Posted on October 28, 2022.
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CONTEMPLATION – From Master John

Contemplation is a moment of meditation. During this moment of meditation, the person who is meditating thinks only of the subject or object of his or her contemplation on which he or she is concentrating, and of nothing else. The importance of this moment, and the goal to which one aspires, make it necessary to do it in a quiet place and with the utmost seriousness.

This moment of meditation is so important in the life of a person that it is necessary to prepare for it well. To do this, you must know what meditation is in order to prepare for it properly, a preparation that takes into account the place of contemplation, which must be calm and, above all, to ensure that thoughts do not wander and remain concentrated on the object of the contemplation, for a good meditation and a help in one’s life. For this reason, the person must know exactly the object or subject of the contemplation.

The moment of contemplation, which is a moment of meditation, cannot be done anywhere and especially not in a place where it is totally impossible to concentrate, to meditate, to obtain this necessary opening to the Light.

The place and environment for contemplation can help to open up to the Word and to prayer. When a person wants to contemplate, to meditate, it is for a specific purpose. Contemplation is a good thing that people, servants, should think about often in order to attract the Force in their lives and positive vibrations around them that they need in their mission.

We are now going to address the subject of contemplation and meditation that concerns the Word of God, because there are also other practices which are similar to contemplation and meditation, but which concern other subjects; they are not spiritual.

Forced meditation, oriented towards some goal and carried out in a place that is more distracting than conducive to concentration, such an attitude of meditation is not meditation and does not fulfil the conditions necessary for meditation, which needs calmness and concentration in order to meditate well on the Word and on what is read and said during contemplation and in prayer.

This is why some people like to meditate alone, because of the importance they attach to this moment of contemplation, which is a privileged moment during which they can concentrate and meditate on the Holy Word that is read, and on what is said in the prayer. This allows them to understand the Holy Word that nourishes their spirit for their well-being and spiritual evolution.

In order to achieve the noble objective of contemplation, it should be carried out in a time that is not too long, so as not to diminish the concentration and meditation of the person in contemplation. If the time is too long, fatigue and other phenomena such as the tendency to doze off, and the dispersion of thoughts may distract the person in contemplation.

Every human being, who aspires to a true “hour of contemplation”, must work on the purification of his or her thoughts, even before the day and “hour of contemplation”, for without pure thoughts it is impossible to concentrate and meditate on the Holy Scripture that is read and on what is said in prayer.

The purification of thoughts is indispensable, because you live in a world where you are assailed by various thoughts of the many problems in life. These thoughts do not allow you to be quiet and calm to concentrate and meditate on the Word that is being read.

Whoever has understood the meaning and importance of contemplation in his or her life, and whoever is interested in it, must understand that it is a solemn moment during which he or she comes to concentrate and meditate on the Holy Word. This concentration and meditation on the Holy Word, give a person that openness to the Light Force for a proper understanding of the Word that is read.

Not everyone who is in a quiet room concentrates and meditates on the Word that is read. Some people have an otherworldly conversation instead of concentrating on the reading of the Word that is being read. There are some who have their minds elsewhere and think of other things. At the time of contemplation, thoughts of all kinds rush into their heads and this causes them to lack concentration, they get lost in their thoughts, and cannot concentrate and meditate on the Word that is being read. Many of these people are in the rooms of contemplation and do not retain anything at the end of the contemplation. They have different thoughts running around in their heads that prevents them from following what is being read during contemplation. The time of contemplation should be calm, concentrated, and meditative.

Meditation is done in contemplation and concentration. It is not possible in a place where there is noise, people talking, and moving at all times. Such an environment does not create a good atmosphere for meditation. How can a person concentrate and meditate on the Holy Word being read and prayed over? The person will be distracted by seeing the movement of people passing and talking and doing many other distracting things. With all these distractions, the person will not be able to meditate.

On Worshipping During Festivals

During the Festivals the Light asks people not to worry about where they will worship. There are Halls of Worship, Temples that are meant for worship, but people may as well look for a quiet place where they can worship. Some people choose a place by the river or the sea to worship.

These are quiet places to worship, but there are also places at the water’s edge where there are dark entities. Those entities that do not appreciate the Force of the Light of those who come to worship in their place. They will react.

For them it is like a provocation when someone comes to worship in these places, which are like their natural space. These Entities will attack because they believe they are being provoked from their tranquility, their calm.

In the water there is a whole World. It is not only fish that are in the water, but entities of all kinds that do not want to be disturbed in their peace and calm.

Not everyone appreciates the Force in the Word of God and prayer. Some people attract strength, good vibrations, and Essential Beings to them when they meditate in these quiet and peaceful places, but if there are entities present in these places, they will not appreciate their presence and will react negatively.

People have to be careful where they gather or go to worship. In public places, there are demons, disembodied, and otherworldly beings moving around at all times. You think they will let you collect yourself, meditate in peace? Your presence in these places where there is a disturbance to their activities?

In the forest, there are Entities that will come to intrude upon you so that you miss the opportunity to concentrate and meditate on the Word.

But among these places: at the water's edge, in the forest, in public places, there are places suitable for meditation. Intuition can also tell you those places which are quiet for meditation. People cannot rush to go anywhere to meditate.

The Light notices in the Temples or the rooms of concentration where people go to meditate, the presence of entities, demons, disembodied, who are sent in these places with the aim of distracting the people during the reading of the Word and the Prayer. At the time of the reading of the Word, some agents of darkness who are also in the room, come out of their bodies to go and distract the others who are concentrated on the Word that is being read to understand it well.

As soon as the music starts playing, these people, agents of darkness in the room, do not concentrate and meditate on the Word that is being read. They are elsewhere and distract those who are focused and want to meditate on the Word. Some of these people, agents of darkness, who pretend and pass themselves off as readers of the Grail Message, come to the hours of contemplation to distract people. They know well the places where there is the true Light, the Truth, and they also know well the true servants who have the Force. They therefore infiltrate these places with the sole purpose of preventing the proper conduct of the Hour of Worship and distracting those who are meditating.

You must know that the servants of the Light are accompanied by the Force of the Light and that they also have the protection of God. The people who are connected to the Light and give it an opening, they are those people who have the protection of God, and whom the darkness and its agents always attack in the Halls of Worship. In these halls the Essential Beings also do their job of protecting those who are connected and open to God. There are many other activities in the Temples and the Halls of Worship during these hours of worship, much to the annoyance of many participants. Whatever happens and whatever is going on, know that the Light protects those who are plugged in and open to the Light during the Hour of Worship.

About the Lord’s Attitude To Meditation

The Lord always meditated in quiet places. When He was travelling somewhere, He always sought a quiet place to meditate. The Helpers and the Essential Beings had the task of finding for the Lord the places that offered Him the necessary conditions for meditation. The Lord loved the music played on the organ in the churches. He sometimes went to churches to hear the music played there and also for other reasons. He knew what was going on in the churches, but that did not stop Him from going there to meditate. He did not fail to give his offering for the service.

(Read Narrative 119: An Occultist Priest Confessed His Faults to Me, Miracles and Teachings: Abdruschin Himself Speaks.

Many people benefitted from the Lord’s Grace with His presence in a church. He did not concentrate so much on attracting more Force to these places, and He did not linger long in these churches so that it would not be like a provocation of the entities and the disembodied who would invade the church, with all that this could have as a consequence in the church and its members.

The only place where the Lord found that calm that was favourable to Him to meditate was on the Mountain where He had places He went to contemplate in the deepest meditation.

People need to know what they are coming to do and look for, when they go to a Hall of Worship. They should also know the meaning and importance of the Hour of Worship, of common worship, in a Temple or Hall.

The one who adopts a positive attitude, who opens oneself to the Light, attracts the Force of the Light within him, this Force which will help him in many things in his life.

It is very important to remember that in order to experience an hour of contemplation well, to attract the Force of Light into oneself, it is necessary and useful to have pure thoughts. Hence the need to work on the purification of one’s thoughts well before the day and hour of contemplation.

You cannot meditate when you have negative thoughts, worries, concerns, anger, hatred, problems that disturb you, make you uncomfortable, and any negative attitude that pushes away from you the Force of Light that you need in your life, and that you can receive in the hour of contemplation. This effort of purification is a condition to be fulfilled at all times.

It is in your interest to fight against your own weaknesses and faults, to be above your worries and problems before the time of contemplation. With a good and positive attitude, you will be able to concentrate and meditate on the Word read in order to have something good for your well-being, in your life, for your spiritual evolution.

May the prayer that follows the meditation further reinforce your openness to the Light, and draw into you the Force of the Light that brings you blessing and joy.

The significance and importance of the hour of contemplation makes it indispensable for people who want to open themselves to the Light; for, by opening yourself to the Light you attract into you the Force of Light capable of doing many good things in your life.

In the moment of meditation, you can receive the Light Force within you. To do this, work on purifying your thoughts to connect and open to the Light to attract Its Force into your life.


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