Transmitted on January 5, 2022.
Posted on January 7, 2022.


| Stories on the adverse effect of December 31 on Lord Abdruschin every year that HE was here on Earth

– From Master John

The Light in Its Love for human beings always wants and seeks to help them in one way or another to have a good life, and for their spiritual evolution. God wants human beings to have the help that they need and which is necessary and useful for them to lead a way of life in thoughts, words and deeds, in conformity with the Will of God, which is the set of His Laws that govern everything in Creation and which has only one purpose: to help human beings to have a good life and to evolve spiritually.

Since the deviation of human beings from the path of the Light due to their fall into sin, it is not easy for them to understand and recognize the action of God’s Laws in their lives, in order to lead a way of life in conformity with these Laws and to find themselves on the path of Truth. There are those who think that the path of the Light of Truth is easy, and every time they try to take this path of Truth and they encounter obstacles, traps, and all kinds of dangers that they have to face and overcome, they get discouraged, give up, and abandon this path.

Many lack the necessary teachings and knowledge about the various obstacles and dangers they will have to face in their lives, in order to be on this path of the Light of Truth. These teachings would prepare them to know and know how to face these difficulties, obstacles and dangers in order to overcome or avoid them and to be able to continue on their way. These difficulties cause many people to abandon their very good initial intention to struggle in their lives to follow the path of the Light of Truth.

You have spiritual teachings that transmit to you, human beings, those teachings that impart to you the knowledge that you need to know and that help you with what you need to know and practice in order to be in the service of the Light and to be on the path to the Light of Truth. Those human beings who want to be in the service of the Light often do not expect and do not prepare themselves for the difficulties they will have to face on this path to the Light of Truth, so they get discouraged and give up.

Some people might go forward, but the moment they are in front of an obstacle they retreat, instead of resisting and fighting so as to have much more strength to go forward, but these people backslide not to go forward again, and they even fall into a hole from which they will not manage to get out and find the way back to the Light of Truth. Many even go so far as to go completely astray and will not want to hear about the Word of God.

Whether or not one goes astray from the path of the Light of Truth depends on oneself. The Light gives to each person many graces enabling him or her to go towards the path of the Light of Truth, but only few have the firm will to make the necessary efforts to follow this path of the Light of Truth to the end.

The accomplishment of one’s mission must be one’s goal and objective in incarnating on earth, especially those who have knowledge of the True Word of Light, which helps to understand the Will and Laws of God. They know and have knowledge of what they must do to be strong and not fall into the snares of darkness.

One who is aware of what he/she is doing will know how to distinguish between what is good and what is bad during his/her existence on earth. No matter where and in what situation a human being finds oneself, it is always possible for everyone to see and know how to act well, even though there are agents of darkness everywhere who do everything to prevent the possibility and the opportunity to act well; they block the way for those who want to act well. But this cannot prevent those who are convinced of the Word of God from seeing how to act well.

Intuition, which is the inner voice, is at work in those who want to act and who act well, to help them in their goodwill to act well. Thus one always finds in families, in homes, someone who can and wants to do good and who is able to help others who are not on a right path. But not all of them are often heard, some of them are rejected for their good intention to help.

To be on a good path that leads to the path of the Light of Truth is not easy, you have to hold on. Whenever something happens to you on your path, do not take too much account of what is happening around you as you may become discouraged and not move forward. Turn your gaze to the Light that has laid out a good path for you. Every person who incarnates on earth already has a path laid out for him/her by the Light, a path which he/she must find, follow and which places him/her on the path of the Light of Truth. It is the various difficulties, the obstacles, the traps, the seductions of the evil one that are among those factors that make human beings deviate from the path that leads to the Light of Truth.

The year 2021 was a year of numerous problems in the lives of people throughout the world. There are people who have been led astray from the path to the Light of Truth by obstacles and traps set for them by darkness and its agents. Many who have fallen into the snares of darkness have lost their lives. The Light gives grace to human beings to incarnate on earth to do the Will of God by leading a way of life that conforms to the Laws of God. But when the Light sees the many people who leave their bodies early for the Beyond without having accomplished their mission, it is sadness that we feel for those people who die early. These many people who died during this year 2021, it was not in the Will of God.


After going through difficult times in your life, this should challenge people to think about the Will of God that gave each person the Grace to continue to live, otherwise many more people would have lost their lives, but they had the protection of the Light, and that always for some reason the Light protects people.

It is not because you are clever that the darkness has not succeeded in hurting you, but it is always for some reason that you must seek to know and understand.

Each person must be able to take stock of this year 2021 which has just passed, a particularly difficult and hard year for many in your world. Each one will see in his/her life what was an obstacle, an impediment for him/her in one’s will to advance on the path of the Light of Truth.

The Light of Truth shines everywhere. You may ignore it, but you must not believe that what you do wrong the Light does not see. You are destroying yourself by behaving contrary to the Will of God which governs all Creation.

You must not think that the Light sees and takes into account only your good words, your good intentions, while you do not act well according to the teachings of the Holy Word.

Many more people sin especially and most often in their thoughts, and this in spite of their beautiful speech. But when we see the thoughts they emit, we see them participating in various crimes, including those that take people’s lives with their evil thoughts. Almost everyone wants to be spoken well of but, when you see the real life that these people lead, you can discover that it is contrary to what they outwardly display. Everyone can take stock of the past year and look at what was not done well in order to improve it in the new year that has just begun.

The Light acts to bless those people who have the firm will to do good and follow the path of the Light of Truth. People should not seek to make and follow their own path, but follow that of the Light of Truth. The Light only gives teachings, advice and warnings that help to understand and find the true path to take for the well-being and spiritual evolution of each person. The decision is therefore up to the human being to choose to do the Will of God or to follow his/her own path which can lead him/her to damnation.

To have the Grace of God for another year in your life is good, you appreciate that, but know that any Grace of God you receive is always for some reason that you are able to know.

The Light appreciates those people who devote their time at the end of the year to meditation and prayer.

It is a Grace of God that you are alive; you should not waste this time on distraction, on trivia, but rather do something positive that shows your willingness to be only on the path of the Light of Truth. Servants of the Light on mission must learn more than one lesson from this teaching of the Light.




On 31 December 1875, the Lord’s mother, Theresa, woke up as usual to prepare food for the family. The child, the Lord, was still fast asleep in His bed. Theresa noticed at some point that the child had slept longer than usual, as HE normally woke up often at the slightest noise of people.

Theresa went to see the child in the room, picked him up, and when she touched Him Theresa felt that the child’s body was warm. The family had a doctor who was not far from their house, so Theresa sent one of her sons to get the doctor to come and see the child who was warm.

The doctor arrived and found that HE had a high fever. Theresa wanted to know the cause of the fever, but the doctor told her that he could see nothing wrong, and that it might be due to the effect of the weather on the child’s health which had raised the body temperature. He asked Theresa to give the child plenty of water, and if it did not change, to contact him. Theresa heeded the family doctor’s advice carefully, the child was well looked after that day. His mother and sister took turns to look after him and carry him at all times. The fever gradually subsided until it disappeared after three days.

From the 31st of December of the year the Lord was born, when HE was only a few months old, until He left the earth, HE was not well every 31st of December. HE had discomfort every day of December 31 of every year. It was something that had become like a routine for the Lord, who knew that on the 31st of December HE was not well. HE could do anything to be in a good mood on that day at the end of the year, but deep down HE knew that it was not a good day for HIM.

It was only at a certain age of adulthood that HE would become aware of what was going on so that HE would not feel well on the last day of every year since his birth. HE learned many things from His Guides who accompanied Him in His mission on earth.


When the Lord was two years old, Theresa, His mother, bought Him a pair of knickers that were a little long. The knickers went down to His knees, and He could put on His high socks that reached to His knees where the knickers stopped so that His legs were covered.

As the family was going to meet for the New Year’s Eve party on 31 December, Theresa bought HIM another outfit for the event. And, at the age of two, HE was already choosing the clothes that HE wanted to have on HIM.

On December 31, 1877, everyone in the family had been given new clothes for the family gathering, for the end of the year party, but the Lord demanded that HE wear His knickers which HE liked very much, which made His mother angry with HIM. HE cried until HE had a headache.

After HE had calmed down, His mother noticed that the child was calmer than usual. HE went to sleep on the floor in a corner of the house, and when his sister took him to bed, she noticed that HE was hot, he had a temperature. She gave HIM medicine for the fever. Because of this, Theresa did not go to her husband’s family gathering, but preferred to have stayed with her son who had a high fever at home.

His father was angry about what happened to the celebration of this feast, which was not held because of the unrest among some family members. There was total disorder and people had scattered to go home. Theresa was glad she had not gone with her child who had a high fever.

The next day, the Lord was well, but HE still refused the clothes that his mother bought for HIM.


The Lord was eight years old. He often went to his uncle’s house for the holidays. That year, He went to His uncle’s at the end of the year. His father used to send His brother to pick Him up and return home. The Lord often enjoyed being at His uncle’s farm to stay with the animals, even though there were workers on that farm.

On December 30, the Lord was at His uncle’s house on the farm, HE did not know that there was a nail on the ground. HE stomped on this very sharp and solid nail which penetrated one of His shoes into His foot. HE was in great pain, and moved to stand somewhere to see what had happened and what HE could do. The Essentials who were with HIM told Him that HE was going to be in pain, because the nail had also penetrated His foot.

The Lord did not want to stay on the farm but to go to His uncle to tend to Him. His uncle treated Him, but His foot still did hurt and He could not walk well. On the morning of December 31, HE was still not feeling well, HE had a fever, even though it was the day of his father’s family New Year’s celebration.

Very early in the morning of December 31, His brother arrived to take Him to His uncle’s house, but he found that the Lord had a bandage on His foot and that HE could not walk well. His brother left HIM at His uncle’s house and went home alone.

The Essentials were with HIM but they were not yet acting. It was only after the Lord’s brother returned that the Essentials would act. They blew on the Lord’s wound and he felt good afterwards.

But in order not to draw His uncle’s attention to Himself, HE preferred to stay with the bandage for a few days while wearing His shoes.


At ten years old, the Lord knew how to take His medicine on His own, without the help of His mother who would just supervise but not at all times. HE monitored His medicines and when they were finished HE informed His mother, who went to the family doctor for more. But sometimes the Lord forgot to tell His mother that the amount of medicine she had left would not be enough for the holiday season. He knew that there was still some medicine left.

On the morning of December 31, He woke up with a headache. He went to take His medicine without paying much attention to see that some other important medicines were missing. HE kept calm so as not to worry His mother. HE had discomforts all that day, but the Essentials around HIM did everything to distract HIM so that HE would not think too much about these discomforts and believe Himself to be sick. HE stayed a few days without taking certain medicines and waited until the doctor’s office opened to inform His mother of the need for certain medicines.

In actual fact, from the first December 31 after the Lord’s birth and during all the days of December 31 of every year that followed, until His departure from the earth, something was going on in the Lord’s health that caused Him to be always sick on that date of December 31 of every year.

He did not always understand what was going on with His health at the end of each year, especially on December 31st. This began to worry Him to such an extent that He could not plan anything for the end of the year. He therefore resolved to stay home alone every year on December 31st, when His family went elsewhere for the year-end celebrations.

HE refused to go because HE was afraid of getting sick during these big family festivities, so HE preferred to stay at home. This was the explanation HE gave to His father as to why He was not present at the festivities on December 31st.

His father told the family that Oscar Ernst’s health was poor during the cold season and that HE often fell ill, and that to avoid this, HE preferred to stay at home. His mother was not happy that HE stayed home alone. And yet HE was not alone, HE was with the Essentials who were many by His side, and HE could go for walks outside.


During the Festival of the Radiant Star, people came in great numbers for the Festival. The Lord woke up very early in the morning to pray for the Festival to go well. HE protected everyone who came to the Mountain for the celebration of the Festival. HE prayed for all the readers of the Message who were aware of what was happening on this day of the Festival of the Radiant Star.

On the 31st of December, HE woke up in the morning and went to His little house of prayer to pray for this day of the end of the year. The Lord was not well on this day of the end of the year and for this reason HE stayed in His house because of some discomfort that prevented Him from spending His day normally.

It was at a certain age when HE began to communicate with His Guides that HE also began to receive the teachings, about what was happening on that day at the end of each year that made HIM not feel well.

On December 31 of that year we are addressing here, the Lord had very strong choking sensations that made Him feel so uncomfortable that He thought He was sick.

HE heard His Guide asking HIM to communicate with HIM. His Guide would then tell HIM that December 31, which is the last day of the year, is a dark day for humanity. The Light sees this day as a day when all bad things are done on earth. It is a dark day for anyone who is accompanied by the Power of the Light and who believes in the Light Force.

His Guide also explained to HIM the reason for this choking sensation that HE had and which made Him almost sick. The Guide told HIM that it is a teaching for HIM, that it is the effect in HIM of His reaction to what is happening on earth that is very bad on this day of the end of the year that was choking HIM. People were behaving contrary to the Will of God so that everything is blocked in HIM, that even the Force of Light in HIM cannot act as it should because everything is so dark in humanity. It is this feeling of suffocation that can affect and be felt by the servants of the Light in reaction to what is happening on this New Year’s Day in humanity. The Light Force that accompanies the servants in their mission is blocked, contained within them by this dark atmosphere that covers humanity.

This Force, which human beings received to help in their various problems, by sending it to them, cannot act.
The Lord, Who is THE SON OF MAN, felt sick and could not feel comfortable on this dark day of the earth. HE would feel very uncomfortable to the point of even feeling sick. The Light would do everything so that HE would not be affected, and not be influenced greatly by what was happening in the world on this last day of the end of the year. With all the Force that He had in HIM, HE must have felt something repulsive in HIM that made HIM very uncomfortable.

Here in the Beyond, we see this last day of the end of the year as one of the darkest days of humanity. There is a black layer covering the earth on this day. Human beings do not think of the Great Festival of the Radiant Star and the teachings related to that Festival for good behaviour. The earth is covered with a different colouring on this 31st of December, the last day of the end of the year. All is quiet, everywhere in the Beyond as we think of what is happening on earth.

From that moment that the Lord had knowledge of what was happening on the last day of the end of a year, HE had even more discomfort than when HE was ignorant of it and did not know exactly the causes of the discomfort and sickness HE had before the 31st of December of every year end.

HE stayed at home, quiet and in prayer. HE could not do much that day, HE saw how the darkness had control over the people. HE would stay in His little house for a long time to concentrate on other things instead of staying outside the house thinking about what is going on. HE DID NOT EVEN GO FOR A WALK SO THAT HE WOULD NOT SEE SOME OF THE THINGS THAT WERE HAPPENING ON THIS DAY AT THE END OF THE YEAR.
HE has sadness for all that happens in the world on the last day of the year.

The Lord enjoyed teaching people on the first day of the year. HE wanted to help people at the beginning of the year, to help them follow the path that leads to the Light of Truth. HE used to pray EVERYWHERE on the first day of the new year. HE would gather in quietness to send the Force everywhere in the world.

When HE was at the Mountain, HE would gather himself to ask the Force of Light to accompany people in their journey towards the path of the Light of Truth. It was a day of joy for HIM, after a difficult day at the end of the year.
HE might have some discomfort from time to time on January 01, but HE wanted to have a good vibration around HIM to bring joy to other people. Illness could not stop HIM from doing HIS mission or what HE wanted to help human beings.

The Lord used to eat more fruits on the first day of the year. People who knew Him well could bring Him fruit of all kinds. HE had learned this habit one day during His conversation with the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER who often came to give HIM teachings and advices on the good ways to behave, to act. And to have good health, HE received advice from the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER. He could also go to the Infirmary in the Beyond for his health and also when he had a blood problem.

You have experienced many difficulties in the past year. The Lord is with you in this new year that has just begun. Stay always connected to the Light, which is your support and protection. There is only one path, the path of the Light of Truth. The one who goes on this path of Truth is with the Lord who is the TRUTH. May blessing and grace abound in your life. I address those who believe in the Will of God, who respect His Laws in their lives. The teachings of the Message are not only a gift from the Light but a gift from God to every person who lives by the teachings of the Message in thought, word and deed.

There will always be difficulties in life, but live in the present, think of doing better and to always remain in the service of the Light.

Servants on mission, you must not give up when you know that you are on mission and that you can do something; carry out an action that is within the framework of serving the Light on earth.

People who say “Lord, Lord” must seek to act according to the Will of God. You have the Force that can help you to put yourself at the service of the Light. Act well instead of standing idly by or going in circles, when you should be thinking at all times of moving forward, always thinking of doing something for your spiritual evolution.

You who are on the right path, the path of the Light of Truth, I am together with you in whatever you think to do to serve the Light. Be strong and confident in your conviction to the Light. God is with you. Strength and Courage.

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I have often been told, that in everything I offer only the core, which is not so easily comprehensible to the large general public. But I cannot help it if I want to present everything I have to say....Others will come who can write one or more books from each of my lectures.
Abdruschin, "Gross matter, Ethereal matter, Radiations, Space and Time" – The Grail Message: Lecture 66.
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Readers of the Grail Message do have the Teachings of the Lord which should help us to act well in any situation that arises in front of us, in our lives. But often the Principals and Spiritual Helpers can see how people do not act on this knowledge when they find themselves in a situation where they have to use their knowledge to get by.

For humanity to begin to grasp and live these never-before-given teachings in their purity so as to act well, therefore, there has be a shift in our mindset, which shapes our backgrounds of interpretation. A reprogramming of our subconscious (awakening) mind*, which in our awakening convictions has so far caused distortions and resulting confusion in the experiencing of many things in our lives.

It is with the joy in seeing our present human spiritual awakening that Master John offers these teachings, to help ALL humanity lift its mindset in the splendour of its pure form, so as to know how to behave rightly in given situations. Teachings that provide answers to questions that can help us in connecting our subconscious mind to its highest knowing: intuitive intelligence. In so doing, we give opening to the Light and no longer to grope in darkness in looking downward to our conscious (reasoning) mind – the lower personal "ego" which, in never coming to the point of experiencing spiritually therefore knows nothing, never truly lives ___
* The ability to think creatively and to understand concepts depend on our awareness factor termed the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind that all our mental processes take place – without consciousness. Every thought we generate immediately takes on a form that embodies the expression that gives meaning of the thought in the subconscious mind. As we conceive a thought, the subconscious mind accepts, affirms, and advances with certainty the suggestion it receives whether the reciprocation is good or bad. As the edifice of order, judgement and reciprocity, therefore, the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal programming that forms our beliefs, memories of experience, judgments and habits; in other words, it forms our mindset.

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