Posted on July 10, 2021.

Is sickness an obstacle to a Light mission?

By Master John

Illness can never be an obstacle or hindrance to a servant of the Light in the accomplishment of his or her spiritual mission on earth. The servants who have a mission of the Light, they are all accompanied by the Force of the Light to help them in their mission.

Once on earth, many of these servants are not immediately aware that they are servants of the Light. Some may find themselves carrying out certain actions in their lives that they do not know are part of their Light mission on earth.

Illness cannot be an obstacle, an impediment to a servant on a mission in the accomplishment of his spiritual mission on earth. Illness affects the physical body, but not the spirit. When a servant is sent on a mission of Light, he is provided and equipped with everything he needs and will need to accomplish his mission of Light on earth. Servants are not sent on missions to fail in their missions, but to accomplish their missions.

Even the circumstances of the place, environment and location of ones incarnation on earth are taken into account, and nothing can stand in the way of the mission of a servant who is prepared in every way and for every situation he or she faces in life.

Servants may be sent to be born into families with different health or other histories or otherwise, some into families that have a hereditary disease, or into a family where they will catch a disease that was already in the family of their birth.

The Light alone knows why it sends certain servants to incarnate in these conditions and in these places where they will have to face certain problems of different kinds. It is no accident, then, that a servant is incarnated in a family with a hereditary disease, a disability, or some other such history.

Some have a karma that they must redeem. For that, the Light sends them to incarnate, to be born, in precise circumstances, in those families where the conditions are favourable for them to redeem their faults. Many people ask themselves why they were born with a handicap. In all these cases there is always a reason behind the Laws of the Light leading them to incarnate in a particular family. But whatever the reason, it is for the benefit of the person.

The mother is the first responsible for each birth, for it is she who serves as the Bridge that receives the spirit being incarnated on earth. The man also has a responsibility for the children born into the family, but the greatest responsibility lies with the mother who is the first to receive the spirit to be born into the family, and who must be aware of this in order to seek to know her duties.

Illness cannot be an obstacle in the lives of human beings, in general. It is not only the servants who have a mission, but everyone.

The Light does not send people to earth for no reason, but to do something that the human being must seek to know and is able to know and understand.

No one is supposed to ignore the Law. Every human being must think and seek to understand his or her place in God's wonderful Creation, to understand God's Will is to know his or her place and role in Creation. All of creation is the language of the Creator, in addition to this you have the spiritual teachings that help to understand the Laws of God that give meaning to everything, to life.

The greatest concern of every human being must be to seek to recognize and understand the Will of God, which is the set of His Perfect, Immutable, incorruptible, Just Laws that govern all Creation in a self-acting manner. This knowledge and understanding of the Laws of God must not remain only at the theoretical, intellectual level. The human being must put these laws into practice in his or her life, make them come alive, make them a living experience in order to have this understanding based on living experience and which gives knowledge.

Seeking to know in order to understand and practice in ones life the Will of God must be the greatest concern of the human being. Theoretical knowledge of spiritual teachings without their practice is useless. One must do the Will of God, not study them like those children in school who only study their lessons to get good marks, but after the exams they forget everything.

There are people who know the teachings of the Word by heart, but they do not live a life according to these Laws. Servants must be the first and foremost examples in their lives of those who practice the Word that they pass on to people. It is not good for a servants on mission to be hypocrites who do not practice what they pass on to people who need the Word in their lives.

You have Judges in the Beyond who have knowledge of what each one did on earth, servant of the Light or not, whether this person respected the Will or not when he or she lived on earth. The servants will see on the giant screens everything they did on earth in great detail, and even everything they did in secret while on mission on earth.

Read of such testimonies in the book: "The Death Process & Beyond".

Once they stand before the Judges in the Afterlife, the servants who had not done their mission on earth, they will see all the opportunities that had been presented to them and which they will recognize but had not seized to act. It is so obvious that there will be no room for any excuse of illness or anything else that would have caused servants not to do their mission.

Certainly, that there are those illnesses that do not allow servants to do certain things. The occurrence of those diseases that disturb and make servants uncomfortable and may limit them in what they can do.

It is the physical body that is disturbed but not the mind and thoughts.

A mission is also done in thoughts, as well as words and deeds.

Many servants do not go on their mission with the reason that their health is not good, that they are suffering from several diseases of which they do not know the origin.

Darkness always watches and attacks any servant of the Light to prevent them from being aware of their mission and to do it, and some have blockages since they are incarnated on earth. The darkness recognizes those servants who have a spiritual mission and attacks them as soon as they are born. These attacks are made in many ways, but all have the same objective of destroying the servants, rendering them unfit and driving them away from even thinking of anything spiritual.

But, in spite of all this, the servants are still able to make the necessary efforts that will enable them to understand and recognize these manoeuvres of darkness. Then they will pull themselves together to defend themselves in order to get out of whatever state they find themselves in and to act according to the Word of God.

Every servant on a mission of the Light on earth has received the power of the Light to accompany him or her on this mission. Those who know that they are on a mission must not stand idly by, they must think at all times of doing something and let the power they have received from the Light be used in their mission to help people. When you do not use the Force of the Light you are wasting it.

A servant must not live like everyone else as he or she is watched at all times by the agents of darkness, and must remain connected to the Light for his or her protection. A servant of the Light has the mission to help everyone without exception, and which is not appreciated by the agents of darkness. The darkness always attacks the servants in many ways, but all these attacks have one purpose: to prevent the servant of the Light on a mission from doing his or her mission. One of these is the unexplained illnesses from which many servants suffer, the causes and even the kind of which are unknown and difficult to detect easily.

As soon as a servant focuses his thoughts on the spiritual mission for which he is sent and lives on earth, a mission which is always to seek to help everyone in some way, with such thoughts the servant is connected to the Light and activates the Force that is within him.

Those servants who suffer from those diseases for which no remedy can give them healing, they had better pray to the Light to help them, since a hand of the darkness is certainly laid upon them so that they may not receive healing.

The darkness and its agents are very clever and know very well what they are doing in its smallest details. Even in the case of these attacks on servants on missions to prevent servants and people from doing good. But every servant on a mission or anyone who connects to the Light in thought, word and deed, attracts to himself the Force of the Light which will protect him from any attack of the darkness.

Illness can never be an obstacle in the life of servants. The Lord lived with an illness of the heart, but HE was always joyful. He did most of his work with the greatest discretion.

When God sends you on a mission, you receive God's strength, grace and protection. You have nothing to fear. Just tune into the Light, and you will see the action of God's Hand upon you in your life.

Servants must have conviction, trust in God, Who sends them on missions, and have perseverance and patience. The Light can work in the same way in people who think they are living according to spiritual teachings and guidance.

God is Love, it is human beings who must seek to recognize the Will of God, which they must respect in their lives so that the Hand of God which is upon them acts in their lives.

Whatever happens to you, hand it over to the Light who sends you on a mission and who also has a part in any work you do to help people. Above all do not lose faith when you do not feel well and illness and suffering persist. The Light does its work in its own time, and according to ITSELF.

Conviction, trust in the Light, perseverance and patience.


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