woman, yet a spine-chilling read on how women fall into the trap of the darkness of indecent and seductive dressing, which have men follow them even into the Afterlife to reap the dire consequences of having sacrificed their God-given Force that would otherwise command respect in their noble dressing. Publisher

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