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Posted Feb. 24, 2023

Time: Make Good Use Of Your Time

– From Master John
Time is very important and precious for human beings who must think of using it wisely so that it is beneficial and useful in their lives. People’s concept of time is that it goes quickly; they see time as passing by. By thinking like this, people cannot understand what is really happening with time, and will not be able to use it in the right way for their well-being. Time is unchanging; its form is what is manifested and experienced differently at certain times of the year in different places on Earth.
Human beings need to adapt to any form of change in the weather, and be able to continue to work with these changes in the weather. This highlights the importance for human beings to take into account and respect time in their lives.
The Beyond and Earth are two different worlds with different realities that it is not possible to make a comparison between the time in these two worlds so different from each other.
You already have some knowledge about time, and there are also many teachings about time that further explain the concept of time and the need and importance of respecting time. But not exactly the right way to use and manage that time so that it is useful for your well-being. 
Without these teachings on the importance of respecting time, and the right and useful way to manage it, many people waste and squander their time on trivia when they should be making good use of it at all times by seeking to do something good, useful, and positive.
In the Beyond movement happens at a fast pace; everyone is working and there is no one sitting around doing nothing. Everyone is doing something for the Light, and there is always something to do. Everything is in action, in perpetual movement in the Beyond that it is not possible to speak of stagnation, of rest in the Beyond where everything is fast and lively, not like on Earth where there is heaviness and everything seems slow.
We make good use of time here in the Beyond by working according to it, in its reality here in the Beyond, and respecting the Law of Motion. It is like a cycle of time that we follow and respect at all times. What we do in a time frame in the reality of the Beyond is far more important than what you can imagine in your earthly reality.
Time is unchanging; we are the ones who must move, always try to do something useful in accordance with the Laws and in line with the movement that will always push us upwards. We are evolving upwards. Evolution has no end.
It is not time that follows us, but we travel in time which is immutable. We do not race against time, but we respect what the Light asks us to do at the time when it is to be done in respect of the Will of God for our own good.
The nurses in the Beyond who receive people from Earth, they have no time to rest; they are always on the move; there is no such thing as rest because people come to the Infirmary at all times. It is not that there are many nurses in the Beyond, but they work at all the time, all the time, in a way that you cannot understand. They respect the Will of God, and they understand the importance of moving, managing time, and using it in the right way. The activities in the Beyond are permanent and people work with time.
One cannot compare time in the Beyond and time on Earth because on Earth there is heaviness. Many people on Earth do not want to work or do anything that moves them. To be in motion is not just to move, to walk, but to do something that can be useful to oneself for one’s well-being and to society. A job like the one done by those who work on computers is also moving.
On Earth the realities are different. The heaviness of the human body makes it difficult for some people to move or work. They are not disabled or ill, but because they have no knowledge of the importance of time in their lives, they simply do not want to do anything. These people waste and squander time. They do not respect the Will of God that people should be able to move, to move for their own well-being. These people waste time sitting in front of the television changing channels all day or other such things that are a waste of their precious time.
There is a time of leisure, of rest, that the Light recognizes people need to have after they have done a job. But for those people who do nothing, they are wasting their time.
Human beings are incarnated on Earth to live according to the Will of God that they must accomplish on Earth as in Heaven for their well-being. For this they need to know the commandments, among which is the commandment to always be on the move, always seeking to do something useful in one’s life. 
Human beings are on Earth to evolve spiritually. To do this one must act, move, and do something useful in one’s life. Respect for time is a way of living according to God’s Laws. It is a cycle in which a person cannot work without thinking about time. The importance of time should be a concern for everyone. There is not a person who does not take time into account, and even people who do not move have a sense of time. They waste time because they do not want to move by doing something.
The Lord, when HE lived on Earth, respected time. How many people, His friends, tried to divert Him from this notion of time and yet HE always respected the time of His appointments. When HE had a problem to arrive on time for His appointments, HE arranged with the Essential Beings for something to happen to enable Him to arrive on time for His appointment. HE knew the importance of time. The stories of the Lord’s life are there to show you in the right way that the Lord respected time. He always gave His loved ones advice about time, even if there was negligence on the part of some people. He did not accept delays when they had meetings to talk about the teachings, the work of the Light. Where HE worked, HE was the one who arrived first, before the work started. At His school HE was punctual. When they wanted to go somewhere for a family meeting or to meet their relatives, it was the Lord Who reminded the members of His family of the time. They did not need to complain about the time of the appointments the family had with people because OSCAR ERNST was the One who kept track of the time it took to go to the appointments. He calculated the time His family could take using the Essential Beings and they were amazed at how the Lord knew what time they had to leave the house to get to the various appointments they might have, and how long it would take them. The Lord was highly respectful of time.
On Earth, many people waste their time on trivia. How can a person sleep for hours and hours without thinking of waking up to do something. Some people say they have nothing to do, so as to sleep. How many people read even one page of spiritual teachings and advice a day?
On this particular side of reading the spiritual teachings, there is always fatigue. To write even one page of what you have understood from the spiritual teachings is difficult for some people. But they waste their time doing something else that does not evolve spiritually.
How many people go to church every Sunday to pray to God. The church, Christian gatherings, teachings, community, and temple are not filled with people, while at events concerning other things that are not spiritual a lot of people fill the rooms. People think they are wasting their time going to church at a relative’s wedding, so they prefer to go to the halls in the evening to have fun dancing and drinking. But it is the people who take their time to dance and drink who waste time. They waste time on trivia that does not elevate them spiritually.
How many people, after a party, have danced, drunk, and felt bad afterwards. A person who goes to church with the idea of praying to God, by opening himself to the Light, he or she can receive God’s Blessing. But the person who goes to bars spends his or her money, energy, and time in places that do not vibrate spiritually. Many people waste their time in places that do not have a positive vibration. They go to these places only to enjoy themselves by pleasing only their bodies. There is a time for work and a time for leisure, but you should choose the leisure that you can do instead of wasting your time going to different places to please your body; you are wasting your time. Take plenty of time to do something that allows you to attract a good vibration. Make your time valuable. Do not waste time on trivia. An hour of reading and more reading gives you an opening to the Light. You attract a good vibration around you.


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