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| Stories of how the Lord helped people realized their GIFTS – special skills, intelligence, aptitudes, dispositions and abilities one would normally not consider a God-given Gift.

– From Master John

Many human beings have received a Gift from God by incarnating on earth. God, in His Grace and by His Grace, gives numerous things to people, including a GIFT of something. These Gifts that God’s Grace gives to some human beings are for many things in life, all of which are for the sole purpose of helping people in a beneficent way for their good and spiritual evolution.

Those people who receive a Gift from God, this Gift may manifest itself in their lives as special skills, intelligence, aptitudes, dispositions and abilities in certain areas of life, compared to other people. Any Gift of God given to a human being is always for the one and only purpose of helping human beings in different areas of life in one way or another for their good and their spiritual evolution.

For this, the person who has received a Gift from God must come to recognize this God-given Gift and seek to develop it according to the Will of God for a good use of this Gift, to help people in the sense and purpose of God who gave him or her this Gift.

The Gift is therefore a Grace of God granted to certain people who are endowed with certain special, particular abilities enabling them to act better and differently in something than other people in what way these people should help others well with their Gift.

Not everyone has a Gift from God. A person who has a Gift from God must have had the Grace of God that gives him or her that Gift. But not everyone can have this Grace of God, seeing that there are people who seek or claim to have a Gift of God when they do not have the Grace of God which alone gives the authentic Gift, which is accompanied by the Light Force that helps the person to act well in his or her mission to help human beings with this Gift that he or she will have developed through a life in conformity with the Will of God.

Many of those people who have a Gift of God do not know that they have this Gift. Some discover that they have a certain ability to do things differently and even better than others, without thinking too much about it and going to great lengths. These people are unaware of the Gift of God that is within them and that can manifest itself in their lives in ways that they themselves only observe but do not understand. God, who gives them this Gift, has provided everything so that these people can recognize their Gift and understand that they must lead a life in accordance with His Will, in order to develop this Gift and put it to good use, that is, to help others for the good.

One who has received the Grace of a favour from God in one’s life such as having a Gift, such a person is accompanied by the Light to help him or her become aware of this Gift received from God in his or her life. This person will develop this Gift to help human beings by a good use of this Gift according to the Laws of God.

A person who has received a Grace from God is accompanied by the God Force. This person must act according to the Will of God.

And for this Force of Light to act in the person and to further activate one’s Gift for his or her evolution and fulfilment, the person must have the firm will, the conviction to the Light by leading a life according to the Laws of God, in order to connect and give an opening to the Force of Light in his or her life.

It is necessary that those who have received the Grace of God have a permanent connection with the Light. This connection with the Light can be made in many ways that people should seek to know, and are able to know.

People receive the Grace of God before they are incarnated on earth. Those who receive a Gift from God, they also get everything they need to be able to recognize that Gift, and they will know that they have to lead a life in accordance with the Will of God for the development and blossoming of that Gift, in order to use it well and act well for the good of those human beings they have the mission to help with that Gift received from God, according to the Will of God.

The Light, which is always doing Its work of helping human beings, gives, by Its Grace, various Gifts to certain people that It covers with a kind of layer and accompanies them with the Force which will help them to act according to the Will of God.

The Grace of God is in the Will of God, and those who have a Gift from God, they must act according to the Will of God.

In the Beyond everything is perfect. The Light acts and accompanies everyone, without exception, in everything they do to merit a Grace and a Gift from God that will enable them to help human beings in a mission on earth.

All without exception, in the Beyond, do the Will of God, for the Light is everywhere, and it acts in Purity. The Light accompanies everyone in the work they do in the Beyond, and as there is always Light in the Beyond, people live by doing the Will of God, the CREATOR, for good.

The Grace, the Protection and the Gift of God, are for those human beings who are still in the Beyond and who are going to incarnate on earth, those who want to act according to the Will of God, and who therefore want to have a Grace and a Gift of God to act on earth in a mission.

Not everyone can have a Grace or a Gift that comes from God. When people receive a Gift of God, it means that they also have the mission to help people with this Gift which is always for the good of human beings.

Those who receive a Gift from God for a specific purpose in a given area also have a mission to help people by using that Gift in accordance with the Will of God who gave it to them to help others in their lives.

Some people who come with the Grace and a Gift of God, these people recognize and discover themselves with certain capacities, particular and precious faculties different from other people. These people are unaware that it is the Gift of God that manifests itself in them, and that they must seek to understand it in order to use it well according to the Will of God for the good of all whom He has the mission to help with this Gift.

In their ignorance of this Gift within them, and without understanding it, many do not use it in the right way.

Many different factors may be the cause for these people not to develop correctly this Gift that they have received from God to make good use of it, and to help other human beings for good. There are people who do not have a Gift, but they do good to people for the simple reason that they have the Will to do something good, useful.

People who have a God-given Gift often do good, and the way they do good to help others will be different from those who do not have a Gift from God. Their actions will even be noticed and appreciated by many.

In some people who incarnate with a Gift from God, the manifestations of that gift in their lives may begin to show up for some at an early age. People will recognize in these people certain behaviours, reactions and other things in their lives that distinguish them from others.

A Gift from God is a Grace to those who receive it, all are empowered by the Light Force.

When God gives Grace to a person, this Grace is for the whole Life of the person. There are also those people who incarnate several times on earth with a Gift received from God. These are often the servants of God who are sent on a mission of Light each time they incarnate on earth. But not all servants have a Gift from God. The Light, when it gives a mission to someone, provides all that is needed for it to act well in Its mission to help people.

Any spiritual mission is always about helping people for their own good, in many different ways.

A special mission received from the Light is always to help human beings in some way. The Light does not give the Grace of a mission to servants to come to earth and live their lives simply without concern for the human beings they are sent on a mission to help.

God gives Grace, Gift to people and servants. It is only God who can take away the Grace, the Gift from these people that HE has given them.

Darkness and its agents only cover the Gift that a person possesses with a black layer; they can never claim to have removed or destroyed a Gift that God has given to a person.

The person may be lost, but that does not mean that his or her Gift is taken away or destroyed by darkness. It is God who decides on the life of everyone, and on all that He gives to each human being.

Many people believe that they can receive a Gift from God through prayer. Graces cannot be granted to all who ask for them on earth, whereas a Gift of God is natural, and is not something that is obtained on earth by any effort.

Some people claim to have a Gift by acting in a certain way that is not natural. And yet a Gift that comes from God is natural, and those people who have such a Gift from God, they are also accompanied by the Force of Light, and act naturally.

Those people who claim to have a God-given Gift but do not have it, they are not accompanied by the God Force; they try to act according to their own will in what they say they want to help people. Often these people do not obtain a good result, to the great displeasure of the people who consult them or whom they say they want to help.

The Will of God works for people who want to serve the Light. The Gift of God is a Grace of God for certain people who receive it quite naturally in their lives. Anything that is done and obtained by certain practices, ceremonies, initiations and other practices that are not natural, is not from God.

That which is in a person and which is related to the true Light always acts naturally and is accompanied by the Light Force. A person who has received a Gift from God, that person is accompanied by the God-Force which acts in him or her in a completely natural way, without the person needing to make any effort. A human being cannot be compared to God. The Force of God is One.

People who have the Grace to receive a Grace and a Gift from God, they must seek to know how to use that Gift of God according to the Will of God. Many people who have a Gift of God stray from the path of Light because they do not use their Gift well in accordance with the Will of God. Others recognize that they have a Gift of God, but they do not use it well.

The Light wants people who have received Grace and also a Gift from God, which is always to help people for good, to seek to live a life according to the Will of God in order to use this Gift well, and always in the sense that God has given it to them.

Any deviation from the true path of Light by leading a life not in conformity with the Will of God does not help the Light Force to work in the person, to activate what is spiritual in him or her, including the natural Gift received from God, that Gift of which the sole purpose is to help people for good.

You have received a specific Gift from God to help people for good. For this, you have the duty to activate and use your God-given Gift according to the Will of God. Whoever has a Gift from God also has a mission from God to accomplish with that Gift. Think of the good you can do to help people in their spiritual development, for their good.

Do not use this Gift of God for other purposes, for your own interests, but use it in service to God. God’s servants should also help people who have a Gift and who are close to them, or in their midst. They should not use these people for their own benefit.

A Gift of God is a Grace of God which God gives to a person for this one purpose, which is always to help other human beings for good. Every person who has received a Gift of God must lead a life in accordance with the Laws of God, so that the Force of Light that accompanies him or her in his or her mission is strongly activated, so that the person evolves spiritually in order to make good use of this Gift for the purpose given by God for the good of human beings.



REGINA was a ten-year-old girl who had the Grace of God to receive a Gift from God. Regina could see in visions those things that others could not, and sometimes she could not sleep when she had a vision of certain things that were going to happen. She reported these visions to her parents, but they did not believe her, yet what she told them was always true and always confirmed.

Her parents were so ashamed of people’s judgement and interpretation that they did not want them to know what Regina was telling them that she saw in her visions, lest people speak ill of them. For that reason, they hid everything Regina told them, even if it was confirmed later.

Regina’s grandfather had been suffering for some time from an illness for which he was taking medication, but with no improvement and no cure. Regina had a vision in which she saw her grandfather detach from his body. She woke up and went to tell her parents who were sleeping. This time Regina's mother believed the vision, but not her father, who said it was just his daughter’s imagination about her grandfather whom she loved dearly.

After a few days, Regina's grandfather died. It was a shock to Regina’s father who did not believe in his daughter’s vision, which was confirmed by this death. Regina’s father regretted and blamed himself for not having been able to have a conversation with his father before he died. Yet his daughter had told him of the detachment of his father who she had seen in vision, but he doubted his daughter’s gift of vision.

Regina grew into adulthood. She met a friend who introduced her to the Grail Message. She would become a reader of the Message and she went to Vomperberg for the Festivals. At a Festival, she came across the Lord walking around, as always on Vomperberg. She greeted the Lord with a smile, and in a vision Regina saw the Lord in full Festive attire. This was just after the Festival. The Guides of the Lord, who had seen what the girl had seen about the Lord in vision, resolved to have a conversation with Regina to tell her to keep to herself what she had seen in vision about the Lord, and that she should consider it a message to her.

Regina was with her girlfriend when they crossed paths with the Lord, and when they passed the Lord, Regina was not feeling well. She ask her friend to turn back, to see if she could talk with the Lord. That was what she did.
When she has approached the Lord, she asked politely to speak with the Lord. The Lord smiled, in allowing Regina to speak.

The Lord revealed to Regina that she was a servant of the Light on a mission on earth, and that she had the Divine Grace to help people with her Gift from God.

The Lord also revealed to Regina that she was in the service of the Light with her Gift, which she was to use according to the Light.

Regina told the Lord that she wanted to be guided to act correctly with what she sees in vision and which is always true. The Lord told Regina that she would have help for her mission and for her visions in those teachings and counsels that would help her understand and make good use of her visions. Regina received a Grace from the Lord.

After a while, Regina began to hear a voice telling her about her vision. She was not afraid as she knew that the Lord had informed her that she was going to receive help with her Gift of vision. Regina spoke with a helper named DENISE, who assisted her to better understand her visions and how to do the right thing to help people with what she could see in visions. Regina had accomplished her mission on earth. The Lord had helped her a lot.

EDMUND had known the Lord from a conference in Los Angeles. He had a Gift from God. Edmund was working in a soap factory, a company that sent agents around in different training sessions to gain new knowledge in soap making techniques. Edmund had been commissioned to go and do research that would help them in soap making. Edmund did not know until then that he had a God-given Gift that he could develop himself to find those formulas for new techniques in the manufacturing of soaps.

At this scientific conference where the Lord met Edmund, the Lord had a vision in which HE saw Edmund in the attire of a scientist of the past, leading other scientists who were gathered somewhere working on something.

While Edmund was busy talking with the other people who were in attendance at the conference, the Lord was looking for information about Edmund, and when HE had all the necessary information about him, the Lord came to Edmund. With a smile, they greeted each other and began a conversation in which they talked about several things, and before they parted the Lord revealed to Edmund that he was a servant of the Light on a mission on earth.  Edmund wanted to know more about his mission.

The Lord answered that he was already on mission with the work he was doing. Edmund did not understand this revelation of the Lord. The Lord told him that he was the one who had the formulas to make different soaps. Edmund was amazed to hear the Lord speak to him in such a way. He looked at the Lord who told him that everything was in his memory box, and that all he has to do was to tune in and open himself to the Light to bring out the knowledge that was in him.

Edmund asked the Lord to bless him so that he could access this precious knowledge that had lain dormant within him. The Lord told Edmund that his faith and conviction would help him succeed in his mission in his Company.

The Lord also told Edmund that he would not have to travel to seek to learn, to have that knowledge which he wanted to have and use in the making of soaps for better quality and variety.

Edmund was silent, staring at the Lord, who revealed that he has the Grace of God who has given him this Gift in his field. The Lord added that the work of the Light was to help Edmund open himself to the Light so that he could access the knowledge he had in his memory box and get to work. Edmund prayed hard for the remembrance.

After a while, Edmund started to receive teachings, lessons and advice in dreams. It was short at first, then regularly afterwards, and gradually he learned a lot. Edmund could be in his office thinking about something he was thinking of doing and he hears a man’s voice teaching him how to do what he was thinking of doing and wanted to do in his work. Edmund could then come up with different formulas for a variety of different soaps.

Whenever Edmund found a formula to make a new type of soap in his research, he made the results of his research available to his company, which made new soaps from the formulas Edmund came up with. Edmund had a God-given Gift that gave him the intelligence to do whatever was required of him in his business. He had a Gift of God, but through lack of awareness, he would seek new knowledge elsewhere.

Edmund’s business had been hugely successful for the quality of the different types of soaps he made and which were appreciated by all and exported all over the world. The Lord had helped Edmund who had a Gift from God to become aware of his Gift and to do his mission with that Gift.


LOUISE was a beautiful girl. People saw and looked at her mainly for her beauty, while she herself paid no attention to her beauty. She had a friend, the daughter of a bourgeois, BENEDICT. BENEDICTA had a mother who cared too much about her appearance, her beauty, and every time before she left the house, her mother was very particular about her outward appearance, she took control of her make-up, which had to meet certain standards of beauty that she accepted. Sometimes she would change the girls who took care of her make-up if she did not like the end result on Benedicta, that it wasn’t befitting of her daughter.

One day, Benedicta’s mother wanted to go out and she noticed that the make-up her beautician had done for her was not to her liking, so she took it all off and redid it. But, at the same time, she had to leave quickly to get to a very important appointment on time. Louise was with Benedicta who she had come to visit at her home.

Benedicta was agitated for her mother. Louise, for her part, felt a gasp in her heart and as if a gentle voice was speaking to her, but she was paying no attention.

She felt a wind blowing, a wind she could not resist and which drove her to the room door of Benedicta's mother, without understanding how she had ended up there. She said nothing to Benedicta.

And once in front of the door of the lady’s room, she saw her left furious about her beauty, about her appearance, which was not as she wished.

She wanted to hire another girl to do her make-up for her beauty. And when she saw Louise, she asked her if she could help her. Louise answered immediately: “Yes”. She answered spontaneously and almost unconsciously. She asked Louise to take her place and be comfortable doing her job. Louise was scared, but she heard a voice telling her to follow what she said. Despite this little voice she heard, however, Louise was still shaken.

Louise had never done any make-up herself, so how was she going to help and satisfy the bourgeoise. She wanted to run, to get away, but her feet were stuck. The lady sat down on her chair to show Louise that she was ready, and she could begin her make-up work on her.

Louise felt a certain Force within her that helped her to have the courage to pick up the brush and then another tool among the many on the make-up table, and she began her work.

Louise felt her hand moving and moving itself as if it were being driven by a robot. As she was doing the make-up, the beautification, of the lady, Louise could see how the changes were taking place in the lady, and she was calm, reassured by the good result of the make-up on the lady’s face. And she continued her work until the end.

When the bourgeoise looked at herself in the mirror, she gave a cry of joy. Her cry of joy was heard all the way to her daughter where she was standing and who quickly rushed to see what was going on with her mother. Benedicta was very surprised to see her mother looking so beautiful in the make-up Louise had just done for her.

Benedicta was quite happy and went to give her friend Louise a big hug. But in all of this, Louise could not say anything, because inside she knew that it was another person who had done this work through her. She was used like a robot, but without saying anything.

When the bourgeoise arrived at the appointment where she was expected, she was admired by all and received compliments for her beauty. From that day on, Louise became the bourgeoise’s make-up artist. Louise was paid a salary and also received gifts from Benedicta’s mother, who kept Louise and did not change her make-up artist.

She heard a voice guiding her, directing her and telling her what to do for a good result of everything she had to do in her work. Just like that, everything she did as a make-up model on the bourgeoisie was always appreciated by everyone.
One night, Louise had a vision in which she saw herself in a large beauty salon with several girls. And, still in this vision, she saw a woman appear before her and introduce herself by the name of GUISLAINE.

But, at some point, Louise had doubts about the voices she was beginning to hear, and in the midst of these doubts she heard more clearly a voice that presented itself and identified itself as that of Guislaine’s.

When she woke up, Louise had realized that what she had seen in a vision was the truth of what had happened the first day with the bourgeoise, and that it was Guislaine who had acted in her. Louise had a Gift of God in her that she did not know about.

Guislaine, the Spiritual Caregiver, had come to help Louise, to help her recognize and use her Gift to help people. Louise had a Gift and a mission of Light on earth. Louise had an abundance of God’s Grace but no idea what she needed to do to please God.

She went to church, but she received no revelation about her Gift and her mission in the field of beauty make-up for women. The Helpers had helped Louise to open up in a different way.

The Lord enjoyed being in places where there were many people, so as to see those who needed help and who He could help with His teachings.

One day, the Lord was passing along a road and He saw a man displaying children’s toys, which he was selling at low prices. They were homemade toys. The man was not making much money from the sale of those toys.

The Lord wanted to help this man earn enough money to support his family. The Lord approached the man and asked him the price of some of the toys. The man was happy, finally, to have someone interested in his business. He looked at the Lord who asked him about his toys. The Lord told him that he was not interested in his toys, but in him personally.

The Lord looked at the man and asked him his name, he answered: XAVER. And without waiting a second, the man went on to tell the Lord that he had lost his job, and in order to take care of his family he chose to sell some things on the street because he did not have enough money to set up a shop. He bought the cheapest toys, and he did not earn much.

The Lord told him that HE knew all this, and that is why HE wanted to help him. Xavier stood up and looked at the Lord who asked him what he did for a living.

Xavier replied that he was a handyman, and that he did everything. The Lord told Xavier that he had a gift from God to do many different jobs. The Lord added that HE would help him to find a place where he can do his various jobs. Xavier asked the Lord how he would obtain all these means that HE promised him. The Lord looked at Xavier and told him that he must have faith, conviction and trust in God. The Lord looked the man in the eye and told him that he will have the financial means, HE is a servant of the Light.

HE knew that the Light would soon work in his life. The Lord handed over a sum of money that HE had with HIM and HE went on His way.

A few hours after the Lord passed by, Xaver sold all his merchandise, it was a miracle for him. He remembered the Word of the Lord that told him to have faith, conviction and trust in God, and when the Lord told him this, HE looked into his eyes. His eyes were not like those of a normal man.

Xavier believed that an extraterrestrial was talking to him that day. A month later, Xavier was selling his toys on a street that was frequented by many people. He saw a car come by and then turned around to find parking. He watched the car carefully. The passenger who was in the back of the car rolled down his window and called Xavier. He did not want to move because of the thieves who could take his things, but because the man insisted he moved while looking back at his things.

When Xavier got to the car, a man took out an envelope and gave it to him. Before he had time to open the envelope and say thank you, the car started and drove off.

As he was on the street, he wouldn’t open the envelope, and went back to where he was selling his stuff on the street. When evening came, Xavier finished his day and went home, where he opened his envelope which contained a large sum of money.

Xavier remembered the Lord who had revealed to him that he would have financial means that would help him to set up his various businesses. Xavier knelt down and thanked God for this Grace.

Xavier first looked for a place, a house, where he would settle to practice his different trades. Less than a year after finding the house in which he settled, Xavier’s house was filled with his own handmade items. He was able to make various children’s items that were not found anywhere else, in any other shop but his own.

People came from far and wide to buy things from the shop of Xavier, whose reputation had spread far and wide. Xavier sold various products made in his house to street vendors at low prices.

Xavier had a Gift for practising different trades, but until then he only needed a place to put his Gift into practice, to practise his different trades.

The Lord had prayed for Xavier to receive the means he lacked to carry out his work. The Helpers organized to make this possible, to enable Xavier to meet this rich man who gave him this envelope containing a large sum of money. The rich man often saw Xavier selling in the streets, and he felt compassion for him.

One night, the rich man had a dream in which he saw an Angel appear to him showing him a picture of Xavier’s face. The Angel gave him a message to help Xavier financially and God will remember him.

The rich man’s father had been in a coma for several months. The rich man was praying for his father, but to no avail. He was seeking help from the Light for his comatose father and this provided a great opportunity for him to act, to give an offering in his request for the healing of his father who had been ill for some time.

A few days after the rich man handed the envelope to Xavier, his father woke up from his coma. He left the hospital and resumed his normal activities. It was a miracle for the doctors who had no hope that he would recover and be well again. The Light had listened to the rich man’s prayer, but he had to make a gesture of offering to the Light as the Angel had asked him to do.

The money that the Lord had given to Xavier was an act, a gesture of his conviction to God that He can help him.

Xavier started a cooperative to help people with small means to do something that would help their families. Some people took products and items from Xavier’s house to sell and give him his money back, keeping the interest for themselves.

Xavier thanked God for the Grace he had received from a servant of the Light he met in the street. Xavier told people, his friends that he had been helped by an UNKNOWN. Xavier taught his two sons, HELMUT and CHARLES the trades he practised in the manufacture of various products and articles and the management of his business. He advised his children to have a good heart for everyone, as he himself was helped by a stranger passing in the street. Xavier’s shop exists to this day but has been renovated.

JACKSON was an American. He had a talent that people around him, his friends, his family did not understand. He had such a knowledge of things that he would answer any question that people could ask him. When he was still in school, he was way above the level of the students in his class.

He would even help other students in the next class with their homework. In maths, he needed only a few seconds to solve an equation.

It was sometimes amusing for the teachers to hear him among the students around him. He was popular in all the schools he attended because of his intelligence.

After graduating from college, Jackson met a friend who always wanted to be with him. The man always asked Jackson to teach him how he knew everything people asked him. Mathematics is a subject that is considered complicated for many, but he had no difficulty, he would answer any question.

Jackson had a male friend with whom they ate together in their free time. Since they were often together, one day the man took Jackson to an occult house. He told Jackson that it was his uncle’s house, but Jackson didn’t understand what the many people in the house were doing.

The man brought Jackson water to drink and after a while he felt drowsy and fell asleep in a chair. When Jackson woke up, he found himself in a public place in town. The man in question had disappeared. From that day on, Jackson could not think like he used to. He failed exams, he did not speak in public because he gave wrong answers and people laughed at him. He was forced to flee from the presence of people, especially those who knew him well. He stayed at home, in his house.

The Lord knew Jackson and his parents and had not heard people talk about Jackson for a while.

The Lord, with His love for people, decided to visit Jackson at the address He had received from a friend of Jackson. It was a Thursday, it was raining, and when the rain stopped, the Lord left His house to visit Jackson, without a prior appointment. The Lord wanted to go and help Jackson. Since it was raining, Jackson had to be at home.

The Lord knocked on the door of Jackson’s house. Jackson opened the door, without hesitation, and to his surprise the Lord was there in front of him; that the Lord would stoop to that level to come to him, Jackson could not believe it.

His house was not comfortable, but that did not stop the Lord from entering his home. Once in the house, the Lord asked him that they say a short prayer before speaking. It was not the Lord’s custom to pray with people, but here He asked Jackson to pray together before speaking.

When the prayer was over, they opened their eyes and Jackson discovered that something had been removed, detached from him, but they did not know what it was. They continued to talk quietly to each other, and as they did so Jackson noticed how the Lord’s Eyes changed colour as they spoke, they took on a certain lighter colour than His usual Eyes. The Lord looked into Jackson’s eyes, and Jackson began to sweat all over his body.

In fact, for some time Jackson had always felt a certain heaviness in his body, but since the Lord entered his house, he felt light.

After this prayer of the Lord, Jackson felt his senses open and he felt at ease, not afraid as he had been for some time. The Lord stayed only a few minutes in his house where HE had come to pray with him, and as this was done, it was time for Him to leave.

Jackson remained seated, instead of standing up, as a sign of respect for the Lord who was about to leave his house to go.

Jackson asked the Lord if HE had a few minutes for him to talk to HIM. Jackson told the Lord all about what he had experienced with his friend in college. The Lord only smiled at what HE heard from Jackson.

After Jackson finished speaking, the Lord was silent for a minute, and He told Jackson that he had undergone an occult ceremony there. The man, who was his friend in college, was an agent of darkness on a mission to destroy the works of his God-given Gift. The darkness knew what Jackson was going to accomplish with this Gift of God, and their mission was to destroy him.

The man was not a student, he was there on a mission. The man knew what he was doing, but Jackson trusted this man with his hidden, occult agenda. When the man succeeded in his mission, he disappeared immediately. Never again did Jackson see the man who had become his best friend.

The Lord revealed to Jackson that he had a Gift from God to help many people, but instead of seeking what was needed to help people with his Gift, the intellect had made him proud. He started acting in public in front of people to show off and show people his intellect so that people would encourage him, appreciate him, cheer him and speak well of him. He did not even think about how he could and should help people with this Gift he had from God. Jackson thought he was superior to all those who looked up to him, while he is on earth on a mission to help people with his God-given Gift.

Jackson was invited to many places to teach people the knowledge he possessed, but he refused until the darkness overtook him and destroyed the work of the Gift that he had from God.

Jackson fell to his knees asking the Lord to forgive him; he wanted the Light to give him Grace so that he could accomplish his mission.

The Lord gave him teachings and advice that could help him to behave befitting of a servant of the Light on a mission to help other human beings.

The Lord revealed to Jackson that he was bewitched so that he could not use his Gift in the right way, and when HE entered his house, HE had broken this blockage caused by the bewitchment so that he could accomplish his mission.

The Lord also told him that HE acted to help him, because he, Jackson, had a mission of Light and HE, the Lord, had seen the number of people waiting for his help. That is why the Lord came to his house to give him teachings and advice that would help him understand his situation and then free him from this blockage of darkness.

The Lord told Jackson that he was free to do his mission, that he could already act the next day and not stay home and do nothing.

The next day, Jackson wanted to go to the university to see if he could continue with the courses he had dropped. On the way, he met a friend who asked him a question out of curiosity to make fun of him, but, to his surprise, Jackson answered correctly. Both Jackson and the friend were amazed that he had answered correctly. God’s Grace worked and allowed Jackson to do his mission.

Jackson was back with his Gift, but this time he had more knowledge than before. He went to those places he was asked to help with his work.

He went to institutions, schools, agent training centres, company executives to help when needed. He did work for free but received something in compensation for the work done.

He prayed for protection from the agents of darkness. He became extremely cautious with people who wanted to be a close friend to him.

He married NICOLE and together they had a son BARTHELEMY. Jackson went everywhere with his son Bartholomew to learn about this knowledge he had of God. He did not know that Barthelemy was also a servant on a mission on earth.

Bartholomew who was a scholar in a previous life was incarnated into the union of Nicole and Jackson so that he could receive this useful help from childhood to accomplish his mission on earth. Barthelemy had several Gifts, the knowledge of which was in his memory box. He needed his father Jackson to help him from childhood to have this knowledge that they passed on to people.

The Light had provided in Jackson’s descendants, servants who have a higher intelligence, a higher wisdom than other people.

After his death, Jackson will return to earth with a mission in which he will have to use the knowledge he has in his memory box.


Suggested Additional Reading From The GRAIL MESSAGE:
Lecture 39 – Earthly Possessions
"This false conception that earthly possessions do not belong to a spiritual striving for higher things has led to the nonsensical idea among the majority of people that all spiritual aspirations must have nothing in common with earthly goods if they are to be taken seriously. Strangely enough, humanity has never become aware of the damage this has done to itself.

In this way they devalue the spiritual, that is, the highest gifts that can be bestowed upon them; for since, through this strange attitude, all spiritual endeavours were hitherto to be dependent on sacrifices and gifts, similar to beggars, the same attitude that arises towards beggars also crept in unnoticed towards spiritual endeavours…."
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(Newly Revised Translation)

The Fifth Commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Kill"
"…For example, a father had a son. The father was driven by a small earthly ambition that his son should study at all costs. But in this son rested gifts that urged him to do other things, whereby studying would be of no use to him at all.."
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(Newly Revised Translation)

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The Mastermind Group

In the midst of despair, however, helpers in the service of the Grail will begin their task! The great construction begins. No one else is able to bring help to the broken....
Abdruschin, "Submission" – Resonance 1: Vol.20.
The Mastermind Teachings is essentially an invitation to quicken the rhythm of your spiritual evolution. Master John, along with the Helpers in the Beyond, see how people are suffering for lack of this spiritual knowledge which is necessary for them to live well. This lack of knowledge and also ignorance means that we often do not know how to act well in certain situations and in certain problems that come our way in our lives.

Readers of the Grail Message do have the Teachings of the Lord which should help us to act well in any situation that arises in front of us, in our lives. But often the Principals and Spiritual Helpers can see how people do not act on this knowledge when they find themselves in a situation where they have to use their knowledge to get by.

For humanity to begin to grasp and live these never-before-given teachings in their purity so as to act well, therefore, there has be a shift in our mindset, which shapes our backgrounds of interpretation. A reprogramming of our subconscious (awakening) mind*, which in our awakening convictions has so far caused distortions and resulting confusion in the experiencing of many things in our lives.

It is with the joy in seeing our present human spiritual awakening that Master John offers these teachings, to help ALL humanity lift its mindset in the splendour of its pure form, so as to know how to behave rightly in given situations. Teachings that provide answers to questions that can help us in connecting our subconscious mind to its highest knowing: intuitive intelligence. In so doing, we give opening to the Light and no longer to grope in darkness in looking downward to our conscious (reasoning) mind – the lower personal "ego" which, in never coming to the point of experiencing spiritually therefore knows nothing, never truly lives ___
* The ability to think creatively and to understand concepts depend on our awareness factor termed the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind that all our mental processes take place – without consciousness. Every thought we generate immediately takes on a form that embodies the expression that gives meaning of the thought in the subconscious mind. As we conceive a thought, the subconscious mind accepts, affirms, and advances with certainty the suggestion it receives whether the reciprocation is good or bad. As the edifice of order, judgement and reciprocity, therefore, the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal programming that forms our beliefs, memories of experience, judgments and habits; in other words, it forms our mindset.

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