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| Teachings Lord Abdruschin gave on managing and putting one's inheritance in God's hand for protection …

From Master John

The right of inheritance of material goods, money from parents, relatives or any other person ought to be a good thing.

Inheritance, which is defined as all property acquired or transmitted to a living person by legal means or inheritance, is not in itself a bad thing, but it is seen differently by the Light than those who think it is an obligation.

There are people who own a lot of property during their lifetime which, after their death, can be the cause of conflict, division, separation between family members, if they did not have the wisdom to leave a well drafted will in good and due form. Since not everyone can or should write a will, some people prefer to divide their assets during their lifetime.

If it happens that many of the deceased’s possessions were known to the family and other members of the extended family, one should always expect trouble even from those who do not have much to expect.

All that people give as material goods, money, and anything else with love to other people, they will find it in their abode that is in the Beyond. In speaking of your home in the Beyond, we are at the same time making a revelation that is a reality that some have already heard, but that many will find difficult to understand and to believe. But it is the truth, each of you has a home in the Beyond.

There are testimonies of people who have had the grace to see what happens in the Beyond in order to transmit it to others but, as it is peculiar to human beings in front of everything that concerns the Beyond and that they do not understand, there is doubt, refusal and even rejection of what is true, simply because they do not understand it and reject it for personal reasons and that even if it is “the truth”.

What you see in the Beyond in your abode is an image-reproduction of all that you give with love to your neighbour.

The neighbour is anyone apart from yourself, not just your wife, your children or an acquaintance. Some people believe that only by giving away material possessions to their family will they find their home in the Beyond well equipped and furnished, full of many other things of great value.

The neighbour that is referred to in the love of neighbour that you are often and always told to have in your life, is a concept to be understood spiritually. This love of neighbour is not aimed at a given person and is not limited to one person or to a category of people.

People must remember to always give a smile and joy to their fellow man who is in need and needs it. The Laws of God govern Creation, they work in everything and for everything. Everything in Creation can be explained by the Laws of God.

You are on earth or you have the material things that are seen and presented concretely according to the material nature of the earth, and you can feel them. But what presents itself in the Beyond, what people can see in their abode in the Beyond, are the living images that are the living reproductions of what is on earth. You reap what you sow, do not forget it is a universal Law.

People must learn from these teachings of the Light which are also in these revelations. This revelation that every human being has a home in the Beyond that he or she equips from the actions that one carries out on earth, will motivate every human being to practice true love of neighbour, helping, giving, sharing what you have with those who are in need and in need.

Not everyone has the material means; there are some who lack even the minimum and who need it. These people will need to be helped by those who have sufficient means.

Many of these people who have accumulated abundant material possessions during their lifetime experience, after their death and the detachment of their bodies, the disorder among their family members for the sharing of their material possessions. Some of the deceased even try to intervene to prevent some family members from hanging around or touching their material possessions, and since communication is not possible, they regret not having thought of doing something for these material possessions during their lifetime.

This is how some people want to protect their material possessions but cannot. The Light gives Grace to every person to understand the spiritual teachings and guidance and practice them in his or her life. No one can live forever on earth, and there is not just one life.

Some people find, in their abode in the Beyond, material goods in a very bad state, which is the expression of the inner state in which the person was at the moment gave something to his or her neighbour. The person gave hesitantly, murmuring, without joy, without true love. The Laws act in such a way that you can find these material goods in the same condition that corresponds to and reflects the nature of your inner state at the time you gave these material goods to your fellow men.

The work of the Light has a single purpose only, to give you in everything and in everything that happens in your life, teachings that help you to recognize and understand the effects of the action of the Laws of God that govern all Creation.

The Light sees everything that people do that is contrary to the Laws of God.

Those people who have the Grace of God to receive and transmit the teachings and advice they have received from the Beyond, they are not all heard, understood and believed.

It may be because of the misunderstanding of some people, but the bottom line is that the teachings of the Beyond are always passed on to people to help them in their spiritual evolution.

It is the case of these different teachings that are also in revelations that the Light transmit to people, so that they come to understand the importance in their lives of the practice of true love of neighbour; God could not allow people to see what happens in the Beyond without there being a reason that is to help the human being in his or her spiritual evolution. God is Love.

The right of inheritance is one of those possibilities, one of those gestures that are given to many people to make an act of love by sharing their material goods to others, to the needy, to those in need. This sharing should be done in love and in order so that these material goods can be a blessing for the person who has just passed away, as well as for those who benefit from them in inheritance.

The opportunity to have material possessions is given to everyone, but at the same time there are those who are aware of the law of inheritance and misinterpret it; they do absolutely nothing but wait only for the inheritance, to take what belongs to other people, doing nothing themselves to earn a living.

Mismanagement of an estate cannot bring blessing. People need to know the teachings on the realities of life after death, then they will have a whole different approach to many things in life. They will know that people who have died can be among them, and that the body they see is not the real “self”, the real person who has just left it, that the deceased has only left this physical body but his or her Spirit lives on. The deceased may even continue to be among you without you knowing it and know the reason that keeps him in certain places they used to frequent before dying. Death is not the end of someone.

Inheritance cannot separate, divide people who got along well and had harmony and love between them. What people receive from relatives, acquaintances, should be regarded as a memento in memory of the person who has just left them. A memento that must be kept carefully in memory of that person who was dear and who has just left them. Inheritance cannot cause people to separate. The person who has worked all his life to earn and have these material possessions, he will not receive the blessing of what belonged to him, if those who inherit his possessions argue without taking into account him who had left them his possessions as an inheritance. The person may make efforts to prevent you from quarrelling, but his efforts to be heard are in vain, no one hears him.

It is in order and in love that people should think of sharing the inheritance of their parents in their memory. But often the children who are entitled to inherit from their parents do not get along. They do not take into account the presence of their parents who may still be around them. The person who dies could still be near his or her body just after death. There are also people who, although they have detached from their body, remain around for a long time. Especially those for whom their material possessions were everything to them, and they were strongly bound to them; they do not detach themselves directly from their bodies because of their strong ties with their material possessions. And when people want to touch their material possessions they can react to protect them.

Those who use and manage the material possessions left by those who have just passed away, they must be aware of this responsibility to do so in the best possible way, to care for and to keep the material possessions left by the parents or a family member as a precious memory to them.

A precious memory must be carefully guarded. This is not what many children do with their parents’ inheritance. They share the inheritance to do what they want with it. The problem of inheritance divides many people. Some family members may have serious problems because of conflicts over the family inheritance. A brother may take over the property of his brother who has just died by chasing away his brother’s wife and children, in order to have a right to his brother’s material goods. He does not see the harm he is doing to the family of his deceased brother.

Instead of the material possessions of his brother being a memory to think of his deceased brother, but they become the source of trouble between him and the family of his deceased brother. God’s Blessing cannot be in the lives of those people who act with such lack of love for their neighbour.

There are people, families who manage the family inheritance well. They have the Blessing of God in doing so. There are even those relatives who have passed away and come back to earth in another reincarnation to recover their material possessions that they had left before passing away. Some inheritances that are well managed in those families where there is a true love of neighbour, they can remain in those families for generations. These are legacies that are blessed by God. Each person thinks of managing in the right way this inheritance which he considers as his own property and a precious legacy to the memory and honour of the parents and grandparents who have passed away and who had the care and love to leave such an inheritance to the family. In this awareness, everyone will do everything to manage, care for and keep this family heirloom.

A legacy remains a memory that must be carefully kept. People should think about how to handle an inheritance and the material goods that belong to them personally. You can buy an outfit that you keep as a souvenir but you can give more importance and consideration to an outfit that is given to you as a gift by a friend that you will keep more carefully as a souvenir of your friend through his gesture.

Everything that is inherited belongs to a person from whom you inherit these goods which you must think to manage well for future generations.

Some people may find themselves unable to conduct their affairs for personal reasons, and they will entrust or leave them to others. Here we also see cases of abuse by the beneficiaries of this inheritance in the conduct and management of these affairs that are given to them. These heirs do not see the blessing of God that they can have in their lives, if managed well these affairs that are given to them; they only think of themselves.

People must think above all and always about what God’s Will teaches them to do, in order to act well in any situation in life instead of doing their own will.

The breach of trust does not bring blessing, it brings unhappiness into people’s lives. The suffering and crying of a woman who lives with her children who have just been driven out of her husband’s house, does not bring blessing to the one who is responsible for this act that is to be condemned.

It is the breach of trust to the one who has just passed away. The inheritance must be managed in the right way for the blessing of God to be upon it.

Children have the right to inherit from their parents, but let this not make them lazy to do nothing and wait for the death of the parents to enjoy the material goods left by the parents.

By being incarnated in a given family, each person has one or more Graces of God. Each one has his time to do something with this Grace of God. The child who incarnates in a family has a Grace of God to come into that family to evolve spiritually. The parents have the responsibility and certain rights over the children. Inheritance should not separate the family, but unite people who have an affinity by incarnating in the same family.




BERTHOLD was a good man, a reader of the Grail Message. He had inherited the material possessions of his father, BARON in this life in question here.

Berthold was already Baron’s father in a past life, his name was Adolf. He was also the one who had left his inheritance to Baron, his son in this past life, after his departure to the Afterlife.

In this present incarnation, which we are talking about here, Adolf (Berthold) was reincarnated as a Baron’s son. He was the only son of this family, he married a French woman named GERTRUDE who had a French relative on her mother’s side.

Berthold often travelled to France for holidays, he spoke German and French, he did not fail to give his compensation for the work at the Mountain, he also gave his contribution for certain private affairs of the Lord.

Berthold had a problem with his wife Gertrude, with whom they had not been able to have a child for ten years. Both of them came to the Hours of Worship, without thinking of entrusting their problem to the Lord, HE who had joy when HE saw them at the Mountain, while they suffered from lack of children.

One Sunday, after the Worship, while the Lord was walking around as He used to do, greeting people, HE met the couple Gertrude and Berthold who were also smiling when they saw the Lord. When the Lord looked into Gertrude’s eyes, HE saw that Gertrude had received the grace to conceive.

The Lord greeted Gertrude with a hand shake and told her that she would soon have a child. Gertrude laughed as she looked at her husband, Berthold. She told the Lord that they could not have the child according to the results of the many tests they had done, all of which showed, according to the doctors, that Gertrude could not conceive.

The Lord looked at Berthold and told him that the Grace of God is with them to have a son. Berthold smiled. The Lord also revealed to Berthold that it was his father who received the Grace to be reincarnated on earth in their couple to continue to manage and benefit from the estate of his property that he had left on earth. Berthold was astonished, he looked the Lord in the eyes and nodded, telling HIM that he had managed well the material possessions left by his father Baron, who was in fact his son in a past incarnation. The Light wanted his father to return to take over the succession after Berthold’s departure from the earth.

The Lord told Berthold and Gertrude that the Light had waited for Grace to be given to Berthold’s father so that he could return to take over his material possessions. He had taught Berthold how to work, and Berthold was doing his job well and was also contributing regularly to the Light.

This led the Light to give Berthold’s father the grace to return to earth and resume his responsibility and management of his material possessions.

Berthold’s father had kept the knowledge of this work in his memory box.

Gertrude became pregnant and gave birth to a boy whom they named FERDINAND.

Initially Adolf (Berthold) was the father of Baron, who inherited from his father Adolf (Berthold). Baron would later become Berthold’s (Adolf’s) father in this incarnation that we are speaking of here.

After Baron’s death, his son Berthold (Adolf) inherited the property from his father Baron. Berthold (Adolf), who was married to Gertrude, received the Grace of the Lord to have a child who is the reincarnation of Baron who inherited from his father.

BERTHOLD died of an illness and was reincarnated in another life as a child of BARON (Ferdinand) and GENEVIEVE as ANDREAS (Berthold). From generation to generation they were reincarnated by attracting each other in the same family as servants of the Light. Berthold and Baron have always helped in the work of the Light for the accomplishment of which they receive the Grace of God by incarnating on earth.

The Lord did not often give revelations directly to people, but, in the case of Berthold and Gertrude, He knew that they were open to the Light and did not doubt once what the Lord was telling them would come true in their lives. The Light works in the lives of people in His time and according to Him.

Berthold and Gertrude had the conviction, perseverance and patience that one day they would have a child.

Berthold did not know that the inheritance he had become a heir to from his father Baron was his own material possessions which he had left as an inheritance to his child Baron who had managed them well. Learn to do good and practice love for your neighbour, you will reap the good.


KLAUS was a young boy who enjoyed company with the girls. His father, RUDOLF, was a rich man. Klaus had a sister, ODETTE, and a brother, LUKAS, who were both studying, but not Klaus, who only wanted to waste the money he received from his father on girls in nightclubs.
Their father Rudolf had an accident and died. The children had to share their father’s inheritance. Klaus’ mother had died after Lukas’ delivery, and since then Rudolf did not take another wife after the death of his wife.

They arranged the date and the day that the family was to go to the notary’s office to learn about the contents of the will and the division of the inheritance that their father left to them.

Klaus, who thought he had dominion over his sister and brother, went to see a group of gangs, criminals, so that they would kidnap his sister and brother so that he could benefit from all of his father’s inheritance, so that everything would belong to him alone. These bandits, criminals, had received a large sum of money for this operation.

Odette was at the University when she was kidnapped by unknown people who also kidnapped Lukas in a restaurant in town when he was eating with his friend PAUL. They both ended up in the same car.

The car was speeding, and the driver did not pay much attention to a big truck coming from his left, he caused an accident that killed everyone in the car; the driver, Odette, Lukas and two other bandits, all of them had died on the spot. It was sad news for the family, but good news for Klaus who was happy to remain his father’s sole heir.

Klaus, who had not studied, was only taking and wasting money from his father’s business fund. Some of the companies started to experience difficulties in their operation and little by little, one after another, they all went bankrupt.

Klaus needed the money to make a life with the girls, he drank and smoked, he went to casinos and spent a lot of money.

Klaus would have a car accident in which he lost both his legs. He was 43 years old, and he had a difficult time in his life after this accident. He smoked constantly and without regard to his health. Klaus enjoyed going to classical music concerts, where his father used to take them. Klaus was used to this music although he frequented bars and nightclubs with girls for the environment.

The Lord had received an invitation from an acquaintance by the name of ERICH. He had apologized several times before, but this time HE had free time and decided to go to this classical music concert. Once at the concert HE did not want to be in a place that was very exposed to people. Klaus had both legs amputated, and the handicapped had special seats a little separated from the other people. Klaus was in a front seat. The Lord would be invited to sit in the place that was next to Klaus, who had Erich next to him.

The Lord used to withhold His Force in certain places where there were people with disease problems. Before HE sat down on his chair next to Klaus, His Guide told him that the person next to Him was a handicapped with both legs amputated.

Klaus felt a strong heat on his body as the Lord sat in the seat next to Him. Klaus tried to calm down, but it was difficult for him. Klaus took advantage of a break in the orchestra to look at the Lord and asked Him what it was about His body that was giving off heat from Him. Erich wanted to speak, but the Lord calmed him down so as to let Him answer Klaus.

The Lord looked into Klaus’ eyes and asked him, “Where are your sister Odette and your brother Lukas?” Klaus was astonished to hear that the Lord who he did not know asked him about his sister and brother.

Klaus lowered his eyes, saying nothing. The Lord told him that he had a heavy burden in this life by acting badly against his family. Klaus wanted to get down to escape, but he felt his body getting stuck on that chair where he was sitting in the Opera House. He tried to jump, but he could not. The Lord told him that he was going to die by accident like his sister and brother, but that it was the Light that wanted him to reap what he had sown on earth before he went to reap it in the Afterlife.

Erich was silent as he listened to what the Lord was saying to Klaus. The Lord told Klaus again that he was a servant on a mission of the Light on earth, but instead of him acting to help his family, he sacrificed his family to accumulate material goods in abundance. He had failed in his mission to help his family, and all of them left because of the inheritance he needed for himself.
Klaus began to shed tears quietly. The Lord told Klaus that he would not live long, but before that he would suffer much more than his present suffering. Klaus managed to get down from his chair in the Opera and got away. Klaus went home and cried all night.

The next day, he forgot this serious Words of the Lord and continued his life in drink, cigarettes and prostitutes. He did not heal himself with this life he led with prostitutes. Klaus caught an infectious disease that made him suffer greatly. His male organ became infected as he did not receive proper care. Klaus did not leave his house.

Two days before Klaus died, he was sleeping in his armchair and he saw in vision of this man he had met in the Opera, the Lord. He was wearing his black suit and hat. The Lord told him to follow Him for life, and He disappeared. Klaus jumped up from his sleep. He was so scared that he had sweat all over his body. He did not know where to go to meet this man who had spoken to him in the Opera and in his dreams.

Since he had had that dream about the Lord, Klaus had regained the courage to go outside his house to get some fresh air, and he could even go to the library often to get books to read.

One morning, he went to get the books for his reading and he came across a document that had the Lord’s picture on it. Klaus asked the library if he could take the document to read.
Klaus discovered the name of the Lord and His Teaching. There was also an address on the document.

Klaus wrote to the Lord, told Him about his life and asked Him for forgiveness for his mistake. He waited a long time for the Lord’s answer, which he was glad to read the day he received it. From then on they wrote to each other from time to time.

Klaus had learned to pray, but he kept asking God for forgiveness for his faults, including the sacrifice of his sister and brother.

He used to see his sister coming to his room in his dreams, and when he woke up he cried that he had acted like a criminal and that now he had lost everything, even his family who should have been together with him during his difficult times.

Klaus stopped smoking and drinking. He no longer frequented the prostitutes, whom he considered the cause of his misfortune, although it was he himself who had given an opening to these women who were only looking for money. Klaus was left with only two houses out of all that they had inherited from his father. He left one house to the Lord. This house was used to keep certain documents of the Lord. Klaus had become a reader of the Grail Message and was cured of his infectious disease.

He kept giving advice to the people he knew to have love for their neighbour in life. Klaus passed away after the Lord’s Departure, on a Sunday in the summer of 1952. The Lord had made it His mission to change Klaus.


ANNA, was a reader of the Grail Message who often came to the Mountain. She wanted to have an appointment with the Lord in His office.

She managed to get this appointment with the Lord during which the Lord spoke to her about the teachings and advice that could help her in her spiritual evolution. Anna was the only daughter in her family. Her mother had died after she was born, and she was raised by her grandmother, who died when she was quite old. Her father had a large wheat plantation and sold wheat flour, which was the source of his wealth. Anna was trained in agriculture, which helped her to work in her father’s business. This meant that Anna did not have any problems in taking over her father’s business after his death.

Anna had the knowledge to manage her father’s business. She went to ask the Lord to help her take care of her father’s plantation. The Lord told her that people should put their business in God’s hand for protection.

The Lord would visit Anna’s plantation to see if the work was going well. In this plantation, Anna had wanted the readers of the Grail Message to be able to work there, and they were almost all readers of the Message who worked in this plantation. From the harvest that they had from this plantation, they thought first of those who needed it on the Mountain. Anna helped the people who were in need of financial means, the poor, the widowed women and the homeless who slept in the streets.

She married the child of a disciple of the Lord, ANDREAS. Anna had made her inheritance a gift to the Light. She had a daughter, BEATA, who also began to work at the age of twelve at the Mountain. She was in that group of children and young servants who were taken in charge by the Lord for their education. Anna always told her daughter to adhere to the Grail Message, and that even in her absence she must make sure that her inheritance is within the reach of the Lord’s Works on earth.

Here again are the works of the Lord on earth. He was always present in the lives of people who needed the power of the Light. He first gave the teachings and guidance of the Light before taking action to help people. He helped each person in a different way and it depended on how open each person was to the Light. He attracted people to know the teachings more by His way of acting in helping people. He had love of neighbour to everyone without exception in HIS work and mission on earth. Thank the Light for knowing the Lord.

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