Posted on July 16, 2021.
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Mission of Light, Servant of Light, Being at the Service of the Light

Every human being has a mission, a role to play in God's wonderful Creation. God did not create human beings and give them the Grace to be incarnated on Earth to do nothing. Every human being who receives from God His Grace to be incarnated on Earth must know that it is to do something and, whatever it is, it must be in conformity with the Will of God, and to help human beings, humanity, in one way or another for the wellbeing, to each ones spiritual evolution, and for a better world.

Every human being who is on earth has received the Grace of God who has sent him or her to do something, for a purpose that every human being is able to know, to understand and which is always in conformity with the Laws of God that govern all Creation and function self-actively.

No human being is on Earth to do nothing or is on any pilgrimage.

The Light is immeasurable Love, which is at the same time Perfect and Incorruptible Justice, Omniscient! In creating human beings, the Light, in Its Omniscience, provides all the help that they will need in every situation of their lives so that they find the right way to do, act or react that is in conformity with the Laws of God, for their good, their spiritual evolution. It is always important to stress that this right way of doing, acting or reacting concerns thoughts, words and not only visible acts.

The Graces that God gives to the human being to lead a good way of life on earth in accordance with the Laws of God, these Graces, the human being encounters in his life through multiple and diverse occasions, circumstances and opportunities that are carefully placed by the Laws of God in ones life on earth in the different incarnations.

All of this contribute to helping people evolve spiritually, the spiritual evolution which is the logical consequence of living in accordance with the Will of God. In order to be able to carry out ones mission and evolve spiritually, a human being needs to untie past ties that restrain and place a brake on his or her spiritual evolution.

Those who have karma must act to untie it, although this is not easy for everyone.

In their present spiritual state, human beings have found it difficult, and have made it almost impossible, to understand the process of the work and operation of the Laws of God in their lives. But the Grace of God to help human beings to understand the process of the work of the Light that concerns them, to which they are subjected, which they follow without understanding or knowing it, this Grace of God to human beings is always present in their lives, and in many different ways.

Every mission of the Light must be carried out in accordance with the Laws of God in one's life, and this also means putting oneself at the service of the Light.

"THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" is the Lord's Prayer. Doing God's Will is the mission of everyone.

Every human being is incarnated on earth to do God's will, to respect God's laws at every moment of ones life. Such human beings nourish their spirit, which will open and facilitate their understanding of the teachings of the Word and also of the importance of putting themselves at the service of God in their lives. They will come to understand that it is in action, in the way they live that they can say that they are at the service of God.

The teachings of the Word explain and give that knowledge which human beings lack and which they need to understand what they experience and do not understand for lack of satisfactory explanation. These teachings of the Word help human beings to understand, and also to know how they should act in life in order to be pleasing to God, for their good, the salvation of their soul and a better world.

The Light does not give Grace to people to waste their precious time in things that are not pleasing to God. If someone has been given the Grace to incarnate, it is always to do something pleasing to God and beneficial to human beings.

To serve the Light is also to do a mission of the Light, to act in your life according to the Word of God, you follow and respect the teachings of the Word of God in every moment of your life in thoughts, words and deeds. Do the Will of God on earth as it is in heaven!

Government institutions, the various companies on earth, also send their workers on missions in which these workers are given specific instructions on what they will do in their mission. They are in the service of the company and must understand the instructions that help them to do their mission well.

Every human being is on Earth to do the Will of God, to follow and respect the Laws of God. In incarnating on earth, human beings are unaware of the great work done by the Light to find them a family in which all the conditions are met for their good, for rectifying some of their faults and for their spiritual evolution. It is not by chance that a being is born in certain precise and particular circumstances into a given family. There is always a reason that is always for the good and the evolution of the human being, even if he or she does not know it.

The mother to whom God gives the Grace to receive a child through her Bridge of Reception of Children into her family, that mother is the first responsible for those children, and she has a mission to properly raise and educate any spirit that uses her Bridge to incarnate on earth. This responsibility extends to a certain age of the child.

The mother must have love for her children and give them a good education in accordance with the right way of life, the Laws of God. In doing so, the mother is doing a mission of the Light, she is serving the Light that has sent her children.

She has a mission from God which is in her responsibility to raise and educate the children well according to the Will of God who has provided her with the necessary gifts for this. The man also has a mission to help the woman in her great responsibility for the children by taking on everything that the woman cannot do. He will supplement the woman's work with what is missing and needed for the well-being of the family. He must have more love for his family.

A Special Mission of Light

Every human being has a mission, something to do on earth. But there are some who are incarnated, sent on a "special" mission. These are servants of the Light, chosen by the Light to be in the service of the Light, and this is different from other people.

These servants sent on mission begin their mission in the family into which they were born. They must respect the Will and the Laws of God. But apart from this mission, which is for everyone, they have received a special mission from the Light to help human beings in their spiritual evolution.

For the servants sent on the mission of the Light, their work is to make known the Will and the Laws of God. To do this, they proceed through these teachings which help to understand the Laws of God, their expression, their functioning, their action, their effects and impacts in the life of the human being.

These servants receive, in the Beyond and before being incarnated on Earth, the necessary training to be able to help human beings to understand the Laws of God. These teachings received in the Beyond are in what we call the "Memory Box" of each servant on mission. The Light sends these servants everywhere, to different places where they will act as servants of the Light, whatever their occupation, trade or profession. The servants of the Light are to be found everywhere on earth, but not all of them are on mission.

The Light is immeasurable Love which is also Perfect and Incorruptible Justice.

Lost Servants On Missions of Light

There are also servants of the Light on a mission on the street, working as prostitutes. They find themselves in this situation for many different reasons, for each of them. There are servants of the Light whom we call "Daughter" who are also "Channels" of the Light and who find themselves in prostitution. They are unaware that they are Daughters and Channels. But deep down they feel they do not belong, and they even feel, dream, and have thoughts of doing something to help people, but for personal reasons they back down and do not act on what they feel.

There are also servants of the Light on mission who are stuck among those people who take drugs, bandits, criminals, thieves, in all walks of life.

Read the testimony of Jacques, a serial killer: Chap.11,The Death Process & Beyond".

Most are unaware that they are servants on a mission, but sometimes they feel a kind of longing to do good, but they feel a block in doing so. Some regret a lot after doing harm, but they do it again every time an opportunity arises.

They are not on the right path, the one they were meant to be on the way to the Light. They are lost for many reasons.
But know that the Light does not abandon servants on a mission. The Light acts in many ways to help these lost servants find the right path, the path of the LIGHT OF TRUTH.

The Light can work in such a way that servants can find themselves in places that they cannot understand how and why they are there. There are also those servants who are trained and prepared for a mission to help people who are in difficult situations. Some of these servants may find themselves among the same category of people who they are on a mission to help, they will live like them and among them without knowing that they are servants on a mission.

They need to have hard and bad experiences from which they will learn and then help those who are stuck in the situation they have just left.

This is how we can find servants on a homeless mission who, despite being in this situation, behave differently and feel a strong need to help others who are like them on the street.

There are also those who have not behaved correctly and find themselves homeless and on the street. The Light has many ways of passing on teachings to servants who do not respect the Will and Laws of God.

Some servants find themselves in certain difficult and hard situations in order to experience them, to take the right path afterwards, that of the Truth, without remaining long in the service of darkness.

Learn from whatever you are going through. Whatever difficult situation you find yourself in, turn to God. The Light does not abandon the servants of the Light on mission on earth. It is the servants on mission who turn away from the path of the Light to follow other doctrines of evil.

A servant of the Light must live in his or her world and not follow the world. One cannot follow what people are doing which may be an obstacle to ones mission.

Know that everyone who is incarnated on earth must think of serving the Light in ones way of life, which must be in accordance with the Laws of God. True love of neighbour must occupy a great place in the hearts of people. It is an invaluable aid to many things in your life. A good vibration around you attracts the Force of Light.


Are you aware of your mission?
If you're not sure…


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