Posted on September 30, 2022.
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The Importance of Reading

– From Master John

Reading and writing have a very important place in the life of a human being and should not be neglected, but rather encouraged. People write down their ideas, their thoughts on many different subjects in life and they want to pass them on to other people who could read them and help them in their own lives.
Writing is a means of communication and sharing between human beings of what they want others to know and which can be read by all. Human beings must be discerning in order to know how to choose the readings that transmit useful teachings for their well-being and spiritual evolution.

A human being is able to distinguish the readings that are useful from those that are not, in order to avoid them. They should not choose to read things that are not good, and not to read for the sake of reading, because they are used to it, but to learn something that elevates them, that contributes to their spiritual evolution, to their well-being.
Spiritually, reading is important in people’s lives. Reading allows one to read spiritual teachings that are transmitted in books, pamphlets to learn many things about life that are important for spiritual evolution. Spiritual teachings give knowledge that is important for evolution. There are things that people do not know, but it is by reading that they can learn these things for a good way of living.
Human beings’ ignorance of many things in their lives is due to lack of knowledge of what can help them to understand how they should behave to have a good life. Reading spiritual teachings gives human beings the knowledge that they will learn to lead a good life. Some people live in solitude, they are not in contact with people, they read, and they know many things that help them to understand life.
Through the reading of the Holy Word, you learn the teachings that are important and necessary for spiritual evolution, for well-being. There are spiritual teachings that have a force that can surround the person reading them with a good vibration that the person can feel if he or she is open. Normally, reading spiritual teachings brings a good vibration to people who concentrate and open up while reading them. Especially for teachings that teach the Holy Word. Even though some people do not think about reading and miss out on what should help them in their lives by wasting their time doing other things.
In the afterlife, communication is through thought. Reading is done in a different way. The image transmitted of what happens in the afterlife is a way of giving people an idea of how they live in the afterlife, but it is not the reality of what happens, because it is difficult to make people understand the reality of what happens in the afterlife or everything is done by thought. There are many scrolls in the afterlife that are written by the elders of the temples. They write them in a natural way and by thought.

The Book of Life

Many people are aware of the existence of the Judges in the afterlife and the giant screens on the walls of the Temples. The images that scroll across these giant screens are the thought forms of the person standing before the Judges in the Temple. There are also writings that may appear or accompany these images always to make the person understand what they have done, good or bad. This is the work of the Light, and the Love of the Creator.
What is called the Record or Book of Life of a person in the afterlife is not to be compared literally with the same notions on Earth.
A person’s file or book in the afterlife is not set up like an office on Earth.
Every thought, every word, and every deed of every person goes into a small round box which is unique for each person. Each person has his or her own little round-shaped box into which everything he or she thinks, every word uttered and every act performed at every moment of one’s life enters and is stored.
Nothing, and again nothing, that human beings do in thought, word, and deed is hidden from the Light. Everything that people do in thought, word, and deed is in that little round box in the Beyond. Everything is kept in that box and forms what may be called a Record or Book of Life for every kind of thought, word, and deed. Hence the exhortation to every human being to keep the hearth of one’s thoughts PURE.
The Light speaks of a Book of Life or a File, and always with the aim of helping you to understand a reality in the Beyond that is difficult for you to understand otherwise. We limit ourselves to the term File or Book of Life so that you understand that everything that concerns you is well preserved in this box in the Beyond.
The Light strives to give you information in your own language to help you understand what is happening in the Beyond, those realities that are different from what is happening on Earth. 
The Light recognizes each human being by his or her registration number, which is unique to each human being since Creation. In each different incarnation, the human being can change country, race, but not number.
There is no one to write down all your thoughts, words, and deeds in your file or Book of Life that is in your little box with a small opening through which each thought, word, and deed enters and is kept in an orderly way like a File or Book of Life.
In this box everything is well organized and well filed. The Light has access to the contents of this little box where everything is well organized and every thought, word, and deed is in a file or a Book of Life. The Light also gives access to the Helpers to look for a solution in a File or in the Book of Life in this little box and which is related to the subject that is in the request for help submitted by a person to the Light.
The Mission of Jesus was different from that of the Lord. Jesus’ Mission was to go to the people and tell them about the Holy Word of God, the good news that saves, that is Love, perfect and Incorruptible Justice, infinite Goodness and Wisdom, eternal Power and inexhaustible Force.
People had the knowledge of God, but because of the fall into sin, they no longer had the teachings that could help them act according to God’s Will in their lives.
There were people who believed in other gods and followed their doctrine of evil. It was necessary for Jesus to come and teach and re-teach the people the spiritual teachings that would help them understand the Will of God. Although servants had come before Jesus, people were still following other doctrines that led them astray and away from the path of Truth.
Jesus verbally transmitted the Word of God to the people. That was His Mission. The Lord’s mission was to bring the true Word to the people.
He had done many things during His Mission. He had also done many miracles quietly, just as Jesus had done some well-known miracles, but many others were still unknown to the general population.
The readers of the Grail Message and the people who knew the Lord, they did not know all that HE was doing. They knew that HE was writing His Grail Message and what HE was writing in that same Grail Message, but they did not know what HE was doing practically in the background, all that help, which was sometimes miracles, that HE was giving to people in their various problems of life.
The Lord wanted to leave something that would help people to evolve spiritually. To do this, He had first studied human beings before writing His Message.
Jesus, the Son of God, taught people by speaking to them at times that brought people together to hear the message He brought.
Not everyone understood and retained all that Jesus taught them. Some came only to see Jesus or to see a miracle, and more were waiting for a miracle, to see those who would be healed in the crowd, without being convinced of the Word that did the miracle and brought the healing. In this crowd of people who followed Jesus, there were also servants of Jesus who followed Him and wrote down what HE said while preaching. Unfortunately, these writings were not well preserved at that time.
The Lord knew how human beings are. He knew that reading was going to be of great help to human beings in order to understand and know what is important in their lives, what kind of life they should lead for their spiritual evolution and well-being. He had studied human beings before writing His Grail Message, which is addressed to each human being individually.
In the Grail Message are written spiritual teachings which every human being is capable of understanding and which should help them in their spiritual evolution and well-being if they understand them correctly and above all if they put them into practice in their lives at all times in thought, word, and deed. But these teachings are of no help to those who do not understand them and those who do not put them into practice in their lives, with conviction, perseverance, and patience.
In these precious and rich teachings in the Grail Message, there is everything that human beings need in their lives for their well-being, their spiritual evolution, and the salvation of their souls: the prayers, the advice, all the basic knowledge, all the fundamental knowledge that is necessary and useful to the being to explain everything in one’s life.
The Lord always urged the people he met to read and re-read the spiritual teachings that help to connect and open to the Light so that they could understand them and apply them to their lives for spiritual growth and well-being.
The Lord had made many journeys during His Mission on Earth, and always in the context of His Mission. The Lord brought His writings with Him on each trip and distributed them to the people.
At every Conference the Lord gave, He always had something from His writings that HE shared with the people after His presentations. He always prayed and gave to people a booklet of the teachings He had written.
The Force of His writings attracted people to seek to come to Him. He had another way of bringing people to know the spiritual Word.
He knew the importance of reading, and HE knew that when people attend a lecture and listen to the speaker, they may not concentrate on what is being said. A person’s thoughts may be elsewhere, and everyday worries may distract him or her.
When human beings decide to read something, they concentrate on what they are reading and also try to understand, and although their thoughts may be elsewhere, they are not as long as in a lecture or in a sharing meeting. Some people find that they concentrate more in the sharing of spiritual teachings, but even then, they will not remember everything that was said by the speaker, but will only remember what interested them and captivated them at a particular time.
Reading is a good thing for everything related to the Word. You can carry the teachings with you at all times, in written form, so that you can read them at any time and easily remember things you might have forgotten.
Read and re-read to understand the Word. The Lord’s Departure was December 6, 1941, but He remains among the readers of the Grail Message through His written Word. It is His Word that He has written. Each reader is in contact with Him through His writings. His writings convey to you those precious and rich spiritual teachings that help human beings to evolve spiritually and for their well-being. He is alive in His writings of the True Word.
Of the many people who were with the Lord and who helped Him in the transmission of the Grail Message on Earth, there are many who are incarnated on Earth now. They are not aware of the work they have done with the Lord in transmitting the teachings of the Word in this past incarnation. Some even read the Grail Message without knowing that they have contributed to the transmission of the work they read. The Lord knew that the writings remain and that it is a good thing for human beings to be able to find them at any time to help them in their spiritual evolution and well-being.
We see other servants who have accompanied the Lord in public conferences, they are now incarnated on Earth. They do not remember what the Lord said in His lectures in that past incarnation. But in this new incarnation, we see them reading the teachings and writings of the Lord of the Message.
A reader may be incarnated many times on Earth, he or she will not remember all that each one had experienced in past incarnations, but he or she will find the writings of the Lord, His Grail Message, in THE LIGHT OF TRUTH.
The Lord stressed the importance of taking reading seriously, for He knew that man’s memory can be weak, but by reading repeatedly, the memory can be refreshed by His teachings which they read from time to time on a regular basis. 
Many readers of the Grail Message who are used to reading, notice that each time they read and re-read a lecture they always discover something new they had not seen in the other readings and understand others better than when they read them before.
It is normal what people may feel when they read the Holy Word. The darkness does not give people time to read the teachings of the life-saving Word. Tiredness and other reasons for not reading are often the actions of the Evil One who knows well what spiritual benefit the person can get from reading the Holy Word. The Light advises people to read the Word of God more regularly.
Some books have content that is not good to read. They transmit teachings that are not living, not spiritual. By reading them, the person does not learn anything that is beneficial to him or her and that contributes to spiritual evolution. By reading them, people do not learn what helps spiritual evolution.
The Grail Message is the True Word, it is Living. The Lord had said that HE had left but HE remains among human beings. He is alive in His writings. When a reader of the Grail Message reads, he communicates with the Lord from the reading of the Message. The readers of the Grail Message must know that being in possession of this book of the teachings of the Grail Message, they are in the presence of the Lord. Whenever they concentrate on reading the Message, they are in communication with the Lord who speaks through His writings. Make a prayer to the Lord after each reading of the Grail Message.

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“Whoever practices it simply will discover in his or her life the priceless treasure contained in this simplicity so neglected by many”.

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The Mastermind Group

In the midst of despair, however, helpers in the service of the Grail will begin their task! The great construction begins. No one else is able to bring help to the broken....
Abdruschin, "Submission" – Resonance 1: Vol.20.
The Mastermind Teachings is essentially an invitation to quicken the rhythm of your spiritual evolution. Master John, along with the Helpers in the Beyond, see how people are suffering for lack of this spiritual knowledge which is necessary for them to live well. This lack of knowledge and also ignorance means that we often do not know how to act well in certain situations and in certain problems that come our way in our lives.

Readers of the Grail Message do have the Teachings of the Lord which should help us to act well in any situation that arises in front of us, in our lives. But often the Principals and Spiritual Helpers can see how people do not act on this knowledge when they find themselves in a situation where they have to use their knowledge to get by.

For humanity to begin to grasp and live these never-before-given teachings in their purity so as to act well, therefore, there has be a shift in our mindset, which shapes our backgrounds of interpretation. A reprogramming of our subconscious (awakening) mind*, which in our awakening convictions has so far caused distortions and resulting confusion in the experiencing of many things in our lives.

It is with the joy in seeing our present human spiritual awakening that Master John offers these teachings, to help ALL humanity lift its mindset in the splendour of its pure form, so as to know how to behave rightly in given situations. Teachings that provide answers to questions that can help us in connecting our subconscious mind to its highest knowing: intuitive intelligence. In so doing, we give opening to the Light and no longer to grope in darkness in looking downward to our conscious (reasoning) mind – the lower personal "ego" which, in never coming to the point of experiencing spiritually therefore knows nothing, never truly lives ___
* The ability to think creatively and to understand concepts depend on our awareness factor termed the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious mind that all our mental processes take place – without consciousness. Every thought we generate immediately takes on a form that embodies the expression that gives meaning of the thought in the subconscious mind. As we conceive a thought, the subconscious mind accepts, affirms, and advances with certainty the suggestion it receives whether the reciprocation is good or bad. As the edifice of order, judgement and reciprocity, therefore, the subconscious mind is responsible for the internal programming that forms our beliefs, memories of experience, judgments and habits; in other words, it forms our mindset.

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