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Please, Have Purity of Thoughts And You Will Be Happy |

Stories About Lord Abdruschin's Power Of Thoughts To Bring Help

From Master John

The Light teaches the need and the importance of keeping one’s thoughts pure. Human beings live in an environment where they are not alone and cannot do everything alone. For this, each person needs help, the help of the participation of others with whom they can complement each other in order to achieve something. To do this, they must find a way to express themselves, to communicate, to speak and to understand each other.

Speech is the means of communication that human beings possess to make oneself understood by other human beings on earth in matter.

Once human beings leave the earth and find themselves in the Beyond where speech does not exist, human beings communicate with each other through their thought. In the Beyond, people keep their thoughts pure at all times. There is no heaviness, as is the case on earth, for those people who live in the Beyond where evil does not exist. In the Beyond, there is Light everywhere, there is no darkness, so people do not have opportunities for negative thoughts. Everything is pure and people only think about what is good.

A person to whom it is given the grace to incarnate on earth, this person is only aware of the communication through thoughts, which is the norm and also the means of communication in the Beyond where he or she lived. During the journey on the path of incarnation on earth, he or she will find oneself in a place called the office. It is from this place called the office that the Light does Its work of bringing about certain changes in the person who is being incarnated on earth.

These changes involve preparing the person for those things that will prepare oneself to adapt to the realities of the earth where he or she is preparing to incarnate and which are different from those in the Beyond. Among these activities is the preparation of the person for the mode of communication on earth, which is by word and not by thought, as is the case in the Beyond.

The person is unaware of all the work of change that the Light is doing in him or her at the place where he or she is preparing for an incarnation on earth. The Light helps in various undertakings for the incarnation of every person on earth. Some of these matters are common to every person who incarnates on earth. The Light wants that everything that is done for every person in the process of incarnation is in accordance with the Will of God, and is what the person needs in incarnation on earth.

Every person who incarnates must have all the possibilities to live like everyone else. One cannot incarnate and start looking for his or her means to communicate, the communication that is highly important for everyone. It is the work of the Light to change the way of communicating in the Beyond, and to adapt it to the way of communicating on earth where the person will incarnate.

The descent of a spirit from the Beyond to its incarnation on earth is done with a rapidity that you cannot imagine.

It is an exceedingly long way that a spirit in the process of incarnation passes. It is the lightness of the spirit that makes this descent very rapid.

Every person who receives the grace to incarnate is shown the place where he or she is going to incarnate on earth. Some people even protest not to go to the place that is shown to them that they are going to incarnate. Some even refuse when they see the state of the mother’s soul and the state of the place that will receive them on earth.

The grace that the Light gives to a human being to incarnate, this grace is also in the respect of the Will of God which is Love, Perfect and Incorruptible Justice.

Once the spirit has entered the body forming in the womb, the Light continues its work of bringing about changes in that soul which comes from the Beyond and which must adapt to its new environment on earth.

It is while the soul is still in the womb that the Light continues its work so that what is adapted to the earth, and that which is in the child who is going to be born, can open and activate itself gradually. The child will follow this process of the Light which is valid for any human being who incarnates on earth. The newborn baby can even read the thoughts of the nursing mother.

The process of the Light, concerning the change of the mode of communication in the spirit that has just left the Beyond and is on earth, it does not happen suddenly. Much of what the person once did in the Beyond will be blocked by the Light process. That is why a baby can still read its mother’s thoughts by staring at her while nursing.

The process of the Light on the various changes in the person who incarnates on earth does not happen in a hurry. The baby does not speak immediately at birth, it needs time to start stammering the first words and to speak. The Light continues to do Its work in the child to bring it to open up to develop, until it begins to speak. Knowing how to pronounce words is also the work of the Light in the child. There are exceptions for people who are born dumb or people who lose their speech for some reason.

But the process of Light in general remains the same for everyone.

When a child learns to speak, the way of communicating that it had in the Beyond is not blocked completely. Part of this way of communicating remains in the child, at the same time another way of communicating opens up, which is through speech. Every human being who incarnates on earth follows this process. The way of thinking remains at the time when an opening is made for the person to communicate through speech. This is not an easy task. Each person evolves and develops differently after birth.

Some children speak quickly and others need more time to pronounce words.

It is a great work for the Light because, in the Beyond, communication is not through speech. In the Beyond, it is another way of communication, which is through thought. The Light does a great work from birth until the child can speak.

Thinking is more developed and is at the forefront of communication in the Beyond. When a person is incarnated on earth, and as a result of the changes that have taken place in him by his passage from the Beyond to the earth, which is a passage from a given environment with its realities to another different one with other realities to which he has to adapt, certain things that are active only in the Beyond in the person cannot be active on earth or they are blocked, and those that are adapted to the life on earth will take place in the person.

Thought, which is the most developed means of communication in the Beyond, cannot be as active on earth where the most developed means of communication is speech.

Thought is more developed in the Beyond because of the purity that is everywhere there. A purity that does not exist on earth. People in the Beyond keep their thoughts pure.

In the Beyond, people are not as heavy as they are on earth, this lightness in the Beyond causes their thoughts to be kept pure.

The reality on Earth is that, the earth has a density, an opacity that makes certain things that people carry within them from the Beyond where everything is light and very light, to not function in the same way in the density of the earth, they are blocked in their functioning by the heaviness in the earth.

Communication in thoughts cannot be done on Earth as in the Beyond, because of the density of the human body. Communication in thoughts, in the Beyond, is done with such a great rapidity at the speed of lightning which cannot be possible on Earth, compared to the slowness of speech on Earth.

Keep your thoughts pure, this is a teaching of the Light for you human beings. Many people play with thoughts and with the thoughts they emit at every moment. They do not know what is happening at the moment they are thinking this way, what they are putting into activity around them and which also influence their lives for good or bad, depending on the kind of thoughts they are emitting. They have no idea of what thought is, of its highly important role in their lives.

Ignorance of this reality, and of the immensely important role of thought in the life of human beings by humans themselves, makes it impossible for human beings to have a right judgment on many things that happen in their lives.

The Light, which knows the reality of thoughts, sees something else in relation to the indictment of certain people based on a given fact. The Light also sees what happens on the plane of thoughts that human beings are unaware of.

It sees the kind of thoughts that some people have that could have them condemned more than those who are found guilty by the justice of men. The Light sees the kind and nature of the thoughts that people have that are not good.

Many people do not realize the great power of thought and the effects that can be positive or negative, depending on whether the thought is good or bad.

In the Beyond, there are Judges who welcome people who arrive there after their long journey in the Afterlife, which took them to many different places from the time they departed from the earth. No one can believe that he or she can escape going before the Judges in the Beyond. These judges are not there to condemn people but to carry out their mission in showing people how they behaved while living on earth. They are in the service of the Light.

ALL thoughts that you emit while you live on earth are taken into account and in charge by the Laws at any moment that you emit each thought. You will find each one of them in the Beyond in your “File” in your book of life that is in the Beyond.

Once in the Beyond before the Judges, the book will be opened before you and you will see, scrolling in giant screens that are on the walls, all your life on earth of each moment in thoughts, words and deeds. These screens are in this great hall where you will stand before the Judges. Everything will be shown on these giant screens, even what you have hidden and that no one knew except yourself. Before the Light nothing is hidden.

Imagine that everything that you have thought and that you think at every moment for good or for bad, all these are written directly in a File in your book in the Beyond.

Every person should seek to understand these teachings on the need to purify one’s thoughts, for you do not know what happens and what awaits you after you are detached from your body, when you are on your path to the Beyond.

Every human being will reap what he or she had sown in every moment of his or her life in thoughts, words and deeds. Communication between human beings is through words, but people sin much more in thoughts.

A person can remain calm, without uttering a single word for several moments, he can even refuse to speak, to take action, but he could never stop his thoughts.

A person may therefore not speak, may not act, but he is still very active in his thoughts which he cannot stop.

People do not stop thinking. What is very important is to know what kind of thoughts you entertain at any given moment.

These thoughts that you sow you will have to reap a good or bad harvest in your life, depending on whether these thoughts are good or bad.

The Light does not only see what you say, what you speak that will not be good or bad. The Light also sees and takes into account especially the kind of thoughts you emit in every moment of your life.

Which way do you direct your thoughts when you remain calm and do not speak but you are still thinking? Every thought is taken into account as soon as you emit it and at the same time you sow something that you will have to reap in your life. Rejoice if it is a good positive thought for a good harvest in your life in one way or another, but expect the opposite if your thoughts are bad and negative.

Please, keep your thought pure and you are happy.

Seek to fill your File in the Beyond with the works of your good thoughts. How many people find themselves in the Beyond before the Judges and cannot bear to stand up and continue to look at the screens of their thoughts while on earth and their works. They are confused, ashamed, they have remorse, they regret to see what they had done that was so bad, and to be in front of this reality that they had never thought for a single moment to be placed in front of such evidence, where everything is exposed and impossible to deny anything. It is even more serious for the servants of the Light who have a mission.

“Nothing hides from the Light”.

When a person passes away, the process of the Light loops (comes full circle) for this life that the person has just lived on earth. One process closes and another begins directly, that of the journey to the Beyond.

The means of communication through speech ends with the death of a person on earth. All the work of the Light in the human mind on earth, which consisted in bringing it to form words and develop speech to communicate, all this work also loops in the person who has just passed away.

However, a small part of the thought functioning of the Beyond that the person was incarnated with does not loop, but is closed to the person. The person is not able to think. The cycle of this incarnation has come full circle for the person who has just passed away, who has just detached from his physical body and who is on his way to the Afterlife.

It is at this point that the path of Intuition which is innate to the person opens up. A person who has died does not think. The deceased can be helped by their intuition which will guide them on the path to take for their journey to the Beyond. Throughout their journey to the Beyond, they will be guided by their innate intuition.

It is when the deceased arrives in the Beyond, in front of the Great Door of the Beyond, that changes can begin in them. They will be allowed to open themselves to another means of communication, which is through thought.

At the beginning, people who arrive in the Beyond do not communicate often with each other, it is the people who are in the Beyond who read their thoughts and act for them and help them with what they read in their thoughts. And as time passes quickly, the system is triggered instantly to allow this person who has just arrived to have communication in thoughts like everyone else in the Beyond. The processes of the Light happen faster and quite quickly in the Beyond than on earth.

For more in-depth teachings on the Office, communication through thoughts in the Beyond, the Judges, read "The Death Process and Beyond".

There is always a good way to keep your thoughts pure. Purity of thought is an important teaching that the Light advises everyone who wants to live happily.

Negative thoughts that are not pure, they are not for people who know the spiritual teachings.

There are people who are happy when they stand before the Judges in the Beyond. They are people who make an effort to keep their thoughts pure. Negative thoughts do not elevate, they debase people to a low level, they are sources and causes of many problems in your lives.

Servants should be the first to be aware of this teaching and advice. Do not waste your thoughts on negative things, if you are to avoid bitter harvests in your life.

Stories of the Lord's Power To Read One's Thoughts To Bring Help

The Lord was working in the same place with a friend named LAMBERT, a calm man who did not talk much. The Lord liked him because he was someone who had stories that made people laugh. During the break time hours at work, Lambert told his stories and all the workers liked him.

There came a time when Lambert did not come to work. Since there was confidentiality about everything that concerned each worker, it was somewhat difficult to know why Lambert did not come to work.

One day, on a Sunday, the Lord was leaving for an appointment in town and he saw Lambert along the way, he was looking and walking like someone who was in a hurry. Since the Lord wanted to know from him the reason for his absence from work, He sent the Essentials to ensure that Lambert had an impediment that would cause him to slow down, so that they could meet. The Lord really wanted to talk to Lambert. The Essentials were numerous in the service of the Lord who could send them whenever He needed help to someone or somewhere. He could send them for any intervention of relief and assistance from the Light.

The Essentials caused an obstacle in front of Lambert, who could not pass and ignore what was happening on his way. Lambert stopped for a moment to see what was wrong. It was at this moment that the Lord arrived where Lambert was. Lambert had a humorous nickname by which the workers called him jokingly, and it was by this name that the Lord called him. Lambert realized that this person knew him well.

He turned to see the person who had just called him and he saw the Lord smiling at him. But instead of Lambert smiling as he usually did, he lowered his head and his gaze downwards. The Lord soon asked His Guide for information on Lambert’s attitude. His Guide told him nothing. And since the Guide did not tell Him anything, the Lord understood that He should use the ability He had to read the minds of people He wanted to help. In this way, He would have direct information from Lambert himself. The rapidity with which the Lord received information from the thoughts of the people to be helped was as fast as in the Beyond.

He could only look into a person's eyes and He could read one’s thoughts with the speed of lightning.

Lambert had taken an important document from the Company’s office and handed it over to another private company, without the permission of the head of the company where they worked together. It was an offence for which he was suspended indefinitely from work. This was sad news for the Lord who liked the way Lambert entertained people at work. Lambert could make people laugh with all kinds of stories during break time. For this he was well liked by everyone at work.

The Lord spoke to Lambert but he answered coldly, and wanted to go away and separate himself quickly from the Lord, but HE kept him there where they were together. It was when Lambert wanted to greet Him and leave Him that the Lord told him not to run away from Him because of this document problem, that He could help him to resume his work. Lambert, stunned, stopped and asked Him if the news of his misconduct was announced at work. “No”, the Lord answered. He then asked the Lord how He knew about this problem. The Lord told him that He had only noticed his absence from work, and that it could be due to a suspension at work, which was often for mistakes or misconduct, and as He knew Lambert fairly well, He wondered what mistake could cause him to be suspended from work.

Lambert stopped and asked the Lord to sit down in a nearby café, to talk about what had happened to him.

Lambert told the Lord that he had a problem with his elderly parents whose house had burned down and they were living with friends. He wanted to help his parents to get a place to live but he lacked the necessary means to do so.

He was aware of an offer in the Company that did not receive satisfactory, favourable responses. Most of the candidates did not meet certain criteria that were set out in a document that was in the Company, criteria that were essential to win the offer. It was a lucrative offer of a lot of money. Lambert knew this document perfectly well.

Lambert always had the problem of his parents’ situation on his mind. One day, Lambert took the document from his boss’ office to sell it to another company in return for money, which would give him the means to buy a house for his parents. It was an offer of a lot of money.

Lambert bought his parents a house with the money from the sale of this document.

After several investigations on the disappearance of an important document in the company where he and the Lord worked together, the conclusion of the investigation was that Lambert was the one who had access to this document and who could know and explain its disappearance.

Lambert, who was summoned to the office to be interrogated about the disappearance of this important document, confessed to being the one who had taken it. Lambert was suspended indefinitely for this reason, and this was the cause of his absence from work.

The Lord told him that He would help him return to work. They made an appointment to meet another day at a different location.

The Lord asked His guides to find out what they could do to help Lambert, who was well liked at work, to return to his job.

The Essentials, the Helpers, set to work to find out how to help Lambert get back his job.

The Guides informed the Lord that the Company wanted the money back for the value of the document that Lambert took before he returned to work. The Helpers knew everything about how the money transfer process worked at that time in companies. Some companies received money secretly in cash at that time.

The Helpers organized themselves to see how they could help to get this amount of money to pay back to the company. And as the Light has a solution for everything, the Helpers found a solution to this problem. They managed to gather the necessary amount of money that the company needed to consider allowing Lambert to get his job back.

They would put this money in an envelope with the company address on it and put it in a mailbox. The money was well packed and watched by the Essentials so that no one would open the box and take the envelope. One morning, a man came into the company and delivered the envelope addressed to the company with Lambert as the sender.
The manager of the company did not believe that Lambert could pay back all the money he needed in such a short time.

The Lord was informed about the work of the Helpers, the Essentials, for the mission that He had entrusted to them on behalf of Lambert. The Lord then informed the other workers about his idea to ask the company to resume Lambert’s work. Lord knew that the money was paid back to the head of the company. The other workers did not know anything about it.

The director of the company received the workers in his office. The workers demanded that he give back the work to Lambert, who they missed very much. The boss said nothing, he promised to do something, but did not tell them that he had received the money Lambert owed the company.

After a few days, Lambert received a letter inviting him to return to his work. He had not had time to meet the Lord before that.

Lambert thanked the Lord for what He had done for him, without being informed that the money had been paid back to the company. It was on the same day that he returned to work, in the office of the head of the company, that he knew that he had paid back the money to the company. He was amazed, and he thought about what the Lord had told him that HE would help him to return to work. Everyone was happy to see Lambert again.

The Lord had a friend, Herbert, who had a 10-year-old boy named Matthias. The Lord would often visit them at their home or at a family function. The Lord had known Matthias since he was born. He was a quiet, kind and intelligent child. Matthias often spoke to the Lord when He was at their home for a visit or at a family function.

Matthias’ father was a middle-class man who had companies. He organized big parties. The Lord attended some of these festivities at their residence.

One day, the Lord was visiting Herbert, He entered the residence, but contrary to what was usual, where Matthias would come to welcome Him first, that day the Lord did not see the child.

The Lord, who lived in discretion, did not want to ask people too many questions. Herbert happily welcomed him to the living room. Matthias was not there either. The Lord who wanted to see this child, was worried about his absence.

The Lord asked the Essentials to influence Herbert’s thinking so that he would call Matthias to come and meet them. After a few seconds, Herbert called his son, but there was no response. When Matthias did not answer, the Lord asked Herbert where Matthias was so that He could speak with him. Since there were visitors at the house, the Lord went to meet Matthias who refused to come and greet his father’s visitors. The child was sitting on a chair, sadly drawing. He did not react as usual when he saw the Lord.

He sat there, concentrating on his drawing. The Lord went and sat down next to Matthias. He looked into his eyes and could read his thoughts. He could read that the child needed a cat but that his father refused to get him one.

Matthias asked the Lord what He thought of his drawing. “Good”, He replied. The child bowed his head, ignoring the Lord’s presence. Then the Lord told Matthias that he drew well, but that he did not want to spend his time only drawing, he also wanted to have a cat to spend his time with. Matthias turned around and looked at the Lord and asked Him if He had spoken with his father, He answered “no”.

Matthias told the Lord that He had meant it, that he wanted a cat, but since he had asked his father, he refused, saying that he would not take care of a cat. This made him sad. Matthias looked the Lord in the eye and told him that He was a God to know his thoughts about getting a cat. The Lord looked for something else to entertain the child.

After He left Matthias’ house, the Lord asked for the assistance of the Helpers and the Essentials, so that the child could have a cat. The Essentials obeyed the Lord. They organized themselves on what they were going to do. They agreed to influence the thinking of Herbert and his wife Olivia.

Matthias was quiet, he was tired of asking his parents to get him a cat. The Essentials were influencing his parents’ thoughts every time they wanted to make purchases for the house, and time went by.

Olivia was in town one day to do some shopping for the house, and as she passed by a shop where animals were sold, she thought of giving Matthias a surprise. She bought a white cat with all the necessary care and protection so that Herbert could accept that the child had a cat at home. It was Matthias’ joy to have a cat, which he named HANS. He was happy with his friend Hans, with whom he could play at any time.

The Lord was aware of the success of the Light in influencing the thinking of Matthias’ parents in accepting that Matthias could have a cat at home.


Living in The Light of Truth | The Lord's Teachings on Living In Truth

Posted October 22, 2021

The Photos of Lord Abdruschin are Sacred!

No one may take it for granted that this or that one of his neighbours will do something for him out of kindness without having to give at least one good word in return. A word that is of value to the other person! That does not just mean merely a formality.
Abdruschin, Resonances 1, Vol. 15, "The Necessary Compensation"
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