Posted on November 26, 2021.

"Why Do I Suffer?"

| A Story of how the Lord Abdruschin relieved the suffering a woman tormented by demons … and more.

From Master John

No one can accept suffering, living in suffering. For the one who suffers is not at peace, not at peace within oneself. Suffering can affect people’s lives and manifest itself in different ways. For some people it can be seen, it can be read, just by looking at them; for others, it is more internal, they suffer in silence. Some of these people can even be joyful at times despite their suffering.

God is Love, HE cannot allow people to live in suffering.

All suffering in the life of every person has an origin and a cause that the person must seek to know the reason. The Light gives the Grace to everyone who incarnates on earth to be able to lead a normal life. People must ask themselves where suffering comes from, why people suffer, “why do I suffer?”

To this question, you have spiritual teachings that give these explanations that help to understand the suffering in the lives of human beings and ways of solution.

Each person has his or her own destiny which is traced out for him or her by the Light. Not all human beings follow the same path when they incarnate on earth. Each person has his/her own path traced by the Light that he/she must follow for his/her spiritual evolution. It can happen that some people have the same suffering without having the same path to follow.

The origin of suffering is linked to human beings themselves. God created human beings and sent them to earth where they had to live by following His Will in every act and gesture of every moment of their lives for their spiritual evolution, their well-being, the salvation of their soul and an ever better world. The Will of God is the set of His Laws that govern all Creation on earth. His Immutable, Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws that function in a self-acting way.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Human beings should do the Will of God on earth by leading a way of life in conformity with the Laws of God at every moment of their lives in thought, word and deed. But, instead, human beings began to deviate from the path they were following which was in conformity with the Will of God. Human beings, abusing their free will, had introduced into their way of life changes that have led them further and further away from the peaceful path of the Light that they were following until then, and from which they would deviate completely over time.

Humans began to do their own will by making changes contrary to the Will of God in their daily lives. They deviated more and more from the path traced out for them by God for their own good.

People were no longer respecting the Laws of God in their daily way of life, but they thought that they were still on the right track and that all was well, whereas they were sowing seeds that would bring bitter harvests in their lives. There were some people who tried to make others understand, to convince them to accept these changes that they were making according to their personal will. Human beings sought to trace their own path that they would follow and, instead of losing themselves alone, they wanted to bring other people together with them toward perdition.

Many people do not know and wonder why they have been suffering for a long time. Some are making efforts to find the answer to this question, but to no avail.

But often people do not know where and from whom they can get the right answers to their concerns about the origin and causes of their suffering. Instead, they confide in those people who know nothing and who may even confuse them and get them lost further without providing a solution to their problem.

Some people confide in practitioners of fetishists who are agents of darkness and may be the cause of people’s suffering. They do not do much to help people who suffer; on the contrary, they can increase the suffering of the person who goes to consult them.

People do not really pay attention when they go to witch doctors who claim that they have the solution to all people’s suffering.

The darkness and its agents only follow their doctrine, which is to hurt people. Think again if you believe that darkness and its followers can do good to help people; their doctrine is only to destroy life, to hurt people in many different ways. The darkness and its agents are only here to make people suffer. The Light is Love, It does not know suffering and can never make Its Creatures suffer.

All suffering is linked to the works of the darkness. The Love of God that works in people’s lives can never make people suffer. Misfortune cannot come to you if you do not call it by your way of life. The Just, Perfect and Incorruptible Laws of God govern everything. Like attracts like. Human beings reap what they sow.

Human beings are the root cause of all suffering in their lives that they themselves have attracted in their wrong way of living in thoughts, words and deeds, in giving an opening to the darkness to attack and reach them.

It is no coincidence that some people suffer and find no peace. These people suffer because they are reaping what they have sown at some point in their lives.

So human beings should not limit themselves to seeing only the suffering they have in their lives.

The knowledge of the action of the Laws of God which govern everything in Creation is that help which the human being needs, to come to understand why suffering, why he or she suffers, “why do I suffer”.

Human beings must begin by observing themselves, their way of living in relation to the action of the Laws of God, including that of the seed and the harvest, and ask themselves what is this behaviour in their way of living of each moment in thoughts, words and acts that has given an opening to darkness and attracts suffering in his/her life.

Whoever makes the Will of God alive in his/her life in accordance with the Laws of God, he/she cannot live in suffering. We are talking about suffering of which the origin and cause is darkness.

Some people suffer so much that they cannot find peace of mind. All their life they live only in suffering, there is always something that makes them suffer in their life. It is sad to see these people who suffer and do not have peace, but do not seek to know what they can do to solve their suffering and have peace in their lives. These people have suffered so much and for so long that it seems normal to them at some point in their lives, when there is a solution somewhere. They do not complain about anything, not even about their situation.

It is often people who have some kind of bewitchment that close their eyes so that they do not notice anything, that they do not come to the knowledge of their condition and do not take any initiative to free themselves.

Anyone who has something that causes suffering in his/her life should take note of this. A person who is bewitched, lives in blindness, he/she does not notice anything that happens around him/her. This makes many people live in suffering while believing that they are well while other people notice that something is not normal with them.

The Light does not know suffering and therefore cannot cause any suffering to Its Creatures. It does not want Its Creatures to suffer. Some human beings choose to follow the doctrine of evil, that of the darkness with which they have strong ties. They attract to themselves only suffering, but instead of changing their way of life and following the path of truth, of peace, they remain in evil while suffering terribly. This is the category of people whom the Light regards as blind people who have their eyes bandaged so that they cannot see the right path to follow. They suffer because they are blindfolded by darkness and its agents.

People who say they have the Truth with them, they cannot suffer. When a person has the Truth with him, he knows that he has to live this Truth in order to connect to the Light and give It that opening through which it will act in him.

Suffering that has a link with darkness cannot be in the life of a person who prays to God in truth. That which does not gather repels, does not attract.

Distinction Between Karma and Suffering

Karma must not be confused with suffering, which is related to the darkness and its works. Many people have a karma that makes them reap certain things that they themselves have sown in one of their lives because of their bad behaviour. This can be a harvest of something sown in the present life or in one of the past lives. The burden that you carry in this life may be heavy, and if you are not able to lighten it by unknotting some of your many ties, you may live in suffering. That karma that wants to be unravelled can also bring suffering into people’s lives when one incarnates on earth.

The Connecting Link Between Character Defects And Suffering

A person’s flaws can have negative manifestations and effects in the lives of people that can cause suffering in one’s life. And when these faults develop into a propensity, it causes many negative things in people’s lives. There are some people who have many flaws in their lives that make them live in suffering. A person cannot have many character defects and live quietly without suffering. Suffering is related to the works of darkness, while faults do not help people to evolve in life.

Certain defects bring people down to a low level. A man who has a weakness to drink, he finds pleasure and enjoyment in drinking heavily. He forgets that he is destroying his life, and the consequences of this abuse of alcohol in his life are sufferings. By drinking heavily, it not only destroys the body, but it also disrupts mental activities. And when a person becomes addicted to drinking, he suffers and he will lack peace. When the activities around the mind are not functioning well, the person will lack concentration, he will attract suffering in his life, he will suffer.

Some cases of sufferings are caused by people themselves through a wrong way of living. All suffering has an origin of some kind that people must seek to know and understand in order to have peace in their lives. One cannot rush to talk about karma only because people are suffering and do not know the origin and causes of their suffering.

Not all suffering is karma. There are many cases of such sufferings that are the consequences of people’s wrong way of living. People do not control what they are emitting as evil thoughts of all kinds and the reciprocity of which the effects in their life can be the cause of their suffering. Especially those people who play with thoughts, they do not know the consequences of the effects of the return of their negative thoughts in their lives. There are people who only attract suffering to themselves by speaking words that are not good.

You live in the world of words, know that whatever you speak as words you sow, it is bound to you and you will reap the consequences in your life. You can attract misfortune, suffering in your life just by a bad word that you utter. Always act well, since when you hurt people you will reap this evil in return in your life.

The suffering that you seek to make people endure, know that the Laws of God are at work in people’s lives. “Whatever you sow for good or evil, you will reap”.

People should not have this way of always finding, of accusing other people as being the authors of their own suffering. Suffering and unhappiness cannot reach you and make you suffer if you have not drawn them into you by a behaviour that has given an opening to darkness.

Do not think about karma right away when you are suffering and when you know that you are not behaving well, for you will continue to emit and attract only negative thoughts, which will not help you to find the solution to your suffering that will help you evolve spiritually. You will otherwise remain for a long time thinking badly about people, you will continue to attract evil to you, and when you suffer you will not accept it and try to get help from the Light.

In the Beyond, everything is pure, so pure that we do not experience suffering. It is possible that people live in joy, in peace on earth, that they do not know suffering. Suffering cannot have a major place in people’s lives. God has created the human beings so that they evolve in joy, peace, love of neighbour by respecting His Laws which govern all Creation. All that is required and expected of human beings is that they live according to the Will of God, Who is their Creator.

By so doing, you draw to you the strength and protection of God. Suffering cannot be in your life. There is always a way, a way out of any kind of suffering in your life. Do not accept or get used to suffering and being in suffering, teachings are there to help you understand your suffering and how to get out of the suffering that overwhelms you to the point that you lack peace. When you stay in suffering for a long time, it is like being in a closed room in which you are suffocating. Everyone wants to have a good life, although there are people who do not find peace due to suffering.

Joy is a weapon that can fight suffering. Do not remain locked up in a house, suffering, but seek to go out to get some fresh air, that is, joy. No one is incarnated on earth to suffer. When suffering approaches you, know that the Light is there to give you joy, peace.

For people whose suffering is karmic in origin, they must begin by striving to do good in their lives. The practice of goodness in true love of neighbour can alone help to untie many karmic knots in your life. Laws are not to condemn people. They help one live a good life by living according to the Laws. Without God’s Laws, many people will be lost spiritually. People must think of living in accordance with the Will of God. Suffering must be removed from people’s lives. Knowing God’s Laws and living according to them will help you to find and get on the right path, the path of the LIGHT OF TRUTH.



YVONNE had a German mother, CHRISTIANNE and a French father, MICHEL. She lived with her mother in Germany, and she often came with her mother to the hours of worship at the Mountain. Both of them did not fail to give their contribution to the work of the Light at the Mountain. Yvonne was a 34-year-old woman who was always next to her mother. She lived with a certain fear that people who knew her mother would wonder about what was going on with Yvonne. When they were in the presence of people, Yvonne would just smile and not take part in the conversation between everyone who was there. She just smiled, but she said nothing.

One day, after worship, the Lord went to His little ‘house of prayer’ to pray. He had chosen to pray for the people who had been living for a long time in unresolved suffering.

After HE had finished praying, the Lord saw Yvonne in a vision. He saw Yvonne locked in a very dark house. The Lord did not know Yvonne, nor her mother, even though they both came to the Mountain to worship often.

The Lord called on His Guide for information about Yvonne. One of His Guides told Him to first go and meet Yvonne and HE would know what was going on with her. The Essentials had the task of finding Yvonne and her mother who did not return home immediately after worship. They had preferred to have hung out at the Mountain to chat with some readers.

Yvonne told her mother that she wanted to take a walk by the Lord’s office. Her mother was astonished at her request, but she insisted on going to see the place where the Lord’s office was located, and which she had not seen for a long time. Her mother, who only wanted joy for her daughter, did not hesitate and agreed.

The Essentials would lead them to meet the Lord who was on his way to His office. Yvonne and her mother wanted to bypass the Lord’s office by going to the right. It was then that they met the Lord on the way. The Lord was in front of Yvonne and her mother, He had this vision of Yvonne locked in a very dark room in which she is surrounded by demons.

The Lord did not want to frustrate Yvonne who was already living in fear, He let them pass. The Lord smiled and nodded to Yvonne and her mother as a greeting to the two women who passed by and walked quietly.

The Lord asked the Helpers, the Essentials, to act to free Yvonne from this suffering that she endured in silence.

The Helpers tried to cast out the demons away, but there were so many of them that it could have affected Yvonne, who was chained by these demons that controlled her, and any move to chase them away these demons could react violently against Yvonne before leaving her.

When the Lord had crossed paths with the two ladies, He had to cover himself with a cloak so as not to provoke the demons that could react to the Force around Him. All of them, the Helpers, the Essentials were acting with Yvonne’s protection in mind.

The woman lived so much in fear that it was an opening for those demons that held her in their prison. She had chains around her body. She could well feel this imprisonment that created a kind of fear in her. The Essentials managed to follow Yvonne back to her house, avoiding provoking the demons around her. It was a very, very delicate operation. Certain things had to be held back for Yvonne’s protection.

Yvonne had trouble sleeping, she heard voices of demons in her room and to sleep well her mother gave her sleeping pills.

And it is when she had fallen asleep that the Helpers was able to call upon the “Daughters of Patmos” to help in this mission entrusted to them by the Lord, to help Yvonne come out of her suffering.

The Daughters of Patmos have a certain way of taking a person, their spirit, out of their body as in a dream and bringing them with them to purify them. They used the same procedure as in dreams where people see themselves in another place doing something else while their body is on the bed sleeping peacefully.

They take up these people high away from their bodies to be washed and purified without them knowing what is going on.

After the cleansing, Yvonne had returned to her body, but unlike many people, Yvonne had gone into a coma when she returned to her body. There was panic around Yvonne among the demons who were controlling and watching her to see that she was not moving, despite everything they were trying to do to her. Yvonne did not react; she did not move on her bed. Until then it was the demons who manipulated her as they wished. The demons tried everything they could to wake up Yvonne but to no avail.

It was then that the Lord, who was aware of everything, gave the order to engage in a fight with these demons who were increasing in number when they had noticed that Yvonne was not waking up.

The Lord asked that He acted alone and with His Force to bring Yvonne out of her suffering.

The Lord appeared all luminous in Yvonne’s room. All the demons had fled. But that was not all, since these demons could return after the Lord’s departure in Yvonne's room.

The Lord reproduced an image of HIMSELF that HE left in Yvonne’s room.

It was the first time in a long time that Yvonne could sleep peacefully through the night without waking up in fear and going to her mother’s room, as she had been doing before.

The bright, invisible image of the Lord had cast out the demons forever.

Yvonne, who had suffered for a long time imprisoned by the demons and forced to be constantly by her mother’s side, began to become independent of her mother little by little. She could go out and walk alone until she had friends she met without her mother’s company.
What happened to Yvonne to get her into this situation of suffering started at the university. Yvonne was studying at the University where she met a man who promised to help her with her classes. This man was an occultist. The man neutralized Yvonne and initiated her into the occult.

The man used an opposite force (neutralized) Yvonne, without her consent, and despite this initiation against her will, Yvonne refused to act as the man wanted. This refusal to cooperate caused the man to become angry, and he summoned the demons which imprisoned Yvonne in an awfully dark house.

These demons were in Yvonne’s life to torment her as much as possible, to scare her into agreeing to cooperate with their master. They knew that Yvonne would give in out of fear but it had taken time, made her suffer until she was delivered from her suffering by the Lord Himself. She had hidden what had happened from her mother.

After her deliverance, her mother began to reflect on their encounter with the Lord that this was the beginning of her daughter’s deliverance.

They asked for a meeting with the Lord to thank Him. In the meeting with the Lord, Yvonne had changed, she spoke easily. She lowered her face and thanked the Lord, who told Yvonne to be vigilant so as not to attract suffering into her life because of the influence of people or agents of darkness. She had only let the tears flow from her eyes.

Yvonne and her mother sold the house and bought another one. A Bridge of Light remained permanently in Yvonne’s room. The Lord could be seen in images in that room. Anyone who would be in Yvonne’s room felt a certain Force that they could not understand.


On a Festival of the Holy Dove, readers of the Message from many countries were gathered on the Mountain. On the day of the Festival everyone rushed to be on time. A lady by the name of OLGA often came to the Festival. She lived far away from the city where the Temple was located in Vomperberg and often stayed in hotels near the Mountain. She owned a dog, BARRY. Before going to the Mountain she used to leave her dog with the neighbours for the few days she would spend at the Mountain for the Festival.

On that particular Festival, contrary to what was customary, none of her neighbours wanted to take care of Barry, as was usual when she went to the Mountain. Olga did not expect this refusal of her neighbours to take care of her dog Barry during her absence. She had already booked her train trip to get to the Festival ahead of time time, and it was impossible for her to make a reservation for her dog, Barry, at the pet daycare. She was distraught, thinking and looking at her dog, to whom she started to talk. She told her dog that she had to go to a Big Festival, but she could not find a person to take care of him. The dog reacted a little by wagging its tail. Olga felt sorry for her dog when she saw his reaction. She continued to talk to Barry, she told him that she needs the Power of the Light to live and when she lives, she can take care of him.

Olga told her dog Barry that she had to leave and will leave him alone in the house. She added that Barry will be alone but protected by the Light who will be with him during her absence until she returned.

The next day, before leaving, Olga took her dog Barry in her arms and she said her prayer, placing her dog in the Hand of the Lord for His protection while he is home alone, and while she is at the Mountain. She said: “Lord, I know you hear me now, send the power of the Light into my home to protect Barry until I return from my trip. I cannot miss the Festival that is important to my life. Barry is my friend, I love him very much. I leave him in Your Hands.

Olga arranged to leave Barry food, water and all the necessities for the time of her absence. She placed everything in an orderly fashion and in places that Barry could easily find. Olga took Barry in her arms and prayed for the Force of the Light to be with Barry. She put Barry on the floor with a lot of pain in her heart. She went out and locked the door.

She had a lot of worries on her way to her hotel. At night she could not sleep well, she woke up several times to think about Barry, her dog staying home alone.

In the morning, after waking up and getting ready, she arranged to take a bus that would take her to the Mountain well before the start of the Fore-Festival worship. She had time to visit the Mountain before the worship.

The Lord had some important appointments before the hour of worship. He decided to walk to His office to get some fresh air. Olga suffered inwardly for her dog Barry who was alone in the house. She was not only worried, but this worry became a strong inner suffering.

The Lord was in His office before the people He was to meet when the vision of Olga praying appeared before His Eyes. HE saw and HE heard the prayer, along with Olga’s conviction for the Festival, her trust in the Lord whose Force would protect her dog left alone in her absence.

The Lord called the Essentials to go directly on a mission to protect Barry. The Lord closed his eyes and prayed for peace and joy to be with Olga. He sent the Light around Olga for her protection as she was suffering from tensions and could get sick, she was suffering in silence for her dog, Barry. Olga felt this power manifesting itself in her as she walked.

Olga felt that her body was trembling, she had palpitations that she did not understand their origin nor did she know what caused her to have such a reaction. After a few minutes, she became calm again and then she felt a kind of joy in her heart. She could do nothing else but to thank the Lord, thinking that perhaps her prayer was heard. She continued her walk. She had a good time at the Festival, she did not have so much worries about Barry, as before.

In the evening, while she was thinking of Barry, before going to bed, she heard a low voice telling her that Barry was in good hands. She turned around to hear the voice, and again she heard the voice say that Barry is well protected. She knelt down and thanked the Lord for hearing and answering her prayer. Olga was no longer suffering inside. She had a great time at the Festival. Olga was happy because she knew that Barry was protected.

When she returned home and arrived in front of her house, she heard Barry shouting inside the house, as if he was playing with someone. When she opened the door, Barry jumped on Olga in great joy, he was doing well. But what surprised Olga was that Barry had not eaten all the food, but had only drunk all the water, still he was fine. Olga went to her room and on her knees she thanked the Lord for the protection of her dog Barry.

When the Lord had this vision of Olga and her dog, He saw more than Olga’s suffering for her dog to stay home alone. She was suffering from high blood pressure which could cause her to get sick. She was convinced to leave her dog to come to the Festival, when she could have stayed home to take care of her dog. But Olga had taken more into consideration the importance and greatness of the Festival. She could have lost her dog, but for her the strength given during the Festival is for life. Olga had thought and favoured what is spiritual first and foremost and the rest, her dog afterwards.
It was this firm conviction of Olga to the Light that caused the Lord to take into consideration to bring help to Olga.

The Essentials had taken care of Barry while Olga was on the trip to the Mountain for the Festival of the Holy Dove. Barry was nourished by the Force that was in the water which gave him more strength and energy than the food. Barry saw the Essentials and could play with them in the house. The neighbours were also amazed to hear Barry barking as if he was with someone in the house. Some of the neighbours even came to see through the window if the dog had someone but they did not see anyone.
Have firm conviction when you pray to the Light. You are alone in praying, but know that your prayers can be heard and that you must persevere in faith and conviction.

The Lord had a cousin named VALENTINE who was the same age as Him. Valentine was the Lord’s friend among other cousins who were not well behaved. When they were still very young, Valentin did not appreciate the Lord very much. One day at a family gathering, Valentine had a heated argument with one of his cousins that degenerated into a fight between the two. The Lord stood aside and watched the fight. During the fight, Valentine was knocked to the ground. Next to him was a stone which his cousin picked up and hit Valentine on the head. It was at this point that the Lord closed his eyes and called upon his Essential friends to intervene in this battle. The Lord was eleven years old. He heard a loud noise, and HE closed His eyes so as not to see what was going to happen with the blood that was going to gush out and flow from Valentine’s head. But suddenly, HE heard no more noise, and when HE opened His eyes, HE saw Valentine alone on the ground covered with dust all over his body, there was no one around him.

Valentine noticed that all the children had fled as if they had seen a monster in Valentine covered in dust and alone on the ground. But Oscar was there when they had all fled. Oscar went to lift him up off the ground. He asked him if everything was all right, and he helped him wipe the dust off his clothes. That was when they became good friends.

Valentine would not go near the other cousins during family gatherings, he was always with Oscar and they remained good friends until adulthood. At the age of nineteen, Valentine managed to work to help his family. Valentine had a habit of getting his hands on other people’s things without asking. He used to steal money from his brothers and parents. He worked in a big store in the city. The store manager was a messy man, he could leave his office unlocked and go and do something else.

One day, the manager went to relieve himself, and Valentine took the opportunity to enter his office and open the cupboard, from which he took a sum of money. He calmly left without anyone noticing what he had done. After only a few minutes, a worker needed the manager for information about the sale. He entered the manager’s office without seeing him, he wanted to hear him. The toilet was outside the shop.

When the manager arrived, he found the other worker in his office, and realized that he had left his desk open. He rushed to the drawer, opened it and noticed that the money was gone. He looked at the worker sternly, but the worker did not react. He asked the worker on the spot to put the money he had just taken back in his drawer. The latter said nothing, that he knew nothing about the money, but the manager did not believe him. After several interrogations, the police arrested the worker, who was tried and put in prison for theft.

Valentine who had taken the money was free.

The problem at the root of Valentine’s suffering began when the pregnant wife came falsely to claim her husband’s salary at work. She was crying because they had two children to take care of and she was pregnant with the third child. On top of that, the worker’s parents were poor, living on the little their son earned from his work. With all this information coming into his ears, Valentine was suffering inside. He did not sleep well, he had nightmares of that family suffering because of his bad habit of stealing other people’s property.

Every time the worker’s wife came to the store, Valentine would lose his appetite, he would shed tears for the suffering he was putting this family through. He was only nineteen years old, while the worker was older and had a family. Valentine was suffering in silence at the same time as the worker was languishing in prison.

At an upcoming family party, he arrived a little late when everyone else was already there. People could clearly see that Valentin had lost weight. He was not happy as usual. His smile was not frank, sincere, it was as if he was hiding something.

The Lord was sitting in his corner. His guide informed him of what was going on with Valentine and that something had to be done to help the falsely imprisoned worker get out of prison. His parents might have health problems because of their age. His wife did not have the financial means to give birth to the baby and to the other children who were already lacking food.

The Lord called Valentine to His side to talk to him. Valentine, who was suffering from having committed a fault that sent someone else to prison, could not hide his suffering for this family from his friend Oscar, he revealed everything to Oscar. It was then that moment the Lord told him He would help him with this problem that was keeping him awake.

The Lord was working in the home of a wealthy, upper middle-class man who was helping Him with many problems in his family. He was thinking of the bourgeois. He prayed to God for three days. In the morning and at night He prayed for the power of Light to find a solution to Valentine’s problem. On the third day, the Lord went to find the bourgeois in his living room. His wife was beside him. He sent the Essentials to be near the bourgeois to influence his thoughts to accept his proposal.

The Lord asked the bourgeois to intervene on behalf of a friend who was in prison. The bourgeois asked him for more explanation about the problem. The Lord explained the problem without mentioning the name of his cousin Valentine. The wife of the bourgeois did not hesitate for a moment, she told her husband to see the problem closely. They appreciate the Lord very much for His work on their farm and at their home. The bourgeois told the Lord to contact the other bourgeois, the owner of the shop. He promised not to tell his story, but rather to try to get the innocent worker out of jail.

The Essentials worked hard to influence the thinking of the bourgeois and his wife. The money that was stolen had to be repaid. The Lord would tell the bourgeoisie that HE would vouch for the bourgeoisie to take His monthly salary for the amount that was stolen. He could wait even several months without pay until the stolen money was repaid. The bourgeois looked at him and agreed to pay the amount so that the worker could get out of prison. This was done and the worker was released from prison.

Valentine was happy to hear that the worker was free. But the worker had lost his job because of this incident. The Lord asked a favour of the bourgeoisie who appreciated Him very much.

The worker was hired at another company. The worker had no idea where all these favours came from. No one would tell him what happened. He was happy to be back with his family. Valentine kept thanking the Lord for His Goodness to him.

The Lord had acted in the interest of the family first. Valentine lived in pain. He was like a prisoner with negative thoughts running through his head. He told the Lord that he wanted to commit suicide several times because of this problem. He lived in great suffering. He had lost weight due to lack of sleep and peace. He even cried at night when he thought of the worker’s wife who was falsely in prison.

Valentine had become a reader of the Grail Message. He changed his life of disorder. He made an effort not to take other people’s possessions. He had almost committed suicide because of his penchant for stealing. He became a social service officer at that time. He had the task and job of following children who stole from stores. He also had the job of following delinquents who had run away from their parents’ home to end up on the street and robbing people for a living.

Valentine had heavy karma from being in gangs in some of his past lives. And when he was aware of his karma in the past, he completely changed his life thinking to redeem his past faults and mistakes. If it was not for the intervention of the Lord in this problem, Valentine would suffer in silence. The wife of the worker would suffer with the children. The worker’s parents would suffer until they died of pain and worry. It was a chain of suffering for all. The Light had to intervene to save the lives of these people.

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