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Marriage Is A Union Made In The Beyond Between A Woman & A Man

|Stories of the Lord Abdruschin Bringing Together The Right Souls in Union

From Master John

Marriage is the union between a woman and a man. There are several forms of union on Earth that people know about, these unions that are recognized earthly institutions, regulated, and governed by the state laws and that every human being must respect while living on Earth.

However, the Immutable, Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws of God that govern Creation and function in a self-acting way must be respected by human beings who incarnate on Earth.

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”

This is the first thing that every human being must think of in all that one has to do in his or her life on Earth. Seek the Laws of God to conform your life to those Laws which are for your spiritual evolution and good.

It is by the Will of God that the World exists. Human beings who are incarnated on Earth must therefore think of respecting the Will and the Laws of God to live well on Earth. …

Marriage is a union between two human beings: a woman and a man who want to live together in respect of the Will of God, marriage being an act willed by the Light and which has its full meaning only if it is contracted in respect of the Will of God. A human being’s realization that marriage is an act of God is a motivation for one to seek to understand what is a marriage according to the Will of God before committing oneself to it.

For this you have spiritual teachings of the true Word that are a help for many people to understand that there can only be harmony, peace, and joy in a couple that lives in a marriage according to the Will of God. Human beings must think of the Love of God that wants people to live together for a good and noble cause.

Any meeting, any reuniting between a woman and a man, cannot be only for a cause of marriage. There can be a collaborative relationship between a woman and a man without it leading to a marriage partnership. People must know how to live together for any reason and not only to be in a marriage.

In the Beyond women and men live together in harmony, joy, and understanding. All work together in respect of the Will of God. The union between a woman and a man in a marriage does not exist in the Beyond. It is work that brings people together and they do not live together as a couple. The thoughts of people are pure in conformity with the Will of God.

There are those places in the Beyond where there are only women, but there are a few men who can be seen there whose presence is to help in certain work that cannot be performed by women.

It is not for a union that men are next to women in the Beyond, where all have pure thoughts that attract only purity around them.

There is no need for a marriage between a woman and a man to do something good together. This makes it so that you can find places where a woman and a man complement each other to do a certain work together. The Light has chosen them to act together.

The woman, even with her Force, sometimes needs the help of the man to function effectively and complete certain tasks.

In the Infirmary in the Afterlife, there are several women who work there to help people who pass through on their way to the Beyond. It is not only women who come and pass through the Infirmary of the Beyond needing helped, but also men. And since there are also men who pass through to be cared for, men can be found there to help with some of the heavy and hard work that require the intervention of men. Women and men work in harmony in the Beyond and in respect of the Will of God.

The Light unites several people in the Beyond long before they are incarnated on Earth and this for some purpose, for a mission they will have to do together on Earth.

Not all human beings take an oath in the Beyond to marry each other once they are incarnated on Earth.

Some people incarnate on Earth only to put themselves at the service of the Light: a mission that does not allow them to have a certain responsibility, a certain burden that would constitute an obstacle to the accomplishment of their mission. They will not be in a marriage union. You also have those who have a karma that makes it very difficult for them to have a person with whom to be in a marital union on Earth. These are the ones who reap what they have sown.

In the Beyond there is a great Temple adorned in Gold in which ceremonies are performed, in which acts of union are performed for those people who are chosen to be in union on Earth. The Light does not choose them to live in union in the Beyond, nor does it exist, but only when they are on Earth. These ceremonies take place in the presence of the Elders in the Beyond.

The man or woman who has had the grace to be incarnated receives everything he or she needs to do his or her mission well and live on earth. For those who are united in this temple in the Beyond, everything is arranged by the Light so that they can meet on Earth in one way or another at a certain moment.


Those who are chosen in the Beyond to live together on Earth, they take an “Oath” before the Light and the Elders in this Temple in the Beyond. It is an act of the Will of the Light that they accept and promise to perform on Earth for a given purpose. The Light does not unite people for no reason.

After the ceremony in front of the Elders, everyone returns to that plane of origin in the Beyond. It is often the man who promptly incarnates on Earth. Meanwhile, the woman waits in the Beyond, the time that the Grace of God is given to her so that she in turn incarnates. All those who are chosen to be in union on Earth and who take an oath before the Elders in this great Temple in the Beyond, they forget all that they had just experienced after this ceremony.

The woman and the man who are chosen, they enter the Temple and stand before the Elders. They are put in a state that allows them to have lived what happens in this Temple, but after the ceremony and before leaving the Temple, at the end of the ceremony, they are restored to their normal state as before entering the Temple, and return to their normal life as usual in the Beyond. They will leave in absolute respect of the Will and purity of God.

Each one will return to the respective plane where he or she belongs in the Beyond, until the opportunity arises for both of them to incarnate on Earth in turn. These are the couples destined to live in a marriage union for some purpose of the Light on Earth.

In this great Temple in the Beyond, the Light and the Elders unite “A WOMAN AND A MAN”. These are the DESTINED SOULS who enter this Great Temple in the Beyond in which they take an oath to unite in marriage and to live together on Earth in fulfillment of their oath, and to be of service to the Light.

In this Great Temple in the Beyond, it is a woman and a man who stand before the Elders and take the oath to the Light. The Light accepts and recognizes only a union between one woman and one man.


So, there are those people who incarnate on Earth for a mission, the accomplishment of which does not allow them to have a commitment to be in a marriage union on Earth. On the other hand, there are those who, because of karma, cannot have a commitment to be in a union on Earth.

Many of those people who have not respected the Will and the Laws of God in some of their incarnations, they reap their mistakes, their faults. Some do not manage to get married because they abused the grace given to them by the Light to be in unions in past incarnations.

There are servants of the Light who have a mission that does not allow them to be in a union to have a family that they will have to take care of and under their responsibility. The delicate and dangerous nature of their mission is such that they must not be prevented from acting when necessary.


Some other servants on mission may have the grace to have Complementary Souls who can be a help in their mission.

Complementary Souls do not take an oath in this Great Temple before the Elders in the Beyond.

A woman or a man can have several complementary souls, for a valid reason, the Light can allow them to complement each other on Earth for a mission to help.

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The Light which is Love, thus gives many opportunities to certain servants on mission to do their mission well. They are servants who have the grace to serve the Light in a good way.

Some female servants of the Light have the grace to serve alongside the servants of the Light on mission as their complementary soul. The Light does not choose a woman to be a complimentary soul for a man without knowing what that couple could do spiritually.

There are tears, worries, and lamentations of some handmaidens of the Light on mission for not having the grace of a union with a man. The Light in Its immeasurable Love can act by sending these handmaidens Complementary Souls, but everything the Light does is always for some noble cause, some reason which is always to help.


What used to happen in ancient times with the servants who had several wives was not in the Will of God. It was for personal and purely earthly reasons. Some of these servants on mission acted according to the demands and earthly realities of their time. And in order for people to continue to accept them and believe what they preached, these servants found explanations to justify and support their wrong way of acting. Many of the servants on mission at that time had not acted according to the Will of God, and this led the people who followed them to commit many errors due to lack of discernment and understanding of the teachings of God. These servants on mission knew full well that there must be one woman and one man in a marriage union. Some others acted according to certain cultures and customs, forgetting that it is the Will of God that takes precedence over everything.

The people of those times mixed the spiritual teachings and cultures of their time, which led many of them to make mistakes in their mission.

Every person who incarnates on Earth has a clear path mapped out for him or her by the Light. When choosing a person with whom to live together in a marriage union, people should think about the teachings that will help them to understand how to behave in order to hope to meet their Complementary Soul or Destiny (Soul Mate). Culture, custom, fashion should not be a reference for choosing the person with whom you want to be in union in a marriage.

These references to culture and custom in choosing a partner have no spiritual basis for being good.

The grace to be incarnated on earth is not given to everyone. You are incarnated on Earth in conformity with the Will of God. There are those things where the human will alone cannot act for a good result. There are couples who get married for any reason of interest. The man should not see and refer only to the external beauty of the woman to unite with her.

The Light does Its work to unite the destined souls who have taken an oath in the Great Temple in the Beyond before the Elders. Once on Earth, people rush to engage in marriages for various reasons and causes, some join in marriage by influence of parents, families, or acquaintances. These are marriages without a solid foundation and where peace, joy and harmony will not exist.

The Light does not recognize and does not accept the union of a man with several women; it is contrary to the Will of God. A servant of the Light who knows the Word, who fears God, and respects the Laws of God cannot have several wives.

Women who their lives with many men, they do not respect themselves and the Will and Laws of God, by exposing their bodies to the reach of anyone and everyone. Women have the Power of God. She must keep her purity by respecting her body.

There is a Judgment awaiting anyone who does not respect the Will of God that you must be careful what you are doing. People are free to choose what they want to do, but they must also know that they are not on Earth to do their will, but God’s Will.

When the Light unites you in the Beyond, It does Its work so that you can find one another on Earth to unite in marriage. People rush into uniting in marriage with people who are not their destiny or their complementary soul, and many fall into the traps of darkness by uniting with the agents of darkness.

The time will come for each person to meet the woman or man that the Light has chosen for them. It is often when one acts in haste that the agents of darkness take advantage to send their agents to destroy people’s lives. One must be careful not to act in haste and on a basis that is not spiritual.

“Man Should Not Be Alone”

Not every woman is incarnated on Earth for the sole purpose of being in a marriage. People misinterpret some teachings on marriage. Man should not be alone does not mean that every person must unite with another in a marriage. Many of those people who have rushed into a union for some interest, some reason, or by influence, these couples have no true peace, no true joy, no true harmony. There will be a lot of misunderstanding and differences in many areas that will cause the couple to separate.

Any union of a woman and a man in a marriage must be concluded on a solid basis that is the Will of God, which must be at the centre of everything. The eyes must be turned only to what is spiritual.

You’re demeaning yourself by having your eyes turned every time on women. Keep your thoughts pure, as you will reap these misplaced thoughts on women. The woman has the Force of God which she must not waste by changing men for her own benefit while defiling her spirit which needs purity. Man will reap what he sows for good or ill. The beauty of woman is to serve God.

A woman is created for one man, and a man for one woman. No reason, not even that of illness, can be given by the man who had sworn to live with his wife on Earth to leave his wife for another. It is disobedient to his oath, to the Light. Seek and you shall find.

The Light does Its work like a puzzle to reunite the people who are incarnated on Earth to live together. Marriage is an earthly institution of unions on Earth. Let these unions be in accordance with the Will of God, to enjoy the Blessing of the Light.

Some people were already united in the Beyond before they were incarnated on earth. When they meet on Earth and unite in marriage, they are only respecting the Will of God.

It is not a coincidence when a person feels an attraction towards a woman or a man without knowing the deep reason. Try to find out why this attraction comes from your heart. But you must also be careful with certain choices that are mental calculations of a woman or a man that can be a misfortune for you.

Servants should set a good example by living in a harmonious marriage in which there is peace and joy. Deepen this teaching of the Light.



The Lord was in Los Angeles to visit a friend, ARTHUR, who owned a kitchenware manufacturing company. The company bought products that were used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils. Some of these products were toxic. Arthur had an accident at the factory with a toxic product that got into his eyes. Although he rushed to the hospital where he received proper treatment, Arthur continued to have problems with his vision.

He often attended scientific conferences on certain discoveries in medicine, and even participated in political debates and other meetings of Business Entrepreneurs.

The Lord was invited by a friend, FREDERICK, to a conference where HE met Arthur, an American, who had come to take part in the conference.

After the conference, as people were greeting each other, the Lord took the opportunity to pass on messages to people and to see how to help those who were having problems there. Arthur was talking with other people, and when he saw the Lord passing by, he felt that he wanted to talk to Him, and he followed the Lord. He did not know the Lord. It was only when he saw Him passing by that he felt a certain Force coming from the Lord towards him. He wanted to know and understand who was this man who exuded such Force from His eyes.

The Lord stopped to chat with a friend, KARL; Arthur joined the Lord and greeted Him. Arthur asked if he could talk with the Lord. Karl moved to let them talk.

Arthur told the Lord that he felt a Force coming from Him as he looked at Him and that he wanted to know Him. He kept looking into the Lord’s eyes. The Lord smiled and told him that He is a servant of the Light. Arthur said to the Lord, “You have Power in Your eyes”. The Lord smiled as He looked into his eyes. He told Arthur that he has conviction in God and that is what saved him from his eye problem. The Lord told Arthur that he had to be careful in his life. He greeted Arthur by shaking his hand and they parted.

Arthur went to join other friends. When he returned to his hotel, Arthur noticed that he could see well, he, who had a problem seeing without his glasses, especially when he wanted to look in the mirror, it would be blurry.

When he had finished showering and was passing by the mirror, he noticed that he could see clearly. He looked in the mirror again, it was clear, he could see well. It was a miracle for him, and he shouted with joy.

He called Karl the next day to ask him about the Lord. They met with the Lord, with whom they had become friends before He flew back from America.

Arthur later invited the Lord to America for a conference. He sent an envelope containing his contribution to each Grail Festival. He kept giving the Lord gifts when they met in America. He kept thanking the Lord for his healing.

Arthur had a daughter MARGHERITA, who was in love with a man AUGUST, but Arthur did not want this union because August had a disability. He had a speech impediment. He had difficulty expressing himself but when he wrote he was a highly intelligent man. Arthur did not want his daughter to marry such a man.

The Guides informed the Lord that August has karma that he was redeeming in this life, but that he and Margherita are destiny souls. It was necessary to find out how to tell Arthur who refused to accept any advice about the union of his daughter with August.

The Helpers asked the Lord to help Margherita and August. The Lord told them that HE would do His mission for these people. At night, when Arthur was sleeping, he had a dream in which he saw himself in a large Temple participating in a wedding, the bride and groom being his daughter Margherita and August.

In the morning when he woke up, Arthur went to the Lord to ask Him to explain the meaning of the dream. He told the Lord that he did not see himself in the dream, but he saw his daughter in a white wedding dress and August speaking perfectly. The Lord told Arthur that his daughter and August were destiny souls. Arthur asked about the destinies. The Lord told him that they are united to live together.

Arthur asked the Lord what he could do. The Lord told him to let his daughter marry August. Arthur bowed his head down. He asked the Lord to help August as He had helped him.

The Lord only smiled as He held his friend by the shoulders while heading outside together.

Margherita and August were married three months after the Lord’s return. August still had his communication problem. He did not speak clearly for people to hear him. He was ashamed to speak in public. After two years of marriage, they had a daughter ROSELINE, who was a servant of the Light on mission. At the age of one and a half, Roseline could imitate the gestures and the way of speaking of some people she knew. Her mother used to follow an American Pastor who preached on TV.

One day, August was carrying Roseline, who looked him in the eyes, she put her hand to her father August’s mouth, while imitating the pastor how he prayed on TV. It was the right moment, the right opportunity for the Essential Beings to act, to help August. There were many of them around Roseline, a little girl of one and a half years old. She held her father’s mouth and pretended to pray for her father as she saw on TV. She finished with “Amen”, as the pastor used to say when he finished his prayer. August looked at his daughter and smiled.

Margherita, who was in the kitchen, finished what she was doing and went into the living room where everything was quiet. Once August started to speak, she stood up, quite surprised, and moved by what was happening, to hear August’s voice, not like before, he spoke perfectly, clearly, distinctly. She asked August if he did not notice anything, he said that Roseline had put her hand to his mouth in imitation of the pastor on TV. Margherita shouted with joy. She told August that he was expressing himself normally. August told his wife not to tell anyone about what had happened for their daughter’s protection.

August reassured himself that he was speaking well after the testimony of several people, but without mentioning anything about his daughter Roseline.

The Lord was informed of this act of miracle, and HE knew that it was the work of the “Daughters of Patmos” who had taken Arthur to go with him to that Great Temple in the Beyond to show him the vision he had of his daughter and August. HE also knew in August’s case that it was the Essentials who were near Roseline who had acted to help August by freeing his tongue to speak normally.

The Lord had first healed Arthur’s eye, and then helped August and Margherita, a couple destined to unite in marriage. Roseline was a servant of the Light who was in a past life with the Lord. She had a gift of healing in her hand. The Essentials had only used the Force that was in Roseline’s hand to pass the Force into the mouth of August who had been helped by the Light.

He spoke clearly. The action of the Force that a person possesses knows no age to activate. A person who is born with the God Force in one’s hand, this Force can act in a certain way because it is accompanied by the Light.

The Essentials can go through the Force that is in some people to do good. Many people have the Light Force in their hand. Roseline, as an adult, became a servant of the Light on a mission. She had grown up in a church that did not help her to do her mission of the Light well.

The Lord had an appointment with a childhood friend, RUDOLPH, with whom they had studied together and lived in the same neighbourhood. Rudolph was a servant on a mission of the Light on Earth. He was a boy who was quiet at school. He could become unruly and misbehaved under the influence of the other unruly students in the school. He did not enjoy being in the company of the Lord as he found Him too shy and quiet. But after his parents died in an accident Rudolph changed his way of life. He wanted to be quieter and to have only calm friends. He lived with his uncle who was strict about his studies, which contributed to Rudolph leaving rowdy friends to be with calmer ones. By choosing a life with quieter friends, Rudolph was approaching the kind of life of those who were close to the Lord, and Rudolph would become a friend of the Lord.

Years had passed when the Lord revealed to Rudolph that he was incarnated on Earth for a spiritual mission and that he was a servant of the Light. Rudolph took advantage of the Lord’s teachings and guidance, which helped him to do well in his life. They often met in the city to talk, or the Lord often waited for Rudolph in a restaurant.

While HE was waiting for Rudolph, the Lord saw a woman sitting alone having a meal. The Lord asked His Guide the true identity of the woman. Instead of receiving the answer from His Guide, HE saw in vision before Him, Bertha in a past life. Bertha had been married several times in that past life. She had money and changed men as she wanted. She was the one who chose the men she married, and when she did not want them, she looked for reasons to separate from them. She had married seven times to seven different men, so seven divorces.

She had four children with different men. Bertha did not consider the meaning and importance of marriage in that she had the money; she did not have money worries and she could make all the expenses to take in marriage those men with whom she wanted to marry and with whom she also divorced when she wanted to.

Bertha had karma to redeem in this life. She was unaware of this truth, and was worried that she would not find a husband who would take her in marriage.

No man wanted to marry her; even though she offered to pay all the wedding expenses the man would refuse to marry her.

It was a constant worry for Bertha, who even approached a man in the street, ROLAND, to whom she proposed to marry him, but he rejected her proposal.

The Lord was touched in his heart to know that this beautiful woman by nature was enduring such suffering. He asked his Guide what HE could do to give joy to Bertha. His Guide remained calm, which meant that the Lord had to go through teachings and advice that HE had to give to Bertha.

Time had passed, and Rudolph had not yet come to the meeting, and He was still waiting.

The Lord looked for an opportunity to approach Bertha. Bertha, who needed to relieve herself, happened to pass by the table where the Lord was seated. The Essentials, who were at all times around the Lord, would make it that the scarf that Berta was wearing around her neck would fall next to the Lord’s table. When the woman tried to pick up her scarf, she felt a kind of CHARGE on her body. It was like an electric charge that made her body shake a little. She stood up and looked at the Lord who smiled and stared at her.

Bertha, who was leaving to relieve herself, remained a bit calm where she was beside the Lord’s table, with a blank gaze for a moment.

Out of respect for the woman, the Lord stood and greeted Bertha. The woman held back tears from her eyes. Bertha had felt some pain in her heart that had caused the tears to flow. She still stared at the Lord.

After a few minutes, she asked the Lord if she could sit with Him. Bertha thanked the Lord for His kindness towards her. She told the Lord that no man had ever invited her to sit at a table with him, and not even her father would approach her. He did not want her near him. People said that she had a natural beauty, but men did not appreciate her and would not even go so far as to take her in marriage.

The Lord looked at Bertha and told her that she has a problem that is not of this present life, but in a past life. Bertha did not understand what the Lord was saying about the past life. The Lord invited Bertha to come and see Him in His office and they would talk a little more about it.

The Lord would meet with Bertha on certain Thursdays, teaching her the right way to live as a woman. He did not go directly into her problem, but began by teaching Bertha about the right way for a woman to live only. Bertha had no time to ask the Lord what He had said about her past life.

Bertha found joy after only one meeting with the Lord in His office. She had never had such an opportunity with a man.

Bertha often returned to see the Lord, and she worshipped on Sundays and Festival Days.

After Bertha had matured in the Holy Word, one day the Lord told her about her past life. She listened attentively to what the Lord told her about her life. She had tears running down her cheeks. She told the Lord that she was receiving messages in dreams but she did not want to heed these messages. She even saw men in her dreams, men who did not treat her well, men in clothes, cars, and other things of bygone days. She did not understand the meaning of all this, that these people from the past who she had never seen had a harsh attitude towards her. And among these men, there was one who threatened to hurt her even though she did not know him in her lifetime.

She had no time to ask the Lord what she was going to do, as she had received much spiritual teaching and guidance from the Lord that helped her understand what was going on to make men reject her. She was all about redeeming the mistakes of the past. She did not treat those men she took in marriage well, and she had even pushed a man down her stairs. The man had not died, but he remained disabled all his life. She chased that man away to take another man in marriage. She manipulated these men she took in marriage.

Bertha sought to become a true woman, in thought and deed.

A servant of the Lord had a dream of Bertha in which he wanted to hold Bertha’s hand, but a violent wind pushed his arm away. After having this dream twice, the servant went to ask the Lord for an explanation. The Lord told him that the Light wanted to unite Bertha with the servant, but they had to ask the Light for forgiveness for their past mistakes and faults.

The servant had a karma of not uniting in marriage with a woman. He would only take women and live with them for a while, and then abandon them and not come back when they became pregnant. He left several children with different mothers. He did not want to get married but to pursue the women that he then left with the children. After a year of engagement, Bertha and the servant got married.

The Lord knew a daughter of a servant on the Mountain quite well. The daughter was a servant on a mission on Earth who had the sign of the servants on her forehead, a sign that the Lord could see well. He knew the meaning and significance of each servant on mission. HE knew a great deal about the spirit that was incarnated on Earth. HE could see what covered the people who had a heavy burden or karma that they carried with them. It was to help these people with teachings and guidance to evolve in a good way.

The Lord knew the girl, EUGENIA, by the sign on her forehead, without telling her parents that HE knew her well. The girl, at the age of 22, would meet a 32- year-old man.

The Lord had seen that the girl had not chosen her destiny soul, but how could he tell her when she loved the man she had even introduced to her parents?

The Lord call upon the Helpers and the Essential Beings to do their work to help the girl. Upon the Helpers’ investigations, they noticed that the girl’s destiny soul was not far from her; he was a 30-year-old man who knew Eugenie well. They had no relationship whatsoever. The man, Eugenie’s destiny soul, was a friend of Eugenie’s brother. It was easy to find this man who had taken an oath in the Beyond in that great Temple before the Elders to unite in marriage with Eugenie on Earth and help her in her mission on Earth. The girl already had a man in her life, so how to separate them so that she could be with her destiny soul?

The Helpers did not stay quiet; they went to find the female destiny soul of this man who was together with Eugenie. The Essential Beings then did their work to bring the man and his destiny soul together.

It was at a classical music concert. The man enjoyed attending classical music concerts. The destiny soul had been invited by her sister to attend this concert and they found themselves sitting in the same row during the concert.

The former man, with the appreciation of men towards women, without really paying much attention, begun to feel in him an appreciation of this girl’s outfit who he did not know was his destiny soul. The man’s heart was beating strongly that he could not part with the girl without speaking with her.

After the concert, he went to greet the girl. When the girl looked at the man, her heart pounded. She looked at the man and said that it was like they had met before. The man shook his head and said that he barely saw her in this concert. The man introduced himself to the girl who was with her sister.

Back at home, the man had not slept a wink, he was thinking about that girl he had seen in that concert. He was thinking of this girl so much so that he became a thinker. He began neglecting some of the things he was doing with Eugenie. He dreamed of being with the girl he had seen at the classical music concert.

One day, the man decided to go and pick up the girl he met at the concert at her university, where he found her. The man did not think to miss this opportunity and confessed his love to the girl. They started to meet at the university.

In the meantime, Eugenie did not see the man often, as had always been the case. One Saturday, the man confessed to Eugenie that he was dating a girl he loved. It was the separation between Eugenie and the man.

The Essential Beings had to continue their work so that Eugenie could meet her destiny soul, her brother’s friend. It was a difficult task for the Essentials, as Eugenie had a certain respect for her brother and his friend.

One day, Eugenie had gone to see her brother; his friend was also there. But her brother had to make a small trip to the shop, leaving Eugenie and his friend alone. The man looked Eugenie in the eyes and told her that he had liked her since childhood, and that he had even had a dream that he had taken Eugenie in marriage. He did not want to break his friendship with his brother, so he kept it silent.

He told Eugenie that the greatest gift she could ever give him was if she accepted his friendship. Eugenie went outside to see if her brother was back. She told the man that he should be careful what he said since his brother, GERALD, would not appreciate it. But the man insisted that Eugenie accept his request for love. Eugenie noticed that the man was serious.

The Essentials took advantage of this situation to influence Eugenie’s thoughts, who was immersed in reflections and told herself that she was free to choose the man she wanted to live with, and that Gerald had no right to prevent her from living with his friend. She agreed with one condition that it should remain between them, but for the man it was difficult for him to continue to conceal this love that he has kept in his heart for a long time. He told Eugenie that he was going to marry her, that it was very serious. Eugenie accepted, but with a lot of reservations because of Gerald.

The man did not delay, and with Eugenie’s agreement; he went one Thursday to see Eugenie’s mother to announce his love for her daughter. Eugenie’s mother, MARIA, told the man that she would answer him soon, but that it was between them.

Maria went one Saturday morning to see the Lord in His office. He was alone, with no appointment. When she entered the office, the Lord greeted her with a smile. Maria sat down. The Lord soon told Maria that He knew the news she had come to tell Him about Eugenie and Gerald’s friend. Maria knew the Lord so that she did not doubt what HE said about her daughter. The Lord told Maria to accept what the man had announced to her, that he is Eugenie’s destiny soul, the other man was not.

The Lord told Maria that HE would bless the marriage of Eugenie and this man, they were servants. Maria went to gather the family to tell them the good news and as the Lord had given his approval, the servant and Gerald, Eugenie’s brother could not refuse this union of Eugenie and his friend. They eventually got married, a marriage blessed by the Lord. They had three daughters: AMELIA, FREIDA, and JULIANA.

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MARRIAGE (Revised translation)

Marriages are made in heaven! This phrase is often shouted with fury and bitterness by married people. But it is also used with a vengeance by those who are farthest from heaven. The natural consequence is that, following this saying, one only shrugs one's shoulders, smiles, scoffs and even sneers.


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