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Live In Harmony |

Stories of the Lord Abdruschin Bringing Harmony Into Homes

From Master John

The Will of the Light is that human beings may live in harmony. It is a teaching that is also a spiritual advice that many people do not respect. To live in understanding and agreement with another person is not always an easy thing. When people think they are living together and there is no understanding between them, they cannot think they are living in harmony.

Live In Harmony

When we speak of the family, we see a close union between several different people with different characters and temperaments. The woman and the man come together to found a home, a family. Long before they live together, they have had time to get to know each other and, when the time comes, they can begin to think about living together, about setting up a home and also starting a family. To do this, they will talk to each other and try to agree on several important things that they will have to face when they agree to live together, to found a home and a family.

In the beginning, each union is founded on the basis of future plans that are made together between the woman and the man. And when the couple begins to have children, all rejoice and exult in the joy of this family life.

But, with time, many things happen and change in life. Misunderstanding can start to enter and be observed in certain affairs in daily life. The woman and the man begin to not understand each other, to not agree on particular things. Little by little, the man wants to impose himself to show himself as the master, the dominator on certain matters, forgetting that they had agreed on certain conditions to live in joy and harmony.

We see couples who do not live in harmony but pretend to live together. In some couples the harmony may not exist for many years without anyone else noticing it. These couples even have children who may not notice this problem of disharmony between their parents who pretend to love each other while they live in constant disagreement. They may even present themselves to people as a harmonious couple with a happy family, when they are only pretending to be a harmonious couple and family. This is a serious lie that is hypocrisy and cannot attract any good vibration in the family.

In the Word, human beings are given teachings on the importance and necessity of harmony in life between people and why they must do everything to live in harmony for true happiness which brings true joy to life and attracts good things in their lives. And when you live in harmony in the family, you will attract strength into the family for happiness, joy and flourishing of the family. The woman possesses this God-given strength which the man does not have, and which makes her the first person concerned in a couple and in the family to ensure that there is always harmony.

This is also part of her mission, as a woman, a real woman.

There may be some disagreements with the man, the husband, but let this not disturb the harmony that must be protected to remain in the family. The children cannot be so much concerned, but the woman, the one who is in her place in her home, she who is also the protector of her home, she will make sure that harmony reigns in her home. God has given more strength to the woman in relation to her mission, which makes her capable of attracting many good things in her life, in her home, through the maintenance of harmony.

The man also has his share of responsibility in a home in which he is in union with the woman, to whom he has the duty to help evolve spiritually so that she may succeed in her mission as a true woman.

The Light does not accept what people say about the woman, that she must submit to the man. What does the man refer to, and what does he think of, to allow himself to say that the woman must submit to the man when according to the wise dispositions of God, the woman to whom has been given more strength than the man? It is a way for man to discredit, diminish and lower woman to an inferior level in order to dominate her and then declare that woman must submit to man, that she is a weak being, inferior to man.

The different positions of men should not be accepted without discernment at all times, especially when it comes to those spiritual notions and concepts, the explanations of which can be found in the spiritual teachings given by the Light.

The woman has her place in the home in which the man also has his share of responsibility. Both will seek to complement each other to have this harmony that will attract a good vibration in their home that will also benefit the children and the whole family.

The children who are incarnated in a family did not themselves choose to be incarnated in this specific family, it is the Light that gives a grace to every person to incarnate on earth, it is the Light that makes this delicate work of choosing the place where a being incarnates on earth, a choice that is always for the good of the one who incarnates and of those who will welcome him on earth. People must come to understand that they can lead a good way of life and thus prepare the conditions for their next incarnation. Many people receive the Grace of God to incarnate on earth in order to undo the errors and mistakes of the past so that they can continue to evolve spiritually.

These human beings who incarnate on earth, they come back with the burden of all that they had done in past incarnations. Unfortunately, many of them come back and commit again and again the same mistakes and errors of the past, which makes their already heavy burden even heavier instead of trying to lighten it. This is due to a lack of the teachings of the Word or disobedience to the Light.

Everyone receives the final advise in the Beyond on what they should observe and do for their own good, before incarnating on earth. Unfortunately, once on earth, human beings repeat the same mistakes and faults of the past, which increases even more the weight of the burden they already carry within them and which can make them sink even further.

The harmony that reigns in a family, which knows and practices the True Word of God, is a great help to the children that live in such homes with parents who live in harmony. Children have their parents as their first teachers in their life and who are also their reference and example in the way of living. Children who are in a home where there is no understanding, no comprehension, no agreement between the parents, where there is a lack of harmony, the life of these children can be affected by this lack of harmony between the parents. A father who imposes himself and wants the mother to obey him and, if things do not go his way, he becomes violent to the point where he can even lay hands on the wife in front of the children, in such a home there is no harmony.

Darkness does not appreciate, and does everything to destroy those couples that love each other well and in which there is harmony. Darkness puts its dirty hand in the lives of those couples and families where there is harmony. It is always looking for ways to influence them, and even provoke them, so that they give the darkness an opening that will allow it to reach them and bring them little by little to attitudes and negative behaviours that repel all harmony.

This can begin with misunderstandings between the woman and the man that can go as far as quarrels that did not exist until then. This is how darkness can creep in on a couple where there is harmony to destroy it by its black hand which it always holds over the couple seeking and provoking an opportunity to act.

But in everything that happens in a home, the woman is the first one responsible, because of the Force received from God Who endows her with these faculties that give her the capacity to maintain harmony in the couple and in the family whatever happens. The woman must be alert, vigilant and pay attention to everything that happens in her home. The dirty hand of darkness cannot be on the woman as long as she is spiritually connected and open to the Light, and occupies the place assigned to her in the home by the Light.

The woman is the guardian of her home and when a hand of darkness enters her house it means that she has given an opening to that which is evil, for the darkness to act in her house. The woman must have a big heart to put up with certain things that some may call unbearable, in order to maintain harmony in her home. But this does not mean that the woman must submit to the man. Submission can be understood in the context of respect for the woman to the man but not to demean herself and believe herself inferior to the man and at a low level. The man must not take advantage of the respect of the woman to make her a weak being who must be submissive to him.

Harmony in the home is the woman’s responsibility to seek it and maintain it by her way of being. There are certain things that the woman cannot do, as a true woman who knows the Word of God.

Harmony must also reign between the members of the same family who have become adults and live separately. When there is a lack of harmony in a family, it means that there is no understanding between the members of the family. This lack of harmony and understanding often leads some members of the same family to harm others, which is a proof of a lack of love for one’s neighbour. And when there is no harmony between members of the same family, they lead a life of disorder, disharmony, disputes, hatred, with even ideas of some to hurt others. There may be exceptions for those who are agents of darkness who seek nothing but their own self-interest. But everything is based on one thing: the lack of harmony between people. They do not live in agreement but in disagreement, and this suits the darkness whose black hand, which was already over these people, will act even more powerfully to sow even more disorder, division, misunderstanding and separation and all possible evils. Darkness does not want harmony to reign in a family, it only seeks to create disorder.

In the Beyond, people live in harmony, Light is everywhere, there is not a single dark or gloomy place, everything is light. People live in respect of the Will of God. Everyone works in the Beyond and there is not a single person who does nothing, who has nothing to do. Work is everyone’s daily life. People are happy to be in the service of the Light. People work in harmony and joy.

The Helpers who have been given the grace to work with human beings on earth, they seek at all times to pass on the teachings to human beings about the necessity and importance of living in harmony, because this is the life that the Helpers lead in the Beyond. Everything we do in the Beyond is done in harmony with the appreciation of everyone. Especially during the holiday seasons, everything is well arranged with order and harmony is seen and experienced everywhere. The love of God, which works in the Beyond, brings more strength to people who live together in harmony.

It is enough to understand and practice love for one’s neighbour, to always try to do what is useful for the other, not to try to hurt the other, to intentionally cause him pain, but always to think of helping him, understanding him, not pushing him away, but putting yourself in his place in certain situations of life. Such behaviour and attitudes on the part of each person for and towards the other naturally lead to harmony.

You must know that in the love of neighbour, there are several things that people must understand and that benefit the human being for his protection, his well-being and to his spiritual evolution.

It is not easy to live in harmony with some people, but when one has the will to serve the Light, the love of one’s neighbour will act in oneself to help people. We need only see the behaviour of those people who act badly and who make no effort to change their way of life.

When the need to help people arises in you, you must do something and it must be good.

Harmony should normally prevail wherever people are – even in the workplace where people gather together regularly for a purpose, a reason or a cause. We take those who work together. These people must be mindful that there is always harmony between them, that they should always agree, understand each other in what brings them together in this place where they work together. The instructions and rules to be observed and respected in any work place are so that there is a good climate of understanding between the workers to have a good performance, good results. The darkness does not accept that people live in harmony, but in disorder. Harmony is an imperative for people to think of having at any time where one finds oneself.

A family in which there is understanding, there is joy, is a good family in which there is also peace, therefore harmony.

It is not only couples who have to think about harmony in their homes. It is a teaching that should concern every human being who lives on earth. If only people could remove the blindfold that covers their eyes in order to see that harmony that exists in the Beyond.

Beauty and harmony were supposed to be everywhere in Nature, but the present Nature is not what it was supposed to be, there is abuse of certain things in many areas.

When God created the world, everything was good.

Everyone has a responsibility to see what they need to do, how they to do it so that harmony can reign where they are. You must not only see, appreciate and admire those people who live in harmony, but also make the necessary efforts to be one of those people who like to live in harmony with everything around you. Attract the good things to you.

There is a way to be in harmony with God. It is when you think of respecting and living according to the Will and Laws of God that you are in harmony with God. The teachings that you receive from the Light, you must seek to understand them, to make them come alive in your life; then you are in harmony with this Word of Truth, and you know the benefits that you get from it.

God’s servants on mission, they must first seek to understand these teachings themselves before thinking of passing them on to others who need them.

There are many servants who do not live in harmony with the people around them.

Some servants seek conflict with other people without thinking that this way of behaving can have a negative influence on their spiritual evolution and their mission of the Light.

A servant should think only good of people. He cannot in any way create disorder among people. A servant should always think of having harmony wherever one finds oneself.

This is especially true for those servants of the Light who have self-pride, who think and believe they are above everyone else.

Pride is the enemy of the Soul. The Light has no enemy, it is people themselves who make servants enemies. And everything that is an enemy of the Soul has a connection with the works of darkness. He who has a pride defect, he cannot live and act in harmony with people. And even if he pretends to make people understand and accept his way of life, he will not be able to be in harmony with people.

Arrogance is a defect that repels people. Those who are arrogant think they are superior to everyone else. They would dare not agree with other people who they think are not as intelligent as themselves. There will therefore be no harmony in what they do or think. They want to be alone in their reasoning which makes them push away anyone who want to agree with them. They will pretend to approach people but deep down they remain the same. Some people have a hard time staying together in harmony with other people. They always try to provoke people into disagreement and discord between them, and they find their satisfaction. Some people get involved in problems that do not concern them, in order to put people at odds, in disagreement.

Always seek to have harmony in you, with you, around you, so you respect the Will and the Laws of God.

In the Beyond, we respect the Will and Laws of God, which makes us evolve spiritually. We are to help you understand that which is good for the spiritual evolution of everyone.

Seek always to be in harmony with everyone, this is a good thing and a recommendation of the Light.

Living in harmony makes humans evolve spiritually. People who lack love of neighbour cannot live in harmony with people they do not like. Children seek to have harmony with people. There are not many children who live in harmony with their parents for a long time can accept that their parents may separate. This is to say that harmony brings joy, peace between people.

Do not pretend to live in harmony while you lack love for your neighbour, you have bad thoughts about others, you think of dominating others who do not think like you.

Harmony is spiritual. People who think of having harmony in and around them, they attract the positive vibration towards them. You who live in harmony in the family, at work, with acquaintances, friends, make sure that this harmony lasts as long as possible.

Always try to understand the other person who may not have the same ideas as you. In a couple, harmony attracts more strength in the couple and around the couple. Peace of heart brings joy.

May harmony reign among ALL of YOU. MUCH STRENGTH!


Account 1:

The Lord’s father had several brothers who did not all get along. There was conflict between them from their youth. Their father, the Lord’s grandfather, was a merchant. He would give each of his children items, goods that they would sell and bring the profits back to him. He did not take the capital but only the surplus, the profit.

The father of the Lord was the one who sold more goods, and he returned with a large profit in money that he earned on the goods sold and gave it to their father as agreed.

The Lord’s father was a sociable man who had the ability to approach people. This is what attracted people to buy his goods. Because of this, he was in conflict with his brothers who had difficulty selling their goods. These conflicts between the children in the family of the Lord’s father had caused there to be no harmony in the family. The brothers argued all the time. Their mother cried every time they argued, because they could even hate each other. The disharmony between the brothers of the Lord’s father continued until they were adults. They did not get along. And even their children did not like each other.

During the family celebrations, there was nothing but arguing between them. The Lord did not like this climate of dispute between His uncles and His father at all.

One day, the Lord went somewhere to talk with the Essential Beings. HE did not like the company of His cousins who were abusive, some did not like Him, so HE preferred to be alone with His friends, the Essentials, who were His friends since he was three years old and whom HE saw around Him.

The Lord was ten years old when they went with the whole family to a gathering of his father’s large family.

But before leaving their home, the Lord entered the boy’s room where He wanted to gather His Essential friends to ask them for help for His father’s family.

They were all around Him, watching as the Lord, all sad, asked them to do something so that His father and brothers could get along.

The Lord knew well the signs of the Essentials which HE knew well how to interpret and understand. He had seen the Essentials since the age of three. He had a way of pleading with them as children do when they beg for something they want. The Essentials would give Him a sign that they had accepted His request.

At the age of ten, the Lord had had experiences with the Essentials, He knew that something was going to happen during this family meeting of His father, after He asked the Essentials to make sure that harmony would return and be between the brothers of His father and His father during this big family gathering.

The entire family of the Lord was present at this family gathering. When the Lord and his family arrived at the venue, to the great surprise of the Lord and his family, the brothers were overjoyed. They all stood and embraced the Lord’s father. It was a surprise to the Lord’s father who did not expect that one day his brothers would act like this towards him, they who harboured some sort of hatred towards him, and that even long after the death of their father, the brothers did not get along.

They sought to put their brother, the Lord’s father, at ease, and he was moved by this surprise reception from his brothers. They invited their brother to drink, but he did not respond directly. One of them stood up in front of everyone and asked to speak. He said that a few hours before their brother, the Lord’s father and his family arrived, one of his five-year-old sons had come to talk with him. His son told him to forgive their brother, the Lord’s father. He asked his son what he was saying, but the child looked his father in the eye and repeated what he had just told him to forgive his brother, and he went back to play.

The man looked at his son and tears came from his eyes. He remained quiet for a moment and alone. The nostalgia of the way their mother had raised them, the advice she had given them when they were small, that they should always be together even in her absence, all this awoke and surfaced in his consciousness. All the nostalgia of family life came back to him and he let the tears flow, and he remained calm.

The others, having noticed his silence, had moved to join him where he was.

The man looked them in the eye with tears in his eyes, calling out to them and asking them why they were arguing and especially why they continued to hate their brother, the Lord’s father, even though they are responsible adults with children. They all looked at each other and lowered their heads.

The man said that they should do something to honour their mother who loved them very much. Another brother spoke up and said that they would surprise their brother so that there would be harmony between them. They knew that their brother’s reaction was going to be different from what they could expect, and for that they had to surprise him in front of everyone. This was done.

They sat around the same table, drinking and eating together. They talked about their childhood memories, laughing and joking and making fun of each other in a very relaxed way.

Before parting, the Lord’s father asked his brothers to keep the harmony in the family in honour of their mother who had just passed away. They parted embracing each other in great joy and smile.

Since that day, harmony had returned to the family. The brothers could come to see their brother, the father of the Lord, which was not possible before this reconciliation of the brothers. They had hated the Lord’s father.

The Essentials had done their job using a five-year-old child. The Lord knew what had happened, but HE did not tell anyone.

Account 2:

There was a married couple who were readers of the Grail Message, and they often came to Vomperberg during the Festivals. They were happy and contributed to the work in Vomperberg where they came to worship at each Festival. One day, after a Festival, they came face to face with the Lord who used to greet people with a smile or a nod. As He looked at this couple who were greeting Him as they passed by, the Lord saw the anguish in this couple. He had just a brief vision of this couple that there was no harmony in them because of the lack of a child. For nine years the woman could not conceive. The man, CHARLES, was threatening to leave his wife DANIELLA because she could not give birth.

Daniela only cried, but when she was in front of people, she smiled as if everything was fine with her. With Charles, there was no communication at home, it was just arguments. Charles went out and came back as he pleased, without bothering to inform Daniela. But during the holidays in Vomperberg, they were there, side by side at the hours of worship. They even walked hand in hand when nothing was going on between them.

They acted in hypocrisy in the eyes of people while they lacked harmony in their home. The Lord had passed from this couple but his heart remained with much sadness.

In the evening, He went to His little house where He used to go to pray. He sat on His chair that was placed in the middle of the Bridge of Light in that little house.

He bowed His head, praying for Daniela that she would have the Grace of God upon her so that she could conceive. Daniela had karma from some of her past lives, she had a lack of love for her neighbour. She abandoned two children in an orphanage without taking into account her responsibility. She wanted to be alone, free to live her life.

What she was going through, she was reaping her past mistakes and faults of not loving her neighbour and of having abandoned her children. That is why she could not conceive. It was a case that required the Grace of God for Daniela to conceive. The sadness invaded the Lord even more, for HE liked this couple that HE saw in Vomperberg participating in the Festivals.

The Lord stood up in the middle of the little house with his head still bowed. He asked the Light for grace once again for Daniella. He prayed for the other people and for other cases, and He left.

A long time later, Daniella, where she lived with Charles, began to feel uneasy and went to the doctor, who suspected the beginning of a pregnancy. Meanwhile, Charles was traveling, and she informed him. Daniella waited for Charles to return from his trip and went to the doctor together to get the results of the pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive. Daniella was pregnant. It was the confirmation of a news that had brought a lot of Joy in the couple.

Daniella was a few weeks pregnant, and would later give birth to a boy whom they named OSCAR.

But long before she became pregnant, Daniella had a dream in which she saw a man dressed in white hiding his face and smiling like the Lord. She tried to see the man’s face but he always hid from her. This man told Daniella that he was coming with good news for her. He told Daniella that she was going to be pregnant with a boy, but that before she did, she needed to make amends and ask God for forgiveness for doing wrong in some of her past lives. The man repeated this message several times. He told Daniella that she must have love for her neighbour, love children and act as a true woman, one who respects the Will and Laws of God, so that Grace may be with her.

Daniella woke up and, without waiting for Charles to return to inform him before acting, took the money she had in her house and put it in an envelope, got into her car and drove to the post office to send this money to Vomperberg. She had had time to write down her experience and put it together with the money as her compensation, in an envelope mailed to Vomperberg.

She said that she did not expect an answer to this letter in which she only prayed to God to forgive her as the man dressed in white whom she had seen in her dream had told her. Since Charles was still on a trip, and since she was home alone, Daniela had plenty of time to go into her prayers in depth.

At that time, she did not know she was pregnant until she started having the discomfort of pregnancy.

Life had changed for Daniella and Charles. They rejoiced in their home where one could see and read the harmony between her and Charles.
After Oscar, she gave birth to twins, AGATHA and BERTINA. All these children were servants of the Light on mission on earth. The Lord had blessed them with the Force to serve the Light. Harmony reigned in the family of Charles and Daniella. The Lord had asked for grace for many people who had karma. He is God, He could do certain things in His Mission.

Account 3:

The Lord had a friend, EMMANUEL, who had a health problem since childhood. And in spite of all the treatments he received he could not feel his right foot, he walked with a limp. The Lord was nineteen years old at that time. Emmanuel was a good boy, polite and sociable. From time to time, he would go shopping with the Lord’s family. He wanted to help without thinking about the problem with his foot. The Lord had tried to help him twice, but he could not find a solution to the problem with his foot. He was worried when the Lord went somewhere without telling him so that he could follow Him to help.

On Emmanuel’s eighteenth birthday, the Lord made a prayer request to the Light for something to happen in Emmanuel’s life. Emmanuel’s family had invited people over for their son’s eighteenth birthday. Emmanuel knew many things that the Lord was doing all the time they were together, but he did not dare ask the Lord to do something for him too. He admired the Lord but did not ask anything for himself, even though the Lord had already asked for grace for his friend, Immanuel. He did not want to look him in the eye so as not to see his sadness. He was sad many times watching him work despite his disability. The Lord prayed for his healing.

The Lord wondered why the Light was not working on Immanuel in response to His prayers for him.

Time was going, and the Lord had to leave for the birthday party of His friend, Emmanuel, for whom He had bought a gift.

The Lord set out for Emmanuel’s house. On the way, He stopped and sat for a moment on a bench on that road that led to Emmanuel’s house. He was holding the gift in His Hand, and, on the bench where He was sitting and staring at a flower that was growing by the road, He saw Himself in a vision near Emmanuel; there were many people in Emmanuel’s house. The people were distracted, drinking and eating, while listening to the music.

The Lord was waiting for Emmanuel to sit down so that He could put His Hand on his sick leg. The Lord was still sitting on that bench looking at that flower that was growing by the side of the road. He saw Emmanuel come in and sit down. The Lord put His Hand on his sick leg. Emmanuel had a sensation that something had entered his right leg. He felt a sharp pain in that leg. He wanted to stand up, but he could not, the pain only increased. He called his father who came to see what was going on. He told his father that he had pain in his right leg. His father told him to stay calm so that people would not notice what was going on.

Since it was his birthday, they had to wait until people had left so they could see up close what was going on with his right leg. To do this, Emmanuel’s father asked him to sit still.

But, as time passed, the pain in his leg diminished until it disappeared completely, at the same time that the Lord’s vision of Emmanuel also ended.

His guide told the Lord that He could continue his journey to His friend Emmanuel.

When the Lord arrived at the house, Emmanuel told Him what had happened to his right leg. The Lord pretended to be surprised at this account, even though He knew what had happened. His guide told Him to tell Emmanuel to stand up and say something appropriate for his eighteenth birthday. Emmanuel was afraid of what had happened to his leg, but the Lord motivated and encouraged him to stand up.

With great courage, Emmanuel stood up. He was amazed to feel that his leg was strong, strong enough to allow him to get up and stand properly. He wanted to bend over as he was used to, but his leg was strong, painless, and to his surprise he stood comfortably. His mother, who was very sensitive, came over to see what was happening, and she shouted with joy, “Emmanuel, you are standing properly.”

Emmanuel was still a little afraid to sit down, while he got used to this new situation with his right leg. He had the Lord with him, encouraging him to stand. He moved his leg; it was as if he had never been lame for the past seventeen years. He moved his leg with a shout of joy, he was exultant.

People shared his joy by coming to embrace him. His friend, Oscar, did not want to stay in that place and He disappeared. Joy, smiles and harmony had returned to Emmanuel’s family. His father always accused Emmanuel’s mother of being the cause of the problem with his son’s leg. They could quarrel all day long because of this problem. They too had found joy and harmony.

The Lord could see in vision since the age of fifteen, He could see in people the problems they had that needed help from the Light. In some cases, HE prayed but did not have a solution to the problem.

The Light would arrange for Him to move to those places where His presence was needed so that He could intervene directly. He could be in one place fixing His eyes on one thing, while He was in another place to intervene in a case of some problem.

In the case of Emmanuel, the Lord wanted to act on his problem that was causing his family to miss out on all joy of life, all harmony. For this, the Lord chose to act during this time of distraction, his birthday. These frequent arguments and quarrels between Emmanuel’s mother and father had reached the point where a separation was on the horizon. Emmanuel often fled from his parents’ home to come to the Lord, because of these arguments between his parents about his disability.

His mother did not want to take the blame, but his father always said that it was her fault for neglecting his son. Harmony had returned to Emmanuel’s home after seventeen years of arguments, lack of joy and harmony between the parents and in the family.

There are certain realities about the Lord’s mission that human beings cannot understand. ____

It is a help and especially a teaching that the Lord wants human beings to have in order to understand it for their spiritual evolution. Any story of the Lord, as well as any teaching of the Helpers that are given to you, always contain teachings that are useful to you, that you must try to understand, to be inspired by it to make it practical in your life for your spiritual evolution.

Read with your intuition wide open to understand these stories and the teachings they convey. Do not read with your intellect.


The Photos of Lord Abdruschin are Sacred!

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The Force of Light is at work in the lives of human beings in many ways. The concern of every human being is to think of what he or she needs to do to attract the Light Force into his or her life so that it can work.

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