Posted on October 8, 2021.

Spiritual Evolution | Servant of the Light

From Master John

The spiritual evolution of the human being: The Light sends Spiritual Helpers on missions to help human beings evolve spiritually. Human beings sometimes ask themselves what they can do to be able to evolve spiritually. It is not a simple question and yet not as complicated as people think. When people read the teachings with the willingness to understand them, they will find in the teachings these clear explanations of what they can do to evolve spiritually and to know the purpose for which they are on Earth. It is a most important step which must be for every human being, one of the most important preoccupation in one’s life. It helps in many things in life.

Spiritual evolution must be one of the first preoccupation of human beings in their life.

One of the last pieces of advice that human beings receive before incarnating on Earth is the practice of the Love of Neighbour, the true love of the neighbour. The Light knows what the love of neighbour is in the life of a human being, that true love which encompasses a multitude of things for the good of the human being. Only after the one who has the true love in him has practised this true love of neighbour in his life will he come to understand and know what he has to do to evolve spiritually and what he has to do on Earth.

The Light gives the grace to human beings to incarnate on Earth, in order to evolve spiritually. Human beings are not sent to Earth to do nothing or to live their life according to themselves. In order to evolve spiritually, human beings must move in their life according to the Will of God, which they will try to understand and make come alive in their lives at every moment.

We are not talking about an “opportunity” but about a “Grace of God” in that it is an act of God to human beings to incarnate on Earth for some purpose that spiritual evolution will make known to them.

To know this precise goal, people need to think about their spiritual evolution, which is of vital importance for every human being.

All spiritual teachings and advice are given to human beings to help them evolve spiritually. With this being the case, it is in the interest of the human being to study them, to deepen them in order to understand them well, to make them come alive, to practise them in his or her life. It is only in this way that one gradually evolves spiritually. Accordingly, people must take the trouble to know the spiritual teachings and advice and live according to them.

No one can say that he or she can evolve spiritually without living according to spiritual teachings and counsels.

Human beings may have many other kinds of knowledge, but they will always need those spiritual teachings and counsels that give the right and true knowledge, those that help in understanding the things of life for a good way of living. Everyone needs the teachings and advice to live well and evolve spiritually. The teachings and advice of the Real Truth help in many things that help in spiritual evolution.

We find those servants who do not serve the Light, but only impart to others teachings that help spiritual evolution.

A servant is one who serves the Light. The Lord wanted people to see Him as a Servant of the Light. He did not want to tell the people He was helping that He was the Son of God, HE knew what HE could say that was normal and easy for all to understand.

He travelled extensively all over the world, met many people with whom HE talked about teachings and advice that helped everyone to understand the meaning of things of everyday life that concerned them and helped everyone in their spiritual evolution. He acted as a servant of the Light who wanted to help people in their spiritual evolution. He did not talk about Himself, so as not to make people focus only on Him if they could discover and know who HE was. He wanted people to be more interested in the teachings and advice HE gave that could help them in their lives. Those spiritual teachings and advice that are given by a servant of the Light.

The Lord wanted to be considered a servant of the Light and no more.

Every human being, who puts oneself at the service of the Light, who serves the Light in his or her life in one way or another, is a servant of the Light. The term “servant of the Light” is not reserved and does not belong to a certain category or class of people, whether they belong to a particular faith or not. It is every human being who serves the Light, who puts oneself at the service of the Light in one way or another in his or her life. It is what you do with your life, in your life, that is decisive in determining whether you are in the service of the Light or not, therefore a servant of the Light or not.

There are many ways to serve the Light, to be in the service of the Light in life. To serve God, to be at the service of God, to be a servant of the Light, is first of all to live according to the Will of God and to carry out actions according to the Will of God.

The Lord had been invited to dinner by a couple He had known for a long time. After dinner, they began to talk about the Word. The woman raised the question that was often asked about the servants of the Light who served in Jesus’ day. The question was whether these servants were chosen by the Light to act in a mission. The woman thought that it was Jesus who had chosen them on Earth to help Him in His Mission.

The Lord answered that these servants were chosen by the Light before they were incarnated on Earth and, that of the many people who followed Jesus, only some were servants chosen to serve God with Jesus.

The woman wanted to know more about these servants. The Lord told her that every servant who comes to serve the Light on Earth receives the blessing of God to do his or her mission well.

All the Disciples, the Apostles of Jesus had each a “Sign” engraved on his forehead". The sign of an Apostle was different from that of a Disciple.

Besides the Apostles and Disciples, the other servants of Jesus had other signs on their foreheads.

The mission of Jesus was vast and great, and for this the Light had prepared everything and taken into account everything that would help to accomplish it, even in the choice of those servants who would serve with Jesus. It was not by chance that Jesus chose His Disciples and Apostles.

The Lord answered the woman that it is not easy to be in the service of the Light, that there are servants who do not even think of being in the service of the Light, as it is asked of them. You should not pretend to be a servant when you are only a servant in word.

The Lord enjoyed being considered a servant because He was in the service of the Light, in all His Life HE thought only of what HE had to do to help people. He brought the True Light of Truth in His Word. He acted as a True Servant who acts for the Truth.

The woman had received teachings on what it means to be a servant, teachings that helped her in her life so that she in turn could pass them on and share them with others.

People should not misuse the title of servant of the Light by considering it as a rank, as a prestigious title of honour. It is a wrong conception that leads the servants to self-pride. Some titles that people receive and give to themselves are to distract people.

A true servant, who recognizes himself as such, should be proud of this title “Servant”, since he knows that he is in the service of the Light.

Anyone can put oneself and be in the service of the Light. But there are those servants called before they are incarnated on Earth who have a “Sign” that distinguishes them from those other human beings who become servants on Earth because they themselves have chosen to put themselves in the service of the Light at some point in their lives, to do the Will of God in their lives. They are in the service of the Light, and each person has a mission.

Spiritual evolution is important for every person, without exception. People must think of living according to the Will of God, which is the expression of all His Laws that govern all Creation.

Spiritual evolution encompasses those things that people need to think about knowing in their lives, in order to practice them. Do not stand idly by, but always seek to study and deepen the teachings that help you understand what you need to do to evolve spiritually.

Spiritual evolution depends on each individual, so you find people who evolve more than others. Some people have a heaviness in their soul that prevents them from evolving as they should, they need more time to understand certain teachings that others understand easily.

In a couple, the woman and the man will not have the same understanding of the Word, even if they share it most of the time. They may have an understanding of what they share together, but there are always questions that remain unanswered for each of them. There can also be dictatorship on the part of the man who controls everything and the woman who submits and feels obliged to accept everything without hesitation.

Spiritual evolution is for everyone who also and always has free will to choose the path to take for his or her spiritual evolution. There is no question of forcing everyone to follow a course of action that they do not appreciate. Salvation is individual.

How many children have rebelled afterwards, because they had never understood the teachings of the Word that their parents taught them. These people were forced to follow their parents, out of respect without understanding anything.

The teachings of the Word of Truth must be studied, deepened to be well understood, so as to be put into practice in one’s life in order to hope to evolve spiritually.

When there is no understanding of the given teachings, people are easily lost. Some people who do not have the intuitive understanding of the teachings of the Word, because they haven't seriously studied and deepened these spiritual teachings, these people settle for the intellectual interpretation of these teachings and will pretend to explain the teachings.

The Judges in the Beyond are tasked with giving teachings and guidance to people who are at a certain level of their journey in the Afterlife. They are in a Temple, which is a stage in the path of those who journey into the Beyond. On the walls of this Temple are placed giant screens.

These Judges in the Beyond do not judge people, as on Earth.

They are tasked with the mission to give these teachings and advice that help those who pass through this Temple during their journey in the Afterlife, to understand what they had done while they were still living on Earth, and what they should have done but could not do. This is followed with advice that helps them to understand the way they should conduct their life on Earth to evolve spiritually, in order to know what they should do, to be pleasing to God, and for their good.

The importance of spiritual evolution is once again emphasized here.

When you do not do good while you are still living on Earth, know that you will find everything you did on Earth in the “Records” in your book of life in the Beyond. Learn to do only good while you are still living on Earth.

The help that comes from the practise of the love of neighbour that you extend to people, know that it will open your way to your journey in the Afterlife. Evil weighs down the soul. Judges in the Beyond do exist. They show people the mistakes they made while living on Earth.

Some people have failed in their mission for not having lived according to the Will and Laws of God, and this in spite of the fact that they had teachings that could have helped them to live well for their spiritual evolution, but they preferred to follow the path that did not lead them to the Truth.

One piece of advice from the Light, among many others, to a Spirit preparing to incarnate, is to follow the path of the Light of Truth. There is only one path that is advised to follow in the Afterlife: to follow the Path of the Light of Truth.

The Light is not concerned with anything other than what is related to spiritual evolution. The Light shows people that which is good and which can help them to evolve well. But it is the people who do not follow the spiritual teachings and guidance, they follow other paths that can lead them to get lost.

The perdition of everyone depends on oneself. Grace is given to everyone to follow the path of the Truth, and even those who get off this path, the Light does not leave them. The doctrine of evil can never be compared with the spiritual teachings and guidance of the Light.

The Light knows very well what is important in people’s lives. Everyone has his or her own path to take for his or her spiritual evolution, but there is only one way, only one path that leads to the TRUTH. When people have deviated from the path of Truth, they cannot say that they are still in the Truth.

There is only One Real Truth. The doctrine of evil does not teach the Truth, but everything that is contrary to the Truth.

The Lord did not like to make revelations without going through the spiritual teachings and counselling that prepare and help people to understand the message He had to give them.

On the evening of an Easter Sunday, it was a bit chilly. The Lord thought he would take a short walk with his dog. During this walk he met a mother with her three daughters. The youngest was 12 years-old and her name was MARGARET. They were coming from a family gathering on that Easter Day.

The girl rushed to the dog and began to touch it. The Lord had seen the Star and the sign of a servant of the Light on the girl's forehead. Margaret spoke to the Lord’s Dog with beautiful words of affection, of love. At the end she told the Dog to be good, to obey His Master, and she hugged the Dog tightly. All the others were standing, listening to how the girl spoke to the Dog.

Her mother called out to her that the dog could not hear the words she was speaking to him. She looked at her mother sternly and told her that this dog was not like any other dog, that she had felt that before she approached it. Her mother wanted to forbid her to speak in this way, but the Lord told the mother to let the girl express herself freely. The girl looked at the Lord and told him that HE was a good man, a servant of the Light. The Lord asked her how she knew He was a good man, and the daughter replied that she had seen a Light around the Lord. She added that the Lord's eyes were not like those of everyone else, that they gave off a shining light. Her mother was a little embarrassed about what her daughter was saying to the Lord.

In order not to let the girl, who had her spiritual eye wide open, continue to say what she saw, the Lord asked the girl to give him her right hand. He held the girl’s hand and told her that she is a wise girl. The Lord continued to say that she should follow the way of the Light and that no one should stop her from doing what she wanted to do for good.

The girl looked the Lord calmly in the eyes, HE revealed to the girl that she was a servant of the Light. The mother who heard this wanted more explanation from the Lord. The Lord told her that her daughter has a lot of Grace from God. He added to the girl’s mother that she should help the girl to follow the way of the Light with a good education which will lead her to do great things in her life. The mother only smiled.

The Lord said to the girl, while holding her right hand strongly, “Do not forget me when you become a great lady.” The girl asked the Lord to pray for this revelation to come true in her life so that she could help her mother who is a widow and has no financial means. The Lord answered her: “Yes.” And they parted.

The Lord had passed the Force to the girl, when HE had held it in his right hand.

After a while, Margaret’s mother met a man who had found her daughter to be very intelligent at school and who decided to help the girl with her studies until the end.

A few years later, Margaret had become a great businesswoman who helped prominent business owners. For her work, she received financial contribution from these big businesspeople who helped her to open her businesses. She founded a cooperative that helped the poor to open small businesses.

She always remembered those teachings that the Lord had given her, but not so much those revelations from the Lord that she was a servant of the Light, but rather those teachings from the Lord that had helped her become a great lady.

The Lord is Omnipresent. He is among you. What happened with Margaret and the others can happen with you in your present life.

The evolution of each one depends on oneself. The teachings are given to you to help you with this knowledge which is very important in your life, this knowledge that you must study, deepen to understand them well, in order to practise them in your life for your spiritual evolution, to be agreeable before God and for your good and the salvation of your soul.

What some people find difficult for their spiritual evolution, it may be an easy thing in your life that you are leading daily, and that is what you need to come to understand properly and practise in your life to evolve spiritually.

Spiritual evolution must be the most important preoccupation in one’s life. Misfortune cannot approach you if you do not call it by your way of living.

The path that you have freely chosen to follow through your various choices in life is decisive in helping you to your spiritual evolution or in bringing you to your perdition.

But know that the Light does not easily abandon people who get lost. Never get discouraged, no matter what happens, no matter what is going on in your life, even if you find that nothing seems to be working in your life. It may be that you are not yet thinking of the spiritual life or your spiritual evolution, which is what is more important in your life for a better life.

When you come to the awareness of changing your way of living for a more spiritual life that allows you to evolve spiritually, you follow the path of the Light of Truth, you will have the help to understand many things in life. The path of the Light of Truth is not easy but possible. Do what you can do to be pleasing to God.


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