Posted on October 15, 2021.

JOY: A Spiritual Weapon | Lord Abdruschin's Tales of JOY

From Master John

Joy is a spiritual weapon. Many people are unaware of the spiritual weapons that they possess, those weapons they received from the Light to help them in many things in their lives. It is a proof of God’s Love for His creatures that HE never left them alone to their own fate during their earthly journey and whatever their situation, their state of affairs.

The servants on mission receive from God these spiritual weapons that they can use during their missions on Earth, which is always to help human beings in their various problems. The weapons of the Light are effective, they are active and used only by the good and for the good. These are not the weapons that do harm which are made by humans and used to destroy other human beings.

Joy is one of those effective weapons of the Light that help the human being in countless things in one’s life. People who have joy, the real joy, at all times around them in their life, can destroy the bad thoughts that are thrown against them. These people surround themselves with a positive vibration that is only attracted to a person who has true joy.

You are aware of these other types of efficacious weapons used by human beings for the sole purpose of causing suffering, destroying numerous things, including the very life of the human being. The Light does not tolerate any mistreatment from certain people to their fellow men.

There is a way in which the Light helps people in their spiritual evolution. The effects of the action of true joy that someone develops in his or her life can play a great role in protecting him or her from attacks by the darkness and its agents. For this, there are several ways to have and develop in oneself this joy that gives and attracts a good vibration around oneself.

At the same time, we see those people who do not have true joy, who pretend to be joyous but who, in reality, looking deep inside them, think of something else that can even be the opposite of Joy. The big difference between true joy and this pretentious joy is that the latter does not give and attract any positive vibration but the negative, it does not protect against any evil, being itself linked to evil.

Some people are not in the habit of praying at all times, yet they have Pure joy at all times, that which comes from the heart. These people also develop and attract to themselves this positive vibration, which activates their natural protection against evil.

Every human being has a natural protection while living on Earth, and therefore has the Grace and the protection of God while incarnating on Earth. Each human being must seek to activate this natural protection which is within oneself and which is a Gift received from God. The human being must see to it that this natural protection is active at all times for one’s good, for one’s permanent protection.

That human beings are ignorant of everything that happens around them at every moment of their lives, it is in everyone’s interest to permanently activate his or her natural protection in his or her life, because one would not know when an attack is launched against oneself.

You get this permanent activation of the natural protection by your good way of living in each moment that is in conformity with the Laws of God, which protects you from those dangers that await you at any moment and of which you have no idea.

There are people who do not pray but who lead a way of life in accordance with the Laws of God, these people respect the Will of God in their way of living, so they will be surrounded by a good vibration which also activates their natural protection.

Every human being who incarnates on Earth, carries with him something that is connected with the Light. Everything that is connected with the Light is natural. People complicate their lives by seeking other kinds of protection, forgetting that they have within them the natural protection that they received from God. This natural protection is Pure, and the one and only instruction is to live according to the Laws of God.

People who go to the agents of darkness to seek protection are ignoring the natural protection they have from God, which they cover and bury with the filth they seek from the agents of darkness and prevent it from functioning.

Everything that is connected with the Light and that people possess within them, all this can never be mixed, confused, assimilated with that which is connected with the darkness. The agents of darkness are aware of this natural protection everyone possesses.

In addition to this natural protection, the servants of the Light have yet another Grace received from God, and this is another protection in connection with the mission they have received from the Light. They receive this protection as “Extra”, because the Light knows the nature of these attacks of darkness and their agents against the servants.

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The Light asks that people should live in joy, the real one, so that the protection that is in them is activated and protects them.

Many people ask for the Light to protect them, forgetting that they have a natural protection that they only need to activate in their lives at any given time. Joy cannot be mixed, cannot be combined with other habits or defects that do not attract a good vibration around people. If this is the case, such joy is no longer the true, pure joy that can develop and attract a natural vibration.

How can a person who is angry at any time ask for God’s protection when he or she feels attacked, when anger has no connection with the Light but with darkness? The protection of the Light cannot act in a person who is angry; anger generates negative thoughts, thereby negative vibrations around and in the life of such a person.

Joy must be Pure so that you can receive God’s protection when the time comes.

Pure joy comes from the heart, and it is a way of behaving that develops in oneself and attracts in oneself and around oneself a good vibration that protects and can help in many things. This pure joy can be seen even in the face and in the body expression of the person, which confirms that the person is really in joy, the true one. This is in contrast to those who display deceptive, hypocritical smiles that do not come from a pure heart. Such people may even laugh and smile out loud, a laugh even exposing their teeth for a few minutes, just to get people’s attention and sympathy, but deep inside they have anger.

Pure joy comes from the heart and its action can help in many things in life.

There are people who do not feel joy often and they stay longer in negative thoughts. By remaining in such a state, they do not find time for joy, they see something else around them that prevents them from having joy. They do not smile often because of certain habits that make them unable to cultivate joy. They may even smile, but they are not full of joy, they try and pretend to smile just for the sake of the cause to show people that they are also in joy, when they are not.

A simple look from some people is enough to radiate in their faces that joy they may have in their hearts. Pure joy from the heart can be a therapy for some of those people who miss the joy in their lives because of something that affects their lives. A shock in one’s life can leave so strong a mark on a person that one loses joy. Pure joy can change many things for one who lives in a world of illusion, with blockages in thoughts. Joy is a good weapon for many things and for everyone.

A mother who is breastfeeding her baby does not really pay much attention to notice the look on her baby’s face. The look that a baby gives her mother can mean many things that adults do not know how to interpret. This look can be the natural reaction of the baby who has felt that its mother lacks joy. This lack of joy develops a negative vibration that the child can feel and start to stare at its mother to challenge her that something is wrong with her and that she must cultivate true joy.

This can be seen when the mother who is breastfeeding the baby is not experiencing joy for one or more reasons. The mother’s vibrations affect the baby in one way or the other. At the time of breastfeeding, the baby always feels that vibration of joy from the mother, and it is always that look of joy that mothers give to their babies at the time of breastfeeding. When mothers are not in joy at the moment of breastfeeding, they often turn their gaze elsewhere.

Some babies even cry and refuse to take the mother’s milk, because they instinctively feel that their mother lacks joy.

Pure joy is a weapon, it has a lot of meaning and acts positively in a multitude of things in people’s lives that people even ignore. Children can see and feel by just looking at their mother whether she is angry or joyful. The force of pure joy is able to free you from something evil that is in you.

A woman already has a God-given force within her. She must be aware of this, in order to think of remaining always joyous so as to develop and attract in her and around her good vibrations for the protection of the family, a mission that belongs to the woman whose pure joy in her life is a natural weapon of protection from God, in addition to the Force of God that she already possesses in her mission on Earth.

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Joy is a weapon that draws Light Power around you. It is the people who lead a good way of life by respecting the Laws of God that attract to them the Force of Light that helps them in many things in their lives.

Purity of joy attracts power, and when you dwell in joy for a long time you have good vibration around you. Purity of thought is a magnificent thing that makes the Force work in you. Your thoughts cannot be pure when you are in a state of anger, hatred and have no love for your neighbour. These are attitudes, behaviours, which do not attract the Force, even if you pretend to appear to be in joy, that which does not come from the depths inside your heart, you are wasting your time by doing so.

Bad thoughts can affect people and negatively influence many things in their way of living, in their lives.

You have to work on yourself to develop and have true joy within you, pure joy, no matter what kind of difficulties you are experiencing. This effort to seek true joy also brings about a change in the kind of thoughts that you will want to be good. When a person is in pure joy, he may not focus on what is going on around him, because the protection is automatically active then.

People who are ill, they suffer, certainly; but this cannot prevent them from developing pure joy in them and around them. Many of them lack joy when they are in suffering, a state that pushes away that which is important: Joy, which is a weapon that can have an effect on sickness, on suffering. Suffering does not give joy, but there is another way to develop joy even while being in that state: through the gaze that shows joy.

Many of those people who find themselves in times of distress can also find joy when they are with other people. People should not be hypocrites by displaying and showing the opposite of what is in their hearts, in their thoughts.

Since hypocrisy has no connection with the Light, you do not draw the Force into you.

There are those people who think of relaxation, of distraction, when they are in difficulties, when they have problems or are in distress – with the idea of calming down to have some joy and to forget those negative thoughts of all kinds generated by the difficulties and problems that they are experiencing in their lives – to the point where they miss the joy in their lives.

Provided that this awareness to make an effort to forget these negative thoughts in order to have calm and find joy again, that this awareness and the effort made is not for a certain time only, and that this joy is a joy that comes from the heart, which can really get the person out of the painful situation that makes him or her miss the joy. Make an effort to cultivate and develop more joy in yourself. Anger and other similar attitudes demean and only drive people into negative thoughts.

True joy is a spiritual weapon that helps to get rid of many negative things in your life. For this you need to know how to effectively use this weapon which has a connection with the Light. You must always have positive thoughts in you, to give the right direction to the action of this weapon.

A weapon of Light does not work in a person whose thoughts are negative. Forgiveness is a liberating force. You must have joy in forgiving. Before you can be liberated, you must develop more joy in yourself so that the power of forgiveness can benefit you in some way in your life.

Servants must model pure and true joy in their lives before teaching it to others. We see servants who do not talk to each other, they even have hatred, anger towards some people, they do not respect the woman, but at the same time they teach joy. How can the power of joy act in you, if you do not respect this teaching?

A servant can never say that he hates another person. Hate, anger, are connected with darkness and when a servant hates someone he connects with darkness. One has to think of this at all times before acting and reacting.

Act in joy, like that joy you have, that you feel, when you are in front of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This splendour that springs forth, radiates from looking at a flower that displays itself well in Nature, people feel joy and they sometimes smile at these beautiful flowers. It is the example, the image of pure joy that people must refer to in order to know if their joy is pure, the joy that develops and attracts the good vibration in you and around you. The pure joy of the heart must be in you at all times. Activate your natural protection with the pure joy that comes from the heart.



The Lord had given much joy to people, while He was on Earth. There are many accounts of these cases where the Lord gave joy to people in need wherever He may be.

The Lord was four years old then, and His family used to have dinner together. His father would hang out in the living room for a while, waiting for the family to settle down to eat together. One day, the Lord’s sister was spending a little longer time in her room while the other family members were already at the table. His father, who had a hot temper, called out to his sister. His sister did not appreciate the way their father had shouted at her. For the father, this was a behaviour that deserved to be reprimanded.

The Lord did not think this was right. He wanted to give joy to his older sister at all costs. When the meal was over, the dishes had to be washed. There were several plates to wash and it was often their sister who washed the plates. At the age of four, the Lord was looking for ways to help His big sister. He cleared the table while the others were in the living room and told His older sister that He wanted to help her wipe the plates she was washing.

His big sister wanted to refuse, but with His piercing gaze and beckoning smile, she accepted with a smile, and they began to work together in the kitchen. His older sister did not believe that her brother, at four years old, could think like that and give her joy that day.

He used to sit next to His older sister. That day, He kept looking into her eyes to see if she was sad, and each time their eyes met and she smiled at Him. Before going to bed, the Lord asked His big sister to forgive their father and to sleep well, it was a joy for the big sister who did not think that her little brother of that age could act in this way. She held the Lord by the hand and told Him that she was proud to have Him as her brother. He smiled as He fixed His gaze on His older sister. They parted with joy. The Essential beings were many around them on this day.


At the age of twelve, the Lord had a friend of the same age named AUGUST. They were good friends. One day, August came to the Lord and told him that his parents were about to separate. This was sad news for the Lord who knew this family. August’s father had lost his job and life had become difficult for the family. The parents argued all the time because of the financial situation in the family and decided to separate.

The Lord was not pleased with the news. He asked His friend if He could do anything for his father. Since the day the Lord got the news of the separation of His friend’s parents, He started to look for a job for August’s father, without saying anything to His friend August.

The Lord Himself did not work, but He knew of places where He would go with His older sister and brother where there might be work. One day He asked His friends, the Essentials, to help Him find work for August’s father.

One Thursday morning, it was a holiday, He woke up and saw that there were several Essential beings around Him. He was not used to seeing so many of them. They were following the Lord on His every move.

After breakfast, the Essentials signalled to him to go out. They headed for the door and walked until the Essentials arrived at the place where they were taking the Lord. At this place, there was a need of people for a job. The Lord could not yet work at His age. He inquired about the kind of work, and He knew nothing of the work August’s father was doing before he lost his job. He quickly returned to inform August.

He went to August’s house and did not find him there. August’s father was home alone. The man was sad that he could not find work and which led to the decision to separate from his wife. The Lord could read and see the expression of great sadness on his face. He asked if He could wait for His friend for some time.

As He sat in the living room, the Essentials surrounded the man with the Light. The Lord asked the man what his day was like, and it was then that he said with sadness that he did not work.

He explained what had happened to make him lose his job and his situation in the house. The man spoke openly as if he was talking to a great person. The Lord listened quietly to the man who spoke. At the end of his conversation, he calmed down by lowering his eyes and face to the ground in despair.

It was at that point that the Lord told him that he had an appointment with August for a walk but, since he had not come to see him, He had gone for a walk alone. He told the man that He could not go everywhere He had to go with August. When He arrived at a place, He saw that there was a job offer, that there was a recruitment of workers and there were many people who were there for the job. The Lord told him about this job offer that He had heard about from the people who were there.

August’s father stood up and asked the Lord to show him the place He was talking about recruiting workers. He showed him the place, and the man told the Lord that this was the work he was doing before. He thanked the Lord for this information. Without delay, the man apologized to the Lord for asking Him to leave, because he had to get there as soon as possible.

Some of the Essentials had stayed behind at this place where people were being recruited and the others followed the Lord to August’s house.

The man went quickly to that place of work. He had his documents that he showed to the recruiters, who, looking through them, did not need to ask for anything else, they asked him to come to work. August’s father was delighted. He came home with joy. He had not been well paid the previous time he had done the same kind of work, but in the one the Lord had just found for him, he earned almost double the salary of the one before. Joy had returned to the family, and the parents were no longer separated.

August kept thanking his friend, the Lord. There were several people there, but the Essentials had done everything they could to make sure that August’s father had a place. Some people were surprised that the man had been hired, when there were others who had come before him and were not retained.

It was an arrangement of the Light for the man to find work so that joy and harmony could be in the family of August, the friend of the Lord. It was a good work of the Essentials in collaboration with the Lord.


A woman had gone to the bank to withdraw money that was sent to her by her husband who was living and working in America. She used to go to the bank at the same time to withdraw the money. A thief had followed her one day. He stood in a corner to wait for the woman who was in the bank.

When the woman left the bank, the thief snatched the woman’s purse and hid it in a place. A widow with her two children were passing by and they had seen everything that the thief had done and the place where he had hidden the woman’s purse.

The Lord was not far from that place and at the time this incident was taking place. His Guide told him what had happened and where was the bag of the woman who was crying for help. The Lord sent the Essentials to protect the woman’s bag so that no one would touch the money inside it.

The widow intended to take the bag but changed her mind and went her way. But a thought came to her to take the bag and give it to the woman. This is what she did and the woman thanked her.

The Lord’s action was to give joy to the woman who cried out for help. She was lamenting what her life would be like without the money her husband was sending her. It was money that was to help her pay her rent and make ends meet for the month.

The woman’s lamentation had touched the Lord to act in helping and giving joy to the woman who had been robbed at the bank. The Essentials had done a great job of protecting the bag. They influenced and diverted the widow’s thoughts from stealing the bag and directed her to the owner of the bag. The woman who had lost her bag and the widow, they both had some joy in what had happened.

The widow had gotten something as a reward to buy food for her children. She had joy. All this had happened without the thief's knowledge, who later returned to the place where he had hidden the woman’s bag without finding anything.

The bag was gone, returned to its owner.

The Lord was alone in that place, but the people knew nothing of His discreet action. He had acted by giving joy to two women who needed it.


The Lord was walking down the street, one summer’s day. There was a gathering of people at one place, all were looking at something. He went over to get a closer look, and it was then that His Guide told Him that it was an accident scene of a cat that had fallen from the top of a house. The Lord arrived at the scene and saw the whole thing. He saw the cat on the ground. The owner of the cat was near it, crying.

The Lord’s heart was so full of sadness that He wanted to do something that would give joy to the woman who was weeping for her faithful cat and friend. He asked His Guide if there was anything He could do for the cat. His Guide told him that there was a way for the cat to live again. The Lord approached the cat, appearing to see only the cat and its owner. He touched the cat and asked its owner its name. She replied while crying, PETER.

The Lord laid His Hand on the cat and called it, Peter, Peter, Peter. After a few seconds, and when He saw that the cat came back to life, He told the owner that Peter was still alive, while the cat was about to die. The woman thanked the Lord that nothing serious had happened to her cat.

The Lord took the opportunity to disappear from the scene where there were a lot of people. The cat woke up and its owner took it to the vet who found nothing wrong with it. The owner said that it was a miracle because the cat could not have survived, because of the height from which it had fallen to the ground. It was after the visit to the vet that the cat’s owner realized that it was the man who had touched and called her cat by name that had saved her cat. Peter would live two years after its accident.

The Lord wanted to give joy to people. Everywhere He went, He looked, He listened around and when He noticed that something was wrong, He always sought to help, to give joy. He was often discreet.

The Lord is Omnipresent. He can give you joy. It is enough to open yourself to the Light in prayer, in the moment of contemplation and meditation.



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