Posted on July 23, 2021.
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MARTINA was a young girl who enjoyed life too much. She had a messy life, by dating a string of different men. Once she got pregnant, she never considered keeping the child but always aborted it so that she could continue her messy life with different men. She was beautiful and she thought that having a child would prevent her from continuing the life she so much enjoyed, dating so many different men. Abortion was the solution regardless of the consequences of this act against the Law of God.

She changed hospitals and clinics for her many different abortions, claiming that she could not take care of the children.

Later in life, she met a man who she agreed to marry.

Martina stayed with this man for a long time without having a child, which made her cry about the impossibility of conceiving a child. She did not tell her husband about the many abortions she had had in her life. She even prayed for God's Grace to have a child. She had forgotten and did not even think that she had done numerous acts of abortion against the Will of God.

She had the Grace of God to conceive on several different occasions, but for her own reasons, she rejected the souls that wanted to use her Bridge to incarnate and to be born on earth.

Martina died without having a child. She had reaped what she had sown in evil and which was the consequence of having refused to welcome those souls who wanted to use her Bridge to incarnate on earth. While she had these opportunities, she wanted first of all to rejoice and enjoy the life she was leading, by aborting, unaware of the consequences of this act contrary to the Law of God.

After she had detached from her body, after her death, Martina felt extremely heavy, she could not move about normally, and not quickly either. This heaviness she felt in and on herself was the weight of all those souls she had aborted while still living on earth.

Her journey into the Afterlife, which was just as slow as the heaviness she had and felt within her, would ultimately lead her to a village that was empty of people. What she could see in this village were the bodies of babies torn to pieces on the ground along the way. Babies that were all dead and their bodies cut into small pieces and with blood splattered all over the ground. It was a macabre sight to see the bodies of the babies in pieces littering the ground and also giving off an unbearable stench that Martina could not escape.

There was no place she could put her feet without stepping on or trampling on the body parts of those babies that were all over her path in the village she had to cross.

She could not stop or deviate, but had to keep walking.

At first she walked without saying anything, but in the end she felt so sorry that she began to cry for the Grace of God for her many abortions. She fell to the ground and asked God for forgiveness for her wrongdoing.

After a while, she found herself in another place on her way to the Afterlife.

She went forward and found herself in front of a river. But instead of water, it was a river full of blood that flowed like water. She looked around, there was no other place she could go or pass, she had no choice but to cross this river to the other side and continue her journey.

When she put her feet in the river with the idea of walking and crossing the river, she felt such a heaviness in her feet that she could not lift them, they were as if they were stuck, and yet it was blood that was of such consistency as to block her feet and prevent her from walking. The river was full of the blood of the many babies she had aborted while still living on earth.

She wanted to make an effort to walk quickly, but she could not. With great pain and effort she was barely able to move one foot in front of the other, to walk through this blood in this river of blood to reach the other side. She had to walk for a considerable long time to cross this river. Martina could not stand the smell of the blood she was in for so long.

She found herself on the other side of the river only after she admitted her fault that her abortions were crimes.

She would later go on to other places where she would have to live with the consequences of her other wrongs and then before the Judges of the Beyond. Martina could only weep, for having disobeyed God during her life on Earth.

When Martina returned to her home in the Afterlife, there was blood all over the walls.

The Laws of God work for everyone without exception and for everything you do in thought, word and deed in every moment of your life, all of which you will encounter and reap after your detachment from your body at your physical death. There is no place to hide from the Light. Everything you do in your life is accounted for by the Laws of God in its every detail and you will reap it after death.

Martina had wanted to live her life freely, to do what she wanted without being prevented, but she knew nothing of the action of God's Laws which govern everything, which must be respected and above all of the sanctions reserved for those who do not respect the Will of the Creator God.

On her way to the Afterlife, Martina had passed through several places where she had to live the consequences of each of her faults committed on earth. These different places where people pass to live and reap the consequences of each of their faults in the Beyond can be called villages of faults. In these villages, people live the consequences of their faults to the fullest so that they learn from them not to commit them again.

The Judges in the Beyond have the task of making people see and understand their mistakes and faults on Earth.

In reincarnating on earth, people continue with the process of reaping the faults and mistakes made in their previous lives.

Martina had spent time in this village of defects where she had to experience the consequences of her abortions as intensely as possible, in order to learn the lessons for her life.

Martina would later find herself in a place of reclamation (healing) for those like her who had committed abortions. In this place she had to live and learn the consequences of her contrary acts of abortion.

At this point, Martina had found herself in the situation of a spirit waiting for an opportunity to incarnate on Earth. Martina felt drawn to mothers on Earth who had the same thoughts of abortion that she had in her last life on Earth, those mothers who do not want to have children and abort at every opportunity to be free to do what she wants. Martina was drawn to such women.

Martina had found herself in the position of incarnating on seven (7) different occasions with different mothers who always aborted her. She was always poised to incarnate, but before the moment of her entry into the womb of a mother to whom she was connected by threads while waiting for the moment of her incarnation, the latter would always abort her and she found herself again in that place where she had to return, after being aborted, to await yet another opportunity, another possibility to incarnate, to present itself.

Such opportunities presented themselves seven times to Martina, who was always aborted on each occasion. All these mothers aborted Martina as Martina herself used to do while living on earth. Martina was reaping this fault of aborting.

Martina did not understand why she found herself in this place when she was happy to return to earth to untangle her faults for her spiritual evolution. After having been aborted seven (7) times to find herself in the place of departure, Martina eventually understood that she was reaping what she had done wrong by aborting on Earth.

The last time she we was aborted and ended up in the place of departure to wait for another opportunity, Martina could not take it anymore. She asked God for forgiveness for her mistake.

As a result of Martina's sincere forgiveness to God, after she came to understand her fault, another process of the Light was triggered for those who also came to understand their fault and ask the Light for forgiveness.

Martina was free to move on to other places, having lived, reaped and learned the lesson of the consequences of this abortion mistake.

It is the process of a woman who enjoyed her life as she saw it in total freedom, and who therefore did not want to have children, which she aborted every time she was pregnant. She had the grace to have children but she refused to be a mother.

There are many women on Earth who lead a way of life like that of Martina. The woman is the one who is chosen by God to be the Bridge for the human spirits who are going to incarnate on earth. For this she has received from God the necessary strength to fulfil this mission of great responsibility, to receive the souls who are about to be incarnated, to educate them and to raise them according to the Will of God.

The grace to conceive is not given to every woman, and there must be a reason for this. The woman must be the one who must be the first to respect the Will and the Laws of God.


For a similar testimony likened to Martina, read that of Elizabeth in The Death Process & Beyond, Chap. 13

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A striking presentation of the earthlife of human beings as that of one's “life on stage”. Then rolls the final curtain: life after death for every performer whose life in every single thought, word and action while on Earth must be judged and all sanctions served without allowance for plea bargain. These transmitted teachings and gripping testimonies encompassing the perpetual "descent" and "ascent" of one’s soul – in the circle of life – are shared to help one make good, hopefully, in time to perhaps alleviate the horror of sanctions that may await in the Afterlife.

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