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Lessons In some Facts of Everyday Life: The Gesture of Embracing, Hugging

|Stories of the Lord Abdruschin's Severity When it Comes to Human Physical Interaction

From Master John

Human beings have distorted over time many concepts and notions by giving them other meanings, other significances that are sources of misfortune in their lives. In their lives they have introduced habits, new ways of living, new ways of conceiving things that they have even developed and which are not in conformity with the Laws of God that govern Creation. Everything that used to be taboo in society is no longer forbidden and is even encouraged. And over time we see how these bad habits are accepted as normal by all. There are certain things that people do just because that is the way it is, everyone does it and it is neither forbidden nor condemned by earthly law.

Knowing how to live in the family, in society, is something very important that every human being should try to learn in order to maintain a good and healthy relationship that promotes the well-being of everyone and the development of society.

Embracing and kissing are part of these concepts, of these notions, distorted by human beings and which are particularly encouraged in their distortion by society which falsely sees in them even a sign of love, of progress in morals.

In the Beyond, people live in respect of God’s Will that it is not possible to devote to anything else contrary to God’s Will, as can be observed on earth. Human beings are called to live together in harmony, peace and respect for the Laws of God for the good of each and everyone.

In the Beyond, as on earth, people meet in different circumstances for different things. In the case of the earth, there are different relationships between different people, between a woman and her husband, between a girl or boy and one’s parents, between a girl or woman and a boy or man.

These different relationships can be summarized as a relationship between two young people or adults of different genders, female and male. Every type of relationship, however, must have a spiritual basis to be healthy, pure and supportive.

Kissing and hugging are some of those bad practices introduced into daily life by human beings and which bring changes in their way of living. Changes in the relationship between men and women with consequences that are the source of many of the ills that humanity suffers without knowing the real causes.

In the Beyond, women and men work together in certain places in accordance with the Laws. Impure thoughts do not exist between people in the Beyond. This is not because people control themselves so as not to have negative thoughts, but because in the Beyond people live in PURITY, which makes it impossible for people to have negative thoughts.

Hugs and kisses are practices which humans did not know about when God made them, way before humans introduced these life-ruining changes.

Long before these changes, human beings lived in groups, in families, in harmony with men who respected women. There was also affection between them which they gave to each other in mutual respect. The children also had affection for their parents which they showed them in a respectful way in accordance with the Laws, which all respected and followed simply and naturally. It was not that the parents did not love their children, but everything was done normally and also in accordance with the Will of God.

So, there was affection in the family, but it was felt and given in a respectable way with modesty. It is with time, with the evolution of the human being, that certain things began to change within these people who lived naturally and peacefully in accordance with the Laws.

Over time, these changes in several things, in the way people lived, had begun to be felt in people’s daily lives. Some situations made people start missing the joy as it was before all these changes occurred in various things in the way of living. There was even suffering in some places.

To cope with the new life brought about by these changes, people sought a way to comfort and support each other during the difficult times they were experiencing in their lives. Children who had previously lived simply and naturally in joy and harmony with their parents who were struggling with all the changes in their lives were also affected by the effects of these changes.

The children sought support and comfort from the adults who were closest to them, in their environment and in whom they could find refuge. The first of these adults were naturally their parents.

Children would therefore take refuge with their parents whenever they needed comfort and support. The parents would take them in their arms to comfort them. It was a gesture, an act, which until then had not been done often and at any time. It was a gesture that made sense to comfort children in distress.

It was a sign of affection from parents to their children, who did not understand the difficulties they were experiencing, as a result of the changes in the way of life. People at that time did not have much verbal communication, and the way of communicating was limited.

The children did not understand the parents’ explanations of the situation they were experiencing, and to calm them down the parents looked for a way to give them affection during the difficult times they were experiencing at that time.

The way parents of that time showed affection to their children is not to be compared with the way they do now. In those ancient times people lived differently, even in the way children showed affection to their parents, there were limits.

With the evolution of man, everything changed. People began to disregard the Will of God in some things.

Hugs and embrace were gestures, acts that were not done in any way and at any time, they were done for a specific cause and for a specific situation.

It was afterwards that people would bring about changes in the practice and meaning of these gestures and acts of embracing and hugging. They had other ideas that they began to develop behind these gestures of embracing that no longer had anything to do with affection, which was to support, comfort, console in certain difficult situations.

It was no longer a limited and healthy gesture of affection on the part of parents for their children, who took refuge in them for support and comfort during difficult times. Adults themselves also began to embrace in other circumstances during meetings.

This was the beginning of the introduction and abuse of hugging and kissing gestures in adult life and in life in general instead of the usual way of greeting each other.

People experience times of distress when they need support, comfort, consolation from others, but let it be for that reason, that cause and during that time of need and with respect for the person in distress.

With time, and with the development of the intellect, hugs and kisses became a mode of greeting. People no longer greeted each other in the way they used to, in a noble, modest and respectful way, they began to embrace. Friends no longer greet each other by the hand, they kiss each other supposedly to show and confirm their friendship.

A married woman cannot kiss another man and claim that she is not doing anything wrong, that it is only a way of greeting each other. People kiss each other thinking it is a simple greeting, but they do not know what is going on during the hugging, kissing, between two people of the opposite sex. These people do not see what is happening in the world of thoughts, at the moment when these people are kissing, a gesture that they think is harmless, innocent. They are transgressing in thought.

Many people transgress in thought at the moment of this gesture of greeting each other by kissing or hugging. Partners who are in a relationship and who love each other and live together can indeed kiss. But neither of them should, under any circumstances, allow themselves to kiss any other person in order to justify and defend themselves afterwards that it is just a simple greeting.

A married man who kisses a woman he likes very much, you already know what kind of thoughts are in his head. It is easy to understand that at the moment of kissing this woman or girl he likes that there must be something going on inside this man, unless you are a hypocrite. Many people often sin in thought without realizing it.

There are those occasions when people pretend to give affection to certain people who are in moments of distress, of pain. But in most of these cases, where there are hugs, embraces, some have negative thoughts that are out of place and do not respect others during the hugs, embraces. They act badly but pretend that they have given help, affection or that it is just a greeting, a sign of affection, when they know that they have acted badly in thought.

Some agents of darkness take advantage of these moments of hugging, kissing, and embracing to try to pass evil, negative vibrations to people.

These people who they embrace tightly during the hugging think it is a sign of affection for them, while they are being destroyed during this gesture of hugging, kissing.

We see these fathers who start kissing their daughters by the mouth from a young age. The daughter is thus accustomed to this gesture of her father kissing her with his mouth. The daughter grows up convinced that it is perfectly normal to kiss each other with the mouth, which her father does to her from a young age. She will find it normal to kiss someone on the mouth. She will develop this bad habit shown to her by her father. She will not hesitate, if the opportunity arises, to kiss a boy or a man on the mouth. Some girls even provoke these occasions.

Because of this, many children are abused by this bad kissing habit. Some girls, still young, become attached to boys because they seek and want to have more affection by kissing a man. The father has aroused in his daughter these sensations that the girl takes for affection and that she can only find by kissing a boy on the mouth. How many young girls end up pregnant because they were used to their father’s embraces and hugs which they consider normal, and which, in the case of need for affection, they give to any boy.

Some women have the karma of having been in prostitution in a past life. When they are born in another life into a particular family, they bring this karma with them into their new life.

If one of these women happens to be incarnated in a family where the father and brothers of the family already have this bad habit of kissing the girls, of kissing each other and the girls, this bad habit can awaken and reawaken in this woman what is sleeping in her that has a link with prostitution. She may end up in prostitution again and instead of seeking to redeem their karma, she will add to it.

These girls who find themselves in this case, without knowing it, have a karma of having been prostitutes in a past life that they must seek to redeem.

The father will not help the girl to unknot her karma, and he may contribute to and encourage the awakening of this past life defect in the girl. The girl could even at a young age, start to associate with men, which is why it is necessary to avoid the bad habits of hugging, kissing with children in general.

There are those moments and cases when parents can give affection to children. For example, if a child falls down and is in a lot of pain and goes to his mother, the mother could hold him tightly to comfort him from his pain. This is a gesture of hugging that makes sense at that moment when the child is in pain and needs the comfort of his mother. This hug is not for all situations, and especially not to kiss on the mouth.

Parents must do everything to avoid getting their children used to these gestures, these acts that are bad for their lives. Adults must teach their children good manners from their childhood.

The Light does not accept the general abuse that has become routine of the gesture of affection of hugging, of taking in one’s arms someone who is in distress and who just needs to be comforted, consoled. Let the greeting not change to hugs and kisses at all times.

Respect must remain between people wherever they meet. Do not consider a habit that is not in accordance with the Will of God. There are many good ways to greet people. But people want to complicate themselves by doing certain things that do not elevate them spiritually.

And even in the cases of those people who are in distress, the presence of a person and the advice, the information that this person can give is enough to give comfort to the person in distress. Hugs and kisses are not necessary to comfort a person.

Let the child live as a child instead of teaching him, accustoming him to everything that can harm him later in his life. How many cases of abuse, incest between daughters and brothers, daughters and their fathers because of the exaggerated and misplaced affection of fathers who go so far as to abuse their daughters in intimate acts. All this can be avoided by eliminating the causes.

Teachings to help you are available on how to lead a lifestyle that is noble.

It is not by embracing or allowing yourself to be embraced that you give or receive affection in your life, it is by a good way of living that people will learn to respect and avoid hugs and kisses. MUCH STRENGTH.


The Lord could do some things by himself at the age of three. HE did not need the help of his brothers or his older sister. HE refused any help despite his young age. HE NEVER wanted His feet to be without socks. When He forgot something as a child, the essential beings reminded Him by the signs that HE knew well and HE reacted. HE had an exceptional intelligence.

EMMA, the mother of the Lord, who had received a good education from her parents, did not behave like other women. She educated her children as her mother had educated them. She did not kiss the children to show her affection. She raised them normally.

She took time to give birth after ALVIN. She would welcome the Lord on earth a few years later after Alvin’s birth. Between Alvin and the Lord, there was a great age gap, although they followed each other in the order of their birth. Alvin was the Lord’s older brother who was just before the Lord. The Lord was born after Alvin who was His nearest bigger brother.

This great age gap between the two births was for a cause of the Light’s preparation of the Lord’s coming on earth. The Light wanted to prepare Emma, the Lord’s mother, especially her Reception Bridge for the Lord’s reception.

Alvin was the one who often took care of the Lord who did not accept, even as a child, that their big sister could take care of Him. And even if Alvin was not at home, HE would wait until HE arrived to take care of HIM. Alvin was also the one who cut the Lord’s hair at a young age, until Alvin left the family home. In Alvin’s absence, it was His friend WILFRED who cut His hair at a young age.

The Lord would eventually learn to cut His own hair so that He would not have to depend on another person. He always wanted to protect Himself. And even when HE was on a trip, HE did his hair alone. This was made possible with the help of the Essentials.

There was really no dialogue and contact between the Lord’s father and the children. The children were more with their mother, Emma. That being the case, the Lord was often close to his older sister.

He went to family gatherings but the Lord did not behave like the other children. He stayed in a quiet place or near his mother who knew Him well for His attitude towards people.

During these meetings, there were no hugs between people, no embraces with the Lord’s father, mother, sister and brothers. The Lord refused all bodily contact from a young age. Even at his school, HE did not appreciate certain things and the teachers knew his attitude towards people. HE had a stern and serious character when HE was young.

The look on His face in certain situations was a message that His friends could understand well if He did not want something done or to be done.

Unruly children did not like Him because He did not respond to their request.

The Lord had His way of greeting people with respect. HE would change this way of greeting people in time. HE avoided hugging and kissing people. HE had a way of avoiding some people from coming to hug him. HE knew the tendency of certain people and HE prepared himself accordingly. HE could make sure that these people would not find the possibility or the way to reach Him.

The people who were in His close circle understood His way of greeting people, even children. They would not approach Him if He did not approach them. HE used to hold some children by the hand to bless them and transmit the Force to them. HE did not pray for these children by holding their hands. HE had a way of praying for children and sick people which HE did not do openly, but in a discreet way. And even the way He sat near people, HE did so with great reserve and respect. Some people who did not know Him thought He was strange. HE would fix His gaze on the people to whom He wanted to transmit the Force. HE had his own way of looking at people.

At the family house where the Lord was born, there is a great Bridge of Light in that place, and also the Light Power in that place where the Lord came to earth.

Wherever the Lord had set His foot, HE left the Force of Light at each of those places. Some people received healing from their illnesses after the Lord had left those places. He did not want people to know what HE was doing so that they could follow Him, but that people could follow Him for their conviction in His spiritual teachings. Here are some brief sequences of the Lord’s life in his family and with the people around him. HE was sterner with people HE did not know. HE had a noble way of greeting people.


The Lord was on a journey when HE met a woman along the way by the name of Catharina. She was a prostitute and wore ignoble clothes that exposed her body and drew the attention of men to her.

The Lord noticed that the men who passed the woman would turn to look at her. He asked His Guide who gave Him information about Catharina. The Lord decided to help the woman to become a true woman, one who fears God.

Catharina walked before the Lord and entered a clothing shop. The Lord followed her into the shop, He pretended to be looking at the clothes, when in fact He was looking for ways to get in touch with the woman to help her.

The shop was not large, and all the people in it could easily see each other. This is how Catharina saw the Lord, a man dressed in a noble way. She walked around in the shop to get a good look at the Lord. She did not know that the Lord knew everything she was doing, He was alone in the shop but surrounded by the Helpers and Essentials.

Catharina opted to meet the Lord to start talking to Him, but her deepest thought was to seduce the Lord. She knew how she would act. But the whole area around the Lord was under the control of the Essentials who were watching Catharina. She turned around in the aisle opposite the Lord. She then walked with deliberate steps towards the Lord while pretending to look at the clothes.

On reaching where the Lord was standing, she thought of getting in front of the Lord and kissing Him straight away.

When she got to the place where she thought she was going to put her plan into action, the Lord was no longer there on the spot, He had disappeared. The woman was terrified of what she had just experienced. She looked around the shop, she saw that everyone was there in their place except the Lord. She began to move to look for the Lord in other places. When she arrived at another place still in the shop, she turned her eyes around and, to her surprise, she saw the Lord in the same place still looking at the clothes. She was surprised to see Him in the same place she wanted to kiss Him but had disappeared.

Catharina rushed to the Lord again with the same intention to kiss Him. As it happened the first time, she arrived at the place, the Lord was not there, she did not see Him. It was strange for her. She decided to follow this man until she learnt something from Him.

She moved a little further away again to make sure and understand what she was experiencing. She looked around to see what was going on, but this time she saw nothing as she looked behind her and around her.

At some point she sees the Lord still looking at the clothes, HE had moved from where HE was before. The woman became even more petrified.

The Lord smiled so as not to scare Catharina. She was a little frightened, she could not act as she thought of kissing the Lord. She had fear in her eyes as she looked at the Lord before her. The Lord greeted her by name: “Hello Catharina”. She replied, “How do you know my name?” The Lord simply smiled. Catharina fell on her knees at the Lord’s feet while crying. The Lord asked her to get up because HE wanted to help her, HE wanted to teach her a good way to behave. She could not say a word, it was the tears that flowed from her eyes.

The woman who worked in the shop came over to see what was going on, but Catharina told the woman that nothing bad was happening between them. The woman insisted on knowing what was going on, but Catharina maintained that everything was fine.

Catharina stood up and thanked the Lord for being in her way. Catharina asked for an opportunity to meet with the Lord that she had to talk to Him. The Lord was on a journey, HE had no time. He invited Catharina to a nearby restaurant to have a chat and she accepted gladly.

Once in the restaurant, Catharina told the Lord about her life. She has been trying to leave this life of men for a long time, but she always goes back to her fault of seducing men and having relations with them. She told the Lord that she saw a luminous woman in a dream who gave her spiritual teachings and advice, but she did not heed these teachings and advice.

She asked the Lord for forgiveness for the harm she had done to him. The Lord only looked her in the eye and gave her strength at the same time. She told of her childhood and her life on the streets while crying. The Lord asked Catharina for her address, so that they could communicate with each other by mail. He held Catharina by the hand and prayed for the Force of the Light to be with her. Catharina did not want to leave the Lord. She wanted to have teachings that could help her to change her way of life. The Lord told her that she would soon be a servant of the Light on mission.

From the day of this meeting with the Lord, Catharina changed her way of life. She burned all degrading clothes and moved to a place where she was not known in order to avoid encounters with the men she seduced and who still wanted her. She left her sister in charge of watching her mail and forwarding it to her new address.

The first mail she received was from the Lord, and she was very happy to read the spiritual teachings and advice. Catharina kept in touch with the Lord by mail. She became a member of a Christian community in that city. Since her encounter with the Lord, she had no contact with any man. She lived alone.

After three years of spiritual preparation, Catharina became a servant of the light on mission in this community to help widowed women and young girls.

The Lord knew that Catharina was a servant of the Light on mission on earth. She had been raped by her father, but her mother, instead of understanding her, drove her out of the house. Due to a lack of housing and financial means, she began to prostitute herself to earn a living.

As she prostituted herself, it became an addiction that she could not give up. She contacted an occultist who initiated her into seducing and getting more men. She was destroying marriages by the way she seduced men and got them in intimate acts.

She had called on her occult master when she noticed the presence of the Lord and became interested in Him, but her incantations failed to seduce the Lord. The Lord disappeared at the same time as her master was there. This was a failure for Catharina and her occult master. She could not understand how her master was failing. This led her to kneel before the Lord, whom she found greater than her occult master.

The Christian community had helped her greatly to cut the ties with sorcery and her occult master. The Lord kept sending her strength that helped her to get out of the problem she had with her penchant for men. She drank and smoked a lot, but by the grace of the Lord she gave up everything to serve the Light. She repented to serve the Light in her life. She refused to get married because of her tendency to seduce men. She preferred to stay alone and serve God.

Catharina could not marry, she had a karma of men, but instead of trying to untie her past ties she strengthened them even more. She had the grace to meet the Lord who helped her with the teachings.


The Lord knew a couple, TORBEN and HILDA. Hilda had a problem conceiving. After seven years of marriage without having a child, they received the grace of God to have a boy whom they named, JORG and sent to school when the time came for him to go.

Jorg was a very intelligent boy, he was in no way unruly. Some of the students at the school did not like him. He always passed with high marks. Some of the unruly students planned to hurt Jorg.

It was a Thursday and some of the students were staying at school to study. Jorg was one of those students who studied hard after school. As his parents were working, he went to and from school alone. These unruly pupils had left the school, but they did not go home, they waited for Jorg on his way home.

When the classes were over, Jorg took the trail for home. He met some of the unruly pupils on the way who blocked his path. One of them, who had a stick, hit Jorg on the neck with it and Jorg fell to the ground. They tied him up with a rope and threw him into a deep hole far away from the houses, where nobody could hear Jorg’s voice crying for help.

In the evening when Jorg’s parents came home, they could not find him. They went to ask his friends in the neighbourhood, who had not seen him. They waited until the evening, still without any news of Jorg. In the hole in which these unruly children had thrown Jorg there were insects that stung Jorg until he had no more energy and he fainted.

The Lord was in His garden when HE heard a small voice asking for help. HE paid attention to hear that voice, it was Jorg’s voice asking for help. Jorg had fainted but his mind remained alert. It was his mind that was connected with the Light that went to the place where there was Force.

As the Lord had contact with Jorg’s parents and Jorg himself, HE was connected to Jorg’s mind which was alert and asking for help. The Lord sent the Essential Beings to that place for Jorg’s protection. They found Jorg passed out at that place in that hole. Someone had to come and pull the child out of that hole.

The Essentials did their job to signal Jorg’s parents who were driving around at night looking for him. The Essentials directed them until they arrived at the place where Jorg was in a hole. Jorg’s father, who had a torch, looked into the hole but saw nothing, but Jorg’s mother insisted that he look further and further into the depth of the hole, and there they would discover Jorg’s still body in the hole.

Jorg’s father did not hesitate for a second, he went down into the hole. Jorg had wounds all over his body, he was bitten by insects in that hole.

His mother screamed in horror, but his father was calm. They took Jorg to the hospital. Jorg was in the intensive care unit. He was bitten by some poisonous insects. He had to be treated urgently. Jorg did not speak. Jorg’s father stayed in the hospital, his mother drove their car all night to the Lord’s house where she arrived in the early hours of the morning. She did not want to disturb the Lord and his family.

She fell asleep in her car until the morning.

Jorg’s mother went to knock on the door of the Lord’s house. He was already up and ready to go with her to the hospital. She was amazed that the Lord already knew about Jorg, although they had not told anyone. The Lord said nothing, He asked the woman to go and see Jorg.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctors told Jorg’s mother that it was too late because Jorg was so infected that he could not survive and that the doctors could not do anything because Jorg was dying.

The Lord asked that He be allowed to be alone with Jorg. The doctor objected, but on the insistence of the parents he gave in and said that it should be as they wished, but with the condition that Jorg should remain on his hospital bed.

The Lord rushed to Jorg who was sleeping on his hospital bed. The Lord did not want to let any time pass when His Guide told Him that Jorg was beginning to detach himself from his body little by little.

The Lord took Jorg in His arms and held him tightly to His chest with firm eyes. HE prayed and felt the strength in Him intensifying with the prayer, and HE also felt how His Feet were lifting up.

When He finished His prayer, and opened His Eyes, He saw Jorg with open eyes looking at Him. HE was happy to see Jorg alive. HE then hugged Jorg even tighter to His chest. He put Jorg back on his bed and went to call his parents to come back and see Jorg alive. They were overjoyed. They knew the Lord so well that they could not doubt what had happened with Jorg’s healing.

Jorg stayed only three days in the hospital and then went home. Jorg told of his accident, denouncing all the students who were involved in what had happened to him and which had almost taken his life. Jorg’s parents changed schools for Jorg.

They soon went to see the Lord. What amazed the parents more was that Jorg, as a child, went to kneel at the feet of the Lord and thanked God. He kept saying “THANK YOU MY LORD AND KING”. The Lord smiled and asked Jorg to come and sit by Him and told him not to forget what HE had done when HE prayed for him. HE asked Jorg to remember to do the same when he starts his mission to help people. HE told Jorg’s parents that he was a servant of the Light on a mission, and that he would also work miracles in his mission on earth.

HE saved Jorg because HE knew that he would serve the Light on earth and that through the power of God in Jorg many people would be saved. This is what the Lord saw in Jorg and motivated Him to save him, because from him, in his mission, many people would find healing.

Jorg’s parents did not understand this revelation about their son.

When Jorg was twenty-seven years old, he started his mission. He went to hospitals to pray for people. There were healings of the sick from the laying on of Jorg’s hand. People called Jorg “The Man of Miracles”.

Jorg moved to America, where he did his mission.

The Lord knew the spirit of Jorg to raise him from death. The Lord had passed on to Jorg a Force that could free him from the venom of the bites of various insects in his body while he was in the hole. When the Lord held Jorg to His chest, the Lord’s Power over Jorg acted as a hoover or cleanser of all those poisons that were accumulated in Jorg's body. He had taken upon Himself all that was in Jorg of evil, the pain, which caused Jorg to heal and wake up from his coma.

The Lord had acted in such a way that sometimes during His Mission, it was to save those servants with a great mission to help many people. He saw Jorg’s mission as great so that he deserved this healing. The Lord was focusing his attention at those people who were going to get healing from their disease from the servant Jorg.

Jorg was the target of the darkness who used the unruly students to harm him. It was the plan of the darkness that Jorg should not be able to do his great mission on earth. Fortunately, the Lord was on earth, and in the same City as Jorg’s parents. He had saved Jorg’s life and the lives of several people.
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The Kiss of Friendship (Revised translation)

Much has been said of it all over the world. The kiss of friendship has been embellished in poetry and exalted in the worlds of thought. But all this is only a figment of the imagination, far removed from the ground of naturalness.


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