Posted on October 1, 2021.

The Essential Beings

From Master John

God in His Love for human beings created the Essential Beings for many reasons. People often speak about the Essential Beings, but not all of you have those teachings that give you explanations and knowledge that help you understand the Essential Beings who are everywhere and are always in the service of the Light fulfilling their role given to them by the Light in Creation. Many people have heard in one way or another of the Essential Beings with whom many wish to make contact for various causes and reasons.

Essential Beings are Beings that are created by God. They are linked with the spiritual and for this reason they are more attracted to that which is spiritual, that which also has a good spiritual vibration. These are provisions that people must fulfill in their lives to hope to attract Essential Beings to them. Without a good spiritual vibration around you, in your life, it is therefore difficult to attract the Essential Beings to you, in your life.

The Essential beings are those Creatures of God and who are at the service of God in all that they do and which is always in conformity with what the Will of God asks them to do. They do nothing that is not in conformity with the Will of God in which they vibrate. They are busy doing many different works. They are not on Earth of their own will; they are sent to Earth to be in the service of God to human beings. The Light uses them in many things to do on Earth and can also send them in many different missions that they always accomplish in the absolute respect of the Will of God. These Missions are always to help everywhere in many different ways, some of which escape the understanding and logic of the human intellect. They are everywhere, even in those places where the human being cannot imagine that it is possible.

In the beginning, in distant times, the Essential Beings were friends of the human being who could see them clearly. In those distant times, the spiritual eye of human beings was still open and could see certain spiritual things that vibrate in the spiritual.

Human beings were in close contact with the Essential Beings they saw well around them and saw how they helped them in many different works that the human beings had difficulty in performing and for which they needed help. There was a good cooperation between the Essential Beings and the human beings. The cooperation was especially in those works that the Essential Beings could do for the human beings. It was joy for the human beings in admiring these works the Essential Beings did for them. All they had to do was to give thought to something and the Essential Beings would come to help.

It was a time of good cooperation between human beings and the Essential Beings, who only did what was in the scope of their mission entrusted to them by the Light to humans.

A Mission that was to help human beings according to the Laws, the instructions, the Will of the Light that they followed and respected in every form of help they gave to human beings. They were in the service of the Light in everything they did for human beings.

Changes began to be noticed in the way human beings lived, changes brought about by evolution. Everything began to change in human beings who were no longer as spiritual as they were before. Their spiritual eye that had been open until then, in that they led a spiritual life and vibrated spiritually, the vision of this eye was affected. Human beings began to lose their vision of the spiritual things from their spiritual eye. These spiritual things that they could see before these changes in their way of life, changes that took them further and further away from what is spiritual, until they totally lost the spiritual vision of their spiritual eye that allowed them to see the Essential Beings and to collaborate with them.

The spiritual eye is a double eye which human beings who open themselves to the Light can have to see what is spiritual around them. It is a process of the Light. All the processes of what the Light does, they cannot all be explained to you, for most of them are beyond your ability to understand.

In this case it is about the Essential Beings and their mission entrusted by God to human beings, to help them in different things in their lives. We want to give you these explanations that we know you are able to understand what we are giving you, even if each person has his or her own way of studying, of deepening these spiritual teachings to understand them well. But for a good understanding of these teachings, of these spiritual notions and knowledge, the human being must involve his intuition.

If the human being limits himself to intellectual logic alone, in hope of explaining and understanding these spiritual notions, then he will certainly get lost, and will end up rejecting everything and even fighting these teachings because he does not understand anything.

We are talking about what is spiritual. Human beings have two eyes, two views of things, physical and spiritual. The Light, by a process that belongs to It, can open this permeable and invisible layer behind the physical eye of a human being and activate his spiritual eye to allow him to see certain things that others do not see.

Human beings have with them two visions, one of which is the physical one, it is that of the two physical eyes belonging to the physical body and which see only material things. The other vision is the spiritual vision which is related to the spirit and is called the vision of the spiritual eye.

The process of opening the spiritual vision of the eye of the human being is done only by activating the spiritual eye, which alone can see what is spiritual. This is a very delicate work that is not done by the Essential Beings.

The opening of the spiritual eye, which sees what is spiritual, cannot be done for both eyes: physical and spiritual, but only and only to the spiritual eye, through the channel of the physical eyes.

When the Light opens and activates the spiritual vision of the spiritual eye of the human being, this vision is so great and intense that the person who opens can believe that he is seeing with both eyes. There is a Force of Light that covers the person's eye and makes one think that he or she is seeing with all his or her eyes.

This Force can be so intense for some things that people can see with the spiritual eye that it cannot possibly happen for both eyes. It is a vision initiated and accompanied by the Force of Light. The process happens only for one eye. Some of these things that people see in vision they think they are seeing with both eyes, when it is only one eye that has received a projection of the Light and that allows a permeable layer of the eye to receive the Light Force to see certain things in vision. What people see in vision is spiritual. The image may be overwhelming but the message will remain the same.

The process of opening the spiritual eye of human beings, it is the Light that alone can do it.

Darkness and its agents can never open a person's spiritual eye. There is no confusion here with the works of darkness. The process of opening the spiritual eye of a person is a process of the Light sending the Force into the person to open his or her spiritual eye to allow him or her to see that which is in connection with the spiritual and which not everyone can see, only those who deserve it and receive the grace of the Light to see what is happening in the spiritual.

The Light alone knows exactly when a person can receive the grace to see certain things in vision. There are people who can see in vision something while they are sleeping, and others see while they are in a waking state, when they are not yet asleep. It can also happen as a flash of light that projects to the person's eye the image that the person will see in turn. This process happens quickly like any work of the Light. The process of opening the spiritual eye can also take a long time and give the person time to examine the image he or she is seeing.

There are people who see images that other people do not see. These people can even describe the images they see that others do not see. They can be together in a place with other people who also see other things that others do not see in the same way. The openness of a person to the Light is not the same for everyone.

A person whose openness to the Light is great may also have his spiritual eye more widely open, which will enable him to see more deeply than others.

There are also those people who find it difficult to explain what they see with their spiritual eyes.

Some things may happen at night when people are sleeping, but the image will remain in the person's Memory Box and they may remember what they saw from their spiritual eye.

The Light can act at any time, even when people are sleeping.

At the time when human beings were spiritual, they all had their spiritual eyes open at all times. This made them see certain spiritual things that were around them that could not be seen by their physical eyes.

The Essential Beings are always around the human beings to whom they have received the mission to help them, but it is the same human beings who, over time, have distanced themselves from the Essential Beings, by leading a life that was not spiritual. One of the serious consequences was the closing of the spiritual eye of the human being and the inability to see the Essential Beings who are always around them. The Essential Beings are in the service of the Light, from Whom they have received the mission to help human beings. They vibrate in the Will of God. Essential Beings cannot do this work of opening people's spiritual eyes so that they can see what is happening around them. This is the work that the Light does. The opening of the spiritual eye must be in connection with the spiritual, with the Will of God.

Essential Beings are attracted only to that which vibrates in the Will of God. It is only natural that they recognize and know those human beings who have an opening to the Light and who can receive help from the Light through them. They are attracted to the one who has a good vibration around him or her. And even if the person cannot see them and what they are doing and what is happening around him or her, the Essential Beings do their work according to what is asked of them by the Light.

There are some people whose thoughts are more directed towards what is good and positive at any given time. When these people send positive thoughts to those people who are in need for some reason, the Essential Beings who are around the needy people can see these positive thoughts and act in bringing help to these needy people from this force of positive thoughts.

Essential Beings always act for the good. They never act badly.

There are many people who send good thoughts to other people, who need them in their lives to help them in some concern. It happens that the effects of these positive changes are noticeable in the lives of these targeted people, changes that are the result of the positive thoughts sent by other people open to the Light, who do not realize that what is positive in the other is the result of their positive thoughts.

These people who send positive thoughts that bring positive results in the lives of others, they often think they have done nothing great that could bring such a positive result in the lives of others.

These people are ignorant of the activities and actions of the Essential Beings who are everywhere especially in the surroundings of those who have positive thoughts of helping people and giving an opening to the Light.

The servants of the Light have the grace to have much help from the Light. All help is to support them to act well in the mission of the Light that they are sent to accomplish on earth. The servants are surrounded by the Essential Beings who are numerous and waiting to act, to help them in case of need. The Essential Beings are in the service of the Light. They are to accomplish the Will of God.

The Lord had begun to see the Essential beings, at the age of three. The process of opening the spiritual eye of the Lord and Jesus was different from that of human beings. THEY both had a very large opening and the spiritual eye of each of them was open at all times. THEY saw everything that was visibly happening around them that the people around them could not see.

The vision THEY had was very clear. Many things that had happened when the Lord was still in infancy. It was the Essential beings who acted after reading His thoughts, which were always to help, and they would help people. HE did not only help human beings, but also animals that were in danger, in suffering. He did not yet have enough knowledge to know how to pray even though He wanted to help people and animals that were suffering.

The Essential Beings were numerous, and all were in the service of the Light to help the Lord in His mission on Earth. The Lord knew well the mission and work of the Essential Beings in case of need, and HE did not fail to call upon them.

The Lord was on a walk in a place where HE used to go in the afternoon when the air was cool. There were also other people who took this walking route.

While walking, the Lord stepped on a very thin nail that was on the road. It was Summer and HE was wearing light shoes. The nail had sunk into the sole of His foot. He was in pain. He knew he had stepped on something on that road to make his foot hurt so much. He had to find a place to sit to examine His Foot, but long before that He called upon the Essential Beings to help Him. HE could see how many of them were around Him.

It was a path that was straight and in which it was difficult to find a place to sit. Sitting on the ground was the only option, which was not possible for The Lord.

The Essential Beings organized themselves and began to work on the Lord’s Foot where a nail had been driven in. They blew wind to alleviate the pain in that foot. The Lord walked gently with the nail that was driven into the sole of His foot. He had no pain, and HE saw how these Essential Beings were causing His Foot to be lifted off the ground.

HE saw that HE was walking with his feet on the ground as the Essential Beings lifted His Foot. HE thanked God for the work of these Essential Beings in helping people. It was a team effort, all doing this work with love. Some Essentials were in front of the Lord, watching for any reaction HE would make and pointing out to others who were working at His Foot. Other Essentials were making sure that the Lord was distracted and not thinking about that nail that was hammered into His Foot.

They accompanied the Lord to a place where there were benches to sit. The Lord sat down to remove the nail that had been driven into His foot. The work that the Helpers had started did not stop. They were there, blowing wind on that Foot until the Lord could remove the nail from His Foot.

He put his shoe back on and continued on his way. There was no blood where the nail had gone in and no pain. It was a good job of the Essentials.

Essential Beings communicate with people by signs and cries. They do not communicate through speech, as some people think and want. To see the Essential beings, people must have an opening to the Light, which will help open the spiritual eye that will make people see the Essential beings. This is a process of the Light.

Essential Beings are not Helpers who can have communication with human beings. Essential beings can be numerous in your surroundings without you being aware of their presence and activity. They can read people's thoughts and act for the good. The attraction of Essential Beings does not mean that you will be in communication with them. It is not easy to hear the cries of some essential beings who are in discretion and work in accomplishing the Will of God.

Essential beings do not stay in those places where there is bad vibration. Negative thoughts repel the Essential Beings. The agents of darkness, those who have strong ties of darkness, they cover themselves with filth which does not allow the Essential Beings to approach them.

Essential Beings are beings created by God; they live in accordance with the Will of God. Everything that does not vibrate and has no spiritual attraction, does not attract Essential Beings.

It is not by praying that people can attract the Essential Beings, who are sent by the Light. They vibrate in the Light and anyone who opens to the Light can attract them even if they cannot see them in their activity.

There are tales about the Essential Beings, about what they have done as activity and do as work with human beings who they help in many different ways for their good. They are there around you, but you are pushing them away by your behaviour or way of living that is not in accordance with the Will of God.

The Love of God is always at work in the lives of human beings, HE is Omnipresent and always comes to your aid in many different ways. It is a Grace of God's Love that sends you the Essential beings to help you.

How do you welcome these Essential Beings who are to help you? They are many beside you, they are of many different forms than you can imagine. But all are Creatures of God who are in the service of God. They are many in nature to help you human beings. THEY HAVE ENORMOUS POWER.

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