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"Why Do I Suffer?" – Part 2

| Stories of people the Lord Abdruschin helped in their businesses, and especially one such successful business that still exists today…

From Master John

God is Love! The Light, which is Love, does not want people to suffer, because in the Light there is no suffering and the Light does not know suffering. Human beings must know that they alone are the cause of all suffering in their lives. It is in one’s best interest to try to find and understand the origin of this suffering in one’s life. Then he/she will have the knowledge to put an end to it for a better life.

Many people take a wrong path during their journey on earth for their spiritual evolution. Some believe they are on a good path when in fact they are in perdition, they have deviated from the right path for a long time.

Everyone wants to succeed in everything that one undertakes in life; no one wants to work or to study and not be successful in the end. Whatever you undertake in life, your ultimate goal is to achieve a positive outcome to the success of what was started with a sole purpose of succeeding. No one carries out a project that has been designed for a long time to fail, but only to succeed in the end.

Human beings incarnate on earth with many graces received from God, this to do many different things that are necessary and useful in life on earth for the well-being of everyone and the evolution of humanity. Some people have the blessing of God and they will lead a normal life according to the Will of God. Others have the Grace of having material means for one or more given purposes. The blessing of the Light is always for some purpose, which is always for the good and to help, as any action of the Light which is Love.

Those human beings who have been blessed with material means and who find themselves with material wealth, often they are unaware that it is the result of the action of the Blessing received from God in their lives for a given purpose. Unfortunately, these people do not bother to give thought to God and to thank Him for this Blessing in their lives. On the contrary, they put everything on their own account, on their own efforts and act according to their own will, while this blessing received from God is for a specific purpose which has its meaning and value only if it is used according to the Will of God.

Only very few people are able to recognize God’s Blessing in what happens to them in their lives, in having good things and material means. And they will thank God for His Blessing in their lives. Some people show thanks to the Light by a gesture.

It is not given to everyone to have much of a material resources. Some people are incarnated on earth to be in the service of the Light, they will not lack the necessities of life; they will not be destitute or poor, but they should not seek to have more material fortune.

These people have received the Grace to serve but not to seek to accumulate material wealth, as is the case with those servants of the Light on mission who become business magnates and are more concerned with their enterprises than with their mission which they may even forget. They only take into account the business, which becomes the centre of interest in their lives to the detriment of their mission.

Many servants on mission have failed in their mission because they took a wrong path at a time of their journey on earth. God is Love, and when HE wants to act in people’s lives, of servants who have a mission, it is sometimes to bless them, or to give them a lesson or a warning. God is just. When God acts in people’s lives, it is for a reason that people must seek to know. You have a path that was well traced out by the Light for you, but once on earth you then take another path that you mark out for yourself. But you can always have Grace with you, the Will and the Laws of God will work in you one way or another to give you a lesson or a warning.

For every person who incarnate on earth, there is a path well traced for him/her by the Light for his/her spiritual and material success. The Light, in Its Love, cannot send you on a mission on earth without providing you with everything for the success of your mission. It is not a matter of living in material abundance, but that people should not lack anything.

There are people who have received the Grace of God to have the material goods to help the needy, the people who are in need for a certain reason and a good cause.

But, once they are on earth and have amassed material goods, they think only of themselves. They may even reject some of the people they were meant to help. But the workings of the Laws of God always come to the aid of human beings, no matter what situation of perdition they find themselves in for not having complied with the Laws. They are always given lessons in all cases.

Those people who have abused the material means of God’s Blessing, they will find themselves in suffering. And, during these moments of suffering, these people accuse other people of being the cause of the difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. At no time do they think and allude to this life they had led by abusing the Blessing that they received from God, which was to have material means to help everyone in need, without exception. Instead, some of these people sometimes choose for themselves those people to help, forgetting to respect the Will of God to help everyone without discrimination. They begin doing their personal will.

Every Grace from God is always for a purpose, is always to help people in one way or another.

It is good to have material possessions in abundance, but do not make these material means a god in your life.

There are people who invest themselves in academic studies, but at the end of their studies they do not find work, they are not welcomed and are even shunned in certain places where they go to look for work and end up putting their diplomas in drawers. Many of these people cannot think positive thoughts but negative thoughts, questioning what is wrong with their lives. They do not see this false path on which they are on and which is one of the many false paths that people take during their earthly journey, whereas there is only one true path, that of the LIGHT OF TRUTH. Any connection with the works of darkness leads to a false path, the path of damnation.

There are people who study with great ambitions, projects, ideas, which have no spiritual basis. These people think only of the acquisition and accumulation of material means and possessions for their earthly well-being, they think only of themselves. They forget that some people are sent to earth for a Light mission. Very few people think of being in the service of the Light with the material means they will have, when the Grace of God is given to them after their studies.

The Light knows human beings better than they know themselves. It knows everything that people think and what they do not know. When people direct their thoughts, their ideas, towards good deeds by acting well, the Light accompanies them so that they succeed, because with them their success could benefit many other people. They will always want to do good.

Not everyone will need help, in that there are people who are redeeming their past mistakes by not living a life like others. They may be lacking in everything for not having led a life in accordance with the Laws of God in a past life, in which they had abused material goods and means and they are reaping the consequences in the life in question.

For those people who are reaping the consequences of the abuse of material goods and means in a past life, they may suffer greatly, without knowing the cause or origin of the lack of success in their life.

Remember that the Laws work.

What you sow in one life, know well that you will reap in another life. Learn and strive to refuse evil and to do only good; share the material means you have with people who lack it and who need them.

Success in life depends on the individual person. When one directs his/her life on a good path of the Light and thinks of being accompanied by the Light, the blessing of God will be upon him/her. The only condition for this is that the person acts in the Truth. The Light of Truth never leads people to damnation.

When a person is lost, it is because he/she had deviated from the true path, that of the LIGHT OF TRUTH. A person who is on the path of Truth, everything is clear, bright for him/her, there is no suffering.

The person will also have to open up to the Light so that It can work in him/her, so that everything goes well for that person.

In going towards the path of Truth, you must know that; and once on the path of Truth on earth know that you have to reckon with obstacles, traps, temptations of all kinds from the darkness to divert you from this path of Truth. Success in people’s lives is certain but one has to earn it.
God! It is Love that HE gives human beings the Grace to incarnate several times on earth to undo the errors and faults of the past in order to evolve spiritually.

Some human beings have a karma that they have to reap when they are incarnated on earth. This karma makes it difficult for some people to succeed in their lives. This is not an injustice of God, but the fulfillment of the action of the Laws.

Human beings must seek to understand, know and respect the Immutable, Just, Perfect, Incorruptible Laws of God which govern all Creation in a self-acting way. Someone who manages to understand and find the action of God’s Laws in life will never think of a possibility of injustice of God in everything that happens to human beings.

Do not forget that every thought, every word and every act of the human being at every moment of one’s life for good or bad, the human being will have to reap it a hundredfold.

The deviation of human beings from the path of Truth to the false path where everything is distorted and even contrary to Truth, does not allow them to understand and explain the action of the Laws in what happens to them, because of this confusion and misunderstanding introduced by the human beings in life. Consequently, this apparent injustice of God. The one who has understood the action of the Laws in the events of life, he has the key to the understanding of what happens in life, in his life; he is free, he no longer suffers unnecessarily, because he has understood and will know at the same time what to do so as not to continue to suffer.

Everything in life is done, is regulated, according to the conception, the will of human beings who do not care to know what the Will of God says in everything one wants to undertake in order to comply with It, the Will of God, Which alone guarantees happiness, joy, peace, true love of neighbour, and also gives success.

Human beings prefer to do and follow their own will, which plunges them into difficulties that they do not understand, and which make them suffer and for which they cannot find a solution.

Some people find themselves in a family that is successful in life, while others are in those families where everything seems to be blocked and difficult and live from day to day.

If only the blindfold would come off and people would see the burdens that each one of them carries and that prevent them from succeeding in their lives, everyone would decide at once to do the Will of the Creator. But the Light does not act in this way! There is a way to redeem the faults of the past and to succeed in life through the knowledge imparted in the teachings of the Word.

God is Love, HE does not want people to suffer because they are not successful in their lives. People should not refer to karma only to discourage themselves and not make efforts to succeed in life, because success depends on oneself.

There are people who do not make efforts to be less dependent, by seeking to have something to do for themselves, due to them being content to depend on others. They have Grace, but they do not even think of developing themselves to have something for themselves in life. They block themselves from success in a way.

The Role of Parent in The Success of Their Children

Parents have a certain duty to the children in their care. They should prepare their children for success by giving them the necessary education to succeed. Parents should know that it is a Grace of Light for them to have these children in their union, while knowing that these children are spirits who have asked for the Grace to incarnate in this family.

All of these children carry with them a burden, a karma from the past that each they will need to undo. What is similar attracts, comes together. These children who incarnate in a family, the parents attract them by some affinity. The parents cannot, however, assume all the responsibility for the success or otherwise of their children, because there are children who carry a karma which can prevent them from succeeding in life, therefore the fault will not be laid at the feet of the parents. There is the Law that acts in people’s lives.

Many children blame their parents for their success or lack thereof. Those who do not succeed will not make any effort to succeed themselves, blaming everything on their parents.

Others are content to rejoice in the success of their parents. Often these children who are dependent on their parents find themselves in difficulties as adults when it comes time to separate from their parents and take charge of themselves. They find themselves in more serious difficulties after the death of their parents because they had not learned to be independent.

Parents should not have thoughts of taking advantage behind or on the backs of their children. We see those mothers who force their daughters to marry men with material means to make the family succeed. How many of these girls suffer in such marriages because of the family!

Give children a good education, which will enable them to lead a way of life that will lead them to the path of success in their lives. Children can also be helped by parents to succeed in their lives. Teach children what will help them to be successful in life.

Everyone has his or her own destiny, which is clearly marked out by the Light. You should never force fate because you can go the wrong way and get lost. Envy causes many problems for those who want to have material means at all costs like others. Know that each person has his own time prepared for him by the Light and will have to wait for the Grace of God in his/her life. You should therefore not follow others by looking to the left and to the right to be tempted to do like others who follow their own path which is not yours, and which could lead you into perdition.

The Black Hand of Darkness in Preventing One’s Success

Darkness can also be the cause of some blockages in people’s lives, as it controls people so that they cannot succeed in their lives. It is sad to see some people going around offices looking for a job but without success. Some of these people have a “black hand” above them that follows them everywhere to prevent them from succeeding in their lives. But know that God is Love and the Laws work. No one is incarnated on earth so that people can have control over him/her. If it is the case, the person wants it to be so.

It is a good question to ask why there is suffering in people’s lives, why some people do not succeed in their lives while others succeed and live a good life. You should not envy the wealth of others, since you do not know the source and origin of that wealth.

God gives Grace to everyone in His own way. Some people have a mission for the accomplishment of which they will need to have financial and material means to help others who do not have them and who are in need.

The darkness also gives material means in its own way, so you should not envy those who you see and believe to have succeeded materially. People should not bind themselves to material success at all costs but have it because it is necessary in the material world to live.

A servant, the one who does the Will of God and respects the Laws, cannot live in suffering. The Light does Its work in Its time and according to It, so people should not rush to seek success by any means in their lives. Some servants on mission have not come to have and amass material goods, they are on a mission to help people. It is those the Light sends on a mission to have material goods who should support the work of those whose mission is to help human beings, by supporting them with the necessities of life.

Begging must not be a means of success for the servants on Light missions. The Light, which has sent a servant on a mission, will do Its Work to give this servant the material means that will help him/her to live well and to do his/her mission.

Many servants do not respect themselves by going begging for a living. They believe that by doing so that they are respecting the Will of God.

The Lord had material means, but HE lived simply. He gave those means to those people who lacked and needed them.

ALL the people who had received money from the Hand of the Lord were financially and materially successful in their lives eventually.

Some Societies, Enterprises and Companies that exist until today are the works of those people, a woman, a man or a child who had received money from the Hands of the Lord which they had later fructified afterwards until they had sufficient means to create those enterprises, companies or societies. Some of these people have reincarnated after their deaths in their respective families still owning these businesses, companies or enterprises. The money that came from the Hand of the Lord was blessed and the people who had received this money had succeeded in their lives, a success that passes from generation to generation.

The Lord is Omnipresent. He can give you what you need to succeed in your life. Do not see your situation or problem as one that has no solution, but have faith and trust in the Light which has a solution to every problem including your own.

The Lord can bless you to have success in any project you have.

Do not believe that the Light has abandoned you to your own fate, without help. God is Love, His Love is for everyone so that you do not know suffering and that you succeed in your life.

We pray that the power of the Light will reach everyone who is not successful in their lives.




At the age of eight, the Lord had a friend named KURT who he rarely saw and when they did get the opportunity to get together, they had a good time talking. Kurt was a quiet boy, but violent when he had to defend himself and react to the provocations of other boys at school. He liked the Lord because HE was calm.

One day, the Lord met up with Kurt who looked sad. The Lord asked him the reason for his worry, and Kurt told Him that he had just lost his father. Sadness pervaded the Lord’s heart as He knew Kurt’s father, a giant, good man who enjoyed working. The Lord did not want to ask Kurt too much about the cause and circumstances of his father’s death, so as not to make him even sadder. He asked Kurt about his and his mother’s situation. Kurt would say nothing. In the night, the Lord was so sad for Kurt and his family that HE could not sleep. HE decided to call upon the Essential Beings to be around Him. He spoke to them, and they listened and responded with gestures.

The Lord told them the story of Kurt, they remained quiet listening to the Lord. At the end, the Lord asked the Essentials if they could help Kurt and his mother who remained in difficulty.

The Essentials gathered together holding hands and surrounded the Lord until HE had fallen asleep, and then they all departed.

Kurt’s father had a place where he would hide his money and kept it secret, not even his wife knew about it. He was saving the money with the idea of buying a house. At that time, not everyone could have an account at the bank, and some people did not trust the bank.

The Essentials went to the house where Kurt and his mother lived. They arranged to act in such a way to influence the thoughts of Kurt’s mother so that she would get her hands on the money that her husband, Kurt’s father, was saving.

It was a Sunday after church, and Kurt’s mother decided to clean up. She thought she was going to put her dead husband’s things in order. It was then she opened a package and found a large sum of money and notes written by her husband. When she read the notes, she realized that it was her husband’s hidden savings.

She did not want to spend the money right away, but instead look for something to do that would bring in a little more money to allow the family to have enough to buy food on a regular basis and to meet the various expenses of each day of life.

She bought all the necessary equipment for preparation to make bread. She already knew how to prepare the traditional bread that was well liked by many.

To do this, she rented a small house in the city centre, where she could get a large clientele.

She hired a woman and a man to help her with the work. Little by little, Kurt’s mother was doing a good business with her bakery. Her bread was in great demand, and she received numerous orders from other towns, so much so that the bakery house became too small. She rented a larger place for her new bakery, but left the small house to continue to bake as much bread as she could.

Kurt’s mother would eventually have up to 10 bakeries in different locations. As an adult, Kurt would become the manager of his mother’s business. Some of Kurt’s family bakeries still exist today, even though Kurt’s mother and Kurt himself have passed away, but their success remains.

The Lord had done this mission at the age of eight, with the Essentials.


The Lord often traveled to Brazil, where HE knew that there were many servants who had incarnated in that Land for a mission of the Light. HE had friends who HE knew to be servants on a mission on earth and HE went there to give them strength and support.

On a trip to Brazil, HE wanted to do some shopping to bring to His Inn, when HE saw a boy on the street selling coconuts. When the Lord looked at this boy, His Guide told him that he was a servant on a mission in Brazil to help other servants of the Light in Brazil financially and materially. The Lord called the boy to buy his coconuts. The boy presented himself to the Lord quickly.

Once in front of the Lord, the Lord saw on this boy’s forehead the sign of an Apostle very clearly visible. HE asked the boy his name, he said: SERGINO. HE asked him the price of all the coconuts he had in his basin. He told the price to the Lord who, before giving him the money, wanted to know about the boy’s parents. The boy lowered his eyes and answered that they had been murdered by the rebels in their village, and that he had managed to flee into the forest until he arrived in town where he lived with MARCELO, a friend of his late father.

The Lord, instead of paying only for Sergino’s coconuts, gave him a sum of money in addition to the price of the coconuts. Sergino refused to take the extra money. He told the Lord that it was too much money and that the friend of his late father with whom he lived would think that he had taken other people’s money, and who was strict with him Kurt and insisted that he not steal other people’s things.

The Lord asked Sergino if he believed what his father’s friend had told him. Sergino replied that he already had his late mother who always told him that, when he grows up, he will be a servant of the Light who will help many people and that he must be honest, good, and not put his hand to the things of others.
He said that he remembered this advice from his mother and he followed it and respected it by always doing good.

Sergino was 12 years old. The Lord told him that HE believed what his mother had told him that he would be a servant of the Light. Sergino was happy to hear this. The Lord told Sergino that He too was a servant of the Light. Sergino asked the Lord to bless him to become a good servant like HIM. The Lord held Sergino on his shoulder and HE prayed for him.

With the help of this surplus money received from the Lord, Marcelo went far away to those places where there were coconut plantations where he bought a lot of coconuts which he sold in bulk. Instead of buying one bag, he bought a whole truckload of coconuts. As his business brought him a lot of money, Marcelo started to think about producing the coconuts into a coconut drink that he would sell in small bags.

Sergino took it upon himself to sell the drink and the coconuts in various places. Eventually they opened their own shops.

After the death of Marcelo, who left everything to Sergino, he opened a cooperative to help women and widows with money for small business. Sergino would become a servant of the Light in Brazil. He married SUZANNA and they had four sons: JUAN, ALPHONSO, MARCELO AND BONIFACE. All his children were servants in mission on earth.

The Lord had helped Sergino with His money so that he in turn helped many other needy people. Sergino helped women without financial means, widows with children to take care of and many other people benefited from this help that came from the Lord. Sergino was blessed by the Lord to do his mission.


The Lord was in town one day to buy clothes. HE usually went to a specific store to buy His clothes. But, on that day, HE wanted to see other clothes in another store. When HE entered that store, HE had a vision in which HE saw the owner of that store making invocations to have many customers in his store. But that did not happen, he did not sell many clothes. He was always worried about the lack of customers coming in his store.

The Lord asked His Guide for more information about the life of CLEMENT, the store manager. Clement had karma that he was redeeming in this life. He was a very wealthy businessman in one of his past lives and did not help people in need who asked him to.

Clement openly mocked people who lacked material means. Sometimes he even threw silver coins at orphaned children on the street.

He wasted his money in bars, casinos or gave it to prostitutes, but for serious things, Clement did not help with his money, he told the poor to ask God to help them. This was the life of Clement in a past life.

By incarnating in this life, Clement carried with him the karma of what he had done, had sown in this past life, and which he would have to reap in his present life.

Clement had two shops, but he did not earn much money like the other merchants, nor did he have many customers. For this reason, he even went into association with an occult house to get customers and material means, but it still did not work for him.

The Lord was interested in seeing Clement, but how? The Essentials took care of that to make the meeting possible. Clement was dozing in his office when he was awakened by the sound of a bee. He woke up to close the window, but the noise became even louder, and he decided to go into the shop to see if anyone was eating anything that would attract the bees into the shop.

On leaving his office, he met the Lord who greeted him with a smile, which shook Clement with a strange Force in his whole body. He wanted to pass, but he stopped, turned around to talk with this man who had made him tremble and shake so strongly. Clement was pretending to chat with the Lord, but while doing his incantations so as to intimidate and overpower HIM. He had not liked what he had felt after that brief encounter with the Lord. He had thought it was an intimidation, a test of power on the part of the Lord, whom he thought was also an occultist.

During the brief conversation they had, Clement tried to invoke demons, but with each attempt he heard a voice forbidding him to do what he thought he was doing. He looked around to see who was talking to him, but there was no one in sight. While he was speaking with the Lord about the clothes he had liked, at the same time he was trying to intimidate and dominate the Lord. He also wanted to make the Lord tremble.

After several unsuccessful attempts to summon demons, Clement asked the Lord who HE was. The Lord answered him with a smile: “I am a servant of the Light”. Clement was astonished when he moved his head. He said that this was not possible, and acknowledged to the Lord that HE had Superior Power. The Lord answered with a smile. He wanted to invite the Lord for a glass of beer, but the Lord told him that HE did not drink.

The Lord invited him to speak to him of the Word of God. Clement wanted to refuse, but he accepted.

But instead of ceasing with his incantations, he tried again, and it was at this point that the Lord told him that HE knew everything he was doing and that it was wrong.

Clement told the Lord that HE was a God to know his thoughts.

The Lord revealed to Clement that he has a problem that is not of this present life. Clement told the Lord that he knew about reincarnation but that he had not delved into these teachings to understand them well. The Lord explained to Clement the phenomenon of reincarnation.

Clement was moved by these revelations from the Lord Himself. Clement asked the Lord what he should do about his karma. The Lord told him to come to His office and talk about the teachings that would help him understand his way of life, and when there is a change in his present life that he may have other teachings that could help him unravel his karma, though it would not be easy, but possible.

Clement made an appointment with the Lord to speak in His office of the Word. Clement decided to close his shops for a while to concentrate on serving the Light. It was difficult with his wife, but he had to make this decision to change his life.

After a while, his wife asked for a divorce and received her share of the material possessions. Clement went to live on the Mountain with the little money he had left from the sale of his shops. He worked in the garden so as not to be idle. Clement would receive his Calling from the Lord Himself on the Mountain.

Clement had karma that he should have thought about first, but he had wanted to force his destiny by linking up with the works of darkness and it had not worked, he was not successful in his life.

Clement drank and smoked heavily because he was not successful in his business. He had debts, even though he had two shops with many fine clothes, but not enough customers. Karma followed him everywhere, and especially he adopted the bad behaviour of attacking people with incantations, invocations of demons that destroyed people. By doing this, Clement was adding to the burden of his past life, instead of trying to acknowledge his karma and redeem his mistakes.

Fortunately, he understood and accepted the teachings and advice of the Grail Message for the change he had to make in his way of life. Clement did not drink or smoke when he lived on the Mountain. He even stopped frequenting prostitutes. Clement had a heavy karma to redeem in the life we are talking about here.

He should have lived his life making atonements for his mistakes, but when he linked up with the darkness by attacking people, he was acting in an evil way and that had made it difficult for him to succeed in his life.

If Clement had managed to succeed, he would have made his situation even worse and he would not have thought of unknotting his past ties.

Clement was an occultist who drank, smoked heavily and frequented prostitutes. He invoked demons to hurt people, he had no love of neighbour. He was not going to live in peace, he was going to sink even more in suffering and in silence, which could be more serious to find himself in those situations that lead people to suicide.
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(Newly Revised Translation)
"You who strive for knowledge, do not entangle yourselves in a net, but become seeing! …"
No one may take it for granted that this or that one of his neighbours will do something for him out of kindness without having to give at least one good word in return. A word that is of value to the other person! That does not just mean merely a formality.
Abdruschin, Resonances 1, Vol. 15, "The Necessary Compensation"
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