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| Stories of Lord Abdruschin on HIS meeting people with names that brought blessings as well as curse.

– From Master John

The name that a human being bears has great importance; it is a word that has meaning and can have a certain influence that is in no way negligible in the life of a human being who bears it. Human beings who incarnate on earth each have a name which they receive in different ways to identify them. Every human being should seek to know the meaning and origin of the name he or she bears, since this can have an influence in his or her life. How many people whose origin and cause of certain things that happen in life has to do with the name they bear or were given. A given name that does not suit the bearer can cause a blockage in the life of this human being.

Some people receive guidance from the Light before they incarnate on earth, they may also be shown the family and relatives with whom they will incarnate on earth, but they will not know the name they will bear on their journey on Earth. The Light already knows the name that each human being will bear when they incarnate on Earth.

The Light already knows, long before human beings are incarnated on Earth, the kind of name they will each bear on earth for their good and their spiritual evolution. Their names have that meaning which suits them and which will help them during their incarnation on Earth. Human beings incarnate in those places where all the circumstances are gathered to help them in many things in their lives. The Light, which Laws govern everything in Creation, will direct the family in which a child incarnates to give him or her that name whose meaning is appropriate to this child. This name will not be a choice of the parents. It is the work of the Light that organizes everything. It is no coincidence that you bear the name you received from your parents at birth.

The family name does not really influence a person’s status. It is the parent or the person who bears that name, which is the family name that is given to children, who will be influenced by that name which becomes the surname in his or her family, but not those who have only taken that family name. It is the FIRST NAME that is the name that identifies a person. A person can have several first names linked to him or her. The surname is added for the purpose of identifying the family. There are people who, for multiple reasons, are given the names of those families in which they are not members. These people are linked to that family by bearing their family name.

People should be careful when it comes to bearing the names of families of which they are not members. People born in the same family bear the same surname to which they are related. And any other persons who does not belong to that family and who bear that family name which does not belong to them, they will also be linked to that family name without knowing it.

Those people who are linked to that family name may suffer the effects of that family name, although there are exceptions for those who have an opening to the Light.

The family name cannot have an influence in people’s lives, even if that name does not have a good meaning. For example, if a family name is related to unhappiness, suffering, does not have a good meaning and does not vibrate well, all those who bear this name that do not vibrate well can be influenced by what this name means. People should not take a family name lightly to please a friend or an acquaintance.

There are names that resonate strongly with some people who bear them.

It happens to some parents to receive the names of children in dreams. The Light can come to you in many ways to pass on information that is a message to be put into practice and respected in life.

The Light always seeks to act according to what is good for human beings. The darkness can also interfere, infiltrate to act in evil by coming with certain names that come from the other world. Parents have to rely on the sensitivity, the finesse of the strong intuition of mothers, to feel if a name is not suitable to give to their child. A name must have a good vibration for the person who bears it.

Some people may have the grace to bear the names that vibrate spiritually when they are incarnated on Earth. These are often, and especially, the servants sent on mission. The Light will see to it that they bear a name that vibrates strongly spiritually, even if it happens from time to time that some turn away from their mission to serve the darkness, and for that reason will also change their name to one that is linked to the darkness.

The agents of darkness know well the kind of vibration of certain names that some people have, and as they can recognize those names that vibrate strongly spiritually, they will do everything to convince these people to change their names to others that they will give them and that are linked to darkness. It is always sad to see these people so easily accept to change their names to another that of which they do not know its origin and its exact meaning.

Many people do not pay attention to the names they give to their children. The mother has the possibility to feel the name to give to her child. The father may have a vision or announcement from the Light of a given name, but the mother must feel the kind of vibration of that name. When the Light decides that a person has the same name for certain incarnations, it is a grace and it is for some reason. But the Light does not give this grace to everyone who incarnates on earth.

In the Beyond, people also carry names, but not everyone is identified by name. Those Beings who are at a higher level in the Beyond, they do not have names. Everyone identifies themselves by their spiritual radiance.

There is always some sign that identifies each of these high-level Ascended Beings who are in the Beyond.

The choirboys who are in an island in the Beyond, they sing and play the trumpet in the Beyond during Festivals and Spiritual Ceremonies, they are so numerous that it is not possible to know their number. They have no names. Some of these choirboys from the Beyond incarnate on Earth are chosen by the Light for a mission on Earth. Their mission on Earth is in music.

These choirboys from the Beyond who incarnate on Earth feel drawn to music since their childhood. But most of them do not choose good music, they find themselves in music that does not inspire people spiritually. These choirboys of the Beyond who incarnate on Earth, they carry a name which will be used only on Earth, but not in the Beyond.

It is the FIRST NAME of a person that is used in the Beyond. Family names do not exist in the Beyond.

When a person dies and is buried normally, he or she completes the cycle of one of their lives on Earth. The person is no longer a member of that family physically. He or she may have a grace to incarnate in that same family but for a different reason. No two incarnations can be the same. People normally have different names in each incarnation, except for some people on a mission of Light. There is a great difference between life in the Beyond and life on Earth. Where there is the Light of Truth, the Light works for good, there is always the love to help.

As for the darkness, it always seeks to have dominion over people. Unfortunately, it succeeds in dominating people, because people give it an opening through negative thoughts, bad behaviour, and defects that do not help one to evolve spiritually. There can be no comparison between life in the Beyond and life on Earth.

All Spiritual Helpers have a name and are all preparing for a mission to help human beings who are on Earth. There are many of them waiting for a mission to help human beings. They have a name that allows the people they are going to help to identify them.

Some names can attract a bad vibration around people that you have to be careful about naming your children. People should be very careful about taking any name whose meaning and origin they do not know, and which may have some impact and influence in their lives. Each name is linked to the Registration Number, which is unique to each human being.

The Light only takes into account those names that were given to the person at birth and that are in the birth certificate.

When the person grows up and changes his or her own names, including the first name, without any valid reason, the Light will only know the person’s spiritual names that connect the person to his or her Registration Number.

These names that people are born with are linked to them. As long as people walk the earth, they will be identified by their true first name linked to them. The Registration Number is not linked to the family name. The family name is linked to every person who bears that name.

People may have the same first name, but what will make the distinction is each person’s unique Registration Number.

There may be billions of people on earth, but each one has its own unique Registration Number. Even in the case of identical twins, they each have their own number which identifies and distinguishes them from each other. People need to think about the name they give to their children, which the children will bear all their lives. This name must have a spiritual meaning that gives the right vibration.

Women who have the Force of the Light, they must think about the name to give to the child since some names bring curse in people’s life. Certain names that do not vibrate spiritually can be a blockage and source of certain misfortunes and problems in people’s lives. Know that it is not a coincidence that you have the name that your parents gave you at birth. Some names may not have a good influence in the lives of those who bear them. Some people do not vibrate spiritually because of the name they have.

The Light acts according to the Just, Perfect, Incorruptible Laws of God which govern all Creation. What is right for one person may not be right for another. People need to know that by giving a child the name “Misery”, the child’s life can be influenced by what that word means. There are those names that people feel are not right to be called, but for some personal reason they are called so to please people, when it is they themselves who will experience the consequences in their lives. It is a matter of life and not a matter of trying to please someone.

There are those names for which you feel a force even just by saying them. You also find those names that do not correspond to the person who bears them and are like an insult to the person. How many times have you heard people say of certain people that, they are in their life what their name means. People who are not exemplary in their life because of what they do, they should not carry their name and give it to someone else or to their child.

There will be an influence, an attraction between what the name means and represents when it is mentioned and the person who will take it, who could suffer the effects of the meaning of this name in his or her life. You should not have a name for sentimental or personal reasons without knowing its origin and what it means, this will spare you certain negative influences in your life because of a name that does not have a good vibration for you.

Learn to carry and give names that have a good spiritual vibration. Do not seek to correct the Light which only does what is useful to you in your life, for your good, even in the kind of name you have to bear in life.

By changing names that vibrate spiritually, you are not attracting good things, blessings, but only unhappiness into your life.

The Light knows you better than you know yourself. The name is the identity of the person who bears it. The Light knows you from the name you were born with.



The Lord’s mother and father had given Him the name: OSCAR ERNST. Theresa, the Lord’s mother, liked to call the Lord by these two names together, these two names that formed His first name. In fact, it was after several exchanges of opinion between the Lord’s parents on the name that the Lord should bear and by which He would be called, that they came to the compromise of calling Him by these two names together.

The Lord therefore appreciated that people would call him OSCAR ERNST.


At the age of five, the Lord had some friends in the neighbourhood with whom they played together. HE liked to be called Oscar Ernst by his friends. But there was one boy, FRANK, who did not call the Lord by every name, Oscar Ernst, as the Lord wanted. But Frank could call the Lord either Oscar or Ernst. The Lord at that age did not appreciate this, and let Frank know that he had to respect what HE wanted, that people would call him by His first name of Oscar Ernst. Frank, who was a rambunctious boy, would use this reaction and remark of the Lord to tease Him even more, and he would start calling the Lord by one of the two names separately, either Oscar or Ernst to get the Lord to react.

One day, on a Sunday, after church, the Lord went off to play with His friends outside the house. Frank came to join them later. When Frank saw that the Lord was among those young people playing together, he wanted to tease the Lord directly. And as was his habit, he called the Lord either by the name Oscar or Ernst and not both together, to see the Lord’s reaction.

The Lord heard this but did not react. The Essential Beings who were always with HIM even at that age, noticed Frank’s behaviour which was not good.

Frank smiled as he approached the boys playing not far from the Lord’s house. The Essentials wanted to silence this boy with his way of provoking the Lord.

Frank opened his mouth, calling out to the Lord as usual, but his voice was not audible. The boys could see through Frank’s mouth that he was talking and smiling and joking as usual, but the strange thing was that no one could hear his voice or what he was saying, and the Lord, who could hear nothing, could not react. Frank thought he was behaving as he usually did, but no one could hear him. The other young people then approached him, laughing.

Frank continued to talk, but no one could hear him. Instead of questioning or getting angry at the Lord’s and others’ lack of reaction to his jokes, Frank began to cry.

Until then, He did not realize that no one was hearing Him, while He saw Himself acting normally.

Frank approached the Lord to ask forgiveness for his behaviour towards HIM. After Frank asked the Lord for forgiveness, his voice became audible again. Everyone could hear his voice.

The Lord told Frank that He wanted him to be able to keep His Will to call Him only by His full name of Oscar Ernst. From that day on, Frank called the Lord by His first name, Oscar Ernst.


When he was eleven years old, on a Wednesday, the Lord went to the market with His older sister. It was raining that day and there were many people at the market, despite the rainy weather. A mother had come with her children whom she could not leave at home alone. The boy was seven and the girl five. With all the hustle and bustle of the people at the market, this mother and her children got separated and lost sight of each other. After some time of searching, the mother found the girl easily but not the boy. She was really upset that she could not find her son.

The Lord who was also in the market with his big Sister to look for fruits, HE saw the woman who was passing by crying for not finding her son. The Essential Beings who were together with the Lord in the market, the Lord sent them to find the boy who was separated from his mother and lost her because of those little jostles in the market.

It occurred to the Lord to call the boy by name. The Lord’s big sister was busy with the shopping. The Lord asked her to allow Him to go and wait for her in a corner with some packages of the goods that they purchased and were heavy and which HE was going to put on the floor. The Lord went to a quiet corner. HE concentrated and went to see in vision the boy who was terribly worried about not finding his mother. HE located the boy’s mother and, so that the boy could not wander further from his mother and got lost even more, the Lord concentrated and the boy’s name came into His Head. The boy’s name was GEORGE. HE soon called him in thought: George, George, George.

The boy turned to see who was calling him, but he saw no one. He heard the voice calling him again: George, George. He began to follow the direction from which the voice came until he met up with his mother.

His mother was overjoyed to find her son, George. She asked him what he had done to find her, George told his mother that he heard a voice calling him, and he followed the direction of the voice, which led them to meet.

She kissed her child, holding him tightly to her body, and continued their journey to the market.

The Lord’s sister would then join HIM afterwards and they went home.

The Lord had acted as a servant on a mission. The woman who had lost her children was a widow, she had just lost her husband who was a soldier in the German army.

The Light had seen that if this woman lost her son, she was going to have a very hard and difficult time, with worries already in her life.

This happened at a time when children were often lost to the farmers who took children, especially boys, to work in the fields. Some children were not found, others died during the attempts to escape.

George could end up in the hands of those kidnappers who took the children to work in the fields. The Lord only needed to know George’s name and call him by his name. The Essentials took care of the Voice of the Lord that called George’s name, they recorded it, accompanied it, carried it, transmitted it to the ears of George who was separated from his mother and was lost. George heard this voice that always called him George, George, George, as if the person was near him. He followed the direction of this voice until he arrived where his mother was. It was from his name that the reunion of Georges and his mother was made possible.

It was not an easy task. The action of the Light to help this widowed woman was to give her joy, peace of heart. She had love for neighbour by helping many people.


The Lord used to go to public places to know and understand what people were doing, and to bring help where it was needed. He also needed to experience things, to experience how to help people.

Summer festivities were organized for a year, with many events as usual.

The Lord had been to these festivities on a Saturday. He stopped at a place where people were watching a man playing one of the many games set up there. It must have been an interesting game because of the number of people watching.

The Lord goes and stands next to a man who was nobly dressed. And as the game was interesting, the man began to talk and comment with the Lord about the game. The Lord was only fifteen years old then, but the man talked with HIM as his friend. The Lord looked at him quietly, thinking of what HE could say to him as a teaching that he would retain from the encounter with HIM.

HE did this whenever HE met someone with whom HE could have a few moments of exchange. HE always wanted people to have something spiritual that could help them in their spiritual evolution.

While HE was talking to this man about gambling, HE had a vision in which HE saw the man complaining about his name to his friends. He said that he felt that his parents had not given him a suitable name, but no one believed him. The man was not happy with the name he had received from his parents.

The Lord told the man that he was humble since he could speak to HIM as his friend. Then the man asked the Lord his name, HE told him Oscar Ernst.

The Lord was careful to tell the man to call him what HE had just told him, i.e. Oscar Ernst and not to separate the two. The man asked the Lord why this precision. The Lord repeated to him that HE wanted anyone who wanted to call Him respecting His Will to call Him Oscar Ernst, and not to call Him otherwise by only calling Him either by Oscar or by Ernst, but Oscar Ernst.

The man found it interesting that a fifteen-year-old boy could speak so well and calmly. He looked at the Lord and told him that he too was not happy with the name his parents had given him. He still felt that it was a mistake for his parents to have given him the name he had, and he was unhappy when people called him by that name. He preferred that people could call him by his family name instead of by the name he did not like.

The Lord told the man that HE knew his real name which his parents were to give him, and that it was indeed a mistake of his parents to have given him this name. The man looked at HIM silently and asked HIM how HE could know all this. The Lord only smiled. The man asked the Lord if HE could tell him his real name. The man thought it was a joke he was playing on the fifteen-year-old.

The Lord fixed His gaze on the man and began to tell the man that his grandmother had seen in a dream, before she died, a luminous man coming to her with a child and handing over that child to her before he left. This luminous man told her grandmother the name that the child was to have. That name was ARTHUR.

The man felt a tingle all over his body.

During this time, the mother of the man who spoke with the Lord was already pregnant with child, but she did not know it yet.

When she realized that she was pregnant, she went to tell her mother, the grandmother of the man to whom the Lord was speaking, who told her daughter, your mother, that she had seen in a dream a luminous man who was giving her a child, a boy who would bear the name of Arthur.

The Lord would tell this man that it is him, Arthur. The man did not want to believe until he would first go to his mother and asked her if she knew this story of a luminous man. They parted at the end of the game that had a winner. The man kept looking back to see this young man conversing like an adult. The next day, the man went to see his mother who lived not far from the town where he was.

The conversation with his mother began with other things before coming to this subject that the Lord had told him about his grandmother and his first name. When the man began to tell the story, his mother stood up and walked over to the window next door and looked out. She held back tears from her eyes. The man asked his mother if the story was true, she said it was. She did not want to continue, but asked him who told her the story. The man said it was a one fifteen-year-old boy he did not even know. His mother admitted that she was not sincere, she had acted out of sentiment.

She told her son that they were having financial difficulties when she became pregnant with child. His father proposed an abortion but she refused. He knew a man with financial means who lived in the place where they used to live. They decided to surprise this man by naming their newborn son after him.

She knew the story of her mother’s dream, but with the financial difficulties, they did not know how they would take care of the child that was to be born. They named the child after this rich man. After the child was born, they tried to get in touch with this rich man who was very happy to know that they had named their new baby after him. He gave them money from time to time to live.

One day, the man left without a word, disappeared and left them with no means. They could not change the first name of this man who had helped them in their hour of need. This rich man who sent them a little money every time he thought of them. But now he had disappeared and they knew nothing about him.

Every time this man told his mother that he did not feel a vibration from the first name he was carrying, his mother felt sad, but how could she tell him what really happened for him to be carrying this name. The man would then tell his mother that his first name, the one his grandmother had received from this luminous man, was Arthur. His mother looked at him and nodded. The man told his mother that he would change the name of this man who he never knew. He had not appreciated his mother’s mistake with him.

He walked out, leaving his mother crying. The man changed his old name to ARTHUR. He began to feel comfortable and with a good vibration in this name Arthur. Do not make a mistake with a wrong name, like that couple who did not hear the voice of the Light.


The Lord was in New York, HE was walking in the City, and as it was raining and the weather was not good. The Lord rushed to enter a restaurant in the square in which there were already so many people that there was almost no room.

There was a table around which there were a few empty chairs with a pregnant woman occupying a chair and having a cup of tea. The Lord did not want to sit alone with a woman. But on reflection HE heard His Guide tell HIM that the woman was expecting a child, a servant of the Light on a mission. His Guide also told HIM that the woman had no idea what name she would give the child, and that she was thinking of giving it a name that would not suit this servant, a name that did not have a good spiritual vibration for the servant to be born. It was a job and a mission for the Lord.

The Lord went to the woman and asked her if he could sit on a vacant chair next to her. The woman accepted with a smile. She was wearing yellow clothes. She had the light shining around her. Her Star of Light was clearly visible above her. She was open to the Light.

The Lord did not start a conversation, as usual. HE had a small book of health information which HE was reading quietly. The woman broke the silence and went on to ask the Lord what HE was reading.

The smiling Lord also told the woman that it was a booklet with health information. The woman found it interesting as she was expecting a child and her health was not good at all times. The Lord looked at her and smiled that this was a good thing. He added to the woman that she had given an opportunity to a Spirit to incarnate on Earth. The woman said that this was her first child, and the Lord told the woman that she has a mission and that she had obeyed and respected the Will of God by keeping the child.

The woman looked at the Lord and asked HIM if HE was a pastor to speak the Word in this way. The Lord told her that HE is a servant of the Light and that there is no need for any titles to serve God. The woman was happy to hear the Lord speak like this. She looked at the Lord and kept silent for a while.

She told the Lord that she was pregnant but she did not know the name she would give to her unborn child. The Lord looked at the woman and told her calmly that she was expecting a boy. He also added that this boy is sent on a mission of Light. The woman was overjoyed, her eyes opened wide, and she was amazed at this revelation from the Lord about her unborn child.

The Lord then told the woman to remember well what HE was going to reveal to her. He told the woman that she was expecting a boy, a servant of the Light to whom she would give the name SAMUEL. He also added that this name will be spiritually vibrant for her soon to be born child. The woman took her notebook and wrote down everything the Lord told her so that she would not forget or make a mistake. She asked the Lord to put His Signature at the bottom of this revelation to certify the truth of this revelation, which the Lord did by writing His first name at the bottom as well.

The woman was quite happy and told the Lord that her name was GERALDINE. A French name because she had a Belgian great-grandparent. Her father thought that he was the one who was incarnated in her. The Lord did not take into account the mother at that time, HE was interested in the child who is a servant and that the Lord wanted him to have a spiritually vibrant name.

The Lord stood up first and said a short prayer for strength to be with Geraldine. She was very happy with this encounter with the Lord.

After a few months, Geraldine gave birth to a boy. She did not wait long to tell people that her child is called Samuel. The child grew up to be a servant of the Light. He was helped by his grandfather, MARIUS who was a good man. The Light had sent him to his grandfather for spiritual help before he reached a certain age to do his mission.

Geraldine, who carefully kept her precious notebook with the notes on the Lord’s revelations about her son, the signatures and the Lord’s name, Geraldine gave the notebook to Samuel when he was an adult. Samuel did some research on Oscar Ernst. He found some of the Lord’s teachings and pamphlets which he found interesting to read.


The Lord met a German couple in a wedding ceremony. The couple had a twelve-year-old boy. NORMAND was a quiet boy at birth. His father JEFREY was a leader in a Christian community that gathered people for certain activities. At birth, the boy was given the name Norman.

At the age of ten, during a community ceremony, the boy’s name was changed from Normand to JOSEPH. After some time of being named Joseph, his parents began to notice changes in the normally quiet boy. He had strange reactions, he got angry easily, and even for simple things, he was easily annoyed. At school, he did not work well. The reports that came from school were not good.

His parents did not believe what they heard about their child, a quiet, hard-working boy at school. They wondered what had made him change to violence.

He had a dual personality, sometimes he was calm, sometimes he changed his attitude suddenly and became violent towards his friends or anyone who stood next to him.

His parents could not leave him alone with people. They knew how to control the child.

When the Lord saw this couple, HE understood that they were missing the joy and they were afraid every time they moved, as they did not know how the child would react in front of people and how disturbed they would be.

The wedding ceremony went well. At the end of the ceremony, the child got up and started knocking over chairs and anything else that stood in front of him while screaming. His parents tried to stop him but he was so strong that they had difficulty controlling him and everyone became scared.

The Lord was present in the room. He was watching the child and what was happening intently. The Essentials organized to stop the boy from this violence in the room. The Guide told the Lord that the boy was influenced by negative entities. The name the boy had taken at this community ceremony, he had taken the name of a deceased agent of darkness, and it was disembodied spirts who was influencing his thoughts to make him violent.

After the Lord had received all the information about what was happening with the boy, HE prayed before acting to deliver the boy from the disembodied spirits. The Lord moved towards the boy who was moving all over the room and in all directions. The boy was now only focused on a certain space, avoiding that one from which the Lord was coming towards him. The Lord told his parents to step aside and let Him work to calm their child. The people in the room mostly knew the Lord.

When the Lord arrived beside the boy, HE called him by his real name: “Norman, Norman”. He walked slowly towards the boy and continued to call him by his real name. Gradually the boy calmed down until he was on the ground. He had dirt all over his body.

His parents wanted to join him, but the Lord forbade them.

The Lord went to the boy. HE held him by the hand and lifted him up. HE took the boy out of the room, and went with him into a vacant room. The Lord held the boy tightly to His chest as He prayed to free the boy from the disembodied spirits who were tormenting him. It did not take two minutes for the disembodied spirits to leave the boy. He looked at the Lord who told him that he was free and could act normally. He told the Lord that he was telling his parents that he was not acting according to his will, but they were only giving him medicine to calm him down during those moments when he was reacting violently.

The Lord held the boy by the hand and told him that he had attracted the disembodied person of the name he had received from the community. The boy’s parents, who were outside the room, rushed in to embrace him as the door to the room opened and the Lord and the boy came out of the room.

The Lord would then tell the boy’s parents that he was surrounded by the disembodied who was influencing him and acting in his thoughts to make him violent.

But that it was not Normand who was acting violently. He told them never to call the boy by the name of Joseph.
The boy’s parents left the community. They erased and removed Joseph’s first name from everything and from all of the boy’s documents and replaced it with Normand.

Calm had returned to the boy’s life. But it had taken a while for the boy to act normally. He was still afraid of reacting violently. He slept under the supervision of his parents. Normand’s life had changed compared to Joseph’s. His way of life had also changed with the change of names. Normand’s parents were responsible for agreeing to change his name to Joseph. The boy could not yet decide at that age. The boy’s parents had acted out of ignorance, that you have to be careful with any name you agree your children can have.

The Lord had done this for some other people who were in constant danger. The boy had become spiritually weak as the disembodied persons influenced his thoughts to make him violent. His parents did not know what was going on inside the boy that was making him violent. They were giving him medication even though the boy was not mentally ill. They went everywhere to seek help for the improvement of the boy’s health, but no change, it was the same.

The drugs the boy was taking only made him physically weak, but when he had to act under the influence of the disembodied, he became strong and violent. The Lord had prayed for all the disembodied to leave the boy’s surroundings, but there were so many that the Lord had to use His strength to cut off all the many and varied links with the boy.

After all these links had been severed, it was necessary to wait until the activities around the boy’s spirit could resume normally to allow the boy to live well.


MARX was a friend of the Lord who often came to Vomperberg during the holidays and would stay there for some time afterwards. The Lord had known Marx’s family for a long time. in which several members were readers of the Grail Message. The Lord could joke and laugh with Marx. They often talked about stories from their childhood and laughed a lot.

Marx was among those friends of the Lord with whom HE could laugh longer. There were others with whom HE smiled, but with great reserve and with teaching.

Marx once told the Lord that he thought he had already borne the name Marx in other incarnations. The Lord looked at him and smiled.

He asked Marx to sit down and talk about his incarnations. The Lord told Marx that he was incarnated five times: three times in Germany, once in France and once in Brazil as a servant on a mission of Light. Marx, who spoke with the Lord at all times, knew nothing of these things. The Lord told him that he was in a World of the Word, and that it was up to him to speak, to ask what he wanted to know about his life. Marx was incarnated in Germany and had the same first name of MARX. It was by this name of Marx that the Light found him to be spiritually vibrant.

He was amazed at these revelations about his life. The Lord told him that some people incarnate with spiritually vibrating names, and that it was possible for them to have the same name linking them to the Light in another incarnation. It is the surname that may be different, but the name is the same. This is a Grace of God. Marx was happy to know his incarnations on Earth. He died in March 1942 after a long illness.

Marx has received a Grace from God for the sixth time, he is currently incarnated in Germany, not far from Austria. He has the grace to be in a family of readers of the Grail Message. His first name is MARX. He is sent by the Lord on a mission. He is highly interested in spiritual teachings and reads the teachings of the Message without knowing that he was the friend of the Lord. There will be an occasion when his past incarnations will be revealed to him.


CLEOPATRA was a servant of a friend of the Lord in Los Angeles. The Lord knew that this name did not resonate well with the woman. She had dreams of the old days in which she found herself in dangerous situations. She would react like she did in the old days and it would worry her without knowing why. She would even go out and buy clothes from the old times without wearing them. She was living a double life without knowing why and what caused it. The Lord revealed to her her real name which was spiritually vibrant and which she was to wear in this life: HELENA.

And when the woman changed her name from Cleopatra to Helena, her whole life would also change.

Everything had changed in her life. She no longer had the dreams of the old days and she slept well. She had the ties to the name she bore in the olden days. By still bearing it in this incarnation, she had a kind of condemnation to live always like Cleopatra, whereas she had incarnated to untie the links of the past of the old times.

She had received the Grace of God to incarnate and change her way of life, but she was still bound to the old name and the old life.

She kept thanking the Lord for this revelation about her past life. She lived in joy.

Suggested Additional Reading From the Resonances 1:
Volume 40 – "…For the Sake of Another…"
"Whosoever therefore will not know my word for the sake of another, him will I not know in the hour of his need!"
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(Newly Revised Translation)

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Abdruschin, "Gross matter, Ethereal matter, Radiations, Space and Time" – The Grail Message: Lecture 66.
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