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October 27, 2023


– From Master John

The Light gives you spiritual teachings that help you to explain and understand, in accordance with God's Laws, everything that happens in your life and in life in general, thus enabling you to know how to lead a life according to God's Laws for your well-being and your spiritual evolution.
Human beings must come to understand and accept that only a spiritual understanding, therefore in accordance with God's Laws, of everything in every area of their lives can provide them with the explanations, solutions and answers that they do not have to the various problems and phenomena that they face in life, despite the evolution of science and technology.
Science and technology remain powerless to provide explanations, answers and solutions to the various problems that torment every human being, whatever their social position.
Spiritual teachings alone can help human beings with explanations and knowledge that give them answers and solutions to the many problems that torment them.
The Light comes to the aid of human beings through the many spiritual teachings that are available to all and for all. Those who has truly understood these teachings cannot keep them to themselves, for they will have understood that they are the bearers of that help which human beings need in their lives to help explain, answer and solve their various problems for their well-being and their spiritual evolution.
It is God's Will that the teachings of the Light be shared by all for the well-being of every human being, their spiritual evolution, the salvation of their soul and a better world.
These teachings can only help human beings if they are able to interpret them and understand them according to God's Will and, above all, to bring them to life in their own lives.
The Light appreciates and always encourages people who have knowledge of the Word to always seek to share it.
During the time when the teachings are shared, there is an important exchange of giving and receiving, where those who are opening up spiritually can receive many things, knowledge and more enlightenment and understanding that will help them in their lives. Everyone receives something, even those who already know the Word, which increases their knowledge and contributes to their spiritual evolution.
Don't keep the spiritual knowledge you have to yourself, seek to share it with others. You learn and pass on a great deal by sharing with others.
The Light appreciates sharing Its teachings.

Adept, do not be proud, for that is not in keeping with the Light.  You must not lack humility by refusing to share with people who don't have as much knowledge and experience of the Word as you do.
In a family, sharing the Word helps everyone, especially children who have no knowledge of the Word. They learn when the Word is shared as a family. Parents must find ways to give their children teachings that will help them in their spiritual development.
Family sharing should not just be about the family's situation, but about the knowledge that is important, i.e. sharing the spiritual Word. These teachings to children should take account of their age. Some may not understand straight away, but know that they can retain and grow with the knowledge you have taught them, which they will develop when they encounter a situation that reminds them of these teachings.
How often do people remember what their grandparents, parents, adults, teachers or people they knew told them a long time ago?
Some of the knowledge gained from sharing the Word or the teachings remains in people's memory-boxes, and when they are faced with a situation of some kind, they remember those teachings and act well. But often people forget what they have learned to do their own will, and that is when they can fall into error.
Sharing the Word and spiritual teachings is important, think about it.

 The Lord's Account I

 The Lord worked in a company with other workers who were his colleagues. During break time they would get together and talk about everything that was happening in the country.
One of their colleagues, MATHIAS, who was preparing to become a priest, wasn't very interested in what the workers had to say, which he considered to be trivial things.
Mathias preferred to use his time to share the spiritual Word with the workers. He preached with reference to what people felt like saying at the time of their break.
One day, on a Thursday, when it was raining heavily, many workers didn't turn up for work. The void caused by the absentees could not be filled, and it was impossible to work with the small number of people who had come despite the rain.
Those who did attend gathered in the room where they usually meet during their break time. They took the opportunity to share some experiences as usual. They talked about many things. Mathias was one of them, he was with them.
Mathias took the floor and told them that all they've done was talk and exchange ideas about what's going on in life and in the country, but that they haven't thought about what's important in life and what affects the spiritual evolution of human beings.
The exchanges of these workers revolved only around material interests and advantages, their own interests, which were at the centre of their exchanges. None of them talked about the importance of spiritual evolution in life. All they talked about was the material, what they could get out of it for their own benefit.
The Lord was also sitting with the workers in the lounge where they used to meet and talk about different aspects of life during their break periods. The Lord was there when Matthias intervened to point out to the others that, in their exchanges, no one was talking about the importance of seeking spiritual evolution in human life.
He could see that people were watching and following Matthias attentively, but without understanding what he was saying about the importance they should attach to spiritual evolution in their lives. They were used to hearing Matthias speak without reaction or comment.
Matthias kept talking and saying what he thought was important to share with these people. He spoke without hesitation or embarrassment, without fear and with conviction. The Lord found Matthias very courageous.
After work, the Lord left with questions in His mind about Matthias' very interesting talk on the importance and place of the teaching of spiritual evolution in the life of a human being for one’s well-being.
While the Lord was sleeping, He was visited by the Primordial Mother, who entered the Lord's room through the window. She was all luminous, covered in Light. The Lord saw Her with His spiritual eye. The Primordial Queen always prayed before any conversation.
After the prayer, the Lord asked the Primordial Mother directly the questions that were troubling him. The first question that had been bothering Him for some time concerned the teachings on the importance of spiritual evolution for human beings. The Primordial Mother smiled and told the Lord that He knew these teachings well.
The Lord did not immediately understand what the Primordial Mother was saying to Him, and She too noticed that the Lord needed more explanation. The Primordial Mother told the Lord that all that is required of a human being to evolve spiritually is to lead a lifestyle that conforms to God's Will at every moment of one’s life, to respect God's Laws in thought, word and deed. This is how human beings will walk on the path of the Light of Truth.
It is therefore by living according to God's Laws, which are Immutable, Just, Perfect, Incorruptible and Self-Active, that human beings blossom and develop spiritually. To do this, human beings must study, understand and live according to the teachings of the Word of Truth, which gives them knowledge and explanations on how they must lead their lives to conform to God's Laws in order to develop spiritually.
Listening to the Primordial Queen speak, the Lord smiled. He said to Himself that He had these teachings, but that He wanted to study them in depth Himself first to find out how to share them with the workers so that they would understand them and take something from them for their lives. The Lord received what He needed to know from the Primordial Mother, who left after conversing with the Lord.
The next day, a Friday, many workers were listening to Matthias speak during the lunch time hour, as was the custom.  At one point, Matthias turned to the Lord and asked Him what He thought of the behaviour of these people who didn't like everyone, but who concentrated only on what interested them, without worrying about anyone else.
The Lord took this opportunity to teach them about spiritual evolution and its importance in people's lives. He also taught them about love of neighbour and the action of the Law of Reciprocal Action in the life of a human being. We sow everything we do in thought, word and deed, and it comes back to us, we reap it in one way or another in our lives. He who has no love for his neighbour does evil, acts evil, sows unhappiness, and will reap unhappiness in his life. 
The workers were silent and followed with great attention what the Lord was teaching them during their lunch hour. Some of them ate as the Lord taught them. At one point those who were eating were so impressed and touched by the explanations and spiritual knowledge the Lord was giving them that they stopped and even forgot to continue eating.
The Lord returned to His seat when He had finished speaking.
Matthias approached the Lord and asked him where He had got such rich teaching from the Word, where He was all the time that he, Matthias preached during the hours of break, and why He didn't intervene.
The Lord always sat there without saying anything, even though He had all these rich teachings in the Word that could help people understand their situation, what was happening in their lives, and how they should act in their lives for their well-being and spiritual evolution.
From that day on, the Lord and Matthias became good friends. They even went to restaurants after work, on their days off, to share the spiritual Word.
Matthias was a servant of the Light on a mission on Earth. The Lord received a message from His Guide to tell Matthias not to become a priest, and that this was not his true place to serve God.
Matthias became an independent servant of the Light. He travelled through the cities preaching the spiritual Word of God. He met the Lord at the Mountain, where he also had the opportunity to understand many things about the Lord; his behaviour, his calmness, his smile, the way he spoke, the way he responded to people and the teachings He shared at work.
All the workers appreciated the Lord. Matthias loved to share the Word with the people he met everywhere, even in their streets. He was a man of the Word who shared the teachings with people.

The Lord's Account II

The Lord met a woman called MONICA: A German woman who had a lot of money and employees who worked for her company. But Monica didn't respect her employees, she didn't treat them well and she didn't pay them well. She insulted them even when they made mistakes, even when they asked for forgiveness. She could sack them whenever she wanted without paying them or giving them any compensation. The workers always said bad things about her.
Monica even employed children, minors.
One day, she became angry with a 12-year-old girl who was ill. Her father had died, her mother had had a leg amputated as a result of an infection, and she was the eldest child in the family and the only one to look after the family with the meagre wages she received that allowed them to have something to eat.
For Monica, when a worker is absent from work, for whatever reason, they are not paid for the day's absence, even if it is due to illness. JANET was ill, but she came to work because she needed her full salary, even if it was meagre and insufficient, but it enabled her to feed the family. That day at work, she made a mistake.
When Monica found out that Janet had made a mistake, she called her into her office, scolded her, slapped her and chased her out of work. The girl left Monica's office crying in the street. She wasn't crying because she felt bad after being slapped by Monica, her boss, but because she'd lost her job, and above all her meagre salary. She thought about her mother and her poor family, how they would manage without the little money from her meagre salary, which was their only source of income to feed themselves. It wasn't easy to find a job for a young girl of her age, 12.
The Lord was in a restaurant not far from where Monica was working. Janet's cries, which were also prayers to God, reached the Lord who asked the Essential Beings to do their work in guiding Janet to Him. The Lord had almost finished his dinner.
He left everything behind and went out to meet Janet on her way. Everything was arranged for the Lord to meet Janet.
Janet stopped crying when the Lord met her. She was going home, taking a longer route, she wanted to let some time go by, because she didn't know what she was going to do and break the news to her sick mother at home, who was relying on her alone. She didn't know how to live without money.
The Lord stood before Janet, smiled and greeted the young girl who responded to the Lord's "hello", but with many reservations. The Lord asked Janet why she was sad, and if it was because of her boss Monica.
The young girl was surprised that the Lord had mentioned the name of her boss. She stopped for a moment and asked the Lord how he knew she had a problem with her boss. The Lord replied that he was a servant of God on a mission on Earth. Janet began to cry even more. She asked the Lord to help her because her family was poor, her mother had an amputated leg and could not work.
The Lord asked Janet to tell him her story, which had led to her being made redundant. She wept as she told her story. The Lord promised to see her boss. Janet refused to go to work for Monica because of her mistreatment of her employees. She asked the Lord not to mention her name and her story to Monica, or she would have serious problems with her family.
Lord asked Janet what else she planned to do other than work for Monica. Janet replied that she wanted to sell at the market.
The Lord gave her a sum of money to buy the products or goods she planned to buy and sell at the market. He gave Janet another sum of money to give to her mother so that she could go to hospital for treatment.
Janet thanked the Lord for his generosity in helping her family. Janet returned home running.
The Lord waited two weeks to go and see Monica.
The Guides had already gathered information about Monica's life, her meetings, her friends and her family. Monica had only one son, Albert, who often went to meetings of people who shared the spiritual Word against the wishes of his mother, who prevented him from going to these meetings. But he did what he wanted regardless of his mother's position that forbade him to attend these meetings.
The Lord took advantage of this information to plan to attend one of Albert's spiritual sharing meetings with other people. He had experience of these meetings where spiritual teachings were shared. His main focus in attending this meeting was on Albert, whom He wanted to meet and through whom He could meet Monica, Albert's mother.
Albert had great love for the Lord from the first day He attended this spiritual sharing meeting. He really appreciated the Lord in the way He spoke and in His humility.
At the end of the meeting, Albert wanted to get to know the Lord better, so he invited him to have a cup of tea next door to talk a little longer. Albert asked the Lord who He was. The Lord replied that He was a servant of God on a Mission to help people on Earth. Albert bowed his head and remained silent for a moment. When he raised his head again, he looked at the Lord and asked Him if He could help his mother who was having problems with everyone. The Lord pretended to ask Albert who his mother was. Albert replied that her name was Monica, a rich but mean woman.
He says he did everything he could to change his mother, but she remained the same mean woman. She chased away all the people who wanted to talk to her about spiritual things. He said he was her only son. The Lord agreed to meet Monica, Albert's mother, at Albert's request.
One Sunday, after the hour of contemplation, the Lord went to meet Albert at Monica's house.
Monica was busy with other things when the Lord arrived at her house to meet Albert. The Lord and Albert sat down on the veranda to share the Word. Albert was very happy.
His mother Monica could hear that Albert was talking to someone, and his voice was that of a happy, cheerful person. Monica didn't want to go near them, but she was following their conversation from a hidden place. The Lord knew that Monica was following their conversation from a hidden place.
The Lord took the opportunity to give teachings and advice not only to Albert, but also to Monica, who was following them from a hidden place as they shared the spiritual Word.
The Lord spoke of the place and importance for a human being of practising love of neighbour in his life, of the action of the Law of the Seed and the Harvest, of the effects of the action of God's Laws in a person's life and of his responsibility in everything he does, and of spiritual evolution.
Albert listened attentively and with great interest to the Lord's teachings, without suspecting that at the same time his mother Monica was also following these same spiritual teachings of the Lord from her hiding place.
The Essential Beings took advantage of the occasion to surround Monica with Light to help her open up to understanding the spiritual teachings and advice given by the Lord.
Monica, who was listening to everything from her hiding place, began to cry, her head down, she was weeping.
Albert thought about his mother, whom he had gone to see to find out what she was doing and whether she was still busy. He was surprised to see his mother, Monica, crying, her eyes red.
Albert comforted his mother by taking her in his arms, and asked her what was going on, why she was crying. His mother didn't answer and cried some more. His mother asked him to let in this gentleman with whom he was sharing the Word. Albert was surprised and hesitated, telling his mother that he was a servant of the Light and that she did not appreciate servants of the Light.
Monica fell to her knees crying. She told her son Albert that she had heard and followed all the teachings given by the Servant of the Light. As far as she was concerned, the Servant spoke to her and she recognized herself in everything He said. 
She was ashamed; such a feeling of unworthiness broke her inside that she couldn't stop the tears from flowing.
She decided to ask this man for help to repent and become a good person.
Albert, very moved, quickly went to tell the Lord what was happening with Monica, who wanted to meet Him to help her.
When the Lord and Albert entered the living room, Monica threw herself at the Lord's feet, asking God for forgiveness for her bad behaviour towards her employees, her acquaintances, her family and the men she had mistreated and driven out of her house.
She just let the tears flowed, her head still bowed.
The Lord asked Monica to get up and sit on the chair. The workers at the house were all taken aback to see their boss in such a state and crying. A mean woman putting herself down like that was unthinkable for them. She asked her maids to prepare some food so that they could eat together with the Lord. Albert couldn't believe it.
They spent a good length of time sharing the spiritual Word with Albert. Monica kept shedding a few tears as she listened and looked at the Lord. They remained friends, the Lord, Albert and Monica.
As Monica received spiritual teachings during her meetings with the Lord, she gradually changed her behaviour towards the workers and her acquaintances. She met a companion, JACK, a servant of the Light on a mission on Earth, and they married.
Albert left his mother to make his life with a woman, MARIA, a servant of the Light whom the Lord revealed to him as his destiny. They had three (3) boys, NICOLAS, JORG AND FRANCK. All servants of the Light on mission on Earth.
Monica was a servant of the Light on a mission to help people. She was endowed with riches that could help her in her mission on earth, but Monica strayed from the path of the Light and from her mission by mistreating people. She lacked love of neighbour, even though she had made an oath in the Beyond, before incarnating on Earth, to respect God's Will when she incarnated on Earth.
The Light had done Its work by giving Monica wealth, but for her part, she had strayed from the Path of the Light of Truth, hating even the servants of the Light who wanted to get close to her. The darkness had blindfolded Monica, making her mean, violent and loveless. She saw only her money, but not her mission of Light, which had given her this wealth to help human beings with true love of neighbour.
She received the Grace of the Light Which had sent her a servant, her only son Albert, on a mission to help her, but she didn't want to hear it.
The Lord fulfilled His mission by helping Monica in her spiritual evolution. Monica had become a woman with a great love of neighbour. She founded a cooperative to help poor women. She helped families without financial support, poor mothers.
As for Janet, her business flourished. Her mother died of a long-standing infection. Janet looked after her sisters and brothers. She married GEORGE, and they had a daughter, BEATRICE.
The Lord has helped and performed many miracles in the lives of many people.
It is important to share spiritual knowledge with people to help them change their lives so that they become better people in their lives, in their families, in society. Spiritual knowledge can only make people good. You don't know how the Light can work in the lives of people who understand and live by the spiritual knowledge given in the spiritual teachings of the Word. Practice true love of neighbour in your life.


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The Mastermind Group

In the midst of despair, however, helpers in the service of the Grail will begin their task! The great construction begins. No one else is able to bring help to the broken....
Abdruschin, "Submission" – Resonance 1: Vol.20.
The Mastermind Teachings is essentially an invitation to quicken the rhythm of your spiritual evolution. Master John, along with the Helpers in the Beyond, see how people are suffering for lack of this spiritual knowledge which is necessary for them to live well. This lack of knowledge and also ignorance means that we often do not know how to act well in certain situations and in certain problems that come our way in our lives.

Readers of the Grail Message do have the Teachings of the Lord which should help us to act well in any situation that arises in front of us, in our lives. But often the Principals and Spiritual Helpers can see how people do not act on this knowledge when they find themselves in a situation where they have to use their knowledge to get by.

For humanity to begin to grasp and live these never-before-given teachings in their purity so as to act well, therefore, there has be a shift in our mindset, which shapes our backgrounds of interpretation. A reprogramming of our subconscious (awakening) mind*, which in our awakening convictions has so far caused distortions and resulting confusion in the experiencing of many things in our lives.

It is with the joy in seeing our present human spiritual awakening that Master John offers these teachings, to help ALL humanity lift its mindset in the splendour of its pure form, so as to know how to behave rightly in given situations. Teachings that provide answers to questions that can help us in connecting our subconscious mind to its highest knowing: intuitive intelligence. In so doing, we give opening to the Light and no longer to grope in darkness in looking downward to our conscious (reasoning) mind – the lower personal "ego" which, in never coming to the point of experiencing spiritually therefore knows nothing, never truly lives ___
* The ability to think creatively and to understand concepts depend on our awareness factor termed the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind that all our mental processes take place – without consciousness. Every thought we generate immediately takes on a form that embodies the expression that gives meaning of the thought in the subconscious mind. As we conceive a thought, the subconscious mind accepts, affirms, and advances with certainty the suggestion it receives whether the reciprocation is good or bad. As the edifice of order, judgement and reciprocity, therefore, the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal programming that forms our beliefs, memories of experience, judgments and habits; in other words, it forms our mindset.

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