Posted on July 30, 2021.
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The Birth Of A Child

The birth of a child is a Grace from God. The child that has just been born is a spirit that is incarnated on Earth for some reason well known to the Light. This child has on that account just received the Grace of God to come to Earth in order to perfect itself, to improve itself, to evolve spiritually through the understanding and especially the practice of the Laws of God during its new incarnation on Earth. Each spirit is incarnated on Earth for a certain reason which the Light knows, but whatever that reason is, it is a grace given by the Light to be incarnated on Earth.

The Light knows exactly why it sends these spirits to incarnate on earth.

No human spirit can therefore say that it is on earth to do nothing, even if one does not yet know the reason for it, and which will become known during its life on earth.

The birth of a child is a joy for everyone, starting with the nurses who help the mother during the whole period before the birth until the child is born. However, nurses are not the first to welcome the newborn child. Indeed, the child who is on its way out of its mother's womb follows the process of the Light which begins for it in its new incarnation, its new life on earth. It is a new cycle that begins for this child.

In its childhood, this human spirit does not know what it brings with itself as a burden from its past incarnations. The Light alone knows well the nature of the child that has just been born.

But it is not primarily the Nurses who welcome the child, it is the Essential Beings who do their work first, so that they can welcome the child who is going to be born into the World.

Indeed, all children who are born normally – without any problems or with many health and other complications – have their eyes lucid and perceive what people do not see. They see easily and in the first instance, those Essential Beings who are in their birthplace.

These Essentials disappear as the child's eyes gradually close to that world which is invisible to the human beings around them, and in which many other spiritual activities and realities take place, and then begin to open gradually to the visible physical world in which they see all this activity around them.

The nurses, on the other hand, only see the child who has just been born; yet, during the first moments of its birth, the child does not see what is going on around it, neither its mother, nor its family; its eyes are still closed to the physical world.

The child will not recognize them directly at birth, but will only be able to do so once his or her visible physical eye opens and becomes accustomed to the physical world.

It is then that the child can recognize the voices of certain people who were around its mother, even while still in her womb; for the child has no physical sight immediately at birth.

It is with its spiritual eye that the child sees certain things at birth that other people around it cannot see with its physical eyes. The birth of a child is not as simple a thing as people may think, seeing all that happens at the time of birth.

Children who are born outside the hospital also go through the same birthing process and also experience the life that is happening around them. This process is also followed, even in the case of a mother who gives birth alone without the assistance of any one around her. The Essential Beings are always present where the birth of a child takes place. Therefore, it is sad to see those mothers who give birth and then abandon their babies in unacceptable and often deplorable conditions.

Some of these abandoned babies survive, thanks to the protection they enjoy from the Essential Beings. For those children who do not survive, there is always a reason that mothers must seek to understand. Remember that every birth process is a cycle that begins for the newborn child.

Childbirth is not a simple thing as some mothers may say. They are well aware of the risks and complications that can arise at any time during childbirth. Various problems can arise from the first few weeks of pregnancy until the birth. Some mothers have a very difficult time, which they describe as "Calvary", in connection with the time they are carrying the child in their womb.

Given all that happens from conception, through the period of pregnancy, childbirth and then the birth of a child, it is indeed a phenomenon that people refer to as "more than a miracle, the Grace of God!" Only the Light knows the secret of birth and everything that happens around the mother from the beginning to the delivery.

When a child is born, a new process begins for him or her and this continues for a longer or shorter period of time.

It is the manifestation of the joy that we see in the lives of those mothers who carry a child in their womb. It is a tremendous grace for which you must thank God throughout the life of any child who comes into your family. It is a grace that has just been given! It is a meticulous work that only the Light can do, that a child can come into a certain family.

Gratitude must be given to the Light that has made Grace manifest in a family. Do not reject the child that has just been born because you do not know why it has come into your family. Indeed, the Grace of receiving a child into the family is not given to all mothers.

There are women who are not incarnated on Earth to start a family. Instead, they are sent on a mission on which they must focus, and the accomplishment of which does not allow them to have children for whom they will be responsible during their growth, which would take up all their time and they would not have enough time to devote to their mission which is their reason for being on Earth.

If only people knew the Laws of God that work in Creation, there would be no one who would mock women who have not had the Grace to conceive.

There are cases, however, where it is agents of darkness that block this opportunity to conceive, but the Light can in His Love work in the lives of those women who cannot conceive. There are many women who suffer from infertility and who do nothing but cry day and night, imploring Divine Mercy in order to be able to conceive. Yet they do not know what is blocking them from conceiving and giving birth to a child.

The Light does not block some women from conceiving. These women who do, are going through a process of the Light that makes them unable to give birth to children so that they can live in a home as they ardently desire. There is always a cause and a reason, in accordance with the Laws of God for this situation that these women experience, some of whom are traumatized and have psychic problems in their lives.

Some of these women are sent to carry out a specific mission for which they are no provision for them to have children, as the scope of their mission would not allow them to take care of a child with all the obligations and constraints that this imposes.

It is true that it is often difficult for these women who do not conceive to be able to accept and understand the harsh reality they live in, but they must make immense efforts to understand their situation and accept it with joy.

The Light is not unjust as some of these women may think who are constantly searching for a possibility to conceive, but in vain.
There is always an explanation and an answer to any situation, and to any question that a woman who lives in permanent distress and with all kinds of psychological problems for the simple reason that she cannot conceive of herself.


This blog/transmission is the first chapter to the booklet of the same title. The other chapters include: 2. Adoption; 3. Infertility; 4. Abortion; 5. The Excruciating Suffering Of An Aborted Foetus; 6. Rape.

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The Birth of a Child is the second booklet in the series of Master John teachings, advice, revelations, testimonies and other matters vital to human spiritual evolution.

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The birth of a child is a grace from God. That life, therefore, is important to everyone, why then should one deny another soul the opportunity to live, ask Master John. This booklet takes the reader through the joy of birth as well as adoption and infertility to the merciless and excruciating violence against the unborn by means of abortion, as the foetus fights in vain for its survival. An eye opening read, indeed, to learn that even rape, as abhorrent as it is before the Laws of God, do give opportunity to some souls who manage to succeed in their lives, and to others who are servants of the Light to carry out their mission. On the matter of sexual violence: the depth of this teaching will sure be a guide and support for one who lived it to come to that place where one no longer whines about such an experience, but instead seek the deeper meaning for what happened or is happening in ones life. You will come to appreciate why this Principal in the Beyond is called Master John.

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