Posted on December 10, 2021.

Why Do I Suffer? – Part 3

Why Am I Sick?

| Stories of Lord Abdruschin healing humans of karmic sufferings, and one so difficult HE had to use communication in thoughts…

From Master John

God is Love. The Light does not want Its creatures to suffer, It does not know suffering, and It does not let Its Creatures suffer without Its help, which is always omnipresent. Human beings are the sole cause of all suffering in their lives. One must not resign oneself to any suffering whatsoever because he/she is able to know and understand the origin of any suffering that afflicts him/her, in order to know what to do to put an end to it. The teachings of the Holy Word are this help which gives to human beings these teachings that transmit to them this knowledge, which they need to know, to understand and especially to practice in their lives, to avoid suffering and to understand the origin of any suffering which overwhelms them.

The Justice of the Light is Perfect, Incorruptible and Love. The Light gives Grace to every person who incarnates on earth to make amends, to live well and to evolve spiritually. No one can agree to incarnate on earth to suffer, nor does the Light send anyone on earth to suffer either. It is with the greatest joy that every person receives the news that he/she has been given the Grace of the Light to incarnate on earth.

It is known that after their death and detachment from their earthly bodies, human beings pass through different places in the Afterlife during their journey to the Beyond. In each of these places each person has the most intense living experience of the consequences of each of his/her earthly defects.

These experiences moved some to make a wish, for a Grace to return to earth. Some are servants who have had bad experiences with people they have seen in cells in horrible conditions that they could not accept, people they had a mission to help on earth but had not done so. These servants made a wish to the Light so that they would be granted Grace to incarnate on earth, so that they can return to make amends by helping people. Some servants on mission of the Light made a vow to return to earth to continue their mission. Others to change their way of life.

After these strong and intense experiences in the places they passed through on their journey to the Beyond, many make a wish that a Grace of God be granted to them to return to earth to change their way of life. Every vow made to the “Light” is found in the “Book of Life” of the one who makes it.

The Light is Love and always helps human beings to evolve. What you do in thought, word and deed, you will reap. People make a vow to the Light to return to earth in order to make amends by doing good. The Light, to Whom this wish comes, will follow and respect the process that every human being who incarnates on earth must follow.

When the Light decides to give to human being the Grace to incarnate on earth, the process of the Light is triggered for that person.

All that the person does at every moment of one’s life in thoughts, words and deeds, in evil all that forms this burden that the person carries with him/her at each new incarnations, if it is not yet untied. People who have karma, they carry it with them.

A person who receives the Grace to be incarnated on earth, it is with great joy that he/she welcomes this news of going to earth to accomplish the Will of God. Many Spiritual Helpers make a wish to be able to be in contact with human beings who are on earth to help them. In the Beyond, people live in Purity, and Love and any wish made by anyone is to be able to carry out the Will of God by helping human beings on earth.

EVERYONE in the Beyond always wants to do something that is in the service of the Light, especially to help where there is a need for it. The Light gives Grace to people without these beneficiaries of that Grace knowing exactly how the process of the Light will work in their lives.

A person who is in the Beyond in the place called the office, which is a place on the way of his descent to earth, before descending, the person is unaware of the functioning of the process of the Light that accompanies him/her on the way of his/her incarnation on earth. But he follows and respects this process. People only know that they have received the Grace to incarnate on earth.

Among those who have received the Grace to incarnate and who are in the process of incarnating, some of them may even know the place where they are going to incarnate on earth, which for a given reason only the Light knows. But it is not given to everyone to know the place where he/she will incarnate on earth.

Another process of the Light is triggered when the Spirit enters the body of the baby in formation in the womb of its mother. This baby which is still in the womb brings with it into this new incarnation everything from its past lives: its burden, its karma, from its past lives.

At the birth of the baby, other factors always in the process of the Light are triggered for the child who has just been born. It is in the order that the work of the Light takes place. In this process, there are several stages, several sequences where specific events in the life of the baby are triggered. The child that has just been born is an old soul that is incarnated in a young body. It is not innocent when it is born, it carries with itself its burden or karma from its past lives that have not been unknotted. It is true that when you look at a baby who has just been born, you may not notice anything particular physically by just looking at him/her, for those who do not have a physical deformity, while many things are in its soul and will manifest at some point in his/her growth in life. This is the mystery of birth, but the Light does Its work and Its Laws work. Except for the one who is born with some physical deformity that you can see clearly.

No one receives in the Beyond the Grace of God to be incarnated on earth to come and do evil on earth. Every vow a human being made to come to earth is to come to act for good.

The experiences in the Afterlife leave such a strong impression on everyone that no one would want to come back to earth to take revenge on those people who hurt them or to live a worse life than before. Everyone wants to make amends and become a better and good person. The Light is Love and gives Grace to everyone who makes a wish to come back to earth to do good.

Why then are people born sick?

It is a process of the Light that is triggered as soon as a Spirit incarnates into a body that has been in formation for some time in the womb. “You will reap what you have sown”. What you have done for good or for bad, you will always reap sooner or later. The Laws of God act in the lives of people to show them how to act well in thoughts, words and deeds, to live well on earth. People who ask the question of the origin and cause of the illness of a newborn; they must make efforts to learn and understand the effects of the action of the Laws of God in Creation and in the life of human beings and they will find the answer.

God is Just in His Love for human beings. The Laws are there to help people conduct their lives well. Spiritual teachings and counsels must be learned in order to come to understand how God’s Laws work and to learn a right way to conduct oneself before God.

Servants of the Light on missions teach the Word, which is to help people understand the Will of God in the life they lead, and to recognize the effects of the working of the Laws of God which govern everything that happens to them in their lives. This understanding enables human beings to know how to lead a way of life that conforms to God’s Laws for their good and their spiritual evolution.

All the help that the Light gives to human beings is for them to understand the effects of the action of the Laws in their lives, to understand what is happening to them, in order to know how to lead a life in accordance with the Laws for their good. Unfortunately, human beings behave contrary to the Will of God, attracting suffering and misfortune in their lives.

The Light cannot allow people to be born with any disease or physical deformity or any suffering whatsoever. Everything in Creation is an effect of the actions of God’s Laws in people’s lives and has an explanation according to the Laws. “You reap what you sow, whether it is good or bad”. When you do good, you reap good, and when you do evil even in secret, believing that no one sees you, know that this evil you will reap a hundredfold. If only everyone did good, then there would not be these problems that people experience in life, because evil causes suffering and is the origin of all problems.

Why then act evilly instead of acting good for your own good.

A child born with a disease, this disease is the manifestation in this child of that karma of one of its past lives that it brings with it from past lives that has not been unravelled and that he/she must reap in the present life. God is Love, Just and Perfect as are also His Laws which govern all Creation in a self-acting way.

On the other hand, there are the cases of those people who suffer from certain diseases after birth, or whose certain diseases manifest themselves in their lives at a certain age. All this is explained by the Immutable Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws of God that govern everything in Creation. Karma must be redeemed in some way for every person.

Other diseases are works of the evil thoughts of darkness and its agents in the life of someone who they attack. In such cases, these people have given an opening to the darkness to be reached by the attacks of the darkness and its agents. Without this opening, it would not be possible. Think of the Laws.

The Role Of Parents In The Protection Of Their Children

Children are under the responsibility of parents, who must also see to their protection, spiritually and materially. This is a responsibility that every parent should know, especially the woman.

When darkness and its agents succeed in throwing or giving a disease to a child, it is because the parents do not protect it, they have given an opening for this to be possible. The woman, by her nature and mission, has a greater responsibility in protecting the family. She is the guardian of her home. The woman cannot allow any danger to pass her by and to reach her family, without her noticing it. A true and good woman builds her home and protects it, unlike those women who expose their families to danger.

In the Beyond, women have an important place wherever they are. Many of them are in the service of helping women who are on earth.

Every child always thinks he or she has the protection of one’s parents, but at the same time we see these women exposing their children to danger by not acting in accordance with the Will of God.

Alleviating Suffering Preemptively By Learning From Others

The Laws of God are at work in people’s lives. There are people who are born and appear to live normally, but have karma to redeem in keeping with the process of the operation of God’s Laws which govern all Creation self-actively. These people should not think that they are spared or exempted from what they have done and which they have to redeem, simply because they are not yet suffering or sick like the others who they see suffering.

The Light still gives them the Grace to look and to understand that what happens to others could also happen to them. They may also have dormant karma, and they must change their behaviour in time to live well and lighten the burden they carry by untying certain karmic knots they have, by getting their act together way beforehand by changing their way of life.

But instead of looking back on their lives for a change, they continue to lead a way of life that further increases their burden.

As a result, those people who would be spared this bad return of this latent karma, they will reinforce it and it could manifest itself at some point in their life. This is how you see people who seemed to be well, healthy, fall ill at a certain age. In all that the Light does, there is always Love. God is Just, Perfect.

Anyone who is born sick, this sickness is not a punishment of the Light, and there is no injustice of God for these people. It is the effect of the action of the Immutable, Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws of God which govern everything in Creation and function self-actively. The human being is a creature that is also governed by these Laws. You will reap what you sow. Your seeds are all that you do in every moment of your life in thought, word and deed, which you will reap in your life in one way or another.

Any baby, who is in reality an old soul, has already lived several lives on earth and who is born with a disease or a malformation of some kind, is redeeming or reaping what it had done or sowed in one of its past lives. There is no injustice, the Law has acted.

God is Love and also Just to His Creatures. “You reap what you sow for good or evil”. A baby that has just been born is not an innocent soul, it carries the burden of one or more past lives. It is an old Soul in a young body.

Learn to do good, even if it is difficult for some people, but know that you will reap all that you have sown. It is in your best interest to sow only good and have true love for your neighbour. What you sow is what you do to your neighbour and that will come back to you, that you will reap. It is what comes out of you, what you do, not what has been done to you.

You have teachings to help you to recognize and understand how the Laws of God work, no matter what your present situation is, as well as to help you to know what you need to do to spare yourself or to alleviate you in your present life from certain evil returns of certain things in your life. Everything you do for good or bad, you will find in your Book of Life in the Beyond, where everything you do in every moment of your life in thoughts, words and deeds. There is nothing that is forgotten that the Light cannot know.

It is sometimes hard for human beings who are born sick, or with some kind of deformity because of karma, to believe that they should accept these teachings that can help them understand their situation. Many do think of God’s Injustice to them, while by speaking in this way they can increase their suffering even more.

No one can be fine being in pain and at the same time see other people doing well. The free will of each person plays a big role in one’s conduct, it is determining in what they will reap. Everyone is free and also responsible for the choice of the path to take for his spiritual evolution, knowing that the Light asks that people follow the right path, that of the LIGHT OF TRUTH.

Unfortunately there are people who prefer to take other paths that lead to perdition, paths of suffering and misfortune.

Atonement is a liberating force. For people who have been living in pain since childhood, sincere atonement can free you from the karma you carry, but may your way of living also change and be pleasing to God. Sincere amends can free you from this burden that has been hurting you for years. Have trust, faith and conviction in God.




The Lord was young when HE had an experience of communicating in thoughts with a 12-year-old girl named FRANCESCA. The girl had not stood upright since childhood. She walked on all fours. Her arms were so curved that she could not use them properly, and she did not speak. She only made certain sounds to make herself understood to people. She was born in Germany to migrant parents.

During one summer, there was a festival that the Lord often visited to meet people. HE enjoyed going to places where there were people, so as to do His Mission. HE would walk silently through the crowd sending the Power of Light to the people who needed it in those different places. HE often targeted certain people for whom HE asked the Helpers, the Essentials, to go and do their work with them to help them in what HE knew they needed help with.

While HE walked, the Lord saw Francesca who was set aside, alone and placed in a kind of basket. Her parents wanted to be in this festival and instead of leaving the girl alone at home they brought her, but she was set aside on the pavement, in a kind of basket so that she would not move.

When the Lord saw the girl in this state in a kind of basket, the Lord was overcome with sadness to see a human being in this state and treated like an animal. There was no way to communicate with her. Her parents had left her in this place all alone. They must have been watching her from where they were.

The Lord closed His eyes and prayed that the Force of Light would be with the girl. His Guide, having seen the sadness of the Lord, sought information about the origin and causes of the girl’s illness. Francesca had been in charge of an orphanage in a past life. She abused the orphans with brutality, malice and violence. Some of the orphans had even become handicapped because of the torture Francesca made them endure.

She would take a child and torture it until it ran out of breath and then abandon it far from the orphanage for people to find dead. She enjoyed making others suffer horribly, and knew how to defend herself in case the police arrived when an orphan died.

One day, she tortured a ten-year-old boy named BENOIT at the orphanage. The child had suffered so much that he told Francesca, the person in charge of the orphanage, that God would punish her one day. On hearing this, Francesca was furious and hit Benoit even harder, and he lost his life after a few days of suffering. It was sad to know what Francesca had done in one of her past lives.

She therefore had a heavy karma of not loving the orphans and of crimes. But the Lord wanted to do something for the girl.

The Lord could speak in THOUGHTS with some people. But He very rarely used this way of communicating with people, but in the case of Francesca, He wanted to help the girl. To do this, the Essentials had to do the work on Fransesca to open her way of communicating in thoughts to be able to communicate with the Lord. The Essentials needed ten minutes for the girl to hear the Voice of the Lord who wanted to speak to her.

The Lord came forward and stood before the girl. He held her by the hand and asked her name. The girl heard what the Lord said to her and without speaking with her mouth, she answered the Lord. She was silent and communicated with the Lord in her thoughts. She only looked at this stranger who was holding her hand and staring into her eyes. It was rare for anyone to approach her, only her parents and family. The Lord spoke to her in silence and she made an effort to respond, always in thought.

The people who knew the girl saw that the Lord was interested in the girl, that He was holding her hand without knowing that He was communicating with the girl in thought. The Lord asked the girl what she wanted God to do for her, and when she heard this, the girl clasped the Lord’s hand tightly, shedding tears and saying that she wanted God’s help. The Lord heard a voice saying in Francesca: “Forgive me, Lord, forgive me Lord”.

The girl was crying and at the same time, the Lord saw her mother who came to see what was happening with her daughter. She asked the Lord what HE had done wrong to her daughter. The Lord answered that HE is a servant of the Light, and that HE was praying with her daughter. The woman looked sternly at the Lord and said thank you, but she preferred the Lord to leave her daughter alone.

The Helpers, the Essentials had a job to do to help the girl. After the Lord left the girl, the thought communication with the girl was completely blocked.

After four months, the girl’s parents saw a stranger come to them with an offer to help their daughter. The girl’s father laughed loudly and told the stranger that this was not possible, that they were waiting for their daughter to die, but not for her to get well. The man looked the father in the eye and told him that it is possible in God. Her mother, who was a believer in God, agreed. But how to move with the daughter and bring her to the city for treatment.

The man promised to come back and pick up the girl and take her with him to the hospital, and after the treatment he would bring her back to their home. While the girl's mother hesitated, the girl’s father said that even if the girl disappeared or died, he had no use for her, as she would die one day. The man told the girl’s father to have love for his neighbour. The girl’s mother arranged the girl’s necessities and accompanied the man who carried their daughter in his hands. The man took the girl to a village far away from the city.

It had been two years since the man and the girl left without news. The girl’s mother was worried, but the father felt relieved that his daughter was no longer causing them problems. He always told his wife to forget about the girl who would be dead by then.

The man was a servant of the Light who had received a message to go and take the girl to his house. The Helpers, the Essentials, were numerous at that place to work on the girl’s illness.

The man had knowledge of the Essentials that he could feel around him. The Man used OLIVE OIL and massaged it all over the girl’s body and made her do certain exercises. And while the girl was sleeping, the Nurses of the Beyond came to do their work on the girl’s body. Gradually and progressively, the girl began to stand up and could even take a few steps. Her legs which were deformed began to straighten and grow to normal size, and so on until the girl finally walked.

The most difficult work was with her hands, which were severely deformed, but with the Light Force through the work of the Essentials, the girl’s hands eventually took on their normal shape. Walking was difficult at first, as she had never walked since birth.

After two years of therapy and massage with olive oil, the work of the Essentials and the Helpers, Francesca regained all her physical faculties, walked normally, and learned to do housework.

After three years of therapy, and Francesca’s full physical recovery, the man who had taken her into his home for care saw that it was time to bring Francesca back to her parents.

They prepared themselves for this trip. They brought with them some food, vegetables, fruits and some chickens for Francesca’s parents.

On arriving at Francesca’s parents’ house, her father did not recognize his daughter, but not her mother, who with a mother’s instinct recognized her daughter directly and embraced her.

The girl’s father fell to his knees at the feet of the man, to whom he asked forgiveness for the words he had spoken to him and his daughter. The man simply told him that it was the Light that had sent him to heal their daughter.

With great Francesca’s parents accepted the food, chickens and vegetables that the man and Francesca had brought them.

But what remained of Francesca’s karma was the language, she did not speak. She communicated by sign, but her parents and people could understand her. She grew up quickly until she became like a young girl of her age. She would learn to read and write. She prayed in the morning before eating and at night before going to sleep.

People came from everywhere to see Francesca, a miracle girl. Some people could not believe their eyes that the girl who had such a serious handicap could be healed by an unknown man and this after three years.

Francesca’s parents made no mention of the Lord’s meeting with their daughter during the festival. The Lord acted in discretion. What was essential for HIM was to do His work and His mission for human beings.

The communication with Francesca and the Lord through thoughts was something rare in the Lord’s mission. He spoke with Francesca’s spirit. The forgiveness that came out in Francesca was the voice of her INTUITION, which was so strong that the Lord could hear it. Francesca’s spirit was in connection with her Intuition, she was sad and in distress. Her vows in her thoughts, in addition to her strong opening, had caused the voice of her intuition to become loud to be heard. Francesca’s spirit had recognized the Lord and was awake, despite her physical disability.

People who are on their way to the Afterlife communicate with the voice of intuition. After death, speech ceases to exist, the deceased listens to his inner voice through which he can communicate during his journey.

The Lord received the reports of the missions and works that HE asked to the Helpers, the Essential Beings and the Nurses of the Beyond. HE could intervene HIMSELF in case of need. HE has the Force; HE is the Force. He had a mission with the Helpers who were at His service.


The Lord had an appointment with a friend, JOSEF, who lived in Innsbruck, Austria. The Lord always arrived on time for any appointment, and it was always He who arrived before and waited for the one or the ones He had to meet in His Office or elsewhere. He always wanted to set an example of the punctuality that should be respected by people. This had led some of His close friends to do everything to arrive before Him at some appointment one day. But the Lord always arrived before them, which astonished them greatly.

The Lord wanted to make a trip to a small town in Austria where HE was to meet with a close friend, GUNTER, who lived in that town and who wanted to show the Lord around his farm and he was to stay for one day with his friend.

The Lord began to arrange His things, long before the day of the journey. A bag in which He put His medicines was ready. This became a routine, every time HE had to go on a trip. HE could forget some things but not His medicine. But, that day, HE went out and forgot to put His bag of medicine in his suitcase. He was so occupied with getting out so as not to miss His train that HE did not pay attention to some of the signs of the Helpers who wanted to draw His attention to them, what they wanted to tell Him, what they would point out to Him.

Along the way, not far from the house, the Lord remembers the signs of the Helpers who drew His attention to having forgotten something.

He remembered that he had put his bag of medicine on a small table with the idea of retrieving it later. He had to go home to get the bag of medicine. It was winter and very cold.

By the time He returned to pick up the bag and head back to the station to catch His train, He was late. He had to wait for another train.

What worried Him more was His friend who had to pick HIM up at the station. HE did not want to be late for appointments, and wondered if His friend would understand Him or HE would laugh at HIM.

The Essentials saw the Lord’s concern and, without asking Him to do something for HIM, they thought of doing something for the Lord to meet in time with His Friend. HE was calm in that train HE took after missing the one He was supposed to take. HE was wondering how His Friend would react when he did not find Him at the station, HE who always wants to teach His friends punctuality, respect for time. In the meantime, the Essentials were working discreetly.

On arriving at the station, Lord looked left and right, but HE did not see His friend. He was very happy to arrive before His friend even though He missed His train. The Essentials were doing everything so that the Lord would not be worried about anything, they were acting so that HE would be happy at all times.

His friend arrived 35 minutes later. But to His astonishment, His friend did not apologize for being late. He was only happy to see the Lord.

It was at this point that His guide told HIM that the Essentials had acted in such a way as to spare him from being worried about His friend who was going to reproach Him for once being late for an appointment. His friend was not going to take into account the delay of the train, but to reproach the Lord for being late, He whom he knew well to be always on time and in advance to any appointment. The Essentials had changed the time on the watch that the Lord’s friend looked at from time to time, they had changed the time to match the time they had calculated he would arrive at the station.

The man only looked at the time in that watch to go to the station to pick up the Lord. The friend had not noticed the change, and the Lord had understood what had happened with the work of the Essentials. The main thing for HIM was that His friend could believe in the teachings and advice that the Lord was passing on about the importance of punctuality in people’s lives. HE wanted to teach people about punctuality.

His appointment was in Innsbruck where He and Josep were to meet in a very famous restaurant. As usual, the Lord arrived well before His friend at the appointed time.

Since He was early for the appointment, and He had a little time until the appointed time, the Lord decided to go around to see the people of that place where He was.

He always had something to do whenever He was among people.

While HE was walking, the Lord met a couple who were walking with their four-year-old daughter GHISLAINE, who was blind. She was wearing glasses but it was noticeable that the girl could not see. She had the help of her parents. The Lord sensed that this couple was lacking joy because of their daughter who was blind from birth.

The Lord was well dressed that day. HE was not walking fast and He met this couple. HE asked them if HE could greet their daughter. The Lord got into a crouching position in front of the girl who could not see Him. HE held the girl by her hands.

He asked her name and she said Ghyslaine, after some hesitation and her father told her to be nice to this gentleman who stood before her.

Ghyslaine told her father that this gentleman is a servant of the Light. She said she saw the Light around this gentleman. The Lord simply smiled.

The Lord asked the girl if she was going to school, and the girl replied that her parents could not find a suitable school for her disability.

The Lord who had sadness in His heart asked Ghyslaine what she wanted Him to do for her. The Lord knew that the girl had recognized Him by the light that was around Him. Ghyslaine remained silent for a while, staring straight ahead as if she saw the Lord and said she wanted to embrace the Lord so that she could receive the Force of the Light in HIM that she felt and saw. Sadness overwhelmed the Lord who looked at Ghyslaine’s parents, a look as a sign that they would allow Him to embrace their daughter.

The Lord hugged Ghyslaine tightly to his chest. But before doing so, before hugging Ghyslaine, HE asked the Helpers and the Essentials to surround them with Light. The Lord prayed for Ghyslaine for a few seconds and then put the girl down. The Lord knew that the girl had received the Grace of a miracle. HE told Ghyslaine to always remember HIM, His name is “OSCAR ERNST, a servant of the Light”. HE stood up, greeted Ghyslaine’s parents, and disappeared from that place and returned to the meeting place.

On the street that Ghyslaine’s parents took to go home, there was a candy store. When Ghyslaine reached the shop, she told her mother that she wanted to have the candy. This was a surprise for Ghyslaine's parents who had never heard their daughter make such a request.

Ghyslaine was blind from birth. She insisted on pointing to the candy store and even insisted that she could see the candy on the shelves. This was serious.

Ghyslaine’s mother crouched down in front of the girl to tell her to stop joking. The girl told her mother that she could see her well, she was wearing a jacket with a knitted fabric up to her neck. Ghyslaine’s mother was quite emotional and fell to the ground in shock at what she was experiencing and what was happening to her daughter.

Ghyslaine’s father woke her up and lifted her up, but she could not imagine for a moment that her daughter could see.

They looked around to see if the Lord might be around but HE was not visible.
Ghyslaine was going to learn a lot, she could go to school and study like all the children of her age.

The Lord met His friend Josef without telling him anything about what had just happened with Ghyslaine.

Both Ghyslaine’s parents both a karma of lack of love for their neighbour. On incarnating on earth again, they had a way of living that people around them did not appreciate. They hated people who had some success in their lives. They both ended up with this flaw of hating people. They attacked people by sending them negative thoughts. They summoned demons to harm people. And when they decided to have children, Ghyslaine who was their first daughter and child was a victim of the return of the attacks of some of these people that her parents were attacking with incantations and sending demons. Ghyslaine was a victim of the attacks of darkness.

She had the karma of a lifetime with many men, but she should not have suffered so much as a consequence of her parents’ bad way of life. Evil had been drawn to her by the bad behaviour of her parents who were to be her protectors. And as she already had a karma that she carried in this life, it had made her to be reached and fall victim of the attacks of darkness.

Ghyslaine could not learn anything from her karma, in the way she lived with her parents by being blind. She had to reap her karma in another way. It was more her parents who were responsible for her problem.

The Lord had received all the information from His guide about Ghyslaine. She had her spiritual eye open to see the Light that was around the Lord. This was possible because she could not see visibly. She was already blind when she saw that Light around the Lord. All other people could not see the Light around the Lord, which would make them blind. But Ghyslaine was already blind from birth. She had a Star of Light shining in her that made her see the Light around the Lord.

The suffering she had inside by staying with her parents had made her open to the Light. She did not have friends, she did not go out, she did not go to school and this caused her pain. Ghyslaine was also receiving attacks that were a return of attacks from those people that her parents attacked. She was the main victim of these attacks.

The Lord had to act to teach her parents to have love for their neighbour. The neighbour is everyone but yourself. With the miracle of Ghyslaine, her parents sought to know the Word of God. The Lord had allowed the daughter, Ghyslaine, to have the miraculous healing of the distress she was suffering because of her parents’ bad behaviour. She also had her own fault, but she could not reap in this way.

The miracle of Ghyslaine’s healing was direct so that she could see. Ghyslaine had grown up thinking about the Lord. She knew her story without having met and known the Lord as an adult. She married a servant of the Light, MOISE. Her first son was named OSCAR ERNST. She told her husband that if it were not for this servant on mission, her life would not be joyful. She had another child, a daughter, EMILIA.


ELENA was an African woman. She had a karma of being in prostitution in some of her past lives. She was incarnated with a prostitute mother. At the age of twelve, her mother already encouraged her to have men for money. This led the girl to become a prostitute like her mother. Elena touched fetishes as some prostitutes do to attract men.

After years in prostitution, Elena caught an infectious disease that the doctors could not treat or cure. She went to medical practitioners without a cure. The infection had destroyed her female organ and she was bleeding regularly. She went to a church to pray for her healing with a pastor who was a servant of the Light with the power of the Light. But in Elena’s case, she did not find healing for her illness.

Elena was still bleeding, but instead of thinking of doing God’s Will by praying for her karma, she was doing incantations at night to abuse men in discretion. She would do intimacy with men without their consent at night when they were sleeping. Instead of untying her past ties, she was further increasing her burden. She believed that by acting discreetly at night when men were sleeping, the Light would not see her. She bled, which prevented her from being with men in intimacy, but she had learned nothing to change her way of life.

After her death, she was reincarnated in Nigeria. She is a reader of the Grail Message in Nigeria. She has asked God for Grace to redeem her past faults and mistakes.

She prayed, telling the Lord to give her strength and protection to walk the path of the LIGHT OF TRUTH.

She often cried while praying without knowing why she was shedding her tears; it was because of the heavy karma she was carrying. The Lord heard her prayer.


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Parts 1, 2 and 3 now compiled into a booklet.

(Booklet does not contain the Stories of Lord Abdruschin)

Suggested Reading: Grail Message, Lecture 6 – Fate
"People talk about deserved and undeserved fate, reward and punishment, retribution and karma. All these are only partial names of a law resting in Creation: the Law of Reciprocity! " Continue Reading…
(Newly Revised Translation)
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